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will certainly wish to accept. See his advertisement on page 5.

fection and yet can be freely breathed by the patient, is required. It is right here that the Vapo-Cresolene Co. present their admirable Vapo-Cresolene.. And not only in Pneumonia, but in Whooping-Cough, and in many other conditions. See adv. on page 22.

Dawlish, England. ! I have much pleasure in stating that I am constantly in the habit of ordering Valentine's Meat-Juice, and three months ago my own child took a large quantity of it, and, in fact, would take scarcely any

other form of{nourishment for many days. He was suffering from Pneumonia after Whooping-Cough.

FRANCIS M. CANN, M.R.C.S.; L.S. A. Medical Director Dawlish Cottage Hospital, late House Surgeon, Guy's Hospital.

Norwood's Tincture of Veratrum Viride is a grand old remedy; and always bears the signature of its originator, Dr. Wesley C. Norwood, of Cokesbury, S. Č. (See United States Dispensatory). This is the standard preparation of the drug, and it stands for the best. Its importance is well known for restoring and maintaining the normal circulation of the blood. Hence, it is widely indicated in various diseases. Indeed, it is the common thing for the progressiv physician on seeing any case to first be sure that this remedy is not to be used. Its range of usefulness is large. Prepared only by The Shakers' Society, Mt. Lebanon, N. Y.

Physicians in the vicinity of Chicago all know of the colossal house of Sears, Roebuck & Co., but it is probable that many physicians in the East and West and South do not know them. Almost anything that man needs, can be bought of Sears, Roebuck & Co. We have before us their catalog of Surgical Instruments and Physicians' Supplies, and we advise every physician who sees this, to send for one. It will interest you to see with what thoroness an enterprising firm can do things. See adv. on pages 14 and 15.

Don't let your proper and necessary stock of surgical instruments get low ; keep it in good condition ; if a saw needs repairing, have it repaired immediately and of the more necessary instruments you should by all means have duplicates. And in ordering them remember that you can order by mail just as well as not. Don't handicap yourself by buying at home if you can do better abroad. See Mr. Frye's advertisement on page 28, and give him a trial.

Have you a good hypnotic, on which you can rely? Have you tried Daniel's Conct. Tinct. Passiflora Incarnata? It is highly spoken of; one letter before us saying it " is unexcelled in its ability to supply nerve vigor and to reduce nerve derangement.' See adv. on page il.

E. F. Kirksey, M.D., Joplin, Tex., says: "'The General Practitioner as a Specialist' received several weeks ago. It is exactly what I was looking for. Not a superfluous chapter in the book. Have paid five times the amount for treatments of opium, alcohol, and tobacco addiction not as good as yours.” See adv. on page 24.

“Accidents Prevented.-The rule of many physi. cians is to administer Dioviburnia in teaspoonful doses, four times a day, one week before the time for periods, during the last three months of gestation. Experience has convinced them that Dioviburnia not only prevents miscarriage, but also facilitates parturition. To obtain satisfactory results, great care should be taken to avoid substitution." Dios. Chem. Co. See adv. on page 33.

Are you acquainted with Naphey's Wafers ? See adv. on page 19 and try a box.

The Natural Body Brace is an invention of comparativly recent date, and yet it has already gained a great following. Many of your female patients need proper external support, and no doubt many of them -even those wearing supports of various kinds-do not get it. In such cases, why not try the “Natural?See adv. on page 4 and send for catalog.

How about a case of six full quarts of real Kentucky Whiskey for only $5 and the freight paid ? That is the offer on page 22. Many physicians use whiskey in their practise, and in using it you should see that you get the right kind.

No matter if you do ordinarily use a buggy, you should have a road cart for rough work; and some will prefer them for every day. But get the right one. Sargent & Son have a record of 2,000 of their Genesee carts sold to physicians. See adv. on page 22.

How willingly would the majority of physicians dispense with their morphin and other' “drug addiction" patients! Their treatment is so unsatisfactory. Then why not dispense with them ? and send them to the Fairmount Home, which makes such treatment a specialty ? See adv. on page 26.

