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Now let us analyze this letter. We will find All the charges made by Mr. Ruf are that Mr. Ruf, while a brilliant master of Eng- absolutely false. lish, is not always prudent nor truthful. Please They say that they “ have not changed" see on page 184, May WORLD, that I began their “ business methods in the least.”' How publishing formulas for acetanilid mixtures as long, then, are we to understand that they have early as 1893. Knowing that antikamnia was been sending their letters, literature and samples simply an acetanilid mixture, I was surprised to the preachers (and perhaps to other classes at its remarkable success. Doctors took to it, of the laity) directing them to purchase directly and I wondered why. I thought that its suc- from the druggist ? cess would be temporary, but I was surprised “The old gentleman!” This expression to learn of its continued success, year after astonishes me and causes me to look into the year, while its approximate formula had been mirror. Yes, I can find a few gray hairs, and repeatedly publisht. The only explanation I my hair is getting a trifle thin on top; but I feel could think of was the exceedingly clever, as young as ever, and this kind of work for the original and effectiv advertising that Mr. Ruf profession makes me feel younger still. It gave to the preparation, and that it was the makes me feel that I have a field of usefulness first preparation of this kind to be put up in worth living for. comprest tablets, and that each tablet bore a “Wonderful what a change a few dollars monogram, then original, and that skilfully de- will make!” And this from a man who has vised combinations of antikamnia with standard gulled a fortune out of the doctors, and who is drugs, as quinin, codein, salol, laxativs, etc., trying to gull another fortune out of the were made, and that each combination bore its preachers ! It is wonderful what a change a appropriate monogram. I was frequently led to little information will work.

little information will work. Mr. Ruf can use admire these business methods, but never have soft and Aattering words when he expects jourI extoled the “virtues of antikamnia,'' for Inalists to keep his methods dark; but what a knew what it was, and if the profession didn't change when the light is thrown on! And do know it wasn't my fault. At this late day the you notice that he says not one word about the doctors are realizing it-much to the discom- composition of antikamnia ? The truth is out, fiture of the antikamnia people. So much for and it hurts. that point

Ruf's “ Cajoling" Methods. Now, as to the next-please refer to the letter. Our advertising rates

The following correspondence of over a year

never “raised out of all proportion to the circula

ago will be of interest in this connection.

In an article by Dr. J. W. Curless, of Ursa, tion." Whenever our advertising rates have been raised, it has been because of greater WORLD, page 81,

occurred the following:

Ill., which appeared in the February, 1903, proportionate increase in our circulation. Now, the next point: The letters from our

I will give the readers my formula for an advertising department are always dignified; antikamnia, and can be compounded for less

antipyretic powder which I think is equal to we never have and never will stoop to “ ing, cajoling, threats and bulldozing." I defy

than twenty cents an ounce: Mr. Ruf, or anybody else, to show any com


190 gr. munication from THE MEDICAL WORLD office Salol

90 gr. that will substantiate this charge in the faintest Salicylate of sodium

180 gr. Citrate of caffein

20 gr. degree.

Triturate the caffein and salol well together; then As to “ethical blackmail ! ' Is publication mix the whole mass and grind well in the mortar." of the fact that antikamnia is an acetanilid In March, 1903, WORLD, page 112, is an mixture blackmail? They do not deny that article from Dr. R. E. Eagan, of Fontana, antikamnia is an acetanilid mixture, which any Kan., in which he gives a list of drugs which doctor or druggist can easily make, at a frac

he uses, one of them being antikamnia. tion of the price of antikamnia. If it is true, Please keep the above in mind while reading has not the profession a right to know it? As the following letter from Mr. Ruf, which is the to bringing them “ to time:" No, thank you.

most arrant attempt at “ cajoling" that has I don't want your advertisement. I blame

ever come to my notice: myself for not refusing your advertisement

St. Louis, U. S. A., March 4, 1903. years ago, and bringing these truths out more

