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Titles appearing in italics refer to editorials.

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Alsace and Lorraine, Past, present, and
future of, 273-275

America, The path of--Vice-President Cal-
vin Coolidge, 90-93

American Congressmen attend the Twen-

tieth Conference of the Interparliamen-
tary Union, Vienna, Arthur Deerin Call,

American foreign policy looking up, 4
American Group, Interparliamentary Union,
Nineteenth Annual Meeting, 104-110
Americanism, The menace of, 410-411
American Peace Society, 2

Ninety-fourth Annual Report of the
Directors, 209

Report of the President, 210-211
Report of the Secretary, 212-215
Report of the Treasurer,, 215-216
Constitution and By-laws, 216-218
Addresses at banquet in honor of
Ninety-fourth Annual Meeting, 219-

The American Red Cross, Dr. Thomas E.
Green, 385-386

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Ingalls, Walter Renton, Wealth and
Income of the American People,

Korff, Baron S. A., Russia's Foreign
Relations During the Last Half
Century, 160
McLaughlin, Andrew Cunningham,
Steps in the Development of Ameri-
can Democracy, 120
Lauck, W. Jett, and Claude S. Watts,
The Industrial Code, 280
Marvin, F. S., edited by, The Evo-
lution of World Peace, 160
Miliukov, Paul N., Russia Today and
Tomorrow, 444

Nicolai, Dr. G. F., The Biology of
War, 80

Nock, Albert Jay, The Myth of a
Guilty Nation, 200
Ralston, Jackson H.. Democracy's
International Law, 403
Reinsch, Paul S., An American Dip-
lomat in China, 200

Rowell, Newton W., The British Em.
pire and World Peace, 320
Schaick, John van, The Little Corner
Never Conquered, 443

The churches grapple the home racial prob-
lem, 157-158

Church Peace Union, 441
Civil war in China, 191-192
Colored troops, 244-245

Comparison of conference projects and re-
sults, 49

The conduct of our foreign relations,
Charles E. Hughes, 252-256
The Conference at Genoa, 163-165; 182-
189: 204

The Conference closes, 49
The Conference nears its end, 8
Conference on the Limitation of Armament,
3, 8, 49-59; 84-86; 151-152; 408, 439
The work of the Washington Confer-
ence, Theodore E. Burton, 348-349
Conferences or Leagues, 5
The Congress of the Institute of Interna-
tional Law, Dr. Hans Wehberg, 379-380
Closed, 328

Constitution and By-laws, 216-218


Constitutional Régime in Greece,
Joannes Gennadius, 258-260
Coolidge, Calvin, The path of America, 90-

Costs of our army on the Rhine, 128
Smith, Fred B., On the Train of the Cressen, Dr. W. P., "The Holy Alliance,"
Peacemakers, 364

Stowell. Ellery C., Intervention in
International Law, 80

Stuart. Graham H., Latin America

and the United States, 404
Sullivan, Mark, The Great Adventure
at Washington, 200
Tarbell, Ida M., Peacemakers, Blessed
and Otherwise, 320
Thompson, Wallace, The Mexican
Mind, 160

Tittoni, Tommaso, Modern Italy, 444
Turner, John Kenneth, Shall It Be
Again? 404

Walsh, Edmund A., The History and
Nature of International Relations,

Williams, Talcott, Turkey-A World

Problem of Today, 120

Withington, Robert, In Occupied Bel-

gium, 120

Wright, Quincy, The Control of Ameri-
can Foreign Relations, 364
Year Book of the Churches, 1921-
1922, 280

Brazil, 413

The bright spot in the Hague Conference,

The British election, 399, 401


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The British election, Before and after, 430- The enfeebled Genoa Conference, 110-111


Budgets for land armament, 440
Burton, Theodore E., The work of the Wash-
ington Conference, 348-349

A by-product of war in Hellas, 411-412


Europe, 408

Europe's hesitant steps, 39-40
The European illness, 367-368
Europe's poisonous remedies, 369-370
Europeans fail to understand, 370-

Can the United States help Europe?

