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Bacterium syncyaneum (Ehrenb.). Lehm. and Neum.

(Bac. cyanogenes Flügge; Blue Milk.) I-III. Gelatin stab cultures, from six to ten days at 22o. There occur still other shades of color.

IV. Agar stab culture, ten days at 37o.

V. Bouillon culture, four days at 37o.

VI. Milk culture, three days at 37o. Inoculated upon unsterilized milk.

VII. Microscopic preparation. Pure culture from agar plate. X 800.

x VIII. Microscopic preparation. Pure culture. Flagella staining with Löffler's mordant. x 800.

IX. Bacteria with flagella, one or more at one pole. X 1000. Stained according to Löffler.


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