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vitality-the resisting force—the foundation of not believe that the drug would have proall his efforts. For this we give tonics, for longed life in his case. I never look for lung this we keep our patients out of doors, for this troubles in opium patients. we urge the consumption of the largest possible Clinton, N. Y. George H. De Nike. amount of good foods, etc. Every effect of opium, whether in large or small doses, is

Home Treatment of the Opium Habit. squarely contrary to what we want in tuberculosis.

Editor MEDICAL WORLD :-Referring to the Rationally, then, we would expect the use of morphin habit, page 517, November WORLD, opium to increase the susceptibility to tubercu- while agreeing with the Editor's comments on losis, and to hasten the disease in those already advertised home cures, I beg leave to differ having it. My own experience, which has most decidedly on the practicability and effibeen large among consumptivs, accords with ciency of scientific treatment by the physician this rational conclusion. Consumptivs not in

at home, without any discomfort to the patient. frequently become opium habitues, by reason

It is only necessary for the patient to follow of an opiate given in a cough syrup, or to ease

the doctor's directions, and for both patient a pleurisy or some other form of pain or dis

and doctor to have patience, and be particular comfort. Invariably the patient is made worse

in detail and continue the necessary time reby the continued use of opium. Opium masks quired, which varies with different patients. the symptoms while the degenerativ changes go

The principles of treatment are, to give on with increasing rapidity.

good hygienic and tonic treatment to build up If, then, the effect of the continued use of the nervous system, and at the same time, opium upon the one who already has consump

while giving the regular number of doses at tion is so bad, we may reasonably suppose that

the usual time, reduce each one by an amount the habitual use of opium would predispose to

so small that it will not be missed in its effect, tuberculosis. Here my experience is not ex

continuing the gradual reduction until none is tensiv, yet I have known two morphin habitues required. This may be done in powders by to contract consumption. With my limited dividing them for the patient, but is best done experience with opium users, this is a large in solution. Ascertain the amount taken, then proportion to die of consumption, and it pre

make a solution to last four or five days, the pared me to believe the statement of one

first one full strength in order to gain the with so large an experience as Dr. Crothers, patient's confidence in the efficacy of the that “all opium eaters die of consumption, drug in liquid form, then reduce the strength pneumonia, or some affection of the liver or

of the dose in each new bottle-full prepared, kidneys." L. P. BARBOUR, M.D.

by the fractional part of a grain, that will not Boulder, Col., December 5, 1903.

be missed or noticed. As the amount of drug

gets small a few drops of nux vomica can be Editor MEDICAL WORLD:- The only case

added to keep up the bitter taste if desired. of consumption in two hundred patients with perhaps a few drops of nux, and the

The patient will soon be taking clear water treated for the opium habit was sent by a

doctor can tell him to fill it at the pump. physician last winter. He was single, Ameri

Holland, N. Y.

C. A. BUTTON. can, English parentage, age 39, fair complexion, very thin ; was using from twenty to thirty grains of morphin daily, hypodermic.

Hyoscin in Drug Addiction. ally. Had been in the habit about six years. Editor MEDICAL WORLD:- Treatment for I felt that he was in the last stage of the drug drug addiction with ext. ergot (Dec. WORLD, habit and would live only a short time unless page 534) may be all right. I've never tried the drug was removed. I began treatment, it; but I have treated something over one and in a few days took the drug away. He hundred cases (some who took 90 to 100 grs. came thru it nicely. Only then did I dis- of morphin and 30 to 40 grs. of cocain per cover his real condition. I continued treat day) with hyoscin hydrobromate. I have them ment, and sent him home at the end of four curea satisfactorily and ready to return home weeks apparently as strong as when he came. in from 7 to 8 days. I have never had any He died in six months.

bad effects from its use yet, and have never My experience has been that morphin pa- failed to cure a case.

Í take them as they tients, even in the last stage of the habit, are come, old or young. Just discharged a patient free from disease, unless it may be organic who had been “on the drug.” 30 years ; 57 heart trouble, and that, I think, existed be- years old ; he was with me only 8 days. Have fore the habit was contracted. I think in the had them 70 years old. I take them right off above case the phthisis was contracted some the drug at once. That big scare you read years after the drug habit was formed. I do about hyoscin treatment in drug addiction

