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ington, Ind.

Why not study French or German when you can

farming business, slight opposition, rich

$3000 do it so easily and pleasantly as the phonograph now

country. plenty of work, 98 per cent, gocd makes possible. See adv. on page 13.

pay. No better country, location.W.A. Webster, N. 4th St.,

Zanesville, Ohio. One thing that the careful physician will appreciate $2500 ,

given to purchaser of my nine-room residence in the Freligh remedies is that the formula and the dose and office; price, with thorough introduction, $1,200. Part cash, is given in the advertisement. This is always a balance on time. Address Dr. E. D. Moore, Moorefield, Ohio. good sign ; and it is a sign that physicians would do well to demand before using a remedy. We will not

OR SALE-Practise paying over $1,600 per year and property R

costing $1 650, for $1,450. Town of 400. Northwestern Ohio; say that they should demand that the formula be in rich farming community; pike roads; no hills; railroad; easy the advertisements, but it should at least be supplied

terms. Address "K,” care of MEDICAL WORLD. on the bottles or packages, or in some other way to

, physicians before they give the remedy to their posed practise, for $450. Will give time on part. Big snap. patients. The Woodruff Co. takes the plan of giving

F. Yonkers, M. D., Woodville, Michigan. them

right at the start-in the advertisement; and it WANTvana, Ohio Of New Jersey preferred. Will buy stock of is a very satisfactory plan for the physician. See adv.

drugs, etc., if location suits. Give price and describe fully. Adon page 3

dress "Doctor," Quakake, Pa. What a numerous and troublesome class of cases FOR :

About 40 acres of land, good house, cffice, stable, etc., at a are the "digestiv” cases. They give the physician

bargain. Address, with stamp, "Dr. M." R. F. D. 6, Columbus, almost as much trouble as the patient. If your present Indiana. treatment of these cases is not entirely satisfactory to yourself or to your patients, why not give Ingluvin a

FOR SALE-Physician's residence, small drug store and buildFO

ing, in town of 450; in best part of central Mlinois. Splendid trial? See adv. on page 7.

chance for good man. Good reasons for selling. Address Dr. E.

N. Wheeler, Latham, III.
BILLINGSLEY, ALA., September 24, 1901.
The last Brace bought of you was for a lady suffer:

lot; house, office and barn, $2,600. Pop. 1,300. Central ing from retroversion of the womb, of which it cured

Ohio. Particulars by mail. Reason, ill. health. Address “G,"

care of MEDICAL WORLD. her. She gained 25 pounds in two months. Would that I could enlist more physicians to use your Brace.


hotel. No competition. I came a "lunger;" am well.

Snap. Dr. Hamilton, Howard, Colo. Concerning the Natural Body Brace, see adv. on page 4.

FOR SALE-Unopposed practise, with or without property. FO

Indiana. Cheap if taken at once. "J,” care of MEDICAL

WORLD. The minutely detailed treatment of pneumonia given in Dr. Abbott's advertisement this

month will rallread appointments. Besdoubt in Territory : growing interest all. Dr. Abbott is well known to all of our

town of 1,000; collections, 95 percent. Bargain fide opening, any readers, as the great champion of alkalometry, and school. Moving to city. “Oklahoma,” care of MEDICAL WORLD. what he has to say concerning pneumonia will be

ANTED-Location or partnership June 15. First class. found interesting. See page 15.

. . , The Whirling Spray of the Marvel Syringe will appeal to our readers. The Marvel Co. present this

$1300 -two

land. Town 600; black prairie land. Collecsyringe as one that will fully extend the folds of the tions good. Bargain. Address, Box 94 Hutto, 'I exas. vagina, washing every part thoroughly, and in such a | ( way that it cannot be injurious. The lack of danger is real estate), no matter where i is or what it is worth. Send

If not accomplisht by lack of water, but by the direction

full particulars, including your best cash price, and learn how.

you want to buy a practise anywhere, state your requirements. and manner in which it is emitted from the syringe.

W.M. Ostrander, 310 North American Bldg., Philadelphia. See adv. on page 5.

A taB. c.