THE MEDICAL WORLD, emphatically than ever. I was too much like

1520 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, Pa. other medical journalists, and also I thought

Gentlemen :-We thank you very much indeed, for

the reference to Antikampia on p. 112 of your March that your advertising was confined strictly

number. We are sorry that the reference on p. 81 to the medical profession. I did not know of the February number is not equally deserving of that you were reaching the clergy with your thanks, and we really feel that our long patronage of

your journal should exempt us from such assaults, letters and samples.

even tho we now find your price for advertising pro





hibitiv. We would gladly advertise with you at the Editor MEDICAL WORLD:-1 inclose check for old rate, but because we cannot see the value in your $4.00. Please send me “ The Story of New Zealand" journal which you place upon space, is no reason why and three World Binders. our long friendship should be severed. It is a plain I take this opportunity to say to you that in my business proposition with us. We cannot use $1,000 mind you are an ideal medical editor. Your light on horses in our business, but that is no reason why any certain subjects is very commendable, especially person who has a $1,000 horse to sell, should be

concerning the Brief methods. Sorry to see other on us,” for not buying it at his price. We cannot use editors whom we have learned to love and honor, putspace at over $200 a year for twelve issues, but that is ting into journalism practically the same methods. no reason why you should be angry with us for not A lady patient of mine gave me a letter yesterday buying your "horse" at your price.

which she had received from the Antikamnia ComRegretting that you should have deemed it advis

pany. It is as follows: able to publish the matter in your February number Dear Madam :-We are pleased to enclose you a to which we take exception, we beg to remain ever, sample of Antikamnia tablets. A sample of someSincerely yours.

thing good is a “good thing " to keep about the house, The ANTIKAMNIA CHEMICAL COMPANY, or for convenience, in your puise. Antikamnia tablets Frank A. Ruf, Prest, and Treas. will relieve all headaches, neuralgias, insomnia, and

especially woman's aches and ills. The enclosed To this letter I immediately replied as fol- booklet tells when and how to use them. Druggists lows: See if you can find any “coaxing,

everywhere sell them. FRANK A. RUF, President.

The booklet describes 122 ailments for which anticajoling, threats and bulldozing” in

kamnia is recommended.

B. D. SMITH. March 6, 1903.


An Illustration of Quack Methods. 1723 Olive St., St. Louis, Mo. Gentlemen :-Yours of March 4th is at hand, and it

Following is a fac-simile copy

of the wonis a great surprise to me. I do not see what you ex- derful Hoff Prescription for Consumption, as pect; I did not know what you meant by reference in February WORLD, until I carefully lookt it up. Did you

originally publisht in the New York Journal : suppose that you owned me, body and soul, and for eternity? Did you suppose that a business transaction between us in the past, entirely fair to both parties, would control my editorial course? I do not like the inference that your letter plainly makes, and I am surprised that you would write such a letter. Yes, and on re-reading the letter I see that you also drag in “friendship. You say no reason

why it should be severed”; I did not know that it was severed.

What you say about your advertising is all right; it is your own business. We have never complained about your managing your own business in your own way. We do not get sore” when an advertiser leaves us. We did not know that we were sore" on you, until your letter informs us of it; and yet even with this information, we are not conscious of it.

But the remark we cannot use space at over $200 per year for 12 issues” is the most foolish remark that has yet come to us in a letter from a business firm. You entirely disregard the factor of circulation. The Ladies' Home Journal gets $4,000 per page per issue, and shrewd advertisers that have used and continue adde to use their space, consider the price a reasonable one.

