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The Amalgamation of the Schools. therapeutics of the regular and eclectic DEAR DOCTOR :-One of the first things schools. A man does not have to devote such that attracted me to THE MEDICAL WORLD an awful amount of time of study to accomplish was that it is the only medical journal in the this. Only the lazy, or those who have never English language on which all the schools can tried, will so assert. One hour a day devoted meet; and if amalgamation ever does take to one's library will accomplish a mighty lot place THE MEDICAL WORLD will be one of the at the end of the year, if he has been well pioneers—the first literary one-to blaze the trained as an undergraduate. And this just way to the goal.

brings me to the point of that basis on which Of all men, physicians should be the most alone the schools can amalgamate. Neither tolerant. The wail of suffering humanity is Homeopaths nor Eclectics will abandon their forever in their ears; and various methods of therapeutics simply to be styled “regulars, relieving that wail are so manifest that the which they can style themselves anyhow, as I practician of one school that vows all the others But when in every college of regular are humbugs only displays an ignorance that medicin there are homeopathic and eclectic in a man otherwise educated is more melan- chairs of materia medica and therapeutics choly than provoking. It is generally the that the student must pass, as well as his regu. tyro or the unsuccessful practician that has lar chair in the same subjects, then that blessed turned bookworm that utters such sentiments. day will dawn on humanity. Should distincThe man who has contended with pneumonia tiv names be mentioned, the doctor of that in the North, typhoid in the West, or the fierce time will reply: Shall I ask the brave soldier fevers of the South, the man who has been who fights by my side in the cause of manactually under the fire of virulent disease, kind if our creeds agree? struggling for human life, knows better. You are doing your share towards that end, For my own part I prefer the doctrin of Dr. Taylor. VERE V. HUNT, M.D., LL D. similia, because I do not have to do so much Dallas, Texas. guess work, or rely upon the other fellow's experience with a patient whose constitution

Malpractise Defined. may be wholly different from the one I am

A physician or surgeon is liable to be sued for maltreating for the same disease. I know that a practise in treating a patientcrude dose of a certain drug will produce cer

1. When he does not possess ordinary skill, science,

and information; or tain symptoms on a healthy person, and that

2. When he does not use reasonable and ordinary the same drug in a small dose will cure those care and diligence in applying his knowledge and exsymptoms in a sick one. Where this desired ercising his skill; or,

3. When he does not use a reasonable and ordinary consummation does not take place I know it is

degree of skill and knowledge in treating the patient; the fault of my gray matter, and not of the law

or, of similia. As my old professor of philosophy

4. When he does not exercise ordinary care and dili

gence in attending and treating the patient; or, in Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland, used to 5. When he fails to give proper instructions to the say, “I can give a man an education if God patient as to the care of himself; or, has given him brains!" Not always can the

6. When he fails to use ordinary care and diligence

in determining the frequency of his visits and the cessaprescriber of any school hit the right remedy tion of the same ; or, at the first or even the second trial. But the

7. When he fails to follow the establisht modes of disciple of similia has this advantage : that if practise in his particular school and the advancement

. he goes wrong in his diagnosis, but is correct And all this whether or not he is to receive compen

sation.-Medico-Legal Bulletin. in the selection of his drug, his patient recovers. If the regular goes wrong in his diag

Quinin has no place in the therapy of malarial nosis, nature has to pull the patient thru, and

methemoglobinuria, or hematuria, as it is usually do so often hampered with the physiological called: This should be treated like a severe nephritis action of mighty drastic medicin. But be

of toxic origin. A glance at some kidney sections in

my possession will verify this statement. The urinifcause I prefer the law of similia am I to call the erous tubules are blockt with granular detritus, not conscientious, self-sacrificing, well-trained men

blood-clots, as in the hemorrhagic cases. Intertubu

lar drainage is interfered with, resulting in still furof the other schools humbugs, and their thera- ther tubular compression and more complete urinary peutics of no account? Has it been for noth- stoppage. The glomeruli are distended and the effering that I have seen the action of kali iodid or

