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Tobacco Habit.—Thymol in Typhoid.-Syr. the facilities for the treatment, subject her to Hydriodic Acid.

the X-ray; this will cure it permanently.-ED.] Editor MEDICAL WORLD:-1 write to ask you and your many subscribers for the best treatment for the tobacco habit. I find many persons suffering from the

Formaldehyde Poisoning. effects of the stuff who seem to be unable to quit without help. No doubt good articles have appeared in

Editor MEDICAL WORLD :-Will you be kind enuf

to give in your next issue the symptoms of poisoning your valuable journal heretofore, but it will not hurt

by formaldehyde? A doctor's office and clothes were anything to reopen this, to my mind, very important subject.

sprayed with the 40 percent commercial formaldehyde

diluted with a litile water but not much, just how What is your experience with thymol in typhoid much they could not say. Shortly after, those doing fever?

it were taken very ill. It is difficult to get much about Is hydriodic acid a better preparation than others to use to get the effect of iodin ?

symptoms of poisoning by formaldehyde, particularly J. M. COKER, M.D.

by inhaling. I have a library which' cost over $1000, Yellville, Ark.

and altho I can find considerable about formaldehyde, [Yes, the tobacco habit has been discust in

I can find but little about symptoms of poisoning by

it. The best I got was in Sajous' Cyclopedia, 1903. the columns of THE WORLD, and very thoroly Kindly give full symptoms in your next. The treattoo. We do not believe a demand exists to ment is simple. Many are using it, but few underreopen it when many other vital matters

stand its dangers. Two others here could find nothing

in their libraries about symptoms of poisoning, tho are waiting publication, yet the space belongs they have good libraries.

J. PHILP. to the family, and if communications of value Listowel, Ont., Canada. come in we will gladly insert them.

[When the commercial formaldehyde is used We have used thymol with great satisfaction as a spray, considerable care should be exerin typhoid fever, but there are other intestinal cised to get away from the fumes as quickly as antiseptics less costly which give just as good possible. There is some doubt as to the effiresults. The claims made by some as to its ciency when used as a spray, too. It is much power to abort typhoid are nonsensical. It better applied in the gaseous form from a is merely a good intestinal antiseptic, and properly constructed apparatus which can will do just the good such drugs do, and no throw the gas into a room which has been more.

completely sealed before starting the gas, and Do you not mean “to get the effect of the which can be left vacant for 24 hours afteriodids?" in speaking of hydriodic acid. As wards, and then well aired before again being used in the syrup it is a very weak preparation occupied. The following is taken from “ Pharindeed, and the effect of the iodids may be ob- macology and Therapeutics" Cushny, pubtained better in many other ways.-Ed.]

lisht by Lea Brothers & Co., Philadelphia :

.“ The vapor is very irritant when inhaled, Started with a Mosquito Bite.

causing stinging and pricking in the nose and

throat, salivation and tears, and bronchial irriEditor MEDICAL WORLD :-A woman patient of

tation and catarrh. In the few cases recorded mine was bitten by a mosquito, she says, last summer. Soon after, the finger began to itch and pain at the of poisoning in man, the symptoms were those place; a growth like a corn appeared, which she tore of gastric irritation and consequent collapse. out. Finally she came to me with a growth like a callus from a shoe rub, about as large as a pea, re

When swallowed by animals the watery soluporting itching and pains most of the time. Under the tion produces nausea and vomiting, which are idea that the mosquito had left either a part of his digging apparatus or some substance which acted as

followed by narcosis, coma, and in the rabbit an irritant, which stimulated the growth, I excised the by convulsions and opisthotonos. The respiragrowth and cauterized the base with 20 percent silver tion in the dog is very greatly accelerated nitrate. The wound healed in a few days, and now, three weeks after, the itching is beginning again.

some time before death, while in the rabbit What is it?