As to the European hatred of Ameri-
cans, 325

Call, Arthur Deerin. American Congress-
men attend the Twentieth Conference of
the Interparliamentary Union, Vienna, The excitement of Irish peace, 37-39


Can its fundamental immorality be elimi-
nated from international law? Stephen
Haley Allen, 65-68

Can the United States help Europe? 323-324
A Cause of the world unrest, 243-244
Coyle, Albert. Evidence on Condi- Causey, Col. W. B., Austria, 377-379
tions in Ireland, SO
Cavert, Samuel McCrea, An appeal to Chris-
tians for starving Russia. 37
The Central American Conference, 372
Address of Charles E. Hughes, 413-

Cresson, W. P., The Holy Alliance,

Crowell, Benedict, How America Went
to War, 80

Davis, Malcolm W., In collaboration
with a burglar, In the Clutch of
Circumstance, 240

Depew. Chauncey M.. My Memories
of Eighty Years, 320
Die Weltbühne, 443

Gubbins, J. II., The Making of Mod-
ern Japan, 444
Gulick, Sidney L... The Christian

Crusade for a Warless World, 364
Hartzler, J. S., Mennonites in the
World War, 200

Hunt, Frazier, The Rising Temper of
the East, 280
Hunt. Theodore Whitefield, Timely
Topics, 120

Hyde, Charles Cheney, International
Law Chiefly as Interpreted and Ap-
plied by the United States, 120

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Far East. 25-29, 59-65

Signs and portents in the Far East,
the Russian Far East,
Japan and
Fargniers, France, 196
Fascisti, 402, 403
Federal Convention, 1787, 83-84
Federal Council of Churches, 277
Fifth International Conference of American
States. Program of, 434-435
The Fifth Pan American Conference, 159
The Finale at Genoa, 233-234
Finch, George A.. The revision of the repa.
ration clauses of the Treaty of Versailles
and the cancellation of inter-allied in-
debtedness, 418-426

Foreign policies in the Western Hemisphere,

Foreign policy, Our administration and, 436-

Foundations of our faith, The, 123-124
Four Power Pacific Treaty, 127
France, Our criticism of, 6
Free to all members, 83-84
French debt, 7

French insistance, 328
The fruition of good will, 127

Gandhi, 159



Geddes, What Sir Auckland, sees ahead, 192-

Genoa :

Can its fundamental immorality be
eliminated from international law?
Stephen Haley Allen, 65-68

Munitions :

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Is the United States to blame? 287-

The Congress of the Institute of In- The mystery war in China, 166
ternational Law, 379-380

The enfeebled Genoa conference, 110- International Peace eventually, why not

The Genoa Conference, 124-125

The Genoa Conference and Britain's
part, David Lloyd-George, 131-137
Lloyd-George and Poincaré on top, as
Genoa nears, 152-154

The conference at Genoa, 163-165,
169, 182-189

The finale at Genoa, 233-234

Gennadius, Johannes:

The recent change of régime in
Greece, 334

Some fallacies in respect to Near
Eastern affairs, 137-143, 196, 224-

The constitutional régime in Greece,



The new Swiss-German treaty of arbi-
tration and conciliation, Dr. De
Jonk Van Beek En Donk, 101
Inside Germany, 271-272
German property and the Underwood
bill, 308-309

What Germany has paid, 327

Goethe, In behalf of, 372

The German moratorium, 428-430

Gordon-Smith, Gordon, 221-222

Balkan problems and their solution,

The "Little Entente," its genesis and
its aims, .170-175

The question of the Adriatic, 226-233
M. P. M. Mattheef and Mr. Gordon
Gordon-Smith clash, 360-362

A government ruling of importance to our
donors, 326

Governed world. A, 42, 82, 122, 162, 202,
242, 282, 322, 366, 406
Moving toward a governed world,
Leo Pasvolsky, 380-385
Grants of land by the United States to our
soldiers of past wars, Lura E. Headie, 176-

