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here, having learned to take a broader and a happier view of our relations and the possibilities of our two peoples than I had before; and I end as I began, by thanking the Lord Mayor for his boundless hospitality and for giving us this splendid occasion for the interchange of friendly sentiments between two great and friendly peoples.



Address at the unveiling of the Harvard Memorial Windoro presented

by Mr. Choate to the Dean and Chapter of St. Saviour's Church (Southwark Cathedral), May 23d, 1905.

MY Lord Bishop,
I may be permitted to state

in a few words my object and purpose in presenting the window to the Cathedral. I desired to signalize my long residence in London by an appropriate gift which should be in itself emblematical of the deepseated and abiding relations of friendship which happily unite our two countries. As a loyal son of Harvard, I thought that nothing

Ι could be more fitting than a permanent memorial here of the principal founder of Harvard University. John Harvard was born in this ancient borough, close by the end of London Bridge, and baptized in this venerable church in 1607, almost three centuries ago. Educated at Emmanuel College in Cambridge, where he spent eight years, during at least four of which Milton was at Christ's, he and Milton received substantially the same nurture and discipline, and must often have been thrown together. At any rate, he imbibed something of the same spirit as Milton, for his contemporaries speak of him as a scholar and pious in his life. Seeking larger freedom of thought than could be found in the London of that

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