ent circulation more or less impeded. This impedi

ment cannot be forced by sodium hyposulfite, turechinacea, or of that mighty boon in septic pentine, diuretin, digitalis, or a quart or two of salt conditions that the eclectics have introduced, echafolta? If I thought I could ever be capable creasing the pressure and still further impeding kidof such contemptible bigotry a burning match pin, are here indicated, and at times must be used would be giving local treatment to my diploma

with a free hand.-M. Goltman, M. D., of Memphis, in

Ther. Gaz. this moment. I claim to have a fair, indeed,

Bismuth subgallate is a valuable astringent and proif necessary, a good working knowledge of the tectiv in moist eczema.


There is neither uric acid, rheumatic or neuralgic diathesis, unless the dysmenorrhea be an expression

of the latter. Kidneys normal, bowels slightly constiNew books as they appear, are sent to our Assistant Editor, pated, digestion good. In short she is well between Dr. A. L. Russell, of Midway, Washington Co., Pa., her menstrual periods and makes her living by sewing, for review As the Doctor thus has all the late books for refer- her reputation by singing. Her menses are regular, ence, and is made familiar with them by reviewing each one carefully as it reaches him, he is unusually equipt for answering

coming promptly every twenty-eight days, lasts four queries. Therefore it has been our custom for a long time to send

days, How regular, not spasmodic or in gushes, bright queries to him for reply. In fact, the Doctor made a special

red, unclotted, and non-membranous. The flow comes request that this be done, as he enjoys this work. It now occurs

on with the ordinary premonitory symptoms, the first to us that time will be saved if you will send directly to Dr. Rus- day scanty and pains moderate, but invariably on sell matter intended for the Quiz Department, which has grown so second day promptly at nine o'clock a. m. the pain much under his vigorous "treatment " Please notice that our query department is not used to "boost"

comes with cyclonic force, and for the remainder of

proprietary remedies, almanac fashion. The MEDICAL WORLD has no interests other

the day she writhes in pain that even stiffens her jaws than to give to the medical profession the greatest amount of honest

and is scarcely lulled by morphin % gr., pilocarpin service possible. It has absolutely no interests in any proprietary nit. Y gr. hypodermically. The pain continues during preparation nor any medical supply house. Other medical editors entire period, but lessens as flow diminishes. The bave become, and are becoming, wealthy, by using their pages to pain is severest when flow is freest, and the most increase the sale of preparations that they are interested in ; but we prefer to render service to our subscribers that is above suspi.

acute and agonizing pain is low down, at entrance of cion of personal pecuniary interest. How can a man interested in

vagina, but of course radiates to entire pelvic region, the sale of certain preparations render the best service? He is

to back and thighs. During intermenstrual periods always trying to push one of his preparations in. That is commer

she has occasional colicky pains (but no especial tencial journalism. We prefer ethical journalism--and so does the derness) in right ovarian region. Pain most always profession, for THE MEDICAL WORLD is growing in popularity under ribs of right side preceding and during menses. {aster than ever before-and our subscribers are paying ones. Not the slightest leucorrhea or metrorrhagia. Tho a They must be, for we have no medicins to "boost," 'nothing to sell, nothing to depend on but pure journalism ; but doctors that

woman of strong nerve, during the cyclonic periods of want honest, straight journalism are willing to pay for it-they are

pain she is nervous, the least sound startling her. glad of the opportunity.

There is absolutely no hysteria in her make up. For Only such queries will be publisht as are likely to interest and fifteen years patient has been plyed with viburnum, instruct many others as well as the one asking help. No charge cimicifuga, pulsatilla in small and large doses, senecia has ever been made,

nor will any charge be made, for this service in material and homeopathic doses, magnesia phos., all to our subscribers. However, those who wish an immediate and personal reply by mail may obtain the same by inclosing two

the coal tar derivativs, passiflora, almost every other dollars to Dr. Russell. This is really a consultation in the interest

known antispasmodic and anodyne has been given, of the patient, and should be charged to the patient-(wo dollars together with uterin tonics without number and being a very moderate consultation fee. The Doctor agrees to give without relief. In her desperation recently she subfull, careful and immediate attention to such consultations. We mitted to an examination with the expectation on the reserve the right to publish in this department any such consulta- part of the writer of finding stenosis of canal or os, cious that may be interesting and helpful to our readers. Name and address will be withheld if requested. Come freely for help,

then dilate and insert a soft rubber stem (Leuf). but read up as fully as you can before coming to us.