NY regalar, energetic practician can learn of a first-class George F. Roehrig, M.D., Denver, Colo., April 5,

Delivery, Canton, O. 1898: Pabst Malt Extract is by no means new to me. I have used it for years, in such cases of general F FOR SALE-Allopathic physician's practise (about $2,500) in

Pittsburg, Pa. "Old stand. Will sell drugs, instruments, etc., debility and denutrition, where a reconstructiv agent at invoice (about $700), convey three years' lease and introduce was indicated, and invariably with success.

successor. Address H., 7302 Race St., Pittsburg, Pa. Need a new set of harness, Doctor? Well, if not FOR BO

property. New England. Address B. C. L., care of M&DICAL just now, you may soon, and so you would better send

WORLD. now for the King Harness Co.'s catalog. See adv. WANTEPOTTO hitty miles of large city preferred); in page 19.

town of not less than 500. Good roads, telephones, Tailroad. Live, The following is reported to us : “In a case of typhoid established, regular practise, not less than $2,000 yearly. Address fever where the patient could not tolerate a single Dr. L. S. Hennen, Rcsbys Rock, W. Va. ounce of milk, Trophonine was used wit markt success. Practically no tympanites developt during the Pennsylvania. For description and particulars, address Box course of the disease. I regarded the extreme distaste

804, Hugbesville, Pa. for milk as a calamity, and was forced to use Tro- FOR phonine exclusivly, but after it had demonstrated its

Anderson county, for price of doctor's residence. Price, $800. value the “calamity” turned out to be a blessing. I

Address Dr. Bradford, Ovei brook, Kas. have used many kinds of artificial and natural foods, For

FOR SALE-On account of other busir ess interests, I offer for but none of them have, in my experience, given the

sale my large practise and beautiful home in a south Misscuri

county seat of 3,400 inhabitants. Fine prairie country, well settled markt success of Trophonine.” Trophonine is made

by eastern and northern people. Lovely climate. A spap for a by Reed & Carnrick, Jersey City, N. J.

gond man with some money. Address "M" care of MEDICAL (Continued over next page.)

WORLD. $1800 Eary country practise to purchaser of $176 worth FOR SALE $250; horse, carriage, harpess: çffice furniture,


drugs. Large territory. Address S, care Ralph M. Merrill, Dr. A. H. Sissa kian, Nicbrara, Neb.

M.D. Lincoln, Neb. GoProperty. 3600. Might rent. OOD village practise, central Ohio, given to purchaser of $2000 practise free to purchaser of my ten-room brick Box 8. Jellowav. Obio.


$2.000. “L," care f MEDICAL WORLD. $1800 , Practise in central Illinois town of 1,600, to pur

|NVESTIGATE this-drugs, furniture and $1,200 unopposed cash. Will sell or rent house worth $3,000; small cash payment, practise in western Illinois for $200. Will introduce purchaser. long time if desired. O, care of MEDICAL WORLD.

Address Illinois, care of MEDICAL WORLD.

Circulation : March, 1904, 35,419.


The knowledge that a man can use is the only real knowledge; the only knowledge that has life and growth in it and converts itself into practical power. The rest hangs like

dust about the brain, or dries like raindrops of the stones.-FROU DE.

The Medical World

C. F. TAYLOR, M.D., Editor and Publisher

A. L. RUSSELL, M.D., Assistant Editor

securing the general adoption of the suggested amendments IRVING SHEPARD, Secretary."

We feel it a duty to recognize the above tendency, and to adopt it in a reasonable degree. We are also disposed to add enut (enough) to the above list, and to conservativly adopt the following rule recommended by the American Philological Association :

Drop final "e" in such words as “ definite," " infinite," “ favorite," etc., when the preceding vowel is short. Thus, spell . opposit, ," "preterit," "hypocrit," " requisit," etc. When the preceding vowel is long, as in “polite," "finite," ** unite," etc., retain present forms unchanged. We simply wish to do our duty in aiding to simplify and ratiosalize our universal instrument-language.