MILTON H. BAKER. this is not so markt, or is entirely absent. The Rogers Park, Ill.

blood pressure is increast at first and the heart [It is common for condylomata to take is slow, presumably from direct or indirect origin at the site of irritation, and such stimulation of the medullary centers. Part of irritation could easily have been induced. the formaldehyde absorbed has been shown to by a mosquito bite. It is not probable pass thru the tissues unchanged and to be that any portion of the insect remained in excreted in the urin, and it is possible that the the wound; if it had, a small abscess would whole of it escapes in this way. Beneficenti have developt instead of the condylomata. states that formaldehyde is a blood poison, The itching may have returned thru some causing alterations in the form of the cells and nervous reflex or because of imagination, or leading to formation of hematin. He is disboth the itching and the growth may have posed to look upon the effect as the chief factor occurred at this location if she had never been in the intoxication." bitten. If the growth should reappear, make The symptomatology of poisoning by formal. your next operation and cauterization more dehyde has not yet found its way into the text thoro. If the alarm exprest by the patient books. Phenomena now supposed to be due should justify it, and you have a machine or to the drug may later be found to have been produced by other causes, and it will take time is sometimes necessary to use cathartics in beto make up a definit list that will stand. The ginning the treatment until regularity is obfew isolated cases reported in medical journals tained; they are then supplanted by milder of poisoning by the drug can not now be col- measures, and as soon as possible the dose is lected for this department.-ED.).

reduced until they can be dispenst with alto

gether. If the sensation of desire for stool Editor MEDICAL WORLD :-Will you kindly tell me

occur at any time thru the day, it must be of a preparation or formula that will turn hair gray or

attended to immediately, even if the bowels white?" I am unable to find one, and inquiry so far have moved in the morning. It is merely a has failed to enlighten me. E. F. BURSON, M.D. matter of time and persistence.—ED.) Topeka, Kan.

[Full strength peroxid of hydrogen applied persistently will bleach hair a perfect blonde

Medical Advertisements in Newspapers. color, tho no koown agent will turn the hair a Editor Medical World: I have a friend who perfect white or gray.-Ed.]

intends launching a newspaper upon the community. He has signified his intention of omitting from its

pages all ads. relating to patent medicins. I would be Chronic Constipation.

pleased to see in a future issue of The World why

such a course would be the correct one to pursue. Editor MEDICAL WORLD:—Please give your opinion

The reason for my request is that I would like to conon the subject of chronic constipation. Is there any

vert completely this future editor. cure? If so, please state the same in your next num

Vienna, Mo.

0. N. SCHUDDE, M. D. ber and oblige an old subscriber. New York City.

[Any man of brains will admit that the [Chronic constipation is, in the majority of “ patent medicin business" is one that can instances, more a vicious habit of the bowels only exist by fraudulent claims made in such than a disease in itself. It is never cured by manner as to ensnare the ignorant or unwary. strong cathartics alone. The best plan of Will any man of honor assist, encourage, aid treatment is the one which strives to institute and abet the obtaining of money from those a regular habit of the bowel in evacuation, who should be pitied and shielded, rather than while endeavoring to restore the lost tonicity. deluded and robbed ? The publisher who Instruct the patient to go to stool every morn- allows such advertisements to appear in his ing immediately after breakfast, whether any sheet actually does this, and the money he resensation of desire for evacuation is present or ceives for the publication of such advertisenot; remain on the closet seat for at least ten ment is “ blood money," in all truth. It is minutes, but without straining. If a passage taken from those who are not only infirm in occurs, good ; but if not, repeat the procedure body, but also in mind; could degradation be each morning just the same. It will usually greater? be necessary to administer some laxativ medi. The better class of journals are now excludcin for some time after beginning the treat- ing advertisements of such firms as they style ment, but the dose can soon be reduced, and objectionable;

" this is understood to refer it can soon be withdrawn altogether. The to those who advertise means of producing patient should eat plenty of food known to be abortion and of restoring “lost manhood.' laxativ in nature, such as dates, stewed prunes, Of course this exclusion is not brought about stewed dried peaches, uncookt fruit, etc. Oat- by any lessening of their cupidity, but because meal and the prepared farinaceous foods are not the public is offended by the insertion of such so laxativ as popularly supposed; indeed, they advertisements. We doubt whether the firm are just the opposit with many people. Just that advertises a sure method of restoring the before retiring, and just after arising, direct a absent molimen does as much actual harm as large draught of water, hot or cold, as the those firms which advertise sure cures for taste indicates. Just before arising, clinch the cancer and tuberculosis. It is not a different fist, and knead the abdomen thoroly and matter at all; to exclude the one and to allow deeply for a period of ten minutes. Begin at the insertion of the other is to attempt making the head of the colon and continue upwards a distinction without a difference. Hence and across the abdomen and down the other those journals which act logically, exclude all side, following the line of the colon. Arise, medical advertisements, because they well don clothing, eat breakfast, and go to stool. know that honorable men who purpose doing If this treatment is thoroly and persistently what is right, do not advertise.

