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The author has carefully revised the Second Edition of this work. He has added a Table of Contents, which will facilitate reference. He has also given in full, at the beginning of each Exposition, the passage of Scripture to which it refers. He trusts that these may be found valuable additions, and he commends the volume anew to the care of the great Head of the Church, with the earnest prayer, that He may continue to use it “to the praise of the glory of his grace."

March, 1850.



AFTER the death of Mr. Drummond, a wish was expressed by many friends to have a third edition of his “ Expositions on the Last Scenes in the Life of our Lord.” It was thought that if published along with a Memoir of his life it would be doubly acceptable, and this volume is therefore issued, with the hope that it may gratify these friends, and serve to keep alive the remembrance of one who was highly honoured as a clergyman and loved as a friend.

February, 1878.

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