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I oc


being dangerous, I have found by actual ex

RECIPE. perience with the drug that it is all bosh. I FOR THE SPEEDY AND PERMANENT CURE of Con never confine my patients. At no time while

sumption, Asthma, Catarrh, Bronchitis, and all

Throat' and Lung Affections; also a posi. under treatment do I prevent them from get

tive, specific and Radical cure for Neri'. ting up from bed and walking about the build

ous Debility, and all Nervous

derangements and disorder, ing. I have been treating drug addiction for

Extract Asiatic Cannabis Sativa,

Two Ounces. six years with hyoscin, without a single failure Extract Asiatic Halish Sativa,

Three Ounces. or bad luck. I think the trouble with those Verbena Hastata,

Two Drachms. who have had trouble with the treatment was

Extract Diasma,

Three Drachms. Pulv. Chinchona Bark,

Two Ounces. that they gave too much of the hyoscin at one Ext. Cashgar Leaves, (Blood Root,) Three Ounces. time. I give a purgativ at once, and when


One Drachm. Loaf Sugar,

One Pound. the patient holds out as long as he can con- Rum or Gin,

Half Pint. veniently without his “dose," I commence Cold Water,

One Pint. with the hyoscin hypodermically, about to gr.,

To prepare the above Prescription properly, all the and keep the patient slightly under its in

extracts and powdered roots, barks and herds should

be thoroughly compounded and well mixed together, fluence for 24 hours, and the work is done. I

and placed in a bottle holding at least three pints; never send them home taking a tonic.

then pour into the bottle one-half pint of warm water, casionally have one to return for his second

and shake it up well until the whole mass becomes

thoroughly mixed. Let it stand about ten minutes, treatment, but he is always ready to come with then add another pint of water with a pound of sugar his fifty dollars, and acknowledges that it was

dissolved in it, after which add one-half pint of Rum or his fault.

Holland Gin.' Shake the bottle well again, and when W. S. ROBINSON, M.D. cold you have a beautiful syrup ready for use. Dose Frostville, Ark.

-One large tablespoonful four times a day-one before each meal, and one on going to bed-a beneficial effect

will be perceptible after taking the first dose, and it The Treatment of Tubercular Diarrhea. rarely takes more than two boxes to make a perfect Editor MEDICAL WORLD:-I notice in the

Kirby, Ala.

J. F. PINKERTON. October issue of your journal a well written article by Dr. Louis F. High, of Pineshire

[This is an example of the many quack Sanitarium, Southern Pines, N. C., in which

“cures" concerning which such wild claims he refers to iodomuth as

are made. The “recipe” is printed on a

more generally satisfactory than any single drug, but that it

piece of paper about the size of a bank draft,

with a neat border around it. The above is an "causes distress after eating, about the third day of its administration."


exact copy, without changing a letter or comma. permission, I would like to state that I have

Don't blame our proof reader for the errors, for used this chemical very extensivly during the

we directed that it be printed exactly', errors

and all.-ED.] past three years as a healing agent, and that I have given it in doses of ninety grains for

Salmagundi.-Pneumonia, Etc. tubercular diarrhea, and in twenty to thirty

Editor MEDICAL WORLD:- I have taken the grain doses for dysentery with more general word “Salmagundi” to mean what Washingsatisfaction than any single drug" that I ever used before my acquaintance with this one,

ton Irving meant by it: “Not to confine him

self to any one tale." You ask what to do in but I have to say in regard to the appetite and the stomach, that I have never noticed any

pneumonia. I can in part agree with all the disturbance whatever. In fact I have often

contributors on this subject in your December given it for indigestion with the happiest

issue. As I am one of the “old ones," I fully results, I can fully endorse what Dr. Karl von

concur in what Dr. A. K. Van Horne says in Ruck has said, that I have saved several lives regard to "fly” Blisters (big B). I graduated

at Jefferson College in 1866-1867, and had a with it that I otherwise would have lost." Philadelphia.

very large practise to attend to for twentyJohn H. LOCK, M.D.

eight years—when others came to my helf.

Now brother M.D.'s, we will say that a man An Alleged Consumption Cure.

is taken with a severe chill twenty-four hours Editor MEDICAL WORLD :-You will find before you see him ; face flusht, scared look on inclosed a formula for consumption that was his face, severe pain in side or breast or poscirculated in my locality before I began prac- sibly back, and in a day or two rust colored tising medicin. It was sold at $10.00 each, with sputa-or in other words, a clear and unmisthe request not to let any physician get it or takable case of pneumonia. What is best to know of it in any way. The way I came in do? Well, if a robust, healthy fellow (before possession of it was as follows: My father was this attack of course), I should take my scarivery low with consumption, and some one gave ficator and scarify right over the seat of the it to him, but it was not used. After his death pain and then apply cupping glasses until I I was not able to find the owner.