Upon examination twenty-four hours before approach,

ing period, found womb slightly prolapst, uterin canal Case Record Wanted.

over three inches long (342) measured by flexible sound (remember patient is large), external os and

canal well open. Editor MedicAL WORLD:- I want to procure a book

But as I was prepared with soft for general practician's use, to keep a record of pa

stem, hoping against hope, with a Palmer dilator I intients; something having an index for names, from

creast slightly the caliber of the os or canal, and with

some little effort inserted stem. In forty-eight hours, 500 to 1000 pages, and pages printed in suitable manner for the report of one or two cases each, with spaces

at nine a. m.. as usual, the same old hurricane of pain

came on. for diagnosis, prognosis and treatment. Can you or any

What shall I do? I sincerely hope the of your many readers inform me where I can procure

the Editor of the quiz department and others will such a book, price, etc.? As the information sought

come to our help. I should be pleased to have sugmay be of benefit to many of your numerous other

gestions from some of our homeopathic readers. Will subscribers, I make bold to ask for an answer in your

the invariable nine o'clock exacerbation and fact that next issue.


patient always has bitter taste in mouth help in selection of remedy?

MD. Hemmingford, Quebec, Can.

[Such books are publisht, but they are sel- [The case is certainly one of markt severity, dom sent to reviewers, hence we are not able

and it is not possible to say that anything we to refer you to such a book at the present. mention will give certain relief, but we make Doubtless if you write W. B. Saunders & Co., the following suggestions, in the hope that P. Blakiston's Son & Co. or Lea Bros., all of

some of them may be of service. Gelsemium, Philadelphia, some of them will be able to fur

in full doses, will often relieve such uterin pain ; nish what you wish, or to tell you where you we would suggest three minims of the fluid exmay get it. Inclose stamp when writing to

tract at appropriate intervals. Belladonna each, and mention the WORLD.-ED.)

might be added with advantage. Electricity

applied by the intrauterin electrode has been Dysmenorrhea.

of service in many obstinate cases. It would Editor MEDICAL WORLD:--A severe and most ob

do no harm to dilate and curet, under asepstinate case of dysmenorrhea of twenty years duration in an unmarried woman age thirty-five. Family his- tic precautions; the exfoliation of a new endotory excellent ; parents were hale, hearty, and rugged metrium might be followed by favorable results, persons; neither afflicted with any diathesis. Father

even if no leucorrhea is present. died a few years ago of some hepatic trouble; mother still living at seventy-five. Patient a mild brunette,

be a congestiv condition there which is not fine physique, nearly six feet and well proportioned demonstrable on examination; this is highly cation of health, never having been sick since child probable in view of the fact that there is slight

Rexion. We would try several weeks depletion of this bete noir-dysmenorrhea—the first provokt by means of boroglyceride suppositories used on (?) by getting her feet wet on the approach of a menstrual flow, when a girl--so says her mother.

retiring. If the copious hot douche would be

There may used properly, it would aid this process, but it you or any of the World family, will be gratefully

received. is very hard to get even the most intelligent

Would also like to have you give in next issue of woman to use it properly.

THE WORLD, the diagnosis of pneumatosis. After The pain under the ribs on the right side,

reading your article on that subject in last WORLD, and the continuous bitter taste in the mouth,

have concluded that I have a patient thus afflicted.

She is a young woman, single, habitually constipated, would indicate that the hepatic function needs and on certain occasions, especially during or attention. A continued course of mild laxa- after excitement, is troubled with most distressing and tivs would doubtless aid any other measures un

poisy eructations. Digestion seems good, and trouble

has no relation to meals or kinds of food. Has been dertaken.

this way for six years. Where I am situated I am Have our readers other suggestions to offer

obliged to be very cautious what I tell patients, for

other doctors are anxious to have me make mistakes. the Doctor? Probably matrimony, with subse- Ill.

