Public and Local Acts of the Legislature of the State of Michigan

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W. S. George, 1885
Includes regular, special, adjourned and extra sessions

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Page 124 - owned by him for as many persons as there may be directors to be elected; or to cumulate said shares, and give one candidate as many votes as will equal the number of directors multiplied by the number of shares of his stock; or to distribute them on the same principle among as many candidates as he shall think fit.
Page 140 - of the foregoing section, by denying to any citizen, except for reasons applicable alike to all citizens of every race and. color, and regardless of color or race, the full accommodations, advantages, facilities, or privileges in said section enumerated or by aiding or inciting such denial, shall for every such .offense be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor, and
Page 46 - SEC. 5. Every person, who shall employ any female, in any factory, warehouse, workshop, store, or hotel shall provide suitable seats for the use of the females so employed, and shall permit the use of such seats by them, when they are not necessarily engaged in the active duties for which they are employed. Penalty for
Page 264 - produced from pure unadulterated milk, or cream of the same, or shall .sell or offer for sale the same as an article of food. Whoever violates the provisions of this section shall be guilty of a misdemeanor, and be punished by a fine of not
Page 43 - notice shall be levied and collected in like manner with other general taxes of said village or township, and shall be known as the "library fund;" and when such free public library shall have been established, and a board of directors elected and qualified, as hereinafter provided, it shall be the duty of such board of directors,
Page 222 - and qualification. In case of vacancy in the office of clerk or assistant clerk of the police court, the same shall be filled by appointment in like manner as above provided, and the person appointed to fill such vacancy shall hold office for the remainder of
Page 212 - person injured for the full amount of the injury, and if such failure is willful he shall be guilty of a misdemeanor, and shall, on conviction thereof, be punished by imprisonment in the county jail not more than six months, or by fine not more than three hundred dollars.
Page 264 - fine of not less than two hundred nor more than five hundred dollars, or not less than six months' or more than one year's imprisonment, or both such fine and imprisonment, for the first offense, and by imprisonment for one year for each subsequent offense.
Page 352 - shall be capable to sue and be sued, plead and be impleaded, answer and be answered unto, appear and prosecute to final judgment in any court or elsewhere, to have a common seal and to alter the same at pleasure; to elect, in such manner as they shall determine, all necessary officers; to fix their
Page 101 - shall be punished by imprisonment in State prison, not more than one year, or by fine of not more than five hundred dollars or imprisonment in the county jail not more than twelve months. Approved May

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