Reports of Cases Argued and Determined in the High Court of Chancery: During the Time of Lord Chancellor Brougham and Sir John Leach, Master of the Rolls, Volume 2

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Page 222 - ... an act, made in the first year of the reign of king William and queen Mary, intituled, An Act for exempting their Majesties...
Page 46 - A. married again between the date of the will and the death of the testator, and he was aware of her marriage: it was held, overruling the decision of Vice-Chancellor Wood, that A.
Page 534 - This tends to no mischief, and is a reasonable liberty to bestow ; but great detriment would arise, and much confusion of rights, if parties were allowed to invent new modes of holding, and enjoying real property, and to impress upon their lands and tenements a peculiar character, which should follow them into all hands, however remote.
Page 359 - Court as the Lord Chancellor, with the advice and assistance of the Master of the Rolls and ViceChancellor, or one of them, shall by any general order or orders direct...
Page 361 - ... before replication, unless the Court shall be satisfied by affidavit that the draft of the intended amendments has been settled, approved, and signed by counsel, and that such amendments are not intended to be made for the purpose of delay or vexation, but because the same are considered to be material to the case of the plaintiff...
Page 502 - ... sealed, and delivered in the presence of and " attested by two or more credible witnesses, or by her
Page 782 - And in case there be no children nor any legal representatives of them, then one moiety of the said estate to be allotted to the wife of the intestate, the residue of the said estate to be distributed equally to every of the next of kindred of the intestate, who are in equal degree and those who legally represent them. VII. Provided, that there be no representations admitted among collaterals after brothers
Page 855 - Conn. 293, where a testator devised property in trust for a grandson, who was, at the date of the will and at the death of the testator...
Page 222 - Catholic religion in respect to their schools, places for religious worship, education, and charitable purposes in Great Britain, and the property held therewith, and the persons employed in or about the same, shall in respect thereof be subject to the same laws rs the Protestant Dissenters are subject to in England in respect to their schools and places for religious worship, education, and charitable purposes, and not further or otherwise.
Page 795 - ... to the uses, upon and for the trusts, intents, and purposes, and with, under, and subject to the powers, provisoes, and declarations...

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