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slowly until the sponge is saturated and the hot was poured over the wound and injected into water begins to flow out over the outward parts, places it would not run into itself, and an ointthen stop the flow for a few seconds, and con- ment of vaseline, boracic acid and oxid of zinc tinue letting the hot water run very slowly so was smeared around the edges to prevent the that twenty or thirty minutes are expended in dressing from sticking, . letting the water out. The points I claim for The result was uninterrupted recovery, the this plan are :

bone having united and the muscles having 1. Water can be continuously applied to the filled in until the arm is full sized and is as useuterus hotter than by the common douche, be- ful as ever, except shorter, of course. The cause as soon as any runs over the sensitiv out- wound was received September 19, 1903; ward parts the flow can be stopt, yet the uterus patient was well December 20. My object in continues to be bathed in hot water.

leaving the wound open was to allow the 2. If any medicament is used in the water it muscles to fill in and replace what was torn takes less, and so is cheaper.

away. If I had closed it on the back of the 3. It takes so little preparation that a woman arm after the burn sluft off, which I was once can do it all without the aid of an assistant, tempted to do, it would have healed together there being no heavy cans of hot water to lift. and the arm would have been weakened by the

I will not say anything about the therapeu- loss of that portion of the muscles. As it is, I tics of the hot water vaginal douche because it believe it will be as strong as the other. is fully discust in the various works on gyn- Trout, W. Va. J. D. THRASHER, M.D. ecology, but I would suggest that it would be [You are to be complimented on the exceloftener used if it were not for the trouble lent results following such a severe injury; it attending the administration. I do not know speaks well for your attention.

Your report if this plan is original with me, but I know it would have been more valuable had you given should be generally known, and I take the exact measurements of the arm after complete medium of THE MEDICAL WORLD to give it to healing compared with the uninjured arm, and the often handicapt country physician who has had photographs of the arm at time of injury to get along with so few of the conveniences of and afterward. These are easily secured. his more favored city brother.

It is possible that some of the good result Philomath, Ore. C. H. NEWTH, M.D. may be ascribed to the cauterizing of the tissues

from proximity to the muzzle at time of disA Gunshot Wound.

charge, and consequent prevention of infecEditor MEDICAL WORLD:--A boy, 11 years

tion. This should have been included in your old, living in the mountains of this state, re- report. It is wonderful what recoveries follow ceived an accidental wound from an old army proper treatment of gunshot wounds. If you gun loaded with shot with paper between the had referred the boy to a hospital, they would powder and shot and paper on the shot. The have discharged him “cured” (?) in about six charge passed obliquely thru the arm from weeks, but he would not now have that arm. front to backward and upward, entering about The profession did not keep up with gunshot four inches below the head of the humerus, and wounds in the interval between the Civil and tore away two inches of the bone (that is, tear- the Spanish-American wars; but the literature ing out all the bone), driving some pieces into since the latter war is voluminous and instructhe flesh about the back part of the shoulder. tiv, and plainly teaches conservativ surgery. The tissues were fearfully torn and badly You did well.—Ed.] powder burned, making a wound on back of

Stop the Paper. the arm seven inches long, yet the artery and nerve were not wounded.

I've stopt the paper, yes, I hev; After cutting away

I didn't like to do it. the ragged tissue and picking out all pieces of

But the editor got too smart, bone that could be found, the wound was washt

And I allow he'll rue it.

I am a man as pays his debts, with a 1 in 2,000 corrosiv sublimate solution,

And I won't be insulted, and dusted with boracic acid and powdered

So when an editor gets smart, oxid of zinc, equal parts, and then wrapt in

I want to be consulted.

I took his paper eleven years, corrosiv gauze and left until next day. Dressing

An' helpt him all I could, sir, was the same each day until the powder burn

An' when it comes to dunnin' me,

I didn't think he would, sir. sluft off, then the arm was pusht up until the

But that he did, an' you can bet ends of bone toucht, then bound in a flext

It made me hot as thunder. position to a heavy paste board cut the shape

Says I, 'l'll stop that sheet, I will, of the arm and well padded. The wound was

If the cussed thing goes under !

I hunted up the measly whelp left open, however, not even a strip of adhesiv

An' for his cunnin' caper plaster being used to close it. Same treatment

I paid eleven years an' quit !

