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Graves' Gynecology

Text-Book of Gynecology. By WILLIAM P. GRAVES, M. D., Professor of Gynecology at Harvard Medical School. Large octavo of 770 pages, with 425 original illustrations, many in colors. Published June, 1918


This new work presents gynecology along new lines. An entire section is devoted exclusively to the physiology of the pelvic organs and to correlated gynecology-the relationship of gynecology to organs of internal secretion, breast, skin, organs of sense, digestion and respiration, blood, circulatory apparatus, abdominal organs, nervous system, bones, and joints. A special section is devoted to enteroptosis, intestinal bands, and movable kidney.

The second portion of the book is devoted to special gynecologic disease and is arranged particularly for the convenience of medical students. The first two parts (covering 500 pages) are entirely non-surgical, giving only drug and mechanical therapy and material invaluable to the general practitioner. third part is exclusively a treatise on surgical gynecology, and includes profusely The illustrated descriptions of those gynecologic operations that to the author seem most feasible. A number of new operations are given.


New Obstetrics

Text-Book of Obstetrics. By JOSEPH B. DELEE, M. D., Professor of Obstetrics at Northwestern University Medical School, Chicago. Large octavo of 1087 pages, with 938 illustrations, 175 in colors. Cloth, $8.00 net.


Published August, 1915

You will pronounce this new book the most elaborate, the most superbly illustrated work on Obstetrics you have ever seen. Especially will you value the 938 illustrations, all, with but few exceptions, original, and the best work of leading medical artists. Some 175 of these illustrations are in color. Such a magnificent collection of obstetric pictures—and with really practical vaiue has never before appeared in one book.

You will find the text extremely practical throughout. Diagnosis is featured, and the relations of obstetric conditions and accidents to general medi. cine, surgery, and the specialties are brought into prominence.

Regarding Treatment: You get here the very latest advances in this field, and you can rest assured every method of treatment, every step in operative technic, is just right. Dr. DeLee's twenty-one years' experience as a teacher and obstetrician guarantees this.

Worthy of your particular attention are the descriptive legends under the illustrations. These are unusually full, and by studying the pictures serially with their detailed legends you are better able to follow the operations than by referring to the pictures from a distant text-the usual method.

Prof. W. Stoeckel, Kiel, Germany

"Dr. DeLee's Obstetrics deserves the greatest recognition. The whole work is of such sterling character through and through that it must be ranked with the best works of our literature."

Norris' Gonorrhea in Women

GONORRHEA IN WOMEN. By CHARLES C. NORRIS, M. D., Instructor in Gynecology, University of Pennsylvania. With an Introduction by JOHN G. CLARK, M. D., Professor of Gynecology, University of Pennsylvania. Large octavo of 520 pages, illustrated. Cloth, $6.50 Published May, 1913


Davis' Manual of Obstetrics

Manual of Obstetrics. By EDWARD P. DAVIS, M. D., Professor of Obstetrics in Jefferson Medical College. 463 pages, with 171 original illustrations. Cloth, $2.25 net.

12mo of

Published September, 1914


Dr. Davis' manual is a concise text-book of exceptional value. Dr. Davis, himself a teacher of many years' experience, knows the requirements of such a work and has here supplied them. You get anatomy of the normal and abnormal bony pelvis, physiology of impregnation, anatomy of the birth canal in pregnancy, growth and development of the embryo. You get a full and clear discussion of pregnancy-its diagnosis, physiology, hygiene, pathology. You get the causes and treatment of labor, the physiology, conduct, pathology; the puerperal period-care of the mother and child; obstetric surgery, fetal pathology, mixed feeding, and medicolegal aspects of obstetric practice.

Davis' Operative Obstetrics

Operative Obstetrics. By EDWARD P. DAVIS, M. D., Professor of Obstetrics at Jefferson Medical College, Philadelphia. Octavo of 483 pages, with 264 illustrations. Cloth, $5.50 net. Published September, 1911


Dr. Davis' new work on Operative Obstetrics is a most practical one, and no expense has been spared to make it the handsomest work on the subject as well. Every step in every operation is described minutely, and the technic shown by beautiful new illustrations. The section given over to surgery of the newborn you will find unusually valuable. It gives you much information you want to know-facts you can use in your work every day. is an excellent chapter on anesthesia in obstetrics.