Thus they carried out, it will cure any case of chronic face the issue squarely, and do not dodge it in constipation. If the syringe be used, its use any particular. It is well known that some of must be discontinued as soon as possible, for the most barefaced and preposterous schemes the syringe habit is another form of slavery as to delude the public by medical advertisements bad almost, and in some respects worse than

are heralded in the religious (?) press; great the constipation itself. In the worst cases it the shame.


As a

Many of these nostrums are not only in

Nocturnal Emissions. tended to delude and rob the unfortunate who Editor MedicAL WORLD:-Has any of the WORLD invest in them, but they are constructed with family ever castrated a patient for the relief of nocturthe diabolical intent to create a habit for their

nal emissions? I have two patients seeking this oper

ation for that condition. One about twenty-two, had use, from which the victim can not escape; had stomach trouble, and more or less neurasthenia thus they obtain a regular customer and are

while a boy ; as puberty came on emissions began; he

grew worse until he was unable to work; had treatenabled to pay the publisher who will insert ment which would help some, but he would drop back their advertisements, with the money they and get worse, Finally a physician started him on have won by creating cocain, morphin and

morphin, which got him on his feet, but he says he is alcohol fiends.

not able to work; can get along on six grains of morDoes your friend thirst for

phin a day hypodermically, but still has emissions such money?

If so, why does not he estab- occasionally. The other fellow is about seventeen, prelish an opium joint instead of a newspa

senting all the symptoms of this class of patients, and

growing gradually worse ; is a thin, badly-nourisht per? It would be quicker and more profit- boy. Treatment is helping him very little, and he able.

doesn't want to follow the example of No. 1 and take Nine of the best and most successful papers

morphin. I should be glad to hear from the WORLD

readers on these two cases, as to the advisability of publisht by the Methodists began this year by operating; whether the operation has been done for excluding all medical advertisements. Several

that condition, the results, etc.; also medicinal treat

W. VA, of the leading papers in New York, Boston and Philadelphia no longer disgrace their [We hope not. If we ever learn of any of columns with nostrum advertisements of any our readers performing such an operation solely sort. Both the religious and lay press of the for the relief of that symptom, we shall immeupper stratum are beginning to feel the indig diately proceed to “haul them up before the nation prevalent among thinking men in the Sanhedrim forthwith." Why, such an operamedical profession and among the laity, yet

tion would be a confession of abject ignorance much missionary work remains to be done. on the part of the medical profession. We If you convert your friend before he is dragged have too many methods of abating such sympinto the disgrace and shame of publishing toms without resorting to mutilating surgery. such material, you will have done well.

And our heartiest condemnation is upon any concrete example, see The Ladies Home practician who would willingly inveigle any such Journal." This magnificent and high-class sufferer into the toils of opium habituation; it magazine does not accept medical advertise- is unnecessary and uncalled for, and is the ments. Instead of the management being treatment of the charlatan and quack aggraembarrast by deciding between respectable vated. Any of the modern text books of the and acceptable medicals (if there are any of better class will give you full information that sort) and the objectionable sort, they long regarding the treatment of such conditions. ago decided to exclude all medicals. True, We admit that a perverted and worried mind perhaps they thus lose many thousands of might lead a man to ask such an operation at dollars that would readily flow to their coffers the hands of a physician, but such request is in return for space given to such advertise- sure proof of the weakness of the mind. No ments, yet does not their policy pay hand- perfectly sane and sound-minded man would somely in the end ? Their space is well filled make such a request. Remember that your with attractiv and respectable advertising that patient is an opium fiend. To do as he asks would not seek these columns if they were now would bring upon you his curses until his filled with nauseous medicals, and the readers death, and were we the operator, we should are thus attracted to the advertising columns very much fear his early vengeance for the outas well as to the reading columns. Thus a large rage perpetrated upon him in the name of sciand respectable clientele of both advertisers ence. If he will not submit to rational treatand subscribers is attracted and held. It pais ment for a sufficient length of time, refuse to to be clean and respectable, if it is done with attend him further. Let him remember that courage and ability. Money has been unable he did not get in this condition in one day or to tempt THE MEDICAL WORLD to publish one month, and that he can not expect you to speculativ advertisements, and its reading