Yes, sir, I've stopt his paper !” was continued, except that peroxid of hydrogen


How to Save Money.

the femur nor the femoral artery was injured. Query:—Wonder how many WORLD read- She made a good recovery and is now attenders continue to pay $1 per ounce for anti- ing school. kamnia and other “analgesics" with fanciful Neola, Tex. O. A. ARMSTRONG, M.D. names, when they can get acetanilid, the chief constituent of all of them, for about 30 cents a

Remarkable Resuscitations. pound ?

Editor MEDICAL WORLD :-Regarding the Wonder if the antikamnia people will make

article on “ Simulation of Death,” in the Feb. a nice little notice out of the mention of anti- WORLD, page 47, I feel inclined to supplement kamnia on pages 102 and 103, March WORLD, it, hoping thereby to encourage an extension and send it around to be printed in the jour- of time in the endeavors to resuscitate such as nals in which they advertise, like they did raise the slightest doubt as to life being extinct. with the incidental mention of antikamnia in In my article on “Influence of the Mother Jan. WORLD, page 16 ?

on the Fetus" (Feb. WORLD, page 58) I See how one doctor saves $45 per year on mention that the smallest babe in my obstetone preparation, in March WORLD, page 102. rical career weighed one pound and a half.

Don't you think this issue of THE WORLD That birth was premature, a little over six will interest your druggist? Please mark the months, caused by the mother's falling down portions that you think will interest him, and a whole flight of stairs. She possest four boys, show to him.

and this was a girl and stillborn. I immedi

ately prest the father into service, my attenWagon Tongue Pierced Thigh. Good Re. tion being needed by the mother having severe covery.

hemorrhage. I directed his actions, and when Editor Medical WORLD:-On the sixth day I could spare a few minutes I relieved him. I of November last, I was 472 miles distant employed every method I could think of (not from my office when a phone message came forgetting even the squirting of raw onion telling me that a serious accident had hap- juice into its mouth. Many times the father pened at the home of one of my nearest neigh- was tired and discouraged, then I took up the bors, and requesting me to come just as fast as work, reminding him that if he wanted a my horse could bring me. I found that a daughter, he must work for her. In two and neighbor girl aged 13 years and small for her a half hours she gaspt like a fish out of water. age, had been playing by drawing a two

Then the father suddenly forgot all fatigue. horse wagon about the yard, she guiding the In twenty minutes more she gaspt again, and wagon at the end of the tongue, and two then in a few more minutes she breathed regsmaller ones pulling by the swingle trees, and ularly. We had no incubators then, so I some three or four small children were in the improvised as well as possible by wrapping her wagon. The yard was very steep, and at the in raw cotton, well warmed and plenty of it; bottom of the hill stood several large oak trees. laid her before the register during the day and The wagon started down the hill at a great in the mother's arms during the night. We speed. The one at the end of the tongue was nourisht her by pumping the milk from the not strong enuf to control the course of the mother's breast, and letting her suck it from a wagon, and the tongue caught her thigh bit of linen cloth, and by rubbing her daily between it and a large oak tree. The end of with a little sweet and codliver oil, mixt. For the tongue ran thru her thigh, carrying her three months (until about the time she should dress and two el underskirts thru her thigh. have been born) I pursued that course, when There was a projecting iron on the end of the she was able to take the mother's breast and wagon tongue, which pierced the tree fully one we began to dress her; and she developt into inch, leaving fragments of her clothing in the an exceptionally bright child, being now a tree. The wagon rebounded and slid some teacher in Brooklyn, N. Y. Three-quarters of distance further down the hill, carrying the an hour would never have accomplisht such girl, the tongue still projecting thru her thigh. result.