Probably nearly every physician uses morphin, or codein, or both, in his practise, and yet he knows their great dangers. Why not try Glyco-Heroin (Smith)? Its makers recommend it in the following strong terms: “Glyco-Heroin (Smith) as a Respiratory Sedativ is decidedly superior to the preparations of opium, morphin, codein and other narcotics, as it is devoid of the toxic or depressing effects, which characterize the latter, when given in doses sufficient to reduce the reflex irritability of the bronchial, tracheal and laryngeal mucous membranes." See adv. on page 29.

Syrup of Figs sounds like quite a fancy name, and some physicians like only scientific names. But do not be too sure about the soundness of a desire for scientific names only. Some of your patients are children and some are fidgety, semi-hysterical women. With these such a name sometimes goes far, and the fact that the principal ingredient is Alexandria Senna should certainly satisfy the physician, and the fancy name may often give him cause to thank the farsighted manufacturers that gave it. See adv. on page 32,

Pneumonia is nowadays considered a general infectious disease, due to a special germ, and not, as was formerly believed, a local condition resulting from exposure to cold. It is therefore of the utmost importance that once it appears in a household, every precaution should be taken to prevent its spread to other members of the family. As the germ is carried through the air, this cannot be accomplisht by fluid disinfectants ; an unirritating and non-poisonous antiseptic which is sufficiently powerful to destroy the in

Your office should be equipt with a reliable and efficient surgical chair. Investigate the McDannold before buying any other. The Philadelphia agent told us a few days ago that he and his brother (who also has a Pennsylvania agency) have within a comparativly short time sold 1,200 McDannold chairs, and that he has never received one complaint of the price. See adv. on page 21.

Send to Mr. Pennock for his latest list of second-hand

(Continued on page 166.)


with it, we will send a high-grade one-minute clinical

thermometer (worth $1.00 or more) and a trial ounce During the past fifteen or twenty years various forms

of Thermol, either in powder or 5-gr. tablets-both the of pain, as neuralgia, headache, dysmenorrhea, sciatica,

thermometer and the trial ounce of Thermol for $1.00. etc., and high temperature from various causes, have Literature free. See address below. been controlled in an almost magical manner by a new The great desideratum of the age has long been a class of remedies : The synthetic chemicals, or coal-tar reliable and non-toxic antiseptic and germicide that will derivatives, chiefly of German manufacture. Antipyrin, not disturb the stomach and bowels, that will be readily and acetanilid are prominent members of this class of

absorbed by the stomach or bowels, or both, and reach preparations. But, as is well known, the magical relief

the blood as an efficient antiseptic and germicide, renderfrom this class of remedies carries with it a grave danger: ing that fluid inimical to bacterial life, without disturbing That of heart depression, with cyanosis and profuse sweat- its physiological integrity. ing. Cases of sudden death from this cause have been Dr. S. Lewis Summers, an American specialist in many, but the greatest harm, which has become very

organic chemistry, took up this problem, beginning with wide-spread, is the insidious injury wrought by occasional

guaiacol as the basis of his operations, that being the best doses of these remedies.

basis to start from. He chemically combines guaiacol, It was thought that European countries contained all benzoic acid, and formaldehyde, three of the most powerthe talent and scientific attainments for the production fuland most non-toxic antiseptics known. Th invasion of remedial chemicals. But at last Yankee inventive

of germs is frequently by way of the lungs; and benzoic genius has come to our aid, and the result is, a group acid, being an expectorant, is ready to meet the invaders of chemicals far more efficacious than the aniline prod. at that point of invasion. Formaldehyde, being graduucts (sometimes called dye-house chemicals), and what is,

ally given off, is a perpetual reinforcement to the guaiacol, still better, they are absolutely safe, being free from the

which is always on deck throughout the system. depressing qualities of the foreign drugs.

The definite chemical compound formed by this comThe first preparation perfected, was one intended to bination is called Guaialin. Chemically, “Guaialin is the cover the wide field involved by the two leading symp- benzoic acid ester of methylene-diguaiacol, obtained by toms met in the practise of medicine, namely, Pain and

passing formic aldehyde gas through an admixed heated Fever. The mode of manufacturing it is very compli- solution of benzoic acid, guaiacol and phosphorus oxycated, involving many chemical actions and reactions

chlorid, It is a pea-green-colored amorphous powder that cannot be entered into here, but those interested in which contains over 60 percent of guaiacol, 30 percent of this phase of the subject may obtain full details by writing

benzoin, and about 7 percent of formic aldehyde. It us. In brief outline: We begin with carbolic acid, then possesses the antitubular, antipyretic and alterative tonic add nitric acid, producing nitro-phenol; then ethylate properties of guaiacol, plus the virtues of its other constitit through the influence of bromide of ethyl; then it is uents." This quotation is from the American Druggist. reduced to the anide group, and afterwards condensed We present here only as much of the chemistry as will with the two acid radicals, acetic and salicylic acids, the interest the practical doctor, and emphasize the thera. product being a white, crystalline powder.