Assuring you that we have never thought of being 'angry” with you for not advertising with us, and again expressing great surprise at your letter just received, we are,

My XXX VI Very sincerely yours,


C. F. Taylor, Ed. and Pub. That is the way we do business—on a perfectly fair and frank basis, and “straight out from the shoulder." You see that all the

Can you make it out ? Do you think it was "cajoling" is in Mr. Ruf's letter, and not in

intended that any doctor or druggist, other mine. Yet, since he sees that he finds that his

than those in their own branch establishment attempt at “cajoling" did not work, he finds it as specified below, should understand the preconvenient, in a letter to an innocent and scription? Do you think that the medicin is uninformed third party, to charge me with the actually put up for each patient at this " cajoling," while he poses as an innocent and

branch? or don't you think that it is kept injured martyr!

in stock there, just like any other secret proWhen a medical journalist sets out to serve prietary, and dispenst in hand-me-down" the interests of the medical profession, regard style, just like other hand-me-downs ?" less of any or all private interests, his trouble Here is a copy of the imitation type-written begins. But this isn't trouble ; it is fun ; and letter, which accompanies the literature : it is a great satisfaction to know that much good handbook, also Professor Hoff's original prescription

DEAR SIR :-Agreeably to your request we send you is being done.

for the cure of consumption.

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To a busy doctor the idea is a good one, and in a great many cases he will sign a contract on the above plan. Now, if the doctor will take time to read the contract (which, by the way, the agent will try and prevent you from doing, by talking and directing your attention to other matters), he will find that you agree to send in not less than a stated amount of collections per year, and you also agree to remit to them the first $35 collected on said accounts, being, as they say, 5 years' dues. Should the doctor in his hurry sign the contract and find out its contents later, he will probably say to himself : "I won't send them any accounts, and then I won't owe them anything.' There is where they have him ; he has agreed to send them a certain amount of accounts each year, and if he does not do so, they sue the doctor for $35, and get it, as they have done a number of times. It's a scheme to catch the busy doctor, or one that doesn't take time to read what he is signing. They came near getting me, but I happened to read it over and told them it was a skin game. He backt out of the office without any argument. I write this thinking perhaps it will prevent them from working the scheme on a too much workt profession.-Thos. F. BRAY, M.D., in Jour. Mich. Med. Soc.

[Is this the old Comstock concern, operating from a new place, with slightly changed methods? Be on your guard. -Ed.]

This prescription can be filled safely and accurately only by skilled chemists who deal in imported drugs. Being a new discovery, two, at least, of the ingredients are not to be found in one drug store in a thousand. Skill is required for the reason that the greatest possible exactitude is demanded in the directions given by Professor Hoff. The proper amount of boiling and the after settling of the compound can be done accurately only by one who has practical knowledge of chemistry. Everything depends upon the purity and freshness of the drugs and the accuracy of bringing them together into one medicine, and when scientifically prepared, and containing the right ingredients, will make a perfectly clear, iransparent solution, as pointed out by Dr. Hoff in the fourth paragraph on page 13 of pamphlet.

One of these drugs is an active poison and must be distributed evenly and thoroughly throughout the mass in order to assure safety to the patient.

The distinguished Vienna physician has demonstrated that his prescription is also a positive cure for Asthma, Bronchitis, Catarrh and all other troubles connected with the breathing organs of the body.

Prof. Hoff says the diseases last named which are but the advance guards of consumption, yield readily to his treatment, requiring at the most but a few week's for their successful eradication.

If you desire to take no risks, and want to feel absolutely safe as to the exact ingredients and correct compounding of the mixture, you had better procure it here in New York City of the Eiker Drug Co., corner Nassau & Spruce Sts., who will send you the medicine, (a month's treatment,) all delivery charges prepaid and in plain package, upon receipt of one dollar, money order or registered letter.

We know the management to be of the highest char. acter and reliability, employing chemists of national reputation to compound the prescription. They took a special interest in the prescription from the start and also went to considerable expense in getting up a " Treatise on Consumption" containing, among other matters of vital interest, special directions for the use of the medicine for diseases other than Consumption, together with Dr. Hoff's advice on matters of Exercise, Hygiene, Rest, Sleeplessness, Fever, Night Sweats, etc., which they send with the medicine. This advice is highly important in the effecting of a complete cure.

