Cases on Future Interests and Illegal Conditions and Restraints: Selected from the Decisions of English and American Courts

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West publishing Company, 1917 - 1456 pages

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Page 164 - Witnesseth that the said party of the first part for and in consideration of the sum of Three Thousand Dollars, lawful money of the United States of America to him in hand paid by the said party of the second part...
Page 471 - I give, devise and bequeath all the rest, residue and remainder of my estate, both real and personal, to my beloved wife, Susie E. Smith, to have and to hold to her, my said wife, and to her heirs and assigns forever.
Page 283 - It is a rule of law, that when the ancestor, by any gift or conveyance, takes an estate of freehold ; and in the same gift or conveyance an estate is limited, either mediately or immediately to his heirs in fee or in tail, that always in such cases, the heirs are words of limitation of the estate, and not words of purchase.
Page 204 - Every future estate shall be void in its creation, which shall suspend the absolute power of alienation for a longer period than is prescribed in this Article. Such power of alienation is suspended, when there are no persons in being, by whom an absolute fee in possession can be conveyed.
Page 443 - Osborne, their heirs and assigns, upon trust that they, or the survivor of them, or the heirs, executors or administrators of such survivor...
Page 204 - Future estates are either vested or contingent. They are vested, when there is a person in being who would have an immediate right to the possession of the lands, upon the ceasing of the intermediate or precedent estate. They are contingent, whilst the person to whom, or the event upon which they are limited to take effect, remains uncertain.
Page 841 - ... the construction of a will is to ascertain the intention of the testator as expressed in the...
Page 589 - The common-law period of the Rule Against Perpetuities" and its conception of vesting were adopted by California in 195162 as Civil Code section 715.2: No interest in real or personal property shall be good unless it must vest, if at all, not later than 21 years after some life in being at the creation of the interest and any period of gestation involved in the situation to which the limitation applies.
Page 489 - ... the rule against perpetuities. "The rule against perpetuities is thus stated : 'No interest subject to a condition precedent is good unless the condition must be fulfilled, if at all, within twenty-one years after some life in being at the creation of the interest.
Page 78 - ... be from henceforth clearly deemed and adjudged to be in him or them that have, or hereafter shall have, such use, confidence or trust, after such...

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