peutics of this important chemical, knowing that there It is the therapeutic value of any medicine that the is where the value and usefulness lies. It was with the practical physician is interested in. Here is the strong therapeutic aims in mind that this combination was point of this preparation, the object sought in its prepa- devised. ration being therapeutic efficiency combined with safety. The problem was, to produce a substance that would This preparation is practically tasteless, and does not

not irritate the stomach, that would pass into the bowels, disturb the most delicate stomach. Its action is that of

and there, without irritation or disturbance of any kind,

dissolve in the bowel juices and go into the general system, a sedative to the nerve centers, particularly the thermo- rendering the blood inimical to the growth of germs. center, thus controlling heat at the point of physiological

Guaialin is the successful solution of this problem; and control. It assists elimination by way of the kidneys

as its constituents pass out of the system by way of the

lungs and skin, these portals are guarded, and as much and the sweat glands, by means of gentle relaxation of is excreted by the kidneys, the urine is rendered both those parts. At the same time it is antiseptic, inhibiting aseptic and antiseptic, this feature being of great value bacterial growth wherever it goes in the system. The

incidentally in many cases.

The therapeutic applications are apparent: Tubercucombined result of all these actions is the elimination of 198is, pneumonia, bronchial catarrh, catarrh of the digestfever and pain. Thus sleep is invited, delightful rest is ive and genito-urinary tracts, all acute infectious diseases, obtained, and Nature returns to her task of repair and


A few years ago a Texas physician got remarkable rejuvenation.

results in pneumonia by the liberal use of one of the This remarkable preparation is called Thermol, and preparations of guaiacol. He was so enthusiastic that its therapeutic application is almost endless. As a tem

he set on foot a collective investigation, and the reports,

which were many, were uniformly favorable. It is our porary remedy, it gives speedy and safe relief, without wish to get Guaialin (the safest and most efficient subdepression, in headaches, neuralgias, sciatica, painful

stance that can be put into the system to probibit the menstruation, and all painful conditions. As a leading

growth of micro-organisms) before your attention for the

pneumonia season, which is now at hand. We hope, in feature in the treatment of serious and protracted cases, this way, to be instrumental in diminishing the mortality it is invaluable in typhoid fever, pneumonia, peritonitis,

in this disease, which is so widespread, increasing so rheumatism, remittent fever, etc., etc., also in all menin

rapidly, and which is becoming so much more fatal than

formerly. Give your pneumonia patients a total of from geal inflammations. It has been on the market now for 90 to 120 grains of Guaialin daily in divided doses, and about four years, and has been thoroughly tried, tested

note the beneficial results ! It cannot injure. It will and approved by the medical profession in all parts of

combat the disease, and help the patient to conquer the

disease. the country. The above mentioned claims have been Send $1.00 Money Order, and we will send you a highmore than fulfilled. Wherever known, the demand for grade, one-minute, self-registering clinical thermometer Thermol becomes steady and increases rapidly. Sales

(worth more than $1.00), and one ounce of Guaialin,

either in powder or 5-gr. tablets. Literature free. are rapidly increasing, both through the trade and direct

Address with physicians, as many physicians seem to prefer to order direct from us, again and again, as our books amply

ORGANIC CHEMICAL MFG. COMPANY show. The price to physicians is 85c. per ounce. In order

Successors to Liberty Chemical Company to introduce Thermol to physicians not yet acquainted 2559 N, SYDENHAM STREET, PHILADELPHIA

and new books, microscopes and supplies, laboratory supplies, etc. Do you want to make some experiments at the least possible cost for apparatus? Mr. Pennock can help you out. See adv. on page 20.

down." Drs. W. W. and C. R. Arnold, Colorado Springs, Colo., April 5, 1898: “In our practise we have found your Malt Extract of great service in the treatment of wasting diseases, as it is in every sense of the word a nutrient Tonic."