W. Y. quent pregnancy, would benefit this patient.

[Doctor, your books don't trouble you very Ed.]

much, nor do you trouble them much. You Movable Cartilages in Knee Joint.

would rather trouble us. Read up carefully Editor MEDICAL WORLD :-A man fifty years old

and thoroly on these two cases (which you evihas what I believe to be rheumatic nodules, but what dently have not done,) and come to us, if necother doctors have told him were floating cartilages. They are located in the knees, the most prominent in

essary, only as a last resort. You should be the right. The one that I examined was in right knee.

able to tell if that woman is pregnant.

You They disappear at times and cannot be found. It is

know that a monthly "show" (apparent freely movable from just above the patella externally to the outer tuberosity of the femur; it can be plainly menstruation) sometimes continues regularly seen and felt. I should think it was the size of a lima during the entire period of gestation. bean. He thinks there are several of them. They lock Whether or not you can tell with certainty the knee joint and bother him a great deal at times, and he would like to get rid of them if possible. He at present concerning her pregnancy, you has been troubled with rheumatism since he was should at any rate be able to quiet her fears. thirty years of age. He comes from a rheumatic fam.

The idea that she is threatened with any unily; his mother has rheumatoid arthritis of hands and fingers, and he has the same of fingers. Is there any

usual danger during labor is all moonshine. treatment other than surgical that will remove them? Those old women-stop them by all means. Answer thru THE WORLD. I can find nothing in my text-books of any service in the matter.

Old women who delight in going about telling Burdett, Kan.

W. V. Elting. frightful stories to young pregnant women, and [We think they are floating cartilages, and making dire prognostications as to the outcome we know of no means of relief except surgical. of their pregnancy only to see the poor victims Read up on this subject in a standard work on turn pale and tremble with horror-such old surgery.--ED]

women should be incarcerated for the good of

society.-Ed.] Is She Pregnant ? If so, is She Threatened With any Unusual Danger ?

What Was the Cause of Death ? Editor MEDICAL WORLD:-I have a case over which Editor MEDICAL World :-Will some reader of The I am puzzled, and would like your opinion, together World tell me what was the real cause of death in with any of the World readers who have had any ex- the following case? perience with similar cases. A young married woman Was called on Tuesday. Patient had felt bad since twenty-two years old came to me to find out if she is Saturday; Monday began to have an eruption. Diagpregnant; and if so, if she is in any unusual danger. nosed measles. 'Wednesday diagnosis confirmed; Patient mensturates regular every month. About one eruption out nicely. Had been to a city a few times month ago she felt peculiar movements in her abdo- to have a specialist treat her throat. Glands of throat men which resembled quickening or life movements and neck somewhat enlarged. in a former pregnancy. Then upon examination she Temperature never went above 103°, and that was thought her abdomen larger than usual. She then only for two hours; most of the time 101 to 102°, the confided her condition to several of the omnipresent old highest for four days, then it dropt to 100°, then to ladies who are so wise concerning such things, and 9814°, and remained so until death, which occurred who assured her that out of the many calamities that Tuesday, just a week after my first visit. She had might befall her, the least she might expect would be been subject to asthmatic attacks since I knew her; that she would die or give birth to a monster.


that was 16 years, she being 16 the first time I saw her came to me in a highly perturbed condition and wanted in one of the asthmatic attacks. Had had such attacks, to know what she might expect.