would bleed him two to six ounces, or until he

With your

Ask any

can breathe without pain. If the wet cups do and I counted in his medicin case 260 bottles, not relieve him of pain, then dry cup as near all different pills, granules, tablets, pillets as possible to the seat of pain; and do not be well everything, it would seem that anyone afraid to use the dry cups. If the pain is re- could wish for, and really out of the whole lot lieved (and it will be in nine out of ten cases), you could not have picktout a dozen then give him five grains of calomel, ten grains “things that you could positivly say that of Dover's powder and follow in ten to twelve their effect is so and so. He talkt


learnhours with a tablespoonful of epsom salts. edly about his special medicins, made from

See him again in twenty-four hours, and if better material, etc. Did I buy? No: I had pain has returned, do the same thing again; just been supplied. and if that does not relieve pain, then apply Yes, as one of your writers says, it is dead your Spanish-fly blister ; let it remain on, right easy for an old country M.D. to dispense over the seat of pain from two to four hours, powders, etc., and “guess" at it; no, not a or until you notice the skin becoming red; guess, for practise makes one almost perfect. then remove and apply a starch poultice to As to quinin, calomel, rhubarb, etc., it is draw out the serum. Often, yes very often, very, very easy to dose out 78 to i grain, or you can abort a case of pneumonia. If patient five or ten grains. should not be relieved quickly, I then use Well, as to all this antiseptic foolishness, is mur. ammonia, sweet spts. of nitre, verat. it right? Yes, it is absolutely essential in all viride, strychnin, the expectorants, and espe- cases to be clean; but you can get clean, and cially if cough is distressing a soothing cough that is the end of it; cleaner is not it. Forty mixture. You and some of your readers may years ago, I doubt whether there was 72 dozen think I am an “old fogy." I may be, but in syringes in the county, except the great big this latitude it suits to a T.

pewter “ squirt guns” that were about as big I have become very much interested in the as your arm and rarely used. Then women controversy between the allopaths and homeos. had their babies and never thought of being I am an allopath, but I use any and all bathed under six to nine days. It was not things that will help my patients. For fevers right, and I must confess that the odor in the there is nothing better than tr. aconite in room was fearful ; but there was not half as 46 to 1 drop doses, given every fifteen to many child bed fever cases as now. thirty minutes, or possibly one hour apart, old M.D. that practised before or during the when I give only one drop.

late “unpleasantness between the states," and As to dyspepsia, I have used everything that he will tell you that what I have said is the the books and my medical brothers would sug- truth. I make my patients (baby cases) keep gest, and yet the only rational treatment is themselves clean, and as to feeding, I say to almost starving. After say twenty to thirty all of them that it is perfectly natural to have days on crackers (one cracker at a meal, 272 children, and that all I require of them is not or 3 inches square) and a cup of hot water. to overload nor underload their stomachs. Then begin to feed judiciously and you cure


readers have cases of erysipyour case. Try it, brother M.D.'s.

elas, just let them envelop the affected parts I would like to know why it is that so many in a starch poultice until the redness all physicians are so afraid of fever. Why my leaves, which will be usually from twenty four dear sirs, it is, as you know, only symptomatic. to forty-eight hours, and then gently paint Watch what nature is doing ; if she is doing with mild tr. iodin, going over the surface too much, restrain her kindly; if she is not quickly and then cover with cotton wool, doing enuf, give her a lift and push her along. absorbent cotton, or anything that will effectuBut for the patient's sake, don't try to take ally exclude the air. When dressing, close the case out of nature's hands by dosing too every door and window and dress quickly. much. Again, be certain of your remedy; if Try it and see what little trouble you will you do not see good results as soon as you ex- have.

J. R. Smith. pect, kindly and quietly “rest on your oars" Stoneville, N. C. and watch the case; do not crowd one remedy P. S.-Since writing the above I have had a on top of another, for then you will not know case of pneumonia and used the scarificator what did assist in the cure. I say assist and cupping, drew about three ounces blood, advisedly, for that is really all we can do, and before the cup was removed the man said, assist old Mother Nature; she does the rest. “ doctor, I can now draw a long breath; some

I try very hard to keep up with all progress thing I have not been able to do since three made in medicin, and some of the newer reme- nights ago when I had a severe chill." This dies are O.K.; but the majority-good Lord patient had all of the symptoms of pneumonia, deliver us! A traveling salesman from a very including rust colored, or brick dust sputa. I large city was in my office a week or so ago, saw him again today; no return of the pain,

If any


but some cough; wishes to sit up, but I

The Fly Blister in Pneumonia. ordered him to keep his bed.

