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Country Surgery.-Whiskey Vomiting. was hypertrophic cirrhosis. I told him frankly Cure for Stomach Diseases.

his condition, and advised him to let all alcoEditor MEDICAL WORLD:-Man 70 years holic drinks and everything which contained old, subject to retention of urin and to relief alcohol alone. by catheter. Taken as usual. Doctor could On July 31 I was called to his home to see not insert catheter. Consulting doctor also him. Against instructions, he had been drinkfailed, and lacerated and bruised the parts ing; in fact been on a spree. I found him greatly in effort. Decided to insert trocar with a temperature of 101°, sweating profusely, above pubis. Proceeded and drew off urin. partial coma, aroused with difficulty, relapsing Case left with the patient's son, a farmer, who at once into stupor- cholesteremia. Under said'he could operate. The son plunged tro- treatment he pulled around and in four days car in at same place every twenty-four hours was about as he was on July 17. Treatment until urin passed naturally. Recovery com- was continued, he coming to my office. He plete ; no trouble since; three years ago. was at my office on August 12, with condition

Farmer, aged 35; been drinking consider- unchanged. Could direct his farming, as he able, but not at time. Vomited everything; had done for years, and was in good spirits. no other symptoms. Thought bad water On the 14th I was again called to see him. caused it. I thought bad whiskey. Tried Found him in complete coma, slightly accelermany remedies, blister, morphin, bismuth etc., ated temperature, sweating as before, a bloody, no abatement of symptoms. Put case on 10 frothy saliva of offensiv odor running from his grain doses of mixture, 3 parts acetanilid, i mouth, full quantities of dark colored bile part soda, every three hours. Immediate loaded urin passing involuntarily. The day relief. 1

before, when he seemed as well as he had been For all ulcers, wounds, any kind of case, for some time, he drank between a pint and a apply acetanilid freely.

quart of hard cider, and in twelve hours he After trying all the fine-spun remedies for was unconscious. He never regained conthirty-five years, have discovered that a dose of sciousness, and died on the 16th, forty-eight soda bicarb. three times a day, with an occa- hours after he was taken. All of the secresional full dose of epsom salts, and a spare tions and excretions were colored with bile, fluid diet, cures all non-malignant stomach decomposed rapidly, were very offensiv, and diseases.

decomposition began almost before life was I glory in your position on “almanac jour- extinct. Altho the disease had so far advanced nalism.'i

No doctor should either patronize that a fatal termination was near at hand, he the Brief, nor prescribe the proprietary rem- could attend to his business, travel for miles or edies pusht by the editor. H. J. PARKER. work as he had done for years, and but for the Clayton, 111.

jaundice he would not have applied for medical

aid. Hypertrophic Cirrhosis of Liver.

Hypertrophic cirrhosis is rare, nearly all Editor MEDICAL WORLD:-) present the fol- cases of cirrhosis being of the atrophic variety. lowing case of a rather rare disease. July 17, Tyson says these cases always have an alcoholic 1903, J. J. R. came to my office for examina- history; Butler, in

history; Butler, in his Diagnostic Internal tion, tho he said he did not feel sick. Male, Medicin, quoting Osler, says "there is not usuaged 52, weight 190 lbs., which had remained ally an alcoholic history.' about the same for years. About a year previ- A medical lecturer some time since stated to ous he noticed he was turning yellow; on this his class that in hypertrophic cirrhosis where date the jaundice was complete and very pro- the craving for alcoholic drink was strong, nounced. Had been a free drinker for years, probably hard cider might be given with adwith occasional spells of drunkenness lasting vantage. In this case hard cider no doubt for several days. Physical examination re- brought on the cholesteremia which resulted in vealed a greatly enlarged liver extending down death.

Gavin Rawls. to and protruding the umbilicus. Distended Carrsville, Va. liver with smooth edges distinctly seen and felt thru'abdominal walls. Spleen enlarged. Heart Experience with a Collection Agency. and lungs sound. No pain, only sense of ful- Editor MEDICAL WORLD :-Seeing the ness over the liver. No ascites and no swell- account of the methods of the International ing of feet or legs. Temperature normal. Collection Agency of Syracuse, in the June Stools rather dark, otherwise normal. Urin World, will relate my experience with the loaded with bile, no albumin. The urin de- hope that it will prevent other doctors from composed rapidly, and twelve hours after being falling into the same trap. voided it became dark in color, coagulated in Almost two months ago a man called upon appearance, and very offensiv. The diagnosis me, saying he represented the International Law and Collection Agency of Dayton, O. the list. But I sent the money, and soon He said that all I had to do was to pay four there was a bill paid. I notified the company, cents for every claim filed with them for col- and they sent me an agreement (heavily underlection, and when creditors settled, to pay the scored) in which it seems that I have agreed to company 50 percent of the amount collected. make a report every ten days, and send 2c.