and its reading cure him in any such abbreviated period, but columns have fearlessly exposed frauds upon the that he must follow your hygienic directions profession of all kinds. Perhaps much money quite as implici'ly as he takes your drugs, and has been lost; but our subscription list is thru a long period of time. But also rememgrowing, our subscribers pay (they have to- ber, and have these two patients to know, that we are working for them, and not for any pro- an occasional emission in early manhood is not prietary medicin or supply house), and our pathological, and should not be so regarded by subscribers have confidence in our advertising doctor or patient. Let your standard be the columns, and this tends to attract advertise general health ; as long as that is good, occaments of the better sort.–Ed.]

sional emissions are not doing any harm.-Ed.]

Pure. Food Laws, Etc. My Dear Doctor TAYLOR :- This is the eighteenth dollar that I have sent you as a subscription to THE MEDICAL WORLD, and yet there are more. I congratulate you upon your past, your present, and your future. I know many doctors who read The WORLD with interest who, like myself, do not like your spelling, your politics, nor your therapeutics; yet we all like you and THE WORLD. You are uplifting the profession, humanity, and justice, and we bid you God speed, and send our little dollars as evidence of good faith.

In the near future will you kindly give us an idea of the present working of the pure food laws, if we have any? The condition of manufactured food products in the United States is deplorable. Meats are inspected for export, but not for home consumption. Waverly, N. Y.

FRED'K A. REW, M.D. (We think that Dr. Rew is an eclectic. If so, it is certainly all right, for we venture that no medical magazine has more eclectic readers than THE WORLD, not even the leading eclectic journals, and there are some good ones. We mention this merely because it may account for Dr. Rew not liking our therapeutics. We say frankly that we do like the therapeutics of the eclectics, only we do not believe in them er. clusivly, and perhaps we are not as thoroly acquainted with them as a Simon pure " eclectic. However, the eclectics have done and are doing enuf good to justify a hearty God bless them.

As to spelling, we predict that in twenty-five years the orthodox and then recognized spelling will then be far more advanced toward simplification and rationalization than that found in The MEDICAL WORLD today. Somebody has to lead ; why not we? We are taking only a little step, and an easy step, and that in the direction of the recommendations of the best English and American authorities.

As to politics, there are none of a party nature in THE WORLD. We have some economics and sociology. If Dr. Rew and his friends do not like what we present in this line, they are showing the best, most commendable, and most hopeful spirit-toleration. We heartily congratulate our friends upon this spirit, for the exercise of it by us all will surely lead finally to harmonious understanding and agreement.

Concerning pure food laws, the Constitution of the United States allows every state to take measures for its own “ police protection," and this term embodies all such measures as laws which look to the protection of the health of the citizens. Each state, therefore, must pass its own laws in this respect. Several states now have “pure food laws." They work very satisfactorily, after they have been in existence long enuf to admit of their imperfections being eliminated, where the citizens take enuf interest in them to see that they are enforced. Some states with such laws have reacht a much higher state of perfection than others, mainly because they have been in operation longer, or because the citizens have taken a sufficient interest in them to see to their enforcement and improvement. Doubtless if you were to bring this matter to the attention of your local assemblyman or state Senator, it would not be difficult to get the matter before the state Legislature, provided New York does not already have such a law; on this point we have no information. If such a law is on the statute book, get your assemblyman to send you a copy, and see if its provisions are being complied with in your section. If such a law is being violated, take measures to see that its provisions are enforced. This is the practical way of getting at these things. No law is of value unless enforced, and the manufacturer of food products will hardly be the one to enforce such a law if the consumer neither demands it nor cares for its enforcement. The Legislature can make the law, but its enforcement rests with the citizen himself, and in this respect many are most remiss, and of all citizens, doctors are the least account when matters of this kind come up.-ED.)