Editor MEDICAL WORLD:- I was interested For all grip cases (it is epidemic here), I in reading the articles on pneumonia in Demake them stay in bed from three to six days, cember WORLD, especially the one by Dr. Van according to the severity of the case, and give Horne, as it fully corroborates my views and them tr. aconite, drop doses every one or two experience in the use and utility of the fly hours, and also keep the secretory organs at

blister in that disease. I am an old practician, work and the thing is done.

J. R. S.

and if experience amounts to anything I should

have it. I desire to emphasize his remarks, Remarks on Pneumonia by an Eclectic.

where he says: “I know that a fly blister

rightly applied, has been the determining Dear MEDICAL WORLD:-Your remarks re

cause that enabled many to recover from pneugarding the little patient of Dr. A. K. Van

monia." From my experience in hundreds of Horne, page 550, December WORLD, have

cases, I feel assured that the Doctor is right. aroused my ire. You say the patient didn't

For four years after commencing practise, have pneumonia, but an acute congestion. owing to the bad results I had seen in the use When I attended college, pneumonia was of blisters, I eschewed them and used mustard, described as consisting of three stages : Acute

wet and dry cupping, fomentations, etc. The congestion, red hepatization, and gray hepati- results were not satisfactory. Then, as zation. Wouldn't that cover the case ?

dernier ressort, and with some misgiving, I reNow as to the cause for the increast death- sorted to blisters, by the then new method of rate, my notion is that it is the result of the leaving the skin intact, which corresponds in present day teachings in the colleges of the the main with Dr. Van Horne's method. The dominant school. The authorities (?) and results were usually most gratifying, and my therapeutic nihilists (usually the same) drill patients would recover so quickly that I freinto the students that pneumonia is a germ- quently lost the opportunity of making a large caused, self-limited disease, that can't be

bill. influenced by medicin. What can you expect The old method of blistering was barbarous, the poor boys to do but sit idly by and let the

and it is no wonder that the people and even disease take its course? Certainly they will doctors were disgusted with it. Hence its emhave to give some medicin to quiet the fears ployment fell into disuse. of the patient and his friends, and offer an

My method is this: Having ascertained by excuse for his bill. If the patient gets well, careful percussion and auscultation the exact good doctor ; and if the patient dies, “the

spot to apply the blister, I proceed as follows: Lord giveth, the Lord taketh away. Blessed Cut a piece of heavy muslin the size desired, be the Lord.”

spread it with a properly made cantharides Any eclectic or alkalometrist (eclectic regu

cerate (the prepared plaster is usually too stiff lar) that doesn't abort or cure every case of to lie flat on the surface), then apply the blispneumonia in from thirty-six to seventy-two

ter over the affected part, and over it a comhours should study his drugs more carefully.

press of several plies of soft muslin or cotton However, no one would expect them to have

batting, and secure by a bandage or adhesiv such results in a moribund case that had been

straps. Bathing the part with vinegar before dosed with opium.

applying the plaster is an old but a good idea. I would suggest to any regular that is losing, Let it remain on a child from one to one and or even allowing his cases to run seven to four- a half hours, on an adult from two to three and teen days, that he procure the literature of the

a half hours, as required, to cause burning and above and study their indications for aconite,

redness of the skin, as from a mustard plaster. veratrum, belladonna, gelsemium, bryonia, It should be noted, that a blister takes effect sanguinaria, calomel, podophyllin, epsom on children and thin-skinned persons more salts and the sulfocarbolates.

quickly than on adults with thick skins. ThereLouisville, Ky. J. C. MITCHELL, M.D.

fore the nurse should be instructed on these [We see nothing to modify in our remarks points, and when reacht, to remove the plasreferred to above. Would you

every acute

ter and apply a poultice, previously prepared, and temporary congestion of the lung pneu- of bread and milk, with oil or lard over it to monia? We would not.-ED.]

prevent sticking when removed. Over this apply the pad and bandage. Let it remain

four hours, then remove it and open the blebs Lactic acid results from the fermentation of milk sugar or lactose, and it is becoming more probable as

carefully, with a needle or small knife blade. investigations proceed, that rheumatism is caused by Don't break the skin or you will “spoil the lactic acid; therefore, do not put the rheumatic case on a milk diet and do not commend milk in those of a

job.” In this manner apply and remove three rheumatic or gouty diathesis.