However, our interest lies entirely with the safety of the patient, the proper compounding of the prescription, the use of pure and fresh drugs, and a warning against any concern that attempts to monopolize the prescription or offer auxiliary medicines in the shape of a $5.00 treatment in order to force excessive money out of patients.

We regret to say that several concerns are doing this. Sincerely yours,

THE JOURNAL RESEARCH Society. P. S.-We would be glad to have the names and addresses of any of your friends who are afficted and whom you think would like to receive prescription and book.

Do you notice the “pure drug" and the “ new discovery” racket in the above ? It is an old quack method to pretend to give a prescription, free, but the prescription is always a jumble, and can never be filled except by the quack who sets the trap. Warn your patients against these methods.

Editor MEDICAL WORLD:-Your journal has been worth twelve times-no, thirty-six times-its cost to me, by showing up the Comstock Collection Agency. I had no idea I had signed a note for $36 when I signed their contract, and was about to pay them when I saw your exposure last summer. And besides that, in the short time I cave been taking it I have seen many valuable suggestions.

E. L. Hills, M.D. War Road, Minn.

In this age of quackery, dead beatism and commercialism, I am much pleased to have some one take the stand you do. Your expose of the Comstock outfit caused me to give you my subscription. That outfit had been threatening to sue me for about a year, but I paid no attention to their bluff. And now these proprietary boosters, as the Brief, need the lash.-Dr. W. H. LANYON, Joplin, Mo.

Starch Bandages Not New. Editor MEDICAL WORLD :-I notice, on page 209, May WORLD, that Dr. Martin of Gate, Okla., says that “none of the works on surgery say anything about it," i. e. starch bandages. Now I have an idea that his works on

surgery are late works, which explains what he says. For the benefit of any who have no way of finding out, I will say that the first paper that was ever publisht in America on "Starch Bandages," was by Dr. W. H. Van Buren, of New York. This paper was publisht in the American Journal of Medical Sciences, May, 1840-sixty-four years ago. The French surgeons used starch bandages years prior to that date (See Velpeau's Operative Surgery, by Mott, Vol. i, 1847.) I will here say that Mayo, the great surgeon, in about the year 1830, used plaster of paris to set limbs. He learned it from Dieffenbach, who learned it from the Moors in Spain, in 1829. On page 229 of the first American edition of Druitt's Surgery (1848, according to the preface) starch bandages are spoken of. Vol. ii of Erichen's Science and Art of Surgery, 1885, gives directions as to how to make these bandages, but says that they dry

Methods of this Collection Agency. I was called upon today by a gentleman representing the International Collection Agency, of Syracuse, N. Y. If I am not mistaken this same company was exposed by one of the leading weekly journals a few months ago. Their scheme is to get you to promise to send in some bad accounts for collection. All the doctor had to do is to pay $7 per year as a membership fee, which, as they tell you, comes out of the collections; and all money is paid direct to the doctor.

too slowly; on the thigh it took from 36 to flourish without opposition, but when they 50 hours. Holmes and Hulkie (System of come up against a brother who is thoro in his Surgery, 1883) give directions also. System diagnosis, they fall quickly. I am only a of Surgery, by Dennis, 1896, Vol. iii, gives young doctor, but it does me good to come in directions for the starch bandage. Moullin's contact with one of the long-faced gentlemen, Treatise on Surgery, by Dr. Hamilton, 1893, in consultation, who is running the young speaks of the same bandages.

doctor down because he hasn't any expeBut Profs. Wyeth, Park and Bryant say rience." The patient or family invariably nothing about the starch bandages. And will say, “why Dr. A. didn't examin me, he lastly, in the System of Practical Surgery, by said I had congestion of stomach and bowels." v. Bergmann, translated by Dr. Bull, up to I endeavor to make a careful diagnosis, direct the close of Vol. ii, 1904, nothing is said of the right treatment, and cure my patient. them.