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our patrons remit in a safe way, such as by postal money order, express order, check, draft, or registered mail. Currency sent by ordinary mail usually reaches its destination safely, but

money so sent must be at the risk of the sender. We cannot always supply back numbers. Should a number fail to

reach a subscriber, we will supply another, if notified before

the end of the month. Nority us promptly of any change of address, mentioning both old

and new addresses. If you want your subscription stopt at expiration of the time paid

for, kindly notify us, as in the absence of such notice we will understand that it is the subscriber's pleasure that the subscrip

tion be continued, and we will act accurdingly. Pay no money to agents unless publisher's receipt is given. ADDRESS ALL COMMUNICATIONS TO

"THE MEDICAL WORLD" 1520 Chestnut Street


Philadelphia, Pa.


APRIL, 1904.

No. 4

Language is a growth rather than a creation. The growth of our vocabulary is seen in the vast increase in the size of our dictionaries during the past century. This growth is not only in amount, but among other elements of growth the written forms of words are becoming simpler and more uniform. For example, compare Eng: lish spelling of a centnry or iwo centuries ago with that of to-day! It is our duty to encourage and advance the movement toward simple, uniform and rational spelling. See the recommendations of the Philological Society of London, and of the American Philo. logical Association, and list of amended spellings, publish in the Century Dictionary (following

the letter 2) and also in the Standard Dictionary, Webster's Dictionary, and other authoritativ works on language. The tendency is to drop silent letters in some of the most flagrant instances, as ugh from though, etc., change ed tot in most places where so pronounced (where it does not affect the preceding sound), etc.

The National Educational Association, consisting of ten thousand teachers, recommends the following:

"At a meeting of the Board of Directors of the National Educational Association held in Washington, D. C., July 7, 1898, the action of the Department of Superintendence was approved, and the list of words with simplified spelling adopted for use in all pub. lications of the National Educational Association as follows: tho (though);

program (programme); altho (although);

catalog (catalogue); thoro (thorough):

prolog (prologue); thorofare (thoroughfare); decalog (decalogue); thru (through):

demagog (demagogue); thruout (throughout);

pedagog (pedagogue). " You are invited to extend notice of this action and to join in

“. Buy September Wheat.” Are doctors such inveterate speculators ? If not, why do so many circulars and circular letters continue to come to me, and presumably to all other doctors? I thought I had the speculation fever about killed out among the doctors. I certainly stopt a great deal of it; but after being whipt out, its policy is to “bob up serenely” after lying quiet for awhile, as tho nothing had happened. Here comes communication from a Chicago firm headed “Speculation in Farm Products now Popular." “Buy September Wheat." Do they think that if a Philadelphia do wanted to speculate he would send all the way to Chicago to do it? I have received such communications from St. Louis, also, and I suppose the whole list of doctors in Philadelphia got the same. Does this indicate that doctors do such ridiculous things as to send their money half way across the continent for a firm of entire strangers to speculate with? If they do, do they ever expect to see their money again ? I was talking the other night with a fire insurance man of large and wide experience, who comes into contact largely with the drug trade and to some extent with doctors. He said that doctors are all right in their own profession, but outside of it, particularly in business, "they don't know a thing." I referred to the ease with which they can be induced to invest in visionary schemes. “Yes," he said, “one can sell them a gold brick any time if they happen to have the money."

But going back to wheat: I have a very dear friend (not a doctor) who had saved a pretty snug little sum by some years of industry and thrift. A time came when all his accumulations were in cash ; and then the tempter


How easy to put a large part of his by the vendors of proprietaries under fanciful money into wheat margins and see it grow names. That sterling firm, Wm. R. Warner from day to day. He did it, and it grew, and & Co., of this city, sent an exceedingly nice he was elated. How easy! How different letter in reply, but markt it strictly not for from hum drum toil from morning till night as publication in this connection, as they “have a retail merchant. He continued. His gains

no antagonisms in connection with manufacwere wiped out. Then his principal was en- turers,'' and reter us to pages 58, 69, 76, and dangered. It, at least, must be saved. Some of 178 in their catalog. They further explain the reserve must be brought forward for that that the prices there given are not intended purpose. But why make the story longer ? for publication ordinarily, because they are His snug little fortune was all swallowed up expected to protect the drug trade. They in the whirlpool of the pit. One who had further add, "However, we would be willing always been sensible, conservativ and thrifty to sell to the profession any of the articles was ruined in a few short weeks or months. indicated at the prices shown in the book, but He had to begin again at the bottom of the would rather prefer not to be taken up too ladder, under much more trying conditions prominently in connection with any controthan the first time, and now after a second versy that might arise." This position is period of years of struggle, he has his head fair, and the spirit admirable. We turned to just above the waves. Think of this when a the pages indicated, and there found a great broker says to you, “Buy September wheat." variety of acetanilid preparations in tablet