Toleration. Dear Editor World:--I like to read The WORLD, I suppose it is because of its liberal principles. I do love liberty. I honestly feel sorry for the man who styles himself “doctor," or physician,”, that is so contracted as to think his system of curing diseases the only one. Such men are naturally getting where they belong, that is, in the background-they are slowly but surely having to go way back and sit down." The real facts in the case are, that as yet there is no perfect system of medicin. I seriously doubt if there ever will be. Just how far suggestion (hy this I mean the various isms of healing) goes in the curing of disease, I must confess I am at this time not prepared to say. That people are healed without medicin, we must admit. You say, “Oh, yes, when they are there is nothing the matter ;” well, that's all right, Brother; but draw the line if you dare. Hence, I say, that when a little one-horsed, two by four doctor swells up and says his is the only system of medicin, that he is "it" ad infinitum, ad nauseam, it reminds me-well, I was going to say, of some of our socalled ministers that get up and tell the people that their religion is the only one, and-but if you will excuse me, I'll not refer to any. thing so sacred; or in other words, try to stick to my text. The strong probabilities are, that such men will die in their sins, from self-asphyxiation-or a kind of autoinfection, as it were.

have said over and over again, and now I repeat it, that the egotism in the medical profession has been and is today its worst enemy. In fact, it seems to be the principal stock in trade of some would-be physicians. I also feel the deepest sympathy for the physician that styles himself

regular," "eclectic,'' “ homeopathic,' osteopath,” etc. I have been dubbing myself" oculist," and I am thinking that it is not the proper thing either; why not just say physician and let it go at that. Not the only physician, but physician only. Of course, there are no such physicians in this neck of the woods, but as the darkey says, "we'se all hearn tell on um.' I wish to say further, that some of the best men I have ever known are peddling pills." Great big, honesthearted fellows they are. But, oh, how they need consistency-in fact, how we all need it! Truly has it been said, “Oh consistency, thou art a jewel.

Well, excuse me, Brother Editor, for this abrupt visitation to your quiet quarters. I will state that I am prepared for any old kind of a roast (I don't eat roast pork, however, nor dead hog in any form) that you or any other brother should choose to give me, I'll try to be at the “meetin'." Later on I may decide to swell up and come again. I enclose $1.00 for next year's subscription to the World, which I don't feel is enuf, but it is all you ask. Joplin, Mo.

FINIS L. ANDERSON, (Yes, it is well to avoid religious subjects, or eren religious comparisons; for the easiest and quickest way to get a fight out of the average man, or woman either, is to refer to his or her religion, thus proving that there is little, if any, real religion present. Even the most innocent question sometimes is like a red rag to a bull; and when it comes to arguing, their meanest nature comes to the surface. This is true in proportion to the narrowness of the religion entertained. Perhaps this remark, which is a gospel truth, may cause some of our readers to “bristle" as they read it, thus proving its truth. But this readiness to fight for narrow religious concepts is much less prevalent and extreme than it was a quarter or a half century agotimes easily within the memory of many of us; and in earlier times it was still worse. As people learn more, they become more tolerant-and more truly religious. The same is true in medicin and in politics. Let us open ourselves to every source of light, and strive to find the truth.-ED.]

After applying a plaster-of-paris splint, if the hands are washt in water containing sugar or molasses, all traces of the plaster are readily removed, and the skin is left as soft and smooth as if the hands had not toucht the plaster.

Copaiba, in to minim capsules every four hours, has proven of decided benefit in cirrhosis of the liver.

CURRENT MEDICAL THOUGHT calcarea carb., chelidonium, lycopodium, nux

vomica, and sulfur. Notes From our Homeopathic Friends.