People like a doctor to take interest enuf in I have used starch bandages, off and on, for their case to find out their trouble. 27 years, and a few times have used Larry's Summer is coming, and infantil diarrhea plaster, i. e., white of eggs and flour, which with it. Keep the bowels rid of undigested was used in Napoleon's campaign by Larry. food; evacuate with small and oft repeated

I only write this to disabuse the minds of doses of castor oil, or grs. one tenth of calodoctors who may think that they have some- mel; then give zinc sulfocarbolate, suspended thing new.

CHEVES BEVILL. in elixir of bismuth or emulsion of bismuth. Winfield, Ark.

Do not check the bowels too quickly. Bathe

with cool water to control fever, and success For Enlarged Vein.

will follow. Editor TAYLOR :-Will you please say to

I would like to know if any readers of THE “La.,” page 216, that the “enlarged vein"

WORLD have ever had any experience with will disappear in from 3 to 7 months' time

chlorate of potassium in typhoid. under ferrum phos. 3x, 5 grs. t.i.d., in alter- Brookport, Ills. SHERIDAN WATERS. nation every other week with fluoric acid 6x, 5 grs. t.i.d.? I cure all my varicose vein

Ringworm. troubles with these two remedies, giving the ferrum phos. the first week and fluoric acid the

Editor MEDICAL WORLD:-If the brethren second week. Under this treatment there is

who want relief from the itching of the erupno need for an operation.

tion which wearies them so much (page 214, Jersey City, N. J. BAILIE BROWN. May World), will try the old, time-honored

black wash, it will give them temporary relief.

To diagnose: Touch with a good article of Success Due to Careful Diagnosis.

chloroform ; if the spot turns white, it is ringEditor MEDICAL WORLD :-I do not wish to flatter you, but I must say that if I have any I believe in shooting rifle shots; and when knowledge of what pure, honest journalism is, I read my journals and books, I hunt for one THE MEDICAL WORLD is "it.” I have been good thing that will do in all or nearly all cases. a subscriber only a short time, but since I Here is one for ringworm: began to read THE WORLD I have become im- R prest with it and have recommended it to Corrosiv sublimate

3 ss Oil of sassafras

f3ss many. I was for some time connected with a

Alcohol, q. s. ad.

fziv medical journal, and I know the many tempta- M. Sig:- Apply once a day; when the place gets tions in the way of an editor; I know what it sore, dress it with a simple ointment. means to cull the reading matter that comes in For children and persons with tender skins, for publication, and I think that the editor I use only five grains of the corrosiv sublimate that keeps clear of the many advertising traps

to the ounce. In stubborn cases I put fifteen should have great credit. Brother Lawrence, grains to the ounce. Try this, brethren, and of the Medical Brief, has fallen by the way

let me hear from you. side as an editor, but so have many others. Dalton, Ga. W. J. BROWN, M.D.

I desire to say that success as a practician depends in great measure upon our ability to

White or liquid petroleum is worthy of consideration make a correct diagnosis. There are many when one wishes a mechanical, rather than a medcalomel and quinin doctors in this country

icinal laxativ. It is soothing to inflamed mucous that go thru their work without practically any given to an adult in doses of two or three ounces, and

membrane, and it is promptly efficient. It may be investigation, simply prescribing at random children bear proportionately large doses very well. and calling every disease “congestion," or

Even infants will bear it nicely. It is practically taste

less, and has all the effect of castor oil without its the result of congestion. These M.D.'s may

These M.D.'s may nauseating qualities.


JUNE, 1904)

Herpes and Eczema-Eclectic Treatment of Typhoid Fever


Herpes and Eczema.--Maskt Malaria.-Coal- There was ample evidence of pregnancy, but Tar Derivativs.

