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appreciating ine value of such colored plates, the profession has re been practically debarred from purchasing similar works because

extremely high price, made necessary by a limited sale and an is expense of production. Now, however, by reason of their proniversal translation and reproduction, affording international dis, the publishers have been enabled to secure for these atlases the tistic and professional talent, to produce them in the most

style, and yet to offer them at a price heretofore unapproached pness. The great success of the undertaking is demonstrated act that the volumes have already appeared in thirteen different ges—German, English, French, Italian, Russian, Spanish, Dutch, e, Danish, Swedish, Roumanian, Bohemian, and Hungarian. same careful and competent editorial supervision has been in the English edition as in the originals. The translations have ited by the leading American specialists in the different subThe volumes are of a uniform and convenient size (5x772 inches), substantially bound in cloth.

(For List of Books, Prices, etc. see back cover.) Pamphlet containing specimens of the Colored Plates

sent free on application.

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