form, from simple acetanilid in tablets of from Analgesics at a Reasonable Price. I to 5 grains, to many different formulas of Please see the article entitled “How a Vil- compound acetanilid tablets, tablets either lage Doctor Saves $45 Per Year on One Prep- plain or chocolate coated, and the prices are aration,” and our comments on same in March exceedingly reasonable. We hesitate to men. WORLD, pages 102 and 103. Continuing the tion the prices here on account of not wishing effort to serve the daily interests of the average

to embarrass the firm in any way, but we sugdoctor, and knowing that many would put off gest that you could not do better than to write from time to time the making up of a prepara

for their catalog (Messrs. Wm. R. Warner & tion like this in quantity (many would be too

Co., 639 N. Broad street, Philadelphia), and busy and others would procrastinate), and also after you get it indicate to your druggist what knowing that many like tablets for convenience you wish him to carry in stock for your prein dispensing, and that still others write pre- scriptions, or send an order direct if you are scriptions instead of dispensing, and that they in the habit of supplying medicins directly to would rather prescribe preparations of definitly your patients-country doctors cannot avoid known composition at a moderate price instead doing some of this. of a preparation of secret composition (tho The following excellent reply came from knowing that acetanilid is the chief constitu- Messrs. H. K. Mulford Company, of this city. ent) under a fanciful name at a fancy price,we

Dr. C. F. Taylor, Editor MEDICAL WORLD. sent the following letter to our leading pharma

Dear Doctor :-In reply to your letter of the 3rd ceutical houses :

inst., we have pleasure in forwarding you, under sep. Gentlemen :-We have been publishing the well

arate cover, one of our catalogs. You will note that known fact that for years the physicians of this coun

we list Acetanilid, together with following combina

tions : try and their patients have been paying an extravagant price for acetanilid mixtures under fanciful names,

Acetanilid Comp. No. I, the formula usually emantikamnia, for example, and for combinations of such

ployed for relieving migrain, contains : mixtures with quinin, salol, codein, heroin, etc,, chiefly Acetanilid

grs. in tablet form for convenience in dispensing. We wish Camphor monobrom to know, in order to inform the profession, what you, Caffein cotrated .. as legitimate manufacturing pharmacists, have done and is furnisht to physicians in bottles as follows: to meet the wants of the profession for a safe acetanilid mixture, at a reasonable price. Also, we wish to know

100 . . 200.; 500. • 75C.; 1,000 . . $1.45. what (if any) combinations of the same with quinin Acetanilid Comp. No. 3 contains : and other drugs in daily use you make in tablet or pill


3 grs. form for convenience in dispensing. Please give price

Camphor monobrom.

2 grs. of each to physicians, in ounce Tots, for comparison

Caffein alk.

I gr. with the prices of the proprietary mixtures with fanci

100. .400.; 500 . . $1.75; 1,000. $3.25. ful names. Physicians should have this information, and we propose to give it to them. Please give fuli Acetanilid Comp. No. 4 contains : information, and prices, for publication. Very truly, Acetanilid


Caffein alk. We found to our gratification, upon receiv.

Sodium bicarb..


100. . 220.; 500. . 90c.; 1,000. $1.60. ing the price lists from the various firms, that this want is very well supplied, and that there

Acetanilid and Quinin :

Acetanilid is no excuse for physicians paying, or forcing

2 grs.

Quinin sulf. their patrons to pay, the sancy prices charged


12 gr. 16 gr.

[ocr errors]

1,000. $1.000.


100. 220.;


22 grs. 22 grs.


