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PROCLAMATIONS Upon the Death of Grover Cleveland STATE OF New York — EXECUTIVE CHAMBER. I announce with deep regret the death of Grover Cleveland.

Mayor of Buffalo, Governor of this State, twice President of the United States, he personified civic virtue and exalted the ideal of public office as a public trust.

Firm, resolute, incorruptible, unseduced by flattery and unshaken by fear, just and tenacious of conviction, he enriched the nation with a noble example of strength and fidelity.

And as it is fitting that New York, to whom he gave the earlier service which tested and revealed his character, should pay to his memory the tribute of esteem due to one of her most honorable and distinguished servants,

Now, THEREFORE, I, Charles E. Hughes, Governor of the State of New York, do request that the flags upon all the public buildings of the State, including armories and arsenals, be displayed at half-mast up to and including Friday, the twenty-sixth day of June, nineteen hundred and eight, and that the citizens of the State unite in appropriate marks of respect.

GIVEN under my hand and the Privy Seal of the State [L.s.] at the Capitol in the City of Albany this twenty

fourth day of June in the year of our Lord one thousand nine hundred and eight.

(Signed)..CHARLES E. HUGHES. By the Governor :

. ROBERT H. FULLER, .::.. . Secretary to the Governor.

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