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The plan pursued in this book is simple. One hundred and one decisive questions in history are on trial. The evidence presented on ninety-five of these questions is Bible and Secular, and on five Secular.

The witnesses are from many walks of life. Historians, educators, ministers, statesmen, prophets, kings, slaves, editors, lawyers, reformers, business men, warriors, physicians, poets, artists have been summoned.

In each case the reader is to be judge and jury.

Among the valuable articles written especially for this book is one indeed unique. It is by Colonel John Sobieski, for long years “heir to the throne of Poland," a man to whom this nation owes a large debt.

Years ago, when the martyr's blood was shed on American soil for fighting the diabolical Drink Traffic, he dedicated his magnificent powers of leadership to the unpopular Prohibition Movement. Far out on the firing line this Pole, who had risked his life in the Civil War, battled for the freedom of American homes from the saloon.

Not content with this, in the days when the advocacy of Woman Suffrage was ridiculed and fought, again this Pole with the blood of generations of kings and queens flowing in his veins championed the cause of the enslaved, and battled for the emancipation of woman.

What a powerful rebuke the pride of this man in possessing the title-AMERICAN CITIZEN ought to be to all who desert and betray the foundation principles on which our Republic was built!

His special article is given as evidence on Question 100.

Each purchaser of this volume is invited to reply to Question 101, by adding five words to those which on page 186 begin the answer.

Fifty dollars will be awarded for the first answer which reaches the Forget-Me-Not Publishing Company and is the same as that of the compiler.

Fifty dollars will also be awarded to the purchaser who submits to the Publishing Company the best picture portraying “The


Call of the World to America!”—provided the picture is worthy to appear on the front cover of a future edition of this book.

The beautiful words quoted in the dedication were written to the compiler by her precious and only brother Theodore in a letter containing a tribute by him to their beloved Mother.

The poem from which the verses on page 106 are taken held a large place in the heart of this wonderful Mother, who felt very keenly about the sufferings of Jesus on the Cross, and whose birthday was October seventeenth.

The gratitude of the compiler is great to Dr. Ira M. Price of the Chicago University, for the far-reaching help which he has given toward some of the choicest illustrations.

From the same source thanks are also given to different publishing companies and individuals for courtesies extended relative to a number of the pictures. Acknowledgment for these kindnesses is given under "Illustrations,” pp. xi and xii. .

Gratitude is also expressed to each one who has helped or encouraged in the preparation of this volume, and although the work of the compiler has been long and hard, forbearance is asked for any errors which the book contains.




3. Was there an Old Babylonian Empire many hundred years before

the Babylonian Empire of Nebuchadnezzar?–4. Who founded the Old

Babylonian Empire?—5. Was there such a place as Ur of the Chaldees?-

6. Is the Bible story of the flood a myth?–7. Has the prophecy of Noah

foretelling the "three great divisions of the human race” been fulfilled ?-

8. What are some of the archaeological discoveries which have “dealt a

terrific blow” to “radical and destructive criticism” of the Bible?-9. What

was the fate of Old Babylonia?.




10. Did Egypt of the Bible ever exist?-11. Could a history of the

Israelites have been written in the time of Moses?-12. Did the prophecy

that the Israelites would be slaves come true?--13. Did the enslaved Israel-

ites build for Pharaoh, King of Egypt, Pithom and Raamses?--14. Did the

Israelites in bondage in Egypt have to make bricks without straw ?–15. Was

the prophecy that the Israelites would be freed from Egyptian slavery ful-

filled ?- 16. Did Ezekiel prophesy correctly that Egypt would be the basest

of nations and never again be a great nation?--17. Was the prophecy in

Isaiah that Egypt would be conquered by Assyria fulfilled?...




18. Was the Kingdom of David and Solomon a great one?--19. Was

the prophecy to David that his son would build "an house" fulfilled ?-

20. Was the prophecy that Solomon's Temple might be destroyed fulfilled?



38. Was there ever such a man as Daniel of the Bible?—39. Could Daniel

easily have lived as Prime Minister of Babylon, although his name is not

“found as yet upon the documents dating from the Sixth Century,” B. C.?-

40. Was there ever a Babylonian Empire with Nebuchadnezzar her great-

est king?-41. Did Daniel truthfully call Nebuchadnezzar, king of Babylon,

“the head of gold"?–42. Was King Nebuchadnezzar insane for seven years,

eating and living with beasts, and afterwards ruler of his dominion?-

43. Was Tyre a great city as described in Isaiah?–44. Did Ezekiel proph-

esy correctly that Nebuchadnezzar would conquer ancient Tyre?–45. Was

the Bible prophecy that the Jews would be taken as captives from Jerusalem

to Babylon fulfilled ?–46. Did Zedekiah, King of Judah, go to Babylon

without seeing it, in fulfillment of a prophecy made six years before by

Ezekiel?–47. Was there such a character as Belshazzar?–48. Can Bel-

shazzar being called the son of Nebuchadnezzar in the book of Daniel be

“readily accounted for”?–49. How could Belshazzar have been King of

Babylon, when “no tablets have been found dated in his reign"?—50. Did

Daniel by a lion with eagle's wings describe the kingdom and fate of mod-

ern Babylon?–51. Over one hundred and fifty years before the event, did

Isaiah prophesy correctly that Babylon would be conquered?–52. Did

Isaiah prophesy correctly, 174 years before Babylon was captured by Cyrus,

that he would enter the city through gates?—53. Did the Jews return from

Babylon to Jerusalem in fulfillment of Bible prophecy?–54. Did Daniel

prophesy, 2418 years before the battle of Waterloo, that Napoleon never

could be ruler of Europe? 55. Were the prophecies in Jeremiah that

Babylon would “become heaps,” and in Isaiah that owls would dwell there

fulfilled?-56. Has the prophecy in Isaiah 13:20 in regard to the Arab

and his tent been fulfilled ?-57. Has a prophecy in Jeremiah about the

stones of Babylon been fulfilled in a wonderful way?....

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