Well, I thought that half a loaf was better for each name five times, and that all the than none, so signed the contract and sent in money collected is theirs until $35 has been a list.

sent them, and postage, which will make about Later I read over the contract and discov- $50. Also I see that any failure upon my ered that instead of paying four cents for each part to live up to the contract makes their $35 claim filed, I had to pay four cents every DUE. twenty days for each claim filed, until six such

I guess they have taken the fisherman's inpayments had been made. So instead of pay- struction : “When you catch a sucker, bump ing four cents for each claim, I will have to his head.' I have another list almost ready pay twenty-four cents.

that I will not send in until I hear what The As soon as I noticed that, I wrote to them World has to say, and I have an understandand wanted them to cancel the contract on the ing with the company as to whether I am to pay ground of misrepresentation of contract, but 25 percent to the company, or all, and furnish of course they wouldn't.

postage. If I signed the kind of article sent to I have been in this deal two months now me today, I am a victim to auto-suggestion (by and they have not collected a cent for me. mail, postpaid), and must go to a specialist at “It is all going out and nothing coming in.' once and be dehypnotized. J. H. GUINN.

Am I compelled to remit every twenty days? Arkansas City, Kan. If it isn't too much trouble, let me know in [Now this is a surprise-two surprises ! the July WORLD.

J. B. MOUNT. First, that a WORLD reader could be caught in Buffalo, N. Y.

the Comstock trap, and second, that the Com[That is only a small penalty for the error stock people are still operating. This is the of not carefully reading the contract before first we have heard of them for about a year. signing it. You may be glad that it was not a But, as we have often said, schemers, when contract note" for about $35. When will exposed, will lay low awhile, and then “bob doctors learn not to sign any paper until they up serenely” as tho nothing had happened. carefully read it and understand its contents ? Doctors in the vicinity of the above address In the above case the doctor need not send any should be on their guard; and Dr. Guinn more claims. As to the claims already sent, should read up some more back numbers of we cannot decide how far he has involved him- The World, and learn all about the Comstock self without carefully examining the contract, Collection Agency. When will doctors learn which he did not send.-ED.]

to close their ears to what traveling agents say,

and when a document of any kind is handed The Comstock Collection Agency Again. to them to sign, read it carefully before sign

Editor MEDICAL World:- Find inclosed ing, and also exact a duplicate to keep for $1 for renewal of my subscription to The reference, and see that the duplicate is a true WORLD. A short time ago I had occasion to fac simile of the document signed? How often resort to various remedies in an obstinate case, will we have to go over this? In a few months with little results. I tried to call to mind a some other good doctor, but careless business remedy that I had used years ago but could man, will write us confessing that he has been not locate it until I dug up the numbers a "sucker.” Sometimes we think that all the of THE WORLD of 1888. This may be retro- blame should be put upon the suckers themgrade, but the remedy is doing the work. selves, particularly after they have had good

In the May number I see some mention of opportunities for getting their eyes opened. the airing of the Comstock Collection Agency. Of all men, readers of The World should Please find inclosed 10c. for a copy of that have their eyes open. At the very least, they issue. Some time ago the agent of that com- should know what they sign. Doctors should pany called and I made a contract with him to get their collecting done on commission, withcollect, and signed an agreement on a per- out any fee ; and the collecting firm should centage. In a few days I got an agreement, a furnish their own postage. There are young duplicate. He said that he had misplaced his lawyers in nearly every community who will

, and he wanted me to mail it to the company. undertake such collections on a commission I did so, and sent in a list almost $1,400. I basis.-Ed.] received a letter soon stating that I should have sent about $3 in stamps. My understanding $

Arsenic remains the drug of choice in the treatment

of chorea ; it is ably supplemented by hyoscin, chloral, was that no money of any kind was askt—just bromids, and iron.

.I OZ.

I OZ. 120 grs.

