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The campaign of 1896 was a remarkable one whether we mesure in by The magnetude of the ilms involved on

by the depth of interest arourid.

I have been led to undutake the pucent work hy a decire, fica by myselle and exprend by others, to have the more in partant ine

inciduils of the campaign put into permanent four for the courerience on those who have taken part in the content and for the use of those who shall hereaster desire to review the shruggle

the amount of work done by the advocates of free coinage is ben youd computation and

the number of those who took an active part in the contest is too great for enumeration. Then facts, together with the « difficulty of choosing teatracen so many meritoriaus spruchs, have compelled me to linich quotations to the addums make, and documents inmed, by pusous standing ficial

sunin officist copacity, and to the principal spurchro delivered by mput. I have addad brief history



of the campaign, including

discussion the election returer and the signisicans thiricho It has also beere thought heat to new rate the part Tokiu by me

in the siera agitan tion pria to the Chicago Courvition, and, The request of

the Publishers, I have in. chuard

hüogeaplical sketch written les Hurs Ruyan.. Lincoln neh,

at Х





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