I was told, since a small girl. Two years ago she gave birth to a healthy child, and Well, the day she died, I found her pulse normal has always enjoyed perfect health. Womb seems to but weak, owing to her having had a loss of blood from be enlarged, but not to a degree one would expect if the bowels for five days, at first, in my opinion, from she really felt life. One month ago cervix seemed piles, but could not discover any. I suggested counsmall and hard--at least not what one would expect to sel. I knew she was always frail, not for a moment find in a uterus three to five months pregnant. Nip- expecting any sudden termination, but looking for a ples she declares are darker than formerly, and I suc- sequel in the line of tuberculosis. Consultation was ceeded in drawing, at first a watery, then what ap- held about 12, the consultant suggesting no change, for peared a milky substance, from nipples. She also he found all things normal. Bowels had moved, water complains of nausea some time nearly every day, but was a little cloudy after standing ; but a general weaknot in the morning like she did when formerly preg- ness was evident. The only change suggested was to nant. Her urin contains no albumin.

add iodid because the suspicion in his mind was future Now what can I tell this lady? Is she pregnant ? tuberculosis. I saw her again 6 p.m.; no apparent And if so is there any complication ? And is there any change, only weakness ; conghed some, but not remedy that will stop the menses ? Any information severely. Had taken what would be called plenty of that will help me to intelligently handle this case, from nourishment. I went away agreeing to call on my return at midnight, because of her weakness. When Treatment.-Numerous incisions over back and I did arrive, a little past midnight, she had gone into palm of hand; continuous bath in 1 to 250 carbolized a sudden collapse (at about 10 p.m.), rallied a little, solution, followed by alcohol and menthol bath; dusted then began to grow very weak, in which condition i incisions with iodoform, covered entire hand and arm found her. A trained nurse who had been called in with ichthyolated vaseline, ten percent. Continued said at times she was pulseless. When I got there a treatment up to this writing, thirteen days. faint pulse could be felt, which grew weaker. Gave Condition now : Arm normal in size and color her nitroglycerin, which brought up pulse. She askt lymphatics normal in size but still a little sore; hand for things to drink, etc., which I gave her. Was in a very little swollen ; entire finger slufing with considerwarm profuse sweat. Pulse went down, came up, able oozing of blood. Patient reduced considerably went down, until 5.15 a.m., when she ceast to talk or in flesh and strength and very anemic. No pain. Was notice things, and in about ten minutes ceast to my diagnosis correct? Was the treatment all that breathe-never struggled at the last but simply ceast could be desired ? or could the case have been treated to breathe. Measles had begun to go off nicely the day better? What further treatment would you advise ? before her death-gradually disappearing.

I would like to hear from the readers as well as from Madison, Conn. A. D. AYER, M.D. the Editor.

J. C. JOHNSON, M.D. [How about the hemorrhage from her Hamilton, Ala. bowels? Was that thought of and lookt after ? [Your diagnosis was undoubtedly correct, Hidden hemorrhage into the bowels-the and your treatment rational, yet somewhat less patient having bled to death in her bowels radical than others might have adopted. Many (as they sometimes do in typhoid fever), is would have amputated, and if the condition is strongly suggested to us. Was the last bowel such as we imagin from your letter, you will movement black, showing the presence of probably have to amputate yet, if you wish to blood ?-ED.]

prevent further extension of the process.

You should now keep her on tonics to build Septic Infection from Finger.

the system up as rapidly as possible, and if you Editor MEDICAL WORLD :-Find inclosed money can not secure resolution in the slufing part, order for $3., for which please give me credit for you would better amputate without waiting till amount already due, and let THE WORLD continue to rotate this way.

further tissues are destroyed. I like THE WORLD because it is plain and clean; Our only criticism would be that you should because of the interesting matter it always contains, and because of the many instructiv reports and ex

have carried your primary incision into the periences of its numerous readers who thru its pages

healthy tissues so as to have obtained a free are educating the overworkt and poverty-stricken flow of blood, and afterwards drest with doctors, like myself, who are not able to take a post graduate course every year.

something like the U. S. P. citrine ointment, I have been in the practise of medicin for 15 years,

diluted with one-third vaseline.--ED.] and am a constant reader of almost as many medical journals, but I rarely ever find time to write to any of

Bladder Trouble. them. I was never a very fluent writer, at any rate, but am always interested in the writings of others, Editor MEDICAL WORLD:- I would be greatly “ Perplext," for instance, and last but by no means obliged for information on the following case, either least, the occasional spicy sketches by ye Éditor. from yourself or from some of the many WORLD