Acetanilid and Salol :

with it are usually for the purpose of protecting Acetanilid

the heart. In this connection I feel that I am Salol . 100. 350.; 500. $1.50; 1,000. $2.75.

expected to say something about the class of Acetanilid and Soda Comp. No, 2 contains :

remedies to which acetanilid belongs. I will Acetanilid

35 grs.

only briefly outline, for anything like a thoro Soda bicarb.

o gr. discussion would lead to great length. Soda bromid.

to gr. Caffein cotrated

100. . 200.; 500 75C.; 1,000. $1.40. These preparations are offered by us not as substi

About twenty years ago a wonderful coal tar tutes for any preparations that are offered to physi: synthetic chemical was announced that would cians under proprietary names, but as strict pharma

reduce temperature like magic. On account of ceutical preparations, the full quantities of ingredients being as specified on label.“ One hundred tablets this quality it was called antipyrin, and it was practically represent an ounce. Very truly yours, patented under that name. We thought that


we had found the thing with which we could The Upjohn Company, of Kalamazoo, control fever with definit certainty, which Mich., answer as follows:

would give us an undreamed-of power over C. F. Taylor, M.D., Philadelphia, Pa.

disease. The medical press was filled with Dear Doctor :- Replying to your favor of the 3rd inst., will say that we do not manufacture any com

praises of this wonderful drug. But while it binations which we put out as substitutes for the cooled the fever patient, many of them got proprietary preparations, altho we fully realize that cold—and are cold yet-in their graves. The many of them are sold at an extravagant price. We do, however, manufacture several combinations in pill

alarm was sounded, and a rapid retreat was and tablet form which contain the ingredients you made. It would not do to subject the fever mention.

patient to such a risk. The heart depression We are inclosing you one of our price lists in which we list several different acetanilid combinations, some

was too great. in the form of pills, some in uncoated tablets, and Antipyrin was soon followed by other coal some in chocolate coated tablets. Our list prices are subject to a discount of 25 percent, and we make

tar derivativs, but now their power to relieve special net prices on bulk quantities of 5,000 or more. pain was brought into prominence, and they You will note that we have checkt the list and would

became known as analgesics rather than antirefer you to the following pages : 7, 26, 55, 56, 59, 84, 96, 103, 105, 117. Very truly yours,

pyretics, tho they are both. Their use in THE UPJOHN COMPANY. fevers were so condemned on account of the We note that the tablets are cheaper than danger of heart depression in connection with the pills of similar composition. There is a

the non-resistance occasioned by prolonged or wide selection of acetanilid tablets, both

severe illness, that their use as antipyretics was simple and compound, the latter embracing lost sight of; but they could be given with apmany useful combinations at reasonable prices. parent impunity for headache, neuralgia, painMessrs. Parke, Davis & Co., of Detroit,

ful menstruation, etc.,-conditions of a temHenry K. Wampole & Co., and John Wyeth porary nature and in which the heart resistance & Bro., of Philadelphia, reply by referring had not been reduced. So you see the changed us to their catalogs, which they send, and in application, and the reasons therefor. So all of which we find an ample variety of acet

now drugs of this class are known as analgesics. anilid tablets both simple in i to 5 grains, and compound tablets showing many excellent Acetanilid and phenacetin became, and still combinations, at reasonable prices.

are, the most popular of this class. By some

good fortune, acetanilid did not become Do you here find food for thought? The patented, and so we have always had it at a MEDICAL WORLD is publisht in the interest of very low price. For a while it had no special the medical profession. The medical pro

The medical pro- friends, because it was to nobody's special fession is learning the value of THE WORLD, financial advantage to push it; while phenacetin for subscriptions have been pouring in dur- was vigorously pusht for the great profit in it, ing the last two years as

never before. and for awhile “antifebrine,” which was only And we are learning better and better how a copyrighted name for acetanilid, was pusht at to serve the interests of the profession, and about the same price as phenacetin, until the the increast patronage by the profession gives fact just stated was found out. Then arose us more courage than ever before. Let THE “antikamnia-opposed to pain.” By dint of MEDICAL World and the medical profession very skilful advertising and liberal samples, join hands closer than ever before to help each this mixture of acetanilid with some bicarboother, and to find evils and crush them. nate of soda to increase its solubility, and per