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Comstock Collection Agency.

largely for aborting or curing malarial chills A New Jersey brother writes us urgently as instead of quinin, as follows: Give a purgativ follows:

as soon as the case is seen, and 20 or 30 minutes DR. C. F. TAYLOR, My Dear Doctor :-I have re- before the expected chill, give a dose of the acefused to pay the Comstock Collecting Agency for no tanilid mixture. Then the patient lies down services rendered to me, except I signed a contract as a great many others have done. They have issued a

and sleeps and sweats instead of having the summons on me to appear at Hightstown (a remote chill. Repeat at next chill time, and immepart of the county) before a justice of the peace, next

diately put the patient on the following acid Monday. Will you kindly inform me at an early date what you would advise me to do.

tonic: We wrote the Doctor that one of their favorit

Muriatic acid

Nitric acid schemes is to bring suit in a distant part of the Sulfate of iron county, hoping that the doctor will pay rather Let stand 24 hours to digest ; then give 3 to than suffer the inconvenience, loss of time, 10 drops in water after meals. etc., that attending court in a distant part of He has been using this treatment since 1889, the county would involve. However, for de- with excellent results—much better results than tails we could only refer him to World for his neighbor physicians have gotten by the use last year. In order that others may post up, of quinin. should they have occasion, we give the following references in detail :

Formula for an Acetanilid Mixture. March WORLD, 1903,,

Editor MEDICAL WORLD :-I have been a

page 123 April beginning on page

163 subscriber to THE WORLD since your first May


issue. For many years I have used the folJune July


lowing: August



page 396

70 parts November "

page 496
Bicarbonate of soda

20 parts

Citrated caffein Rip Van Winkle, when he awoke from what

10 parts

M.-Dose, 5 grs., repeated as necessary. he thought was a sleep of one night and went

Whitesburg, Pa. J. A. KELLEY, M.D. down to his nativ village and found that no

Med. Dep. Wooster University, Cleveland, Ohio, 1874. one knew him, said, “ How soon forgotten !” And so are reminded now. Just last Journals.-Proprietaries.-Coaltars.year we showed this thing up thoroly and com

Preachers. pletely, and already doctors are again unwit- Dear DOCTOR TAYLOR :—Today's mail tingly signing contract notes,” and being brought me five medical journals, but as usual sued on them! “How soon forgotten !" If I never open the others until every single word I should be called away from the editorial in THE MEDICAL WORLD has been read and chair, by death or other cause, I suppose digested. The World is the journal for the it would be another case of “how soon for- busy practician, and especially the country gotten," and schemers would play upon the doctor. We all had plenty of theory crammed profession with old time energy, to their great into us while in college ; and since then when profit, and corresponding loss to the pro- we want more beautiful or pet theories we can fession.

find them in the latest text-books.

What we

want and what we need is an exchange of views An Acetanilid Mixture for Malaria.

and experiences; something not found in the Concerning the reference to him in May text-books WORLD, page 184, bottom of second column, I certainly admire the stand you take in exDr. Brodnax writes that he is not aware of the posing frauds, which would catch many a poor antikamnia people having copied his formula busy country doctor. My friend, uncle and as there given. He constructed the formula by colleague who admires and reads the Medical carefully watching the action of acetanilid,

Brief more than any other journal, was caught which he considers " the best medicin I have in the Comstock collecting trap---but I was ever used for nearly all purposes."


prepared for them by The Medical WORLD. he now usually uses piperin instead of the caf- Yes, I received literature and sample certificates fein in the formula there given, or as per the from the “Christian Hospital" of Chicago; following simple formula:

and daily I receive letters and circulars from Acetanilid .

100 grs.

investment concerns asking me to invest in Piperin.

corn, wheat, timber, mining, oil wells, etc., Rub well together, and dispense in powders but what small investment I can make I make of from 1 to 8 or 10 grains, according to age. at home, by loaning money to farmers and tak

In addition to the usual uses of acetanilid for ing a mortgage on the real estate. pain, headaches, neuralgia, etc., he uses this I admire the stand you take in regard to


6 grs.

journals pushing the use of proprietary med- is prescribing, and he should prescribe accordicins in their reading columns. Great Scott, ing to the needs of each particular case; but where is the medical profession drifting to ? some proprietaries are better prescriptions than Why some of the doctors in this community some doctors can write, and better from a never use a materia medica or the U. S. P.; pharmaceutical point of view than some drugall they want is a list of proprietary medicins. gists can put up. We admire the doctor who Has the medical profession, the greatest of all is self reliant, and able to think for himself, professions, come to the place where they are but until all doctors are so, there will be a willing for the proprietary commercial man to useful place for proprietary mixtures. Then do their thinking and prescribing ? No, there are proprietaries which require special not I.

