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securing the general adoption of the suggested amendments -


We feel it a duty to recognize the above tendency, and to adopt

it in a reasonable degree. We are also disposed to add enul

(enough) to the above list, and to conservativly adopt the follow.

C. F. TAYLOR, M.D., Editor and Publisher ing rule recommended by the American Philological Association :

A. L. RUSSELL, M.D., Assistant Editor

Drop final "e" in such words as “definite,”. “infinite,"

" favorite," etc., when the preceding vowel is short. Thus,

spell “ opposit, preterit," "hypocrit," " requisit," etc.

When the preceding vowel is long, as in . polite," finite,"

SUBSCRIPTION RATES: To any part of the United States,

• unite," etc., retain present forms unchanged,

Canada, and Mexico, ONE DOLLAR per year, or FOUR YEARS We simply wish to do our duty in aiding to simplify and ration-

for THREE DOLLARS; to England and the British Colonies, alize our universal instrument-language.

Five SHILLINGS Sıx PENCE per year; to other foreign coun-

tries in the Postal Union, the equivalent of 5s. 6d. Postage

free. Single copies, TEN CENTS. These rates are due in

Keep Your Affairs Straight...


HOW TO REMIT: For their own protection we advise that This is January—the beginning of a new

our patrons remit in a safe way, such as by postal money order,

express order, check, draft, or registered mail. Currency sent

year. Have you closed your books for last

by ordinary mail usually reaches its destination safely, but year, and settled, by cash, “truck" or note, ,

money so sent must be at the risk of the sender,

your out-standing accounts? If not, do it

We cannot always supply back numbers. Should a number fail to

immediately. An account loses value the

reach a subscriber, we will supply another, if notified before

the end of the month.

older it gets. It is surprising how accounts

Notify us promptly of any change of address, mentioning both old degenerate in value by age. Every day makes

and sew addresses.

a difference ; every week makes a greater dif-

If you want your subscription stopt at expiration of the time paid

for, kindly notify us, as in the absence of such notice we will ference; every month a still greater difference,

understand that it is the subscriber's pleasure that the subscrip- and if you let a year go by without seeking

tion be continued, and we will act accordingly.

and obtaining a settlement, many accounts

Pay no money to agents unless publisher's receipt is given.

will then b of no value at all. If you are


rusht, and anxious about patients seriously


ill, employ a book-keeper and collector, if

1320 Chestnut Street

Philadelphia, Pa. even only temporarily, to attend to this part

of your business for you. Perhaps you can


No. 1

arrange to employ some good man in your

town in this way for a couple of weeks every

Language is a growth rather than a creation. The growth of

our vocabulary is seen in the vast increase in the size of our diction- few months, if your business does not justify

aries during the past century. This growth is not only in amount,

but among other elements of growth the written forms of words are

steady employment-say the latter few weeks

becoming simpler and more uniform. For example, compare Eng. of every quarter—March, June, September and

lish spelling of a centnry or iwo centuries ago with that of to-day!

It is our duty to encourage and advance the movement toward

December. If you have been neglecting this,

simple, uniform and rational spelling. See the recommendations make a beginning now-don't wait till March.

of the Philological Society of London, and of the American Philo.

logical Association, and list of amended spellings, publisht in the

On the other hand, pay everything you owe

Century Dictionary (following the letter z) and also in the Stand-

ard Dictionary, Webster's Dictionary, and other authoritativ

as promptly as you wish to be paid. Don't

works on language. The tendency is to drop silent letters in some let bills against you accumulate, and then

of the most flagrant instances, as ugh from though, etc., change ed

tot in most places where so pronounced (where it does not affect

press all at once, thus embarrassing you and

the preceding sound), etc.

injuring your credit. And see that you pay

The National Educational Association, consisting of ten thous-

and teachers, recommends the following:

for every medical journal that comes to you.

"! a meeting of the Board of Directors of the National Educa-

tional Association held in Washington, D. C., July 7, 1898, the

If there are any coming to you that you do

action of the Department of Superintendence was approved, and not want, pay up to date and stop them. If

the list of words with simplified spelling adopted for use in all pub.

lications of the National Educational Association as follows:

any come to you without seeming to expect

tho (though);

program (programme); pay, suspect them. Look for covert adver-

altho (although);

catalog (catalogue);

thoro (thorough):

tisements in the reading matter, and if you

prolog (prologue);

thorofare (tboroughfare); decalog (decalogue);

find that they are publisht in the interest of

thru (through);

demagog (demagogue);

thruout (throughout);

pedagog (pedagogue).