So much for acetanilid and combinations of haps some caffein to counteract the depressing acetanilid with other drugs) as an analgesic, or tendency of the acetanilid, got a start. Knowpain reliever. As is well known, acetanilid is ing ones were surprised at this, for it was supa heart depressant, and the drugs combined posed that every one knew that it was a mere









mechanical mixture and not a definit, distinct tions of antikamnia under some fanciful name and individual chemical, and if doctors wanted —an acetanilid mixture. So you see I cannot an acetanilid mixture, why not make it, at one- speak from experience, nor do I desire to. tenth the cost? But antikamnia was persist. However, we cannot deny that drugs of this ently and very skilfully advertised, and to the class have been and still are very popular, fillgreat surprise of many, it continued to prosper. ing a large and perhaps growing place (I rePerhaps one reason was its preparation in tab- gret to say) in the practise of today. lets convenient for dispensing. So in spite of

* the vast difference in price of about 30 cents a pound for acetanilid and $1.00 per ounce for

As those who remember my editorials in the antikamnia, the latter still prospered, mainly last several years know, I have been opposed to thru the medical profession--and perhaps there phenacetin because of the following : It is made are some doctors still so in the dark as to pay,

in Germany and imported from there into this or have their patients pay, the extravagant

and other countries, and the price charged to price for antikamnia, when acetanilid is so

consumers in this country is about three times cheap, and when it is now put up in tablets of that charged to consumers in other countries. various sizes, and numerous combinations of it

For example, it is $i per ounce here, while with other drugs are put up into tablets, by our just over the line into Canada it can be bought leading pharmaceutical manufacturing houses,

for about 35 cents an ounce. And the differat right prices.

ence is not in the tariff; our tariff would make a

little difference, but very little. Our patent But we are wandering from our subject. they do it. It is to this injustice that I have

laws permit them to thus impose on us, and We started to consider phenacetin and acetanilid, the two drugs that have been the leaders vigorously objected. The patent will run out of the antipyretic-analgesic group. (Antikam

in a few years, and then the price will take a

delightful tumble. nia, and the numerous imitations of antikamnia, caused to come into exis:ence doubtless by the surprising commercial success of antikam- In this connection I have been interested in nia, are only acetanilid mixtures.) I intended the appearance of an American chemical of to try to present the rather complex chemistry of this class, an improvement upon all its forethese chemicals so simply that any reader could runners in that it is claimed that it is positivly easily understand; but it is a difficult task, and not depressing to the heart. It is called perhaps many readers will thank me for quot. thermol, because of its effect on the temperaing from Bartley's Medical Chemistry, page ture, and it is boldly recommended as an anti460, simply this statement; speaking of phen. pyretic in such serious diseases as pneumonia, acetin it says: “This compound is closely typhoid fever, etc., as well as an analgesic in related to acetanilid.” We know that they are headaches, neuralgias, menstrual pains, etc. closely related therapeutically. Phenacetin Today I called on the inventor, Dr. S. Lewis has been very popular. At $1 an ounce its Summers, to get some final points before manufacturers could afford to make it so, and writing this, particularly as to its chemistry, foster the claim that it is less depressing than and I finally got him to state the chemistry of acetanilid. Many doctors believe this to be the group so simply that I will present it here: true ; many don't. I cannot say. My obser

Acetanilid - acetic acid plus aniline. vation has been limited, as I am not in practise Phenacetin = phenetidin (a chemically coni(tho the rest of the staff is--and our numerous

plex substance in the form of a brownish, contributors), my specialty being medical

oily liquid, the chemistry of which I will

not attempt here) plus acetic acid. journalism. No one man can be a successful Thermol = phenetidin plus acetic acid plus editor and publisher and at the same time con

salicylic acid. duct a practise as it should be conducted. My These are not mechanical mixtures, as antiobservation is that these two drugs are about kamnia is a simple mechanical mixture of its equally depressing. I have always counseled constituents in a mortar, but the constituents against the use of these depressing and blood de- are put into special apparatus in definit quantistroying drugs; but there are painful conditions ties, and subjected to great heat and pressure which with most people require a pain reliever, for a long time. The result is a chemical and these drugs are usually not as objection- union—the creation of a new and distinct able aj opiates. I usually prefer pain to drugs chemical product, which is then washt of any when I must choose between the two evils; hence accidental uncombined excess, and then tested I have never taken but a single dose—a small and prepared for the market. one at that of any of this class of drugs, and I I askt Dr. Summers why the addition of the have forgotten what one it was, but I think it was salicylic element should prevent depression. a sample tablet of one of the numerous imita. He referred to clinical experience, with the

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