not an indication of labor. Five grains of Editor MEDICAL WORLD:-In response to quinin, every two hours, were ordered, and " Texas,' page 214, May WORLD, would say morphin left, but not needed. Two months that herpes and eczema have an exasperating later labor came on, and was concluded before way of simulating each other. When I am in the doctor arrived. doubt as to whether a given case is eczematous Clearly, these were all cases of maskt ague, herpes” or “ herpetic eczema," I inquire as to and Dr. Moore struck the right chord when he attendant sensation. If this is a rather in- said quinin. definable discomfort of a burning nature, I feel But in the matter of coaltar derivativs he is justified in diagnosing it ringworm or other “way off” and “way back” according to my variety of herpes, and prescribe chrysophanic experience. The fact that tons aud tons of acid ointment, and it cures every time. That antikamnia, phenacetin, etc., are consumed involving the palms is most obstinate, but per

without the formality of a prescription, proves sistence and kid gloves will prove effectiv. On that they render some service, and hence find the other hand, if the attendant sensation be favor. That acetanilid at thirty cents a pound one of “ intolerable itching," I think eczema, will accomplish every good which these articles and the outcome justifies the conclusion. For at a dollar per ounce effect, goes without saying, this I prescribe a cerate composed of:

and is as safe as any sedativ in the hands of

those who know how and when. The profession Petrolatum

zj Beeswax.


first took up antipyrin, gave it in poisonous Salicylic acid

. 3ss doses, then deserted the field, leaving the bars Ichthyol.

. 3ss

down for these crafty fellows. Melt the wax and petrolatum with gentle

Ú. N. MELLETTE, M.D. heat-a lignted candle being sufficient; then Holdenville, Ind. Ter. add the powder, and, when dissolved, suspend the heat. Now add the ichthyol and stir Eclectic Treatment of Typhoid Fever. briskly to a smooth, brilliant, stiff cerate.

Editor MEDICAL WORLD:- I have no secrets Apply morning and evening, and rest assured

to keep from the profession. I might know a of good results.

good remedy that you do not, and if I do not Ďr. Moore's prescription of quinin, page

tell you, no one but my own patients will be 196, in a special case of dysmenorrhea, will ap

benefited by it. But if I tell it to the many peal to every “river bottom" doctor who has

readers of THE WORLD, thousands may be been diligent in gathering up the scattered threads.

benefited by it, and possibly some loved one Soon after I began practise, a

may be saved from an untimely grave. So let woman presented herself with a

sore eye, us tell each other our good things, and thereby red as a beet, and handkerchief wet with mop

make the world better by us having lived in it. ping. I gave her a dose of salts, and a collyr

Typhoid fever is doubtless caused by a ium containing two grains of acetate of zinc

specific germ; but it matters not what the to the ounce. The next day worse, and the fol

cause may be ; what we want is the treatment lowing worse still, but said when night came and

that will cure.

In the first place, everything eye-water was left off, the pain ceast, and so I

should be thoroly cleaned up and disinfected. reduced the strength one-half. Next day worse

Formaldehyde is an excellent disinfectant. than ever, and lids had to be separated to let

The stools should be burned, or buried. The the tears out. I accused the sunlight, and

direct remedies are antiseptics. The other urged seclusion, but she charged it to the eye

remedies are auxiliaries. At the beginning, a water, and wouldn't. To convince her of

mild laxativ or purgativ should be given in error, I discontinued it, but gave more salts,

order to cleanse the intestinal canal and and the usual evening let up followed. The

remove any morbid accumulation in that following morning she had a chill, and then I

tract. Then we should select the proper antibegan to think, and it resulted in morphin for the pain, and full doses of quinin every two

septic. The same antiseptic will not be indihours. The outcome was what our alkaloidal give a remedy simply because it is called an

cated in every case ; and it will not do to friends would call “jugulation." Twenty years later I was induced to go be- antiseptic. If the tongue is large and pale,

with a dirty, pasty coat, sulfite of soda is the yond my usual range to see a woman whom a

remedy. I usually write my prescription thus : doctor had attended in labor for nine con

R secutiv nights, but had finally gone on a jour- Sulfite of soda

31 ney to escape responsibility. When I arrived Water daylight was approaching, and the pains had

Dissolve the soda in the water, then add simple measureably subsided, as had been their wont.

syrup q. s. to make Ziv.
Sig.–Tablespoonful every four hours.

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