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Lith. As E Reichhold, München.

Vibrio choleræ. (Koch.) Buchner. (Comma Bacillus.)

I. Pure culture in bouillon, twenty-four hours at 37°. Stained with fuchsin. X 1000.

II. Pure culture on agar, twenty-four hours. X 1000. Flagella staining according to Löffler.

III. Pure culture on gelatin, forty-eight hours. Very fresh from water. (Copied from Fränkel and Pfeiffer, Fig. 94.)

IV. Pure culture on agar, four weeks' old. Involution forms, stained with fuchsin.

V. Vibrio Metschnikovii Gamaleia. Smear preparation from pigeon's blood. (Copied after Fränkel and Pfeiffer, Fig. 102.)

VI. Vibrio Proteus Buchner. Pure culture in bouillon, twenty-four hours. Stained with fuchsin.


Vibrio proteus. Buchner. (Vibrio Finkler.)

I. Gelatin stab culture, one day at 22°.
II. Gelatin stab culture, four days at 22o.
III. Gelatin plate, one day at 22o. Natural size.
IV. Gelatin plate, four days at 22° X 60. Superficial

V. Gelatin plate, four days at 22°. X 60.

X 60. Deep colony.

VI. Agar streak culture, six days at 22o.

VII. Agar plate, four days at 22o. X 60. Superficial colony. VIII. Agar plate, four days at 22° X 60. Deep colony.

IX. Agar plate, four days at 22o. Natural size.

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