facilities or machinery for their production. Almost daily, while in consultation with They occupy a useful place. The protected some of my neighbor physicians, they will sug- chemicals, each of which represents a scientific gest some one of the proprietaries, and I always discovery or creation, belong to a separate reply, “ Doctor, we are capable of formulating class.—ED.] our own prescriptions.” I never will use anything that I do not know the formula of.

I believe that the harm which the coaltar products “ Coaltars” are all right when not espe- produce is far in excess of any good that might be cially contra-indicated. Beware of them in any

derived from their use. There is no doubt whatever disease where there is an extra work for the

that their habitual use weakens the heart and so unfits

it for any unusual strain which might be at any time heart to perform, such as in pneumonia, or a demanded. Evidently the wide use of the coaltar general debility or weakness of muscles (which products is the real reason of so many sudden deaths

from pneumonia and other diseases which have be. of course includes the heart muscle) as in come so exceedingly fatal in the past few years. The typhoid fever. When I give any coaltar deriv- heart weakened by phenacetin is not able to cope with ativ I give acetanilid, either alone or make

the strain and so succumbs, and the death certificate

is made to read pneumonia when the afore-named any combination suited to that particular case. drug was the real cause of dissolution.-P. E. Howes, Yes, the preachers here are regularly sup

M.D., in the Eclectic Review. plied with samples and literature of antikampia. They use and recommend its use, and some few The Medicinal Versus the Surgical Treatof them become antikamnia fiends. Do I

ment of Diseases of the Veins. charge the clergymen? Well, yes, I most cer- Editor MEDICAL WORLD :--So many inquiries tainly do. I charge them the same way and have come to me from all parts of the country price that I do other people, but I don't col- asking for further information in regard to the lect it the same. My experience is that the treatment I suggested for enlarged veins, in the preacher is the hardest customer we have. He June World, page 248, that I am obliged in is a particular, pettish patient while sick, and self-defence to ask you to publish the following, when well will work schemes and tell lies just which I trust will be of use to the brethren who like any other fellow to avoid the payment of may have cases of diseased veins on their his bill.

hands. And first permit me to say that I owe Does the WORLD family charge a doctor's much of my success in the treatment of diswidow who is worth more than the physician eased veins to Dr. J. Compton Burnett, the called ?

brilliant homeopathist of London, who has The Doctor who aborts all his cases of pneu- given us a most valuable monograph on the monia-cures them all without a single death, subject, and also to the splendid article on is the man who can't make a correct diagnosis “fuoric acid” in Hughes' Manual of Pharmaof pneumonia, or has not yet shed his umbili- codynamics. Quoting from Dr. Herring, he cus in the practise.

says that “under its use, e.g. fluoric acid, in Long may the Editor live to publish the best dilutions from the fifth decimal upward, has journal in the world.

proved curativ of chronic diarrhea, secondary WALTER Dotson, M.D. syphilis of the throat and tongue, osseous Kempville, Tenn.

caries, whitlows have been blighted, fistulas [When the writer of the above dies, his lacrymal and dental) have closed, varicose family will have substantial assets in the form veins have shrunk to half their size, fresh hair of potes with real estate mortgage security, has grown on a bald head, moist palms have while the speculator-the "get-rich-quick regained their healthy dryness, chronic rhinitis man—will leave to his family a lot of worth- has been cured and rectal troubles alleviated." less paper-perhaps bearing gilt letters and “My own experience with it" (Auoric acid) large figures, but not worth a cent.

says the author Hughes, “in old cases of variAs to proprietary mixtures, wholesale and cosis of the leg such as we see at the hospital is indiscriminate condemnation of them is not very favorable." Now, laugh if you will, right. True, a physician should know what he doubt if you have a mind to, but if you are an

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earnest investigator and seeker after truth, try the result of the experience of better men than it for yourself and be convinced.