or four poultices, opening the blebs after each removal. Then apply a cloth smeared with ually faded away. Iexpectorated a little blood cerate or castor oil, changing them three or for about thirty six hours, but no cough folfour times in twenty-four hours, and in three or lowed. The congestion passed off by resofour days the blistered surface will be well. In lution. double pneumonia, congestion of one lung A most impɔrtant factor in the treatment of may precede the other several hours or even pneumonia as in all congestions is, to equalize days, in which case I blister them in succession the circulation. Fomentations should not be as required. If the business has been properly employed, except in the early congestiv stage, done, there will be no slufing or ulcerating as they are liable to cause mucous engorgement, surface as in the old way, nor does it cause as shut off the ingress of air, and the patient will much pain as a mustard plaster.

die of suffocation. In pneumonia many die of Now, permit me to explain the theory of the socalled heart failure, and why? simply beaction of the blister and why it is of more cause stasis blocks the blood current. Theu therapeutic value than any other counter irri- what should be done? Relieve the congestion tation. It is a method of local depletion, bet- and thereby prevent stasis; the circulation ter than the abstraction of blood. By this will become normal and the heart will be remethod we secure the discharge of serum (the lieved of its burden. I make it a point to apwatery part of the blood) from the part, and ply a blister as early as I can locate the conthe congestion is relieved somewhat in propor- gestiv area. tion to the amount of exudate. This is the Recently cold applications, even ice packs, way by which the blister relieves any conges- are being used by some physicians and in some tion. Please note the difference between of the hospitals. They surely retard resolution counter irritation and vesication ; by the one and prolong the disease. I cannot see how we secure no discharge of serum, by the other they can benefit a pneumonia case, but they we do.

may enable the doctor to make several more The Editor in his remarks, speaks of one of visits. Dr. Van Horne's cases as being “acute con- It is a sad commentary on the profession gestion that might have led to pneumonia.” that so little progress has been made in the Why bless you, my dear Editor, is not conges- treatment of pneumonia and kindred affections, tion the first stage of pneumonia ? and is it when we have so many remedies at our comnot a fact, that about fifty percent of the mand, by the use of which they should be deaths from pneumonia occur in the congestiv cured. Rather than trust my life in the hands stage?

of some doctors and hospitals I know of, I In regard to the internal medication, the use would if I could, submit my case to some old of “belladonna, bryonia, arnica, aconite ace- fashioned lady, skilled in the use of “ root and tanilid and gelsemium as indicated,” recom- yarb" teas and applications, such as her mended by Dr. Lum, I find no fault, but in * mother made." passing would say, veratrum viride in this dis- Did space allow, I could relate many inease, given in one to three drop doses every stances, in illustration of the curativ results of hour, until slight nausea is produced, if there blisters in pneumonia, pleurisy, basilar brain be high arterial tension, high temperature and troubles, etc. bounding pulse, will reduce temperature and Franklin, Pa.

J. R. BORLAND. fever, more readily and permanently than any- [Please read Dr. Van Horne's article (p. 549, thing else. It is the king of sedativs !

December WORLD) and our comments followAs an expectorant, if one is needed, I pre- ing again. He “prescribed the usual remedies fer powdered ipecac, sanguinaria and lobelia, at 10 a. m.,” called again and applied blister equal parts. Add a teaspoonful to a teacup of between 5 and 6 p. m. of the same day, and hot water, sweeten and add a dessertspoonful returned at 10 the same night and received the of vinegar. Dose half to one teaspoonful “cheerful greeting" that "Eddie is getting every two or three hours as needed to keep the well," and that practically ended the case. cough loose.

Do you call that a case of pneumonia? We Antiphlogistine has been highly lauded in emphatically do not. As we said, we have lung troubles. I had an attack of pleuro- dissipated such acute congestions in children in pneumonia over a year ago, had a poultice of from 4 to 24 hours by simply wrapping the it applied in the evening and remain till next chest in cotton or carded wool and covering morning. No result. Then had mustard ap- with oiled silk. These cases are not pneuplied, which gave a little relief. At noon had monia. While a student, the writer was assista blister applied. In two hours and twenty- ing temporarily in a hospital. One cold night five minutes it was removed and a poultice ap- we were aroused by a cry of fire. We jumpt plied. In three hours from the application of up, rusht out in the cold, and gave directions the plaster the severe pain was gone ; it grad to the help until the flames were extinguisht.

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