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Margaret, Quaen, her execrations on Richard III.

her exprobation soliloquy
Marriage described
Master taking leaye of his servants

the varieties of

the parent of error Men all frail

wilful Mercy

frequently mistaken

commended in governors Merit always modest Messenger, post, described

with ill news
Mind, lowliness of the

the, alone valuable
a disordered one

its diseases incurable
Mirth and melancholy

no stability in one
Modesty in youth

night Morning, description of

dawn of Mother, fondness of one for a beautiful child

ravings of one

grief of one for the loss of her son Murder of the two young princes in the Tower de

scription of
Murderer, countenance of one
Muse invocation to
Nature, the force of

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A Petitio Piloso Pity to Pag-ie

and art
Night, description of
Night in a camp described
Obedience to princes
Octavia's entrance, what it should have been
Offences mistaken
Oliver, his description of danger when sleeping
Ophelia, description of her death


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Ophelia, her interment
Opportunity to be seized on all occasions of life
Ornament, or appearances, the deceit of
Othello, his description to the Senate of his winning

the affections of Desdemona
his first suspicion
his jealousy gaining ground
his story of the handkerchief
his distraction
his fondness
his confirmed jealousy
his pathetic upbraidings of Desdemona
his irresolution to murder Desdemona
his confusion after the murder
his love
his remorse

his speech before his death Painting

to what compared Pardon, the sanction of wickedness

despair of Passion, real, dissembled

too strong for vows

a rising one described Pastors, ungracious, satires on Patience easier taught than practised

and sorrow • Patriotism Peace inspires love

after a civil war

after a siege
People, Brutus's speech to the
Percy, Lady, her pathetic speech to her husband
Perfection admits of no addition

human, the extent of
Person, description of a murdered one
Petition, a tender one

a shepherd's
Pity to be discarded in war
Pleasure, the vanity of

and revenge

of doing good
Poetry, the power of, with females
Popular favour, method to gain
Popularity described
Portia, her suitors

her picture

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Portia, her speech to Brutus
Possession more languid than expectation
Power, vanity of, and misery of kings

abuse of
Precepts against ill fortune
Presents prevail with women

lightly regarded by real lovers
Pride cures pride

Promise and performance, difference between.
Prospero's reproof of Ariel
Providence directs our actions

the justice of
Quickly, Dame, her account of Falstaff's death,
Regicides detestable
Relenting tenderness
Resentment, silent, the deepest

from a sense of honour

obstinate Respect described Revenge

the Jew's implacable

the Jew's reason for Rhymers, miserable ones ridiculed Richard III. omens on the birth of

his soliloquy on his own deformity
his love for Lady Anne
his praise of his own person
his hypocrisy
character of, by his mother
starting in his dream
his behaviour after an alarum

his address before the battle
Ring, description of one
Rising early the way to eminence
Romeo, on his banishment

his description of, and discourse with the

his conduct with Paris

his last speech over Juliet in the tomb Rosalind proposing to wear men's clothes

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Soli Soli Soli Sor


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rur al

Royalty, miseries of

Rumour described
Satire, apology for
Say, Lord, his apology for himself
Scene of a banquet
Scene of Lady Macbeth in her sleep
Şcason, nothing good out of
Seducers, custom of
Self-accusation of too great love
Self-denial, a conquest
Self-interest, powerful effects of
Senses returning
Shepherd, character of an honest and simple one
Shepherd's life, the blessings of one
Simplicity and duty


apostrophe to.
Solicitation, the season of
Soliloquy in prison
Solitude preferred to a court life

a beautiful one

character of an old one -
Sorrow, effects of it
Sorrows rarely single
Speculation more easy than practice
Spirit, a warlike one described
Spring, a song
Station, a low one, the blessings of life
Statue described
Steward, a faithful one
Stories, melancholy ones described
Storm, Ariel's description and management of one
Submission to heaven our duty
Success not equal to our hopes
Sun rising after a dark night
Sycophants, flattering ones
Tears, to what compared
Thersites mimicking Ajax
Thoughts ineffectual to moderate afiliction

ambitious, a smile on

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