The Lancet, London


"The best and most interesting part of the book is the summary of results given at the end of the chapters and compiled from the author's own experience and from the literature."




Practice of Gynecology

SIXTH EDITION—published October, 1916

The Practice of Gynecology. By W. EASTERLY ASHTON, M.D., LL.D., Professor of Gynecology at the Medico-Chirurgical College, Graduate School of Medicine, University of Pennsylvania. Octavo of 1097 pages, containing 1052 original linedrawings. Cloth, $6.50 net.

Among the important new matter may be mentioned the De Keating-Hart fulguration treatment, Coley's mixed toxins for sarcoma of the genito-urinary organs, the cutireaction of von Pirquet in the diagnosis of tuberculosis, “606” for syphilis, the hormone theory, the Fowler-Murphy treatment of suppurative peritonitis, tincture of iodin in sterilization, and Baldy's new round ligament operation for retrodisplacement. Nothing is left to be taken for granted, the author not only telling his readers in every instance what should be done, but also precisely how to do it. A distinctly original feature of the book is the illustrations, numbering 1058 line drawings made especially under the author's personal supervision.

From its first appearance Dr. Ashton's book set a standard in practical medical books; that he has produced a work of unusual value to the medical practitioner is shown by the demand for new editions.

Howard A. Kelly, M. D.,

Professor of Gynecologic Surgery, Johns Hopkins University

"It is different from anything that has as yet appeared. The illustrations are particu larly clear and satisfactory. One specially good feature is the pains with which you describe so many details so often left to the imagination."

Charles B. Penrose, M. D.,

Formerly Professor of Gynecology, University of Pennsylvania.

"I know of no book that goes so thoroughly and satisfactorily into all the details of everything connected with the subject. In this respect your book differs from the others." George M. Edebohls, M.D.

Professor of Diseases of Women, New York Post-Graduate Medical School.

"I have looked it through and must congratulate you upon having produced a text book most admirably adapted to teach gynecology to those who must get their knowledge, even to the minutest and most elementary details, from books."






Medical Gynecology. By S. WYLLIS BANDLER, M. D., Professor of Diseases of Women, New York Post-Graduate Medical School and Hospital. Octavo of 790 pages, with 150 original illustrations. Cloth, $5.50 net.

Published February, 1914

THIRD EDITION-60 PAGES ON INTERNAL SECRETIONS This new work by Dr. Bandler is just the book that the physician engaged in general practice has long needed. It is truly the practitioner's gynecology-planned for him, written for him, and illustrated for him. There are

many gynecologic conditions that do not call for operative treatment; yet, because of lack of that special knowledge required for their diagnosis and treatment, the general practitioner has been unable to treat them intelligently. This work gives just the information the practitioner needs. American Journal of Obstetrics

"He has shown good judgment in the selection of his data. He has placed most emphasis on diagnostic and therapeutic aspects. He has presented his facts in a manner to be readily grasped by the general practitioner."

Bandler's Vaginal Celiotomy

Vaginal Celiotomy. By S. WYLLIS BANDLER, M. D. Octavo of 450 pages, with 148 illustrations. Cloth, $5.00 net.


The vaginal route, because of its simplicity, ease of execution, absence of shock, more certain results, and the opportunity for conservative measures, constitutes a field which should appeal to all surgeons, gynecologists, and obstetricians. Posterior vaginal celiotomy is of great importance in the removal of small tubal and ovarian tumors and cysts, and is an important step in the performance of vaginal myomectomy, hysterectomy, and hysteromyomectomy. Anterior vaginal celiotomy with thorough separation of the bladder is the only certain method of correcting cystocele. January, 1911

The Lancet, London

"Dr. Bandler has done good service in writing this book, which gives a very clear description of all the operations which may be undertaken through the vagina. He makes out a strong case for these operations."

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