The recent change of régime in
Greece, Joannes Gennadius, 31-34

A by-product of war in Hellas, 411-

Venizelist and Constantinist régimes
in Greece, Constantine Melas, 178-
Green, Dr. Thomas E., The American Red
Cross, 385-386

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now? Theodore Stanfield, 261-262
Interparliamentary Union, Nineteenth An-
nual Meeting of the American Group, 104-
110: 130-131

The Twentieth Conference of the In-
terparliamentary Union, 205


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One more Franco-German crisis passed, 237
The open door, David D. O'Dare, 262-266
Other realities at our Christmastide, 407-

Kanner. Dr. Heinrich, Is William II pun- Our criticism of France, 6
ishable? 298-301


Our administration and foreign policy, 436-

Kawakami, Isamu-Beneficent results
Japan of the Washington Conference, 302- Our Treaty navy, Capt. E. W. Scott, 180-
Kiao-Chow, 412


La Follette, 206
Land armament budgets, 440
Lausanne: 407

Near East Conference at Lausanne,


The surprises at Lausanne, 426-427
League of Nations, 86-87: 288-289
League of Nations Association in Japan. 118
Lecturers' Conference on public opinion and
world peace. 402

Legal developments in the Mexican oil situ-
ation. 73-76

Light and more light from Mr. Lloyd-George
and all others, 286

A legitimate service to the wounded sol-
diers, 165-166

Leon. Maurice, Misstatements of Lord Lee
regarding article by Commander Castex
and French submarine policy, 93-95
Letter box, 79, 198-199, 239, 278-279, 318-
319, 441-442

Limitation of Courts, Jackson II. Ralston,


The "Little Entente," its genesis and its
aims, Gordon Gordon-Smith, 170-175
Lloyd-George :

The Genoa Conference and Britain's
part. 131-137

Lloyd-George and Poincare on top,
as Genoa nears, 152-154

Light and more light from Mr. Lloyd

George and all others, 286

Mr. Hughes right, Mr. Underwood Lord Lee's injustice to France, 87-88

wrong, 287

The Hughes Holt correspondence
clears the air, 306-308

Hummel, Edna Logan, Processional for the
peace year, 1921, 266

Hyde, Charles Cheney, 219-221


In behalf of Goethe, 372

Increasing money value of peace with
Japan, 189-190

Inge, Very Rev. W. R., The duty of heart-
searching by those who warred, 295-297
Inside Germany, 271-272

Institute of International Education, 158
Intercollegiate cosmopolitan club, 130
International Law:

Superficiality of International Law,
Jackson H. Ralston, 34-37


Mathieu. His Excellency Señor Don Beltran,


M. P. M. Mattheef and Mr. Gordon Gordon-
Smith clash, 360-362

Melas, Constantine, Venizelist and Constan-
tinist régimes in Greece. 178-180
The menace of Americanism, 410-411
Mexico, 407:

The soul of Mexico, Dr. Guillermo A.
Sherwell. 69-73

Misstatements of Lord Lee regarding the
article by Commander Castex and French
submarine policy, Maurice Leon, 93-95
Moore, John Bassett, 197
Morris, George Maurice, "Selling" interna-
tional peace. 256-257

Moving toward a governed world, Leo Pas-
volsky, 380-385


[blocks in formation]

Peace Congress, 206-207, 391-394
Peace workers in war times. 114-116
Permanent Court of International Justice,
44-45, 194, 288-289

The United States and the Permanent
Court of International Justice, 246-

The Permanent Court of Interna-
tional Justice at work, 386-390
Permanent Court of Arbitration, 329

Persisting wickedness, The, 86-87
The plot thickens, 125-126
President proclaims embargo on arms to
China, 111-112

A prize editorial, 268-269

A problem of Allied debts, 234-236
Processional for the peace year, 1921, Edna
Logan Hummel, 266

Program of the fifth international confer-

ence of American states, 434-435
Property rights in Russia, 236

The proposed solution of Austria's difficulties,

Publications of the American Peace Society,

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