Pleurisy, dry stage : - Administer bryonia or

esclepias in uncomplicated cases. Associated [We are askt occasionally how our homeo

pneumonia or phthisis may require ferrum pathic brethren would treat certain conditions, phos., kali carb., phosphorus, or squills. A and herewith append some brief notes from rheumatic cause may suggest the employment Practical Medicin : Lawrence.)

of colchicum or rhus; and nephritis may afford Hemoptysis :—Place the patient at rest in a indications for arsenic, canth., or merc. corr. semi-recumbent position, let him swallow small Sloge of effus on :- The lessening of pain as a bits of ice, and administer such remedies as result of the development of an effusion sugaconite, arnica, erigeron, ergot, ferrum phos.,

gests a change to such remedies as apis, geranium, hamamelis, hydrastinin hydrochlor- arsenic, cantharis, or sulfur. ate, ipecac, and millefolium. In grave cases Bronchitis :-During the dry stage, with morphin may be given hypodermically.

painful cough and scanty expectoration, such Appendicitis : -Early in the attack such remedies as ferrum phos., bryonia, or squills remedies as belladonna, bryonia, colocynth, are indicated. Hyperesthesia of the larynx, cuprum, nux vomica, and sulfur may be given; with tickling cough, suggests hyoscyamus ; the onset of suppuration calls for mercurius or while sensitivness to external pressure, which hepar; and peritonitis frequently affords indi

excites cough, indicates the need of rumex, cations for the use of such medicins as arsenic,

sticta, or lachesis. Ipecac and apomorphia cantharis, and merc. corr.

aid in promoting secretion; and the appearConstipation : Never use a purgativ if it

ance of free expectoration calls for antim. iod. can be avoided. More useful medicins are or kali bich. Cyanotic symptoms may denux vomica, suggested by ineffectual urging to mand tartar emetic or antim. arsen. COstool, with headache, nausea, bad taste in the existing laryngitis may call for such remedies morning, and often hemorrhoids; and strych

as phosphorus, spongia, belladonna, or hepar. nin, which in atonic cases may be substituted for nux. Cases with symptoms of portal hyper

Some Points Gleaned from Our Eclectic emia, especially if diarrhea alternates with

Friends. constipation, are benefited by sulfur. Hydras

The eclectics count on specific thuja as a tis is suggested by sensations of epigastric weakness and sinking, sour eructations, and aged, provided no paralysis exists. It is said

certain remedy in dribbling of the urin in the hemorrhoids, and hard stools coated with

that in doses of five or six drops it will relieve mucus. Opium is indicated for the complete nocturnal incontinence if neither preputial intestinal torpor which occurs in old people or adhesion nor phimosis be present. which follows acute diseases or lead colic; the feces are hard and dry. Bryonia may be

An Eclectic prescription for gonorrhea : given when similar stools are due to lack of

Aqueous thuja

. I ounce

Colorless hydrastis . intestinal secretion, especially in irritable Warm water

4 ounces hypochondriacs. Many other remedies may

Mix, and direct; inject every 3 hours. be suggested by ass ciated symptoms.

Pulsatilla, in 15 minim doses, is recomTape worm : - Precisely the same remedies mended highly in chronic catarrh of the used by the rational school are recommended : stomach; it is given before meals. The folethereal extract of male fern, kousoo, pome

lowing prescription may accompany it: granate, and pumpkin seed.

Echi acea.

.1% 2 ounces Biliary colic :-During a paroxysm of biliary

Water enuf to make four ounces.

Mix, and direct a teaspoonful after meals. colic some relief may be obtained from the

Use sanguinaria in dry cough with tickling application of heat and the administration of

or scratching sensations in the larynx; but in symptomatically indicated remedies (bella

explosiv, spasmodic, or persistent cough use donna, calcarea carb., nux vomica); but since

drosera. the pain is essentially mechanical, only an

If lime be splasht into the eye, wash it opiate can be expected to afford decided relief. Morphin, gr. 74, with atropin, gr. ito,

out thoroly and immediately with dilute may be given hypodermically, and in aggra

vinegar. vated cases inhalations of chloroform may be Give phytolacca and hydrastis internally in necessary.

When the attack has subsided, the lupus. patient should be placed on a diet free from For warts on the margin of the eyelids, take alcohol, fat, sugar, and starch. Medicins 20 grains of salicylic acid (do not use the should be selected in accordance with the in- synthetic drug) and rub it up well with a few dications present; the most important are drops of glycerin, then with an ounce of

I ounce

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