For my own benefit I wish to relate á case which I readers. am now treating, and ask your opinion of the diagno- Mrs. K., aged 54, weight 145, married and with sis and treatment:

good family history, contracted la grippe seven Mrs. M., aged 50, while dressing on Wednesday years ago and ever since then has had bladder trouble. morning, February 10, prickt her finger with an ordi- She complained in the beginning of symptoms of nary brass toilet pin. The pain at the time was acute cystitis, pain and frequency, which gradually severe, but in a short time practically subsided. Pin emerged into a subacute condition. For this condipenetrated the last joint of the index' finger for some- cion she was operated on by a prominent surgeon who thing near one-quarter its length, ranging upward and establisht bladder drainage by means of a vaginal ininward; the wound failed to bleed, even a drop. In cision, the bladder being irrigated daily. The wound eight hours after receipt of injury pain returned, and was allowed to heal at the end of two months. She and in less than six hours more I was summoned to obtained quite an amount of relief, but was not cured. attend her.

Since the operation, about six years ago, her condition The pain at this time was so intense that she could has been as follows: When the desire to urinate prescarcely be quiet a minute at a time. She would walk sents itself, she is unable to empty the bladder, and the floor and almost shriek with pain. The finger dribbling takes place, consequently she resorts to the from the point of entrance of pin to the tip was of a catheter several times in twenty-four hours, drawing gray, almost black color and intensely swollen; the from two to four ounces each time. For this later patient was extremely nervous and anxious. A livid condition a physician dilated her urethra, thinking red streak extended from finger to the axilla, lymph- perhaps some obstruction was present, and since the atics enlarged, hard and painful, and an occasional dilatation the dribbling has been slightly worse. He rigor. Diagnosis, septic infection.

also advised her to continue the use of the catheter Treatment.--First with an aseptic scalpel I laid the and at the same time irrigate with kali permanganate, finger open to the bone from point of injury to end of but she did not improve. finger. No bleeding for nearly a minute, then only a She presented herself at my office four weeks ago, few drops of dark, thick blood. Drest antiseptically and on examination I found her uterus normal. The and by the aid of morphin secured a short rest for my urin was slightly turbid, containing a few granules. patient. Removed dressing in a few hours. Finger Centrifugalization and microscopical examination immensely swollen, and hand beginning to swell. In- showed leukocytes, epithelium and streptococci. No cised finger for entire length and drest antiseptically. tubercle bacilli. Pain now so intense it required massiv doses of mor- Cystoscopy showed a trabeculated condition of phin to relieve her.

bladder, with several diverticula varying from the Second day: Hand and arm intensely swollen ; size of a pea to that of a hean. Hyperemic spots hard, whitish nodules appearing over palmar surface of were also noticed. The vesical sphincter seemed to finger and hand; end of finger slufing; pain still be in a normal condition.

Catheterization of each ureter showed the urin from each kidney to be normal. Was able to pass a 28 F. ers know of its composition, we can not aid sound easily and without pain. The urethra is of a pale color and is infiltrated as demonstrated by endos


you.--Ed.] copy and palpation. The maximum bladder capacity is eight ounces, the solution flowing with fairly good force from the catheter.

Deep Ulcers on Ankles. I have used silver nitrate irrigations of the bladder,

Editor MEDICAL WORLD:-I wish some help in a and the urin has cleared up completely. Also used case of ulcers of ankles following typhoid fever. One ichthyol salve in the urethra and massaged it. I ad- week after fever commenced, complained of ankle and vised dissecting the urethra and giving it a half twist it had to be lanced. The other acted same way. Now and sewing in place, to stop the dribbling, but she will has four well-defined deep ulcers of six months' standnot consent. With this brief description of the case, I ing. Had consultation with another doctor and we hope some of you will enlighten me as to the diagno- scraped the bone, after which they seemed to improve sis and treatment.