I am, that generally speaking most cases of When I first read the above article I did not general varicosis, varicocele and varicosed veins sneer nor doubt; I simply investigated for my- will be slowly but surely cured by the persistent self, and I found, wonderful to relate, that the use of ferrum phos. 3x, and fluoric acid 6x, half had not been told. With an extensiv pri- prescribed according to the indication for each vate and dispensary practise, among all classes drug. For instance, ferrum phos. acts brilof nearly every nationality, I have found that liantly in the old, and fluoric acid in the young, most cases of general varicosis, hemorrhoids, and both in alternation in the middle aged. varicocele and varicose veins yield nicely to the Hemorrhoids may be cured with a few weeks simple medicins that I make use of. But before course of nux vomica 30 and sulfur 30. Sulfur I mention them in their order, allow me to is a wonderful remedy. I do not know what I quote from Dr. Burnett on “General Constitu- would do without it. Not

your crude sulfur of tional Venosity." " There are," says he, the drug or corner grocery store, but the drug “certain subjects whose venous systems are in the potentized form, as prepared by some exceedingly prone to ail; if they have any good homeopathic pharmacy.

Almost any thing wrong with their hearts, it is pretty sure dilution above the twelfth will do. For myself to be the venous side of it; if they get dyspep- I prefer the 30th. Somehow I find, like the sia, it arises from congestion of the portal sys- masters, that it is more enduring in its effects ! tem of veins; if they suffer from headaches, it By the way, sulfur is the great portal system is from venous stasis; if they get constipated, remedy with Rademacher.

remedy with Rademacher. I do so wish that piles develop at once; if they stand much or every reader of The MEDICAL WORLD might wear a tight garter, they get varices of the read and ponder the article by Dr. Burnett in legs; if the uro-genetic system gets irritated his essays on the medicinal treatment of or injured and fails to get tone-giving natural the veins. Well, to cut a long story short, I relief, they have varicocele, or

or menstrual am constantly curing scores of cases of piles, troubles from dilated veins of the ovaries and quickly and pleasantly, with nux vomica 30 and broad ligaments, as the case may be. They are


30 in alternation. Some are cured in a constitutionally venous, and suffer from passiv fortnight, others in a couple of months. What venal congestions at all turns." Here, indeed, diet shall I prescribe ? 'I never bother about is a gold mine of most valuable information for the diet. Local applications ? Why, bless the thinking investigator, and here we have you, there isn't need of any. I think only given us the cue to the successful treatment of once or twice I did prescribe applications of a those troubles that are so common and usually little Pond's extract of hamamelis, but only annoying to the average practician.

once or twice. In a practise extending now over a period of Varicocele : Most of my varicocele cases, eight years, I can assure my colleagues that my and I treat some tough ones, are cured with success in the treatment of all these troubles, ferrum phos. 3x and fluoric acid 6x, in alternaby simple medicins, has been most gratifying. tion. Occasionally I have to call in to aid There is no secret about it, and if physicians these superb remedies (I quote from Burnett's would only throw their skepticism and bigotry Essays), aurum met. 3x, when the testicles are and prejudice to the winds, and investigate for very small and weak, and in those suffering themselves, there would be considerable less of from mercurialism ; silicea 12x, when there suffering in this old world of ours. But are sweaty feet or when there is the history of mark you, the law of similia similibus curantur suppression of the pedal perspirations and must be faithfully obeyed. It is only in obedi- when there are chilblains ; phos. acid 3x, ence to law of any kind that we reap any kind when associated with phosphaturia and pain in of benefit. For myself I am willing to sit at the testicles ; pulsatilla 3x will suit many cases the feet of the masters, and when they tell me and be especially called for in the obese and to do this' or do that I faithfully obey, and I those of lax fiber and tearful mood; your always find that my obedience is rewarded. sandy headed man of the blue eyes, for inWhen they advise me to give ferrum phos. 3x, stance. five grs., t. i. d., I don't curl up my lip and And now, to summarize, the vein remedies say to myself, “Well I guess five grs. of the which I have recourse oftenest to, I find are plain drug store ferric phosphate will do just as the following-I will mention the most imwell.” I have learned the lesson of obedience. portant ones in their order : Ferrum phos. 3x,

There is a difference between a crude and fuoric acid 6x, hamamelis 3x, aesclus hip. 3x, potentized drug, but I have not time nor space nux vomica 30, sulfur 30, silicea 3x, rhus tox. to unfold the mysteries of potentized medicins, 3x, aloes 12x. and so to be brief and to the point, let me say In closing let me say it is quite possible the that I find in my own experience, which is but good Editor of THE MEDICAL WORLD and

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