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PETTEE, W. H., Prof. Mining Engineering, Univ. of Mich., 52 Thompson St., Ann Arbor, Washtenaw Co., Mich.

PIERSON, GEO. S., City Eng. Kalamazoo, Kalamazoo Co., Mich PELHAM, FRED B., Civil Engineer, Detroit, Wayne Co., Mich. PORTER, H. H., Hydraulic Engineer, Dowagiac, Mich.

PETTEE, T. W., Surveyor, Flint, Mich.

REED, A. L., Civil Engineer, Whittier, Cal.

RICE, FRED A., Surveyor and Civil Engineer, Alpena, Alpena Co., Mich.

RIPLEY, JOSEPH, U. S. Asst. Engineer, St. Mary's R. Imp., Sault Ste. Marie, Chippewa Co., Mich.

ROGERS, FRANK F., Civil Engineer, Port Huron, Mich.

RUSSEL, WALTER S., Vice President Russel Wheel & Foundry Co., Detroit, Wayne Co., Mich.

ROEHM, GEO. E., Civil Engineer, lock box 594, Wauwatosa, Wis.
ROTHWELL, H. G., Civil Engineer, L'Anse, Mich.

ROBERTS, R. W., Civil Eng., East Saginaw, Saginaw Co., Mich.
RUMSEY, JAS. L., Civil Engineer, Grand Rapids, Mich.
RIGGS, H. E., Chief Engineer, T., A. A. & N. R'y, Toledo, Ohio.
REDMAN, C. H., Asst. to City Engineer, Grand Rapids, Mich.
ROOT, O. J., Mechanical Engineer, Lansing, Mich.

SHENEHON, FRANK C., Civil Engineer, Sault Ste. Marie, Chippewa Co., Mich.

SOWTER, I. G., Mechanical Engineer, Detroit, Wayne Co., Mich. SANBORN, J. M., Surveyor, Gaylord, Otsego Co., Mich.

SEARS, WM. B., Ch. Eng. F. & P. M. R'y, Saginaw, East Side, Saginaw Co., Mich.

SKEELS, DORR, Surveyor and Civil Engineer, Grand Rapids, Kent Co., Mich.

SKEELS, F. E., Surveyor and Civil Engineer, Grand Rapids, Kent Co., Mich.

STEELE, GEO. E., Surveyor and real estate dealer, Traverse City, Grand Traverse Co., Mich.

STRONG, E., Surveyor and farmer, Kalamazoo, Kalamazoo Co.,

TAYLOR, CLARENCE G., Supt. of Shops, Dept. of Mech. Eng.,
Univ. of Mich., Ann Arbor, Washtenaw Co., Mich.
TEED, A. J., Surveyor and Civil Engineer, Cadillac, Wexford
Co., Mich.

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TELLER, ISAAC, Surveyor, Cohoctah, Livingston Co., Mich.
THOMPSON, H. C., Civil Engineer, West Bay City, Bay Co., Mich.
TODD, O. H., Surveyor, Nottawa, St. Joseph Co., Mich.

TREADWELL, E., Civil Eng., East Saginaw, Saginaw Co., Mich.
TUTHILL, JOB, Asst. Eng. D., L. & N. R'y, care of Ch. Eng.
office, Grand Rapids, Kent Co., Mich.

THOMPSON, JAS. R., Mining Engineer, Lake Superior Iron Co.,
Ishpeming, Mich.

THAYER, H. L., Civil Engineer, Lansing, Mich.

VON CULEBROECK, A., Supt. of Boiler Works, Lansing, Ingham
Co., Mich.

VAN DE VOORT, W. H., Foreman of Machine Shops, Agricult-
ural College, Mich.

WOODWORTH, P. B., Prof. of Fhysics, Agricultural College,

WATKINS, JOHN J., Civil Eng. and Surveyor, Guthrie, Oklahoma.
WELLS, GEO. L., Civil Eng. and Contractor, Grand Rapids, Mich.
WELLS, M. N., Asst. Eng., A. T. & S. F. R'y, Chanute, Kan.
WHEELER, E. S., Civil Engineer, Sault Ste. Marie, Chippewa
Co., Mich.

WHITTEN, WM. M., Surveyor and Civil Engineer, 125 N.
Lafayette St., South Bend, Ind.