When I arrived she had been removed and I was called to a confinement. When I placed on a bed and had been given a dose of entered the house an elderly woman said to morphin, but yet she was suffering much agony. me : “Now understand ; there is to be no I phoned for Dr. T. D. Hare, of Greenville, to baby in this house !” I did not understand assist. He came quickly and we proceeded to what she meant, until after her repetitions it dress the wound. After washing and removing dawned upon me that she wisht to make away blood clots, using aseptic precautions, we drest with the child, and expected me to assist her the wound, closing the inward side with six in such nefarious business. I hurried into the stitches and three on the other side. A sick room, saw at a glance that labor had remarkable feature of this case was that neither terminated, and there was a bundle of bed

That many

clothing lying on the bed. I quickly suspected function, and so between massage, animal foul play, and true enuf, when I opened the magnetism and brandy, we succeeded in bundle I found a finely developt babe with a bringing him back to life. He is now living, piece of quilt crammed into its mouth, and an honored, valuable citizen of this village. life seemed extinct. I at once determined to I describe the particulars of my proceedings rescue that child at any cost of labor. In just in which I have succeeded a number of times, two hours it began to breathe. I then in- to encourage others in trying to save life formed the mother of the patient that but for where there is the slightest hope; but no my persistent effort she would have the pleas- time is to be lost, as when the connection ure of spending the remainder of her days in between the astral and physical body is once the penitentiary. Three-quarters of an hour severed, all effort is useless. Senator Hanna would not have brought the desired result. I is not the first being brought back to life after could cite many cases, but these few will apparent departure. I am neither a hypnotist demonstrate the impression I wish to make. nor a Christian scientist. I simply have,

more human beings are during my long span of work, acted on the buried alive than we conjecture, I feel certain impulse of the moment. All may smile who of. Why do we read of cases (where a be- feel inclined. I enjoin: let all try to do reaved one frantically begs to have the coffin good where they may. reopened for a last look) where there are I would yet relate an extraordinary case of proofs that the body had undergone a desper

simulation of death." I was born in a ate struggle for life? It is not so long ago small village in Bavaria. When eleven years that I read of a mother having become a raving of age I was taken to live with an aunt in. maniac at the cemetery, when the coffin was Vienna, Austria. In a village near my birthopened at her request on beholding her place, one day a traveler went to an inn to darling child in an unmistakable position of engage a night's lodging. The innkeeper told having had a desperate struggle. Why have him that all rooms were occupied. As the so many partly decayed bodies, on disinter- traveler seemed much disappointed, the inn. ment, been found with handfuls of hair, evi. keeper told him there was the parlor, but that dently torn from the head in an agony of it contained the corpse of his daughter who despair? Such disasters could be prevented was to be buried the next day. The stranger were the bodies kept (but not on ice) until said he was not afraid of a dead body, and spots of decomposition become visible. In arrangements were made to accommodate him. 1857 I had a narrow escape from being buried Next morning the stranger went his way. alive, as I was pronounced dead from exsan- During the forenoon the girl showed signs of guination, the result of a miscarriage caused life. She recovered. In due time she showed by injudicious lifting. Dr. Hammond (my unmistakable symptoms of pregnancy, yet she husband) was absent from home, and the proclaimed her innocence so vehemently, and attending physician was so positiv that I was her parents had no cause to doubt her veracity, dead that I was being laid out. I was unable that the case found its way into the newsto give a sign of life, but heard what was said. papers, of which there were very few those My feelings can better be imagined than de- days; yet the traveler read of the case and at scribed. Suddenly one of my three sisters-in- once repaired to the inn where he was recoglaw present cried out : “Here comes Ger- nized. He proclaimed himself the father of ard! (my husband). The excitement pro- the forthcoming child and married the girl. duced brought the last flicker or spark of life As I am also one of the “old timers” I liked into action, so when he poured rum between the article of Dr. Alfred Merser, pages 62 and my set teeth it produced sufficient excitation 63. I could relate many cases of the past that to cause me to swallow and I am here to tell might prove worthy of consideration even in the tale.

these days of phenomenal advancement. Once I was attending a boy of 15, who was GERTRUDE HAMMOND HARPER, M.D. suffering from peritonitis; one night when I Spring Valley, New York. entered the sick-room, I found eight of the family kneeling around his bed praying, and Editor MEDICAL WORLD :-The Comstock CollecI was told that he was dead. At once I issued

tion Agency has long since ceast to annoy me. They

found I could not be bulldozed or blackmailed, so the command : “Stop praying; go to work!" they left off their mail assaults. I never answered one They jumpt up affrighted. I ordered all to of their communications. I thought that the best way

to treat them.

S. M. SNYDER. rub his whole body with brandy, and I laid

Greenwich, N. J. my hand on his chest, calling out his name repeatedly, commanding him to come back to In dispensing tablets, mark some symbol on the end In a short time his eyes lost the film, he of the box or envelope, so that you may know just

what kind have been dispenst if the patient brings the began to breathe, his heart resumed its

box back to be refilled.


