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McClure's Magazine, New York.

Gentleman's Magazine, London.
Medical and Surgical Journal, St. Louis. Journal of Medical Science, Dublin.
American Art Journal, New York.
Menorah Monthly, New York.

Knowledge, London.
American Journal of Politics, New York. Metaphysical Magazine, New York.

Law Journal, London. American Journal of Sociology, Chicago. Methodist Magazine, New York.

Longman's, London.
American Law Register, Philadelphia. Methodist Review, New York.

Macmillan's Magazine, London.
American Law Review, St. Louis.
Modern Art, Boston.

National Review, London.
American Magazine of Civics, New York. Modern Language Notes, Baltimore. Natural Science, London.
American Miller, Chicago.
Modern Medicine, New York,

New Review, London.
American Naturalist, Philadelphia.
Monthly Illustrator, New York.

Nineteenth Century, London.
American Woman's Magazine, New York. Munsey's Magazine, New York.

Pall Mall Magazine, London.
Arena, Boston.
Music, Chicago.

Quarterly Review, London.
Army and Navy Journal, New York. National Board of Health Magazine, New Review of Reviews, London.
Atlantic Monthly, Boston.

Temple Bar, London.
Authors' Journal, New York.
New England Magazine, Boston.

Westminster Review, London.
Bachelor of Arts, New York.
New Science Review, New York.

Whitehall Review, London.
Biblia, Meriden, Conn.

New York State Medical Reporter, RochesBiblical World, Chicago.

FRENCH. Bookman, New York.

New World, Boston.
Book Reviews.

North American Review, New York.
Cassier's Magazine, New York.
Our Animal Friends, New York.

Correspondant, Paris.
Century, New York.

Cosmos, Paris.
Our Day, Boston.
Chap-Book, Chicago.

Etincelle Electrique, Paris.
Overland Monthly, San Francisco.
Chautauquan, Meadville, Pa.
Peterson Magazine, New York.

Magasin Pittoresque, Paris.
Church Union, New York.

Messager du Gouverment, St. Petersburg.
Photographic Times, New York.
Cosmopolitan, New York.

Mouvement Geographique, Brussels.
Phrenological Journal, New York.
Current Literature, New York.

Monde Moderne, Paris.
Poet-Lore, Boston.
Dial, Boston.

Nature, Paris.
Political Science Quarterly, New York.
Donahoe's Magazine, Boston.

Nouvelle Revue, Paris.
Popular Astronomy, Northfield, Minn.
Education, Boston.

Revue Bleue, Paris.
Popular Science Monthly, New York.
Educational Review, New York.

Revue de Paris, Paris.
Popular Science News, New York.

Revue des Deux Mondes, Paris.
Electricity, New York.

Presbyterian and Reformed Review, PhilaEngineering Magazine, New York.

Revue Encyclopédique, Paris.
Engineering Mechanics, Philadelphia.

Revue Scientifique, Paris.
Review of Reviews, New York.
Etude, Philadelphia.

Rhode's Journal of Banking, New York.
Forum, New York.
Sanitarian, New York.

Globe Quarterly Review, New York. Scribner's Magazine, New York.
Godey's Magazine, New York.
Social Economist, New York.

Beweis des Glaubens, Gütersloh.
Harper's Magazine, New York.
Harvard Law Review.
Theological Magazine, Columbus, Ohio.

Chronik der Christlichen Welt, Leipsic.
Homiletic Review, New York.
To-Day, Philadelphia.

Deutsche Revue, Stuttgart.
Unitarian, Boston.

Evengelische Blatter, Bethlehem.
International Journal of Ethics, Philadel- University Law Review, New York. Gaea, Leipsic.
Werner's Magazine, New York.

Grenzboten, Leipsic.
Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease,

Militär-Wochenblatt, Berlin.

Nation, Berlin. Journal of the Franklin Institute, Philadel


Preussische Jahrbücher, Berlin.

Stein der Weisen, Vienna.
Keynote, New York.
Ladies' Home Journal, Philadelphia.
Banker's Magazine, London.

Zukunft, Berlin.
Leslie's Popular Monthly, New York.

Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine.
Lippincott's Magazine, Philadelphia.

Canadian Druggist, Toronto.
Canadian Methodist Review, Toronto,

Chambers's Journal, London.
Contemporary Review, London.

Korean Repository, Seoul.
Edinburgh Review.

Journal of the Maha-Bodhi Society, Cal-
Fortnightly Review, London.



New York.


Looker-On, New York.
Lotus, Kansas City.
Lutheran Quarterly, Gettysburg.
Meehan's slonthly, Philadelphia.

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