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Invariably in Advance.


W. B. CHRISLER, A. M., Editor. BRUCE CARR, Corresponding Editor.

WALTER S. KIDD and SARAH E. TURNER, Ass't Editors.

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NUM. 9

THE EDUCATIONAL ISSUES OF THE DAY. The problem of self-government is cation, liberty and a benign governnot yet fully solved in this country. It ment form the antithetical trinity. It remains to be seen whether the educa- becomes the people of this country, in tion of the masses will become an ac- this centennial year of their liberties, to complished fact or not. It cannot be inquire what more can be done to indenied that a large portion of the Ameri- sure a perpetuation of these liberties, can people is essentially uneducated. with brighter luster, through another Neither can it be denied that there is a hundred years, and on, down, along the strong element of opposition to the ed-coming centuries. The education isucation of the people's children in the sues of to-day are grave ones. Foremost common school. We have citizens who among them is the great and overare esteemed good men who are opposed shadowing one of giving a good comto paying any tax for the support of mon school training to every boy and public schools. They say, "Let every girl in the land. Romanism is opposed man school his own children. I don't to this unless it is allowed to be done by want to be taxed to educate other peo- the Romanish priesthood; and that ple's children. We need not stop to they would not do it, if we were so inexpose the fallacy and selfishness of sane as to give the education of our such language. Such men look upon children into their hands, is conclusiveother people's children just as they do ly proved by the ignorance of the massupon other people's hogs.-"Let every es in all Catholic countries. To educate man feed his own hogs." And if chil- is not the policy of the Pope. Romandren bore the same relation to society ism is not the only opposer of common that hogs do, it would all be well enough school education. Infidelity, greed, to say “let every man school his own selfishness, general immorality, and all children,” just as we would say "let things opposed to good government are every man feed his own hogs.” Chil- found in the ranks of a besotted priestdren are not educated to be sold as so hood. Subordinate to the issue of givmany fat hogs for the benefit of the par- ing a good common school education to ent. The main reason for educating all the children of this country, is the children is for the benefit of the State. question of how is it to be done ? On The State is passing every day into this question we stand on the doctrine their hands—just as fast as they grow of the last presidential message. We up. It is in the nature of an axiom are in favor of a constitutional provision that they ought to be educated in order making it the duty of each State to see to take good care of the State when they to the education of her children. We receive it—and receive it they must. are a nation ; and the nation should see Does not all history testify that an ig- that the children of the nation norant mass of human beiugs are in- educated in all that is necessary to excapable of attaining to freedom, or of ecute well the functions of a citizen. maintaining it if, peradventure, they But we forbear for the present. should obtain it? Ignorance, slavery

These educational issues are upon us, and despotism go hand in hand. Edu and they will not down at our bidding,



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