Coughing as a Cause of Varicocele. WORLD in that form than one dollar in its Editor MEDICAL WORLD:- Among the causes present form. One could then select and preof varicocele as given in books are constipation, serve such articles as he desires and file them corpulence, constant exercise in the upright for future reference, consigning the balance to position, the wearing of tight belts and trusses, “innocuous desuetude." etc., but I have not seen it mentionc d as being The other suggestion I have to offer is this: brought on by coughing.

I am surprised at the amount of knowledge, Four years ago I operated on a young man skill, and ingenuity of country doctors, espeby sub cutaneous ligation, using catgut. After cially in the northwestern states and the terriremaining cured for over two years he in- tories. By reason of their splendid isolation, formed me that it was as bad as at first.

they might settle down to a life of stagnation I could not account for its sudden return, as and “do no more than the law allows." But I had made an examination less than two they are moved by the same spirit of progress, weeks before, and it was then in excellent con- philanthropy, and professional pride as their dition. He said he had a bad cold. He was more favored brethren in the large cities. taken with a violent spell of coughing while I

of coughing while I Their disadvantage may be lack of capital for was making an examination, and the blood securing the high priced apparatus now comrusht thru those veins with terrific force. ing into general use, or not having sufficient

From that experience, I am convinced that use for it, to justify the outlay. Scientific men coughing is a very frequent cause of varicocele; and apparatus in the large cities are a drug on and I cannot imagin any liable factor that the market. Let the country physicians come would bring greater strain to bear on those together and see if they cannot unite to utilize vessels:

this talent and the outfits. Let the physicians Formerly I used catgut, but as the operation of a community, or township, organize for the was not always completely successful I now establishment of a modern sanitarium. They use silk, and there have been no returns since may be able to make arrangements with a to my knowledge.

party having a complete modern outfit, and Some authorities advise the use of ether or who knows how to use it, to establish himself cocain, while others do not. When cocain is among them, on a small, fixt salary and an injected the resulting swelling renders it much equitable percentage of all cases he is called more difficult to separate the vessels with pre- on to treat. In this way all the physicians are cision. From my experience, it is unnecessary able to secure the advantages of modern to use any anesthetic, as there is only slight methods at a minimum cost. pain when the needle is quickly passed thru Let no one think that I am moved by the skin of the scrotum—even less than when ulterior motivs; I have nothing to selltapping for hydrocele.

neither apparatus nor services; it is merely a C. FLETCHER SOUDER, M.D. suggestion. 1418 Diamond street, Philadelphia.

Now, Mr. Editor, I know exactly what my

articles are worth to you—two cents-you, Suggestions Regarding “Individuality."

yourself, have set that price on them. Editor MEDICAL WORLD :-Of late years I That makes no difference, however, for I am am cultivating the habit of individuality. I not writing for you, but for the brethren. make my own observations and draw my own Have I succeeded in stamping my individuality conclusions, using authorities only “as con- on you?

E. GOODMAN. trols." After I have arrived at settled convic- San Francisco, Cal. tions I would not hesitate to publish them to [Yes, the article has individuality. But an the world, to be taken for what they are article with individuality is not always one worth. As examples, I offer the following: with value. Perhaps the above article has THE MEDICAL WORLD contains much profes- value to some readers, but certainly not to all. sional knowledge that is worth preserving, and An editor must recognize variety in needs and much that is not. The value of an article is tastes, and satisfy the same, if he would be suconly relativ, depending on the individual cessful. The first suggestion given above is not at wants and tastes. To preserve the useless with all practicable. To carry out the plan would cost me useful is extravagance. It occupies much much more than double the present price, and I phable space and is an incumbrance. I what would be gained ? It is easy for a reader assist. therefore, suggest the following innova- to skip what he does not want, and mark with dress the publishing journals and magazines : a blue or red pencil what is of special value to blood clots, sheets and print on one side only. him. This would clearly identify what he the wound, together with paper fasteners, in specially values, and there are still other and stitches and rforations. I would rather pay easily practical ways of doing it. To adopt remarkable featur. annum for THE MEDICAL the author's suggestion would be unjustifiable "extravagance." The rest of the article « has arrival. In truth this loss in addition to that individuality," so we will let it stand for what before, in connection with the naturally it may be worth. The article as a whole illus- anemic and weakened condition of the sufferer, trates our reply to it: it may be of value to caused markt collapse symptoms. The cold some, and of but little interest or value to others. moist skin, an almost imperceptible pulse beat, -Ed.]