Versions and flexions often originate in inflammation of the parenchyma the womb, pelvic peritonitis, and diseases of the appendages. The result of hot water douches followed by the astringent, antiseptic alterativ Medicated Uterine Wafers (Micajah & Co.) is reported in some cases as marvelous.

See adv. of Wm. V. Willis & Co. on page 1@. Mr. Willis knows the surgical instrument business thoroly, and anyone who cannot get just what he wants, and at the proper price, at the store of Willis & Co. must be very hard to suit.

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Some physicians get into the rut of always ordering from one house and never paying any

attention to any other. That is hardly a wise plan. There are several excellent houses in this country, and any one of them is apt to bring out something new and of great worth at any time. If you are in touch with The N. Y. Q. & Chemical Co. of New York, well and good, but if not, you are doing yourself an injustice. See their adv. on page 25.

Dr. F. J. Butterworth, Tamaqua, Pa., August 19, 1898: “I am delighted with your Best' Tonic. Stephen T. Beale, M.D., Philadelphia, Pa., August 29. 1898; I believe that Pabst Malt Extract is the best Tonic there is for a person who is weak and run

Dr. H. F. Waite, 1502 Marshall Street, Philadelphia, says: Anasarcin has proved itself of the greatest value in severe cases of rheumatism and dropsy, and has obtained markt success in gout. It has also achieved splendid results in an old-standing case of cystitis, no other drug being used."

Alterativ and Tonic: What do you use? Are you

(Continued over next leas.)

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We were the first producers of glandular extracts in the world. Our products are standard extracts, not "desiccations." We make all Thyroids, Suprarenal, Ovarian, Parotid, etc.

PHOSPHO-ALBUMEN is the original–the pioextracts. Its formula appeals to progressive physicians and has received the endorsement of many eminent clinicians, and mention in many recent text-books as a most valuable therapeutic agent. Its action is rapid and permanent in all morbid conditions involving the

circulation, nervous system and nutrition. A specific in Dysthetica. Send for special literature.

We will furnish to physicians who have not already received samples,
a commercial size bottle of the liquid and tablets of Phospho-Albumen for
trial. Liquid by express, excepting express charges. Tablets mailed,
postage free. Specify TABLETS OR LIQUID when ordering.



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Upopposed village and country practice, given successful with it? Can you use it in a sufficiently $1500

to purchaser of my office furniture, and small wide range of cases? Or is its use very limited ? If stock drugs. Address, Dr. G. L. Zimmerman, Bloserville, Pa. you cannot answer all of these questions satisfactorily to yourself you should try Elixir Six Iodides. Better

, :

operating and office chair, medical books, instruments, etc. send for literature anyway. See adv. on page 11.

Good condition. Liberal discount. Send stamp.

Box :8, Indianola, Neb.

PH, Marshall's Buggy Cases—a line bound to be attractiv

HYSICIAN (office business exclusively), desires partner for

halt interest. Profits last year, $9000. Partnership price, to any up-to-date physician. See adv. on page 4. $2000. Investigation solicited. Address D., care of MEDICAL

WORLD. "As a Brain and Nerve tonic it has stood the test of

FOR SALE-$2,500 practice in town of 700 in Illinois. One 17 years, and is still unequaled for the treatment of

other Doctor will sell for cost of drugs and office fixtures.

Good reasons. Address C., care of MEDICAL WORLD. paralysis, locomotor-ataxia, epilepsy, neurasthenia, senil and general debility, etc. Quoted from the PH

HYSICIAN WANTED-Location for physician who can

speak German. Good farming country (nothing to buy). advertisement of Freligh's Tonic. See adv. on page 3. Good chance for someone. Address, Box 47, Pulcifer, Wis. Tyree's Antiseptic Powder, for leucorrhea, gonor

buildings nearly now; worth $2,500, for $2,000 ; with unop

. rhea, gleet, and all such conditions, should have your

posed village and country practise ($2,000 to $3,000). free to purattention. You can spend a great deal of money on

chaser. Southern Illinois. If willing to pay cash for something

really valuable, address, “Uricemio, " care of M&DICAL WORLD. this class of preparations if you wish to, by paying for the water that is with them, but Mr. Tyree is selling 143

ACRES nice land in Minnesota to exchange for doctor's

property and practise, or drug store, Dr. Gage, Stockonly the powder, leaving you to mix it with water and

port, Ohio. so make your own solution. The powder itself sells at a very low price. This merits your attention. See

$1,300, given to purchaser of $1,200 property. Consisting of ady. on page 25.

dwelling, and separate office. Half cash; balance easy terms.

