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a Catholic Priest in England,


El Bishop of the Episcopalian Church in the

United States.


You will, I doubt not, be surprized at my de-
dication of any work of mine to you, differing so
much as we do in our sentiments concerning chris-
tianity. But, entertaining the highest respect for
your characters, as men and as christians, I do it
because we differ; to shew, with respect to a sub-
ject in which we are equally interested, as in that
of this work that I regard all that bear the christi-
an name, how widely distant soever their different

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churches and creeds may be, as friends and brethren, and therefore entitled, by the express direction of our common Saviour, to particular respect and attention as such.

Though few persons have written more than myself to controvert the established principles of each of your churches, I consider the articles in which we all agree as of infinitely more moment than those with respect to which we differ. We all believe in the being, the perfections, the universal providence, and the righteous moral government of God, as the maker and sovereign disposer of all things. Whatever we may think of the

person of Christ, we all believe that his doctrine is divine, and his precepts obligatory upon all. We all believe in his miracles, his death, his resurrection,

and his ascension, as related in the books of the New Testament. We also all believe that he will come again, to raise all the dead, to judge the world, and to give to every man according to his works; and these are all the articles of faith that can have any considerable influence on the lives and conduct of men. Believing this, our gratitude for the communication of knowledge of such infinite impor. tance must be common to us all, and such as should

Jead lead to a chearful obedience to all the commands of God. I know that the creeds of both


established churches doom me, and all that are out of their pale, as discarding some particular articles of your faith, to perish everlastingly, notwithstanding every thing that we may believe, or do. But I know that the candid and liberal of all persuasions are provided with some salvo for the conscientious heretic. But whatever may be your opinion with respect to me, which I know will be as favourable as you can make it, I have no doubt but, if I ever do get to heaven, I shall meet with both of you there. In that state our minds will be so‘much enlightened, that the bigotry which has contribut. ed so much to the miseries of this life, but which has, at the same time, been a valuable exercise of christian candour, will no longer exist. With respect to myself, the time in which every thing of this kind will be cleared up, and no doubt to universal satisfaction, cannot be very distant; and the difference between my opinion, that it will be after an interval of rest in the

that it will take place with respect to cach individual immediately after his death, cannot be thought of much moment, by those who believe they shall live for ever after it. a iii.


grave, and

and yours

With the highest esteem for your personal characters, though you are probably unknown to each other.

I am Gentlemen,
Your brother in the faith,
and hope of the Gospel.

J. PRIESTLEY. Northumberland 1804.

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