shallow respirations and temperature sub

normal (96° for two days) made the chances Nasal Hemorrhage at Close of Typhoid fever.

for recovery slight indeed. But with stimuEditor MEDICAL WORLD: -Sometime ago lants, and subsequently in addition a light and the suggestion was made in your valuable concentrated diet with iron, the patient rallied, magazine, that it would prove interesting and and after a four months' fight-a fight which at profitable to hear from the readers of The times seemed hopeless-recovered. WORLD regarding experiences with emergency Altho such accidents are rare in typhoid, cases. Apparently this suggestion was over- one case is reported in this locality, where lookt, as I failed to discover a single response even the cotton plugs were ineffectual and in succeeding numbers of The WORLD. It death was the result. Called again to treat a seems that we could not but be greatly bene. like case, I would not dally with astringents, fited by a series of communications on such an etc., but would use the more heroic measures important branch of medical science. There at the beginning, saving as much blood as is much that the wisest or most self-complacent possible to an already weakened body. Two might learn from even the very trivial of acci- brethren advised for nasal hemorrhage, in The dents. In hope that we may hear more along WORLD, the use of an inflated condom and also this line, I will relate a case that fell to my lot, a piece of bacon fat shaped to fit the nares. and tho it may be insignificant to some I trust This case suggested to me, how little used it may prove of some benefit.

is the normal saline solution in country pracThe patient, a man past 50 years


had tise as compared to city, and prompts the been ill nearly four weeks with typhoid fever questions : of average severity. On the twenty-second (1) What is a simple method, and, briefly, day after the temperature had fallen to normal, the technique, of the application of normal I was suddenly called to see the patent because saline solution ? of hemorrhage, as the messenger, a boy, ex- (2) Also in case of shock from railroad, plained. Hurriedly I went to the man's assist- mine, or other injury, should the first aid be ance; and, imagin my surprise to find him only stimulation is not a hypodermic of bleeding rather profusely from the nose and morphin indicated except in the severe grades ? not from the bowel, as I had anticipated. In (3) What effect, if any, would child birth the first stages of the disease I might have been have on a woman subject to epileptic seizures ? better equipt to treat this emergency. As it

W. Va.

E. was, very good results were obtained for the [We will leave these questions open for distime being with a pledget of cotton in the cussion. Let those with experience reply to anterior nares, pressure on the side of the one or more.--Ed.] nose, and cold applications to the head. The opportunity was embraced to better equip my- A Dead Horse after Using Colic Remedy. self, and upon a renewal of the trouble, an in

Editor MEDICAL WORLD :--In January issue, jection of tannic acid, the best astringent

1904, I note on page 26: “Cure for Colic in within my reach, together with the cotton

Horses.” This morning I had occasion to use it; plug anteriorly, the patient propt to a sitting

one of my horses had colic. I gave him one ounce posture, the head tilted forward a little, checkt

of cannabis indica in linseed oil; repeated same the flow almost entirely for an hour. If there

dose in one hour, and had a dead horse in one was any bleeding at this time it was almost im

hour after last dose. I feel confident the horse perceptible. It was necessary, however, to

died from the effect of the drug and not the resort to the same measures in about an hour's

colic. I am not a veterinary, but I fear our time, and upon a recurrence of rather profuse hemorrage the third time, having lost faith in the

Baltimore friend has advised larger doses than milder or less heroic remedies, the cotton plug

necessary or expedient.

H. W. SCOTT, M.D. was applied both posteriorly and anteriorly,

Highland Park, Mich. with success. Up to this time the patient's condition had been good. However, upon

[Possibly the fluid extract was old, and had

become concentrated by gradual evaporation applying this latter treatment-and it required

of the alcohol.--ED.] only a few seconds to insert the catheter which had been previously prepared—the loss of

Where the stomach is irritable, and bismuth is indiblood was greater than at any time since my cated, administer it half an hour before meals.

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