WILLIAMS, G. S., Civil Eng., 229 M'Dougall Ave., Detroit, Mich.
WISEMAN, JAMES, Mechanical Engineer, Nashville, Tenn.
YOCUM, J. K., Surveyor, Chelsea, Washtenaw Co., Mich.

Junior Members.

ALBERTSON, DAN J., Surveyor, Kalamazoo, Mich.
CHAFIN, H. L., Surveyor, Duluth, Minn.

CHYNOWETH, C. B., Mechanical Engineer, Houghton, Mich.
CALKINS, A. S., Asst. Eng., E. J. & E. R. R., Joliet, Ill.

CHURCH, F. L., Surveyor, Mitchell, Mich.

RANDALL, JOHN, County Surveyor and Supt. Water Works,
Mio, Mich.

SELLERS, ERNEST, City Engineer, Lansing, Mich.

WATSON, JOSEPH A., Asst. Eng., J. S. E. R'y, Jacksonville, Ill.
WILLIAMS, T. O., Surveyor and Civil Engineer, Allegan, Mich.
WILLIAMS, F. H., Surveyor and Attorney at Law, Allegan, Mich.

Michigan Engineering Society.

Officers for 1892.

President, J. B. DAVIS, Ann Arbor.

Vice President, GEO. L. WELLS, Grand Rapids.
Secretary-Treasurer, F. HODGMAN, Climax.


M. E. COOLEY, Ann Arbor.

C. E. GREENE, Ann Arbor..

GEO. E. STEELE, Traverse City.




The annual convention for 1892 was held in the city hall at Grand Rapids. Mayor Uhl welcomed the society to the city in a few well chosen words and continued as follows:

I ran upon some figures, gathered by the board of trade as to some of our manufacturing industries, and I see here that there is employed in capital $18,228,000, or was last year; that the value of the product was $33,555,000, as against $15,000,000 capital the year before, and $27,000,000 of product. The number of hands employed this year is 39,000 as against 13,000 the year before.

This city here, nestling in the valley of Grand river, was, but a few years ago, a hamlet surrounded by an agricultural country, but today it presents one industry that, as we think, takes the lead of all other cities in the land. It takes that lead for freshness of design and intelligence of workmanship, and while you are here gathering in your annual convention there is a great influx into this city, not only those who buy our wares, but those that come here, to the furniture center of the United States, bringing their wares to sell, and it will be as I have said, no doubt, the great privilege of the local members of your profession, before you shall go hence, to show you some of this manufactured product.

And now I bespeak for your annual gathering one of profit, one of pleasure and one of success. We tender to you, as I said in the beginning, the very best that we have, and as some one has said, the emphasis of hospitality lies in friendship, in cordiality, in attention, rather than in the externals or the accessories that surround it.

Time fails me, even were I competent, to speak of the noble profession which is yours. Would that while you are here you could show to us some way of preserving the beauty, the harmony, and the engaging grace that nature has given us in these hill-sides, and still accommodate it to the wants of man. Would that you could demonstrate to a certainty that it is the highest piece of vandalism to cut a canal through the beautiful park on the other side of the river in order that a few more loads of hay or a few more cords of wood may be brought upon West Fulton street.

Many of you are representatives of the class known as hydraulic engineers, and there is a subject which could engage the highest talent in that regard, for it has been a vexed question for many a year, a question that yet remains for solution, as to the permanent water supply of this city. That question is divided between the advocates of ground water, Grand river, Rogue river, Flat river, and I may say, Lake Michigan, and there are some who say, as far as that is concerned, except for culinary purposes, we don't need a great quantity of water in any event.

We are now taking our source of supply from the Grand river, and many of us are of opinion that if that source shall be taken three miles above where Rogue river empties into the Grand, that we shall have a satisfactory water supply.

I said a moment ago that time failed me, even were I competent, to speak of the excellencies and the glories and the beneficent results worked out by your exalted profession. We see today through its instrumentalities living results, which a decade ago we considered but the wild fictions of enthusiasts, and as unsubstantial as the stuff that dreams are made of.

Give me where to stand, said the ancient philosopher, and I will move the world. Find where to stand. Stand where you are, is the voice of science, and so your profession has done much-nay, has accomplished wonders beyond the power of tongue or pen to detail in the betterment of man, and in the building up of a civilization which today is in advance of all the ages that have gone before.

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