H. A. K. for a short time only. There is a well-defined sinus Spokane, Wash.

extending from the ulcer on the inside of ankle to one

on the outside. They pained her a great deal at first [Doctor, you have given the correct diagno- but do not now. They get better for a week or two, sis, and it looks to us as if all you wanted was then worse. I had one healed up, but it broke and is a name for it. You have described the case

as bad as ever now.

Small pieces of bone have workt out of each one, well, and have treated it properly. We would showing the bone to be affected. They are a!l about think the operation you propose would be ben- two inches above ankle-joint. I have been using pereficial, and if the procedure was carefully and

oxid of hydrogen to keep them cleansed, and then

apply. campho-phenique and boro-chlorotone as a diplomatically explained to the lady, we feel dressing. sure her consent could be secured. The de

Do you think it will make a cripple of patient? who is 12 years old.

H. M. LEFEVRE, M.D. scription of such an operation would be more Aud, Mo. or less horrifying to any layman, but if it were

[We have observed a few cases of undoubted lightly tinted, we think objections could be

necrosis of the bone healed over by the ordiovercome. Make sure, however, not to “guar- nary treatment of cleanliness, dryness, and as antee relief." You do not say that you have near asepsis as possible ; but they are rare. tried to keep the urin neutral, but we presume Your treatment has been correct as far as it you have ; this is the only suggestion we could

goes. The reason they ulcerate again after make. Will any reader help the Doctor fur- being healed is that the pus burrows toward the ther?- Ed.]

healed ulcer and causes it to again ulcerate;

you have failed to remove all the diseased bone. Editor MEDICAL WORLD:-Some time when you We have seen Dr. John Ashhurst have success think of it, give us in THE WORLD what virtue there is in such cases by the use of “ Liquer de Vilin a bucket or bowl of cold well or spring water under late," made according to the following forthe bed at night checking night sweats, in such an afflicted patient from whatever cause.

mula : Can you say what the “New Austrian" Catarrh,

Zinc sulfate.
Asthma, Consumptiv remedy is ?
Trenton, Ohio.

} of each 15 grains H. SCHOENFELD,

Copper sulfate
Liquor plumbi subacetatis .

30 grains [Water absorbs, to a certain extent, noxious

Dilute acetic acid .

3% drams odors; but the practical results would not be

Mix, and use as an injection. appreciable. The practise of placing a bowl

The most accepted treatment is thoro curetof water under the bed is known in many sec

ting aster the necrosed bone has been amply tions of the country, and its reputed virtues exposed. The country practician can do this are legion. In certain malarial regions it is just as readily as the special surgeon, but he supposed to keep off the chills;

generally makes the mistake of making an insections it is used to “insure rapid and easy

sufficient incision to expose his operativ field, delivery of the afterbirth" in cases of confine.

or of being too gentle in his cureting. The ment; in other places it is said to "prevent operation may have to be repeated, even when bed-wetting by children ;” it is also said to

done by a master and experienced hand. be a certain (?) preventiv of childbed fever;

We could not say without seeing the case in still other sections it is supposed to insure what the probabilities for permanent loss of fecundity, etc. We had not before heard of function may be. The recuperativ powers of it being used for night sweats. It is, of

the bone in the young are often surprising, if the course, a superstition, and unworthy the atten- general health can be kept up to par.-Ed.] tion of the practician of medicin, provided the water is changed often enuf to keep it from

Editor MEDICAL WORLD :-Will the readers of The becoming foul. We have accidentally dis

WORLD please to write of their experience with specific

barberries in diseases of the skin? turbed such vessels with our foot when going Columbus, Ohio.

T. M. LIPPITT. about a confinement bed, and found it de- [We have no personal experience with the cidedly not fresh.

barberry. We quote from Materia Medica and This is our first knowledge that there is a Therapeutics, Fyfe, publisht by The Scudder “ New Austrian Catarrh, Asthma, and Con. Brothers Company, Cincinnati, Ohio, as folsumption Cure,” and unless some of our read- lows: “Barberry. Myrica Cerifera. The wax

in many

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