West central Minois. Address, "F,” care of MEDICAL WORLD. More and more physicians are using telephones. Send to Elliott Telephone Co. for information. See


village practise in New York State. Address with stamp, adv. on page 6.

Dr. M. L. Greenfield, Durhamville. N. Y. Bovinine-the original beef blood preparation has

to house. Variety fruits. Catholic schools. Healthy place

for Sanitarium, or retired physician, Doctor Gatton, San Antonio, firmly withstood all competition, and it remains today, Florida. probably the very best known blood preparation in ESTABLISHED practise free to purchaser of residence. Adthis country if not in the world. It is used by physicians all over the United States, and in many different kinds of cases. Does your patient need nourishment, for a good location furnished. Address, Box 197, Bridgebut cannot retain or absorb nourishment? Try Bo

port, Ohio. vinine. See adv. on page 7.

1No led or Mich.

Will buy practise, office outfit, etc. No real

estate. Address, Physician; 533 W. Van Buren St., Chicago. Unguentine-the first thought in burns-is now put up in a variety of convenient and efficient forms. You

tunity of a lifetime, for the man who wants to step right into can now get it in Cones, for rectal use; in Crayons, a $2,000 a month practise I must have help. A half interest to a for urethral use; in Pessaries, for vaginal use; in hustler, at a very reasonable rate. Dr. Reynolds & Co., Pencils, for intra-uterin use, and Rhinalum Wafers Atlanta, Ga. for Nasal use. All who have used Unguentine will be

Wou interested in these convenient adjuncts. See adv. on

OULD like to correspond with a young doctor who could

attend to my practise during March 1904. A. O. Gery, page 31

M.D., Chapel, Pa.

ESTABYou collections Mr. Charles Killgore-the New York chemist-pre

3,000. Excellent schools and churches. sents his Mistura Creosote Killgore as a creosote prep

good. Address, with stamp, “Business ”, care of MEDICAL

aration that will be readily tolerated by the most deli-
cate stomach. This will mean much to those physi-

NAP-$2,500 buys seven room dweiling, barn, 30 acres, unop-

posed practise in piney woods, 30 miles from Savannah, Ga. (Continued over next page.)

Address, Dr. L., Hinesville, Ga. ILL some brother assist me to find a country location in A

RARE CHANCE-$2,500 business for price of property

$2,500. All buildings in good shape, fitted with modern pay expenses from the start. Address Daniel Howard, 37th and

conveniences and an abundance of soft spring water constantly Lafayette Ave., Newport News, Va,

running. 95 per cent, of business is good. No long rides. A new

office and very convenient. Will introduce new man. This is a F FOR SALE-Private sanitarium with large private practise, fine thing for a young man starting, who means business. N. E.

Clears $100 to $500 monthly. Sickness. Very cheap. Some telephone in office and house, Address or call on Lock Box io, cash. Doctor, 115% West 4th St., Pueblo, Colo.

Felchville, Vt.
FOR SALE--Physician's residence and practise. Ten miles
from Louisville, Ky. Good society, churches, schools, roads

BARGAIN-Drug store on railroad; annual sales $3,500.

No opposition within five miles. $1,200 practise free if and pay. An ideal location. Dr. Quesenberry, Worthington, Ky. purchaser be physician. Address, Dr. Oliver McEuen, Shannon$2500

Practise and $100 in office fixtures for $500 dale, Mo.

cash. Best section of California. One other doctor; plenty of work for two.

Buys physician's residence, ten rooms, two lots.

$1750 Dr. Jones, 230 North San

County seat of 1,600. Good chools, churches, Joaquin Street, Stockton, Cal.

roads and pay. Thorough introduction. A snap. Address

“Nebraska," care of MEDICAL WORLD. Sanitariums. For particulars address, "The Medical Echo,"

in Lynn, Mass.

physician. Address, Doctor R., care of MEDICAL WORLD.


See MERCK's MANUAL, Page 24.


Instead of the

NERVINE and SEDATIVE “Does not produce bromism

nor disturb stomach."
Clinical Reports to Physicians.

MERCK & CO., New York

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