certain preparations or firms, refuse to take

"You are invited to extend notice of this action and to join in

them from the post-office, and instruct your


If you

post-master to send notification of refusal to If you have a surplus, and if you have no publication office. Keep on the lookout, and debts, if your home and family are satisfacyou will get your affairs straight; then keep them torily provided for, if your library, office, and straight. This is what every man should do. driving equipments are up to the proper stand

ard, what will you do with your surplus? In

the first place, turn a deaf ear to the specuSpeculation and Investments.

lator. Realize that illness and disability are Say, you fellows who invested in oil stocks, possible ; that old age is certain unless death gold stocks, copper stocks, and other spec

supervenes; that misfortunes are possible; ulativ schemes during the boom in such that the proverbial “rainy day” is coming ; things before The MEDICAL WORLD forced and that when these things come, you will want the sharks to seek other fields, how many of something better than stocks of defunct comyou are now receiving dividends from these panies to depend on. Put your money in a investments? How



could get your safe place, or get your banker or lawyer to help money back if you wanted it? How many of you invest it in first mortgages on property you would like to get your money back, but known to you, keeping the amount well within can't? Where have gone your dreams of wealth the assessment valuation for taxation purposes and an easy time?

--say not exceeding half the assest value. "That You have, perhaps, continued to work hard,

will protect you against future depreciation in and have saved up some more money.

value. Do this for ten years, and if your didn't get a settlement from all your patrons for neighbor invests in “get-rich-quick” schemes the year during December, in order to start the for an equal time, it would be interesting for new year right, you ought to have done so, and

you and him to compare notes, but you know the best that you can now do is to do it during without waiting ten years that your course this month January. It is best to have your would lead you toward competency and compatients st ttle every month; but in some parts fort, and his course would lead him to poverty. of the country, particularly the parts depending on crops, only yearly settlements are possible. Occasional payments may be made

The Typhoid Fever Epidemic at Butler, during the year, but complete settlements are

Pennsylvania. impossible in many cases except at the close of One of the fiercest epidemics of modern the year. Well, you have made your yearly times is raging at Butler, Pa., a town of about collections, settled all your debts, if you had 18,000. Within a few days after the outbreak, any, paid for all your medical journals (you over 1,200 cases were in existence and from should take from four or five to a dozen) for 15 to 20 new cases were registered daily. The 1904 (including The World for four years in mortality was not high when the conditions were advance for $3.00, if you are not already a taken into consideration, tho of course accurate four-year subscriber), and you have a surplus. official statistics are not yet obtainable. All What are you going to do with it? Going to parts of the town were affected, and no condispeculate again, and lose it?

tion or age was exempt. Professional men Now let us think together a little while, and were stricken impartially with the laborer; the see if we can't find something better to do with people of means, living in luxury, quite as it. Do you own the house that you live in? If much as the poorer classes living in squalor. so, does it need repairs? Has your

At the outset, nurses, physicians, and domestic thing she needs, and all that she deserves ? Is help could, in many cases, not be obtained. the education of your children progressing sat- Appeals for help were sent to adjoining towns, isfactorily? How is your equipment for your and a corps of physicians, nurses, and Red work? How about your need for instruments Cross Societies hurried to the scene. The and appliances? How many books have you State Board of Health visited the town, and bought during the past year? How about your after an investigation, establisht a temporary driving equipment? Answer all these ques- headquarters on the ground. The inhabitants, tions satisfactorily to yourself before you allow thoroly alarmed, were quick to follow sanitary yourself to think of speculation; and if vis- suggestions. Every one began to boil all water ionary speculativ schemes ever again tempt you, for potable use. do please realize that “get-rich-quick "schemes At this writing the epidemic seems to be nearly always, we might say always, result in subsiding, but the town has been warned to anxiety, worry, and poverty. Don't throw prepare for at least a six weeks'. further siege. away any more of your money. “Taking a The lay press is reporting three to four deaths flyer" is only throwing your money away. It daily, which will doubtless be greatly increast is foolish and silly. Leave it only for fools- when the majority of the cases get into their and be careful not to be one of them yourself. third and fourth weeks. Scarlet fever and

wife every

diphtheria are present in the town, but neither less than $3.00, and who makes many of them, is widely diffused.

cannot understand the conditions which conThe trouble arose from the water in the town front many of his humbler brethren, and he reservoir becoming infected. The bacteriolog- should learn something of the facts before ical reports on the water at the present time do expressing his condemnation. not show any very bad conditions, and it is hoped Such a form of contract practise is entirely that the worst is now over. We will give our ethical, and no blame should attach to those readers a fuller report when all the facts are who engage in it. The other form, where it obtainable. The lesson is a severe one, and is entered into with the sole idea of getting the publication of the circumstance cannot be too money away from other practicians, is iniqui. widely diffused. Every town of that size could tous in its conception and disastrous in its well afford to have some official whose business results. If any hardship be the result, it is it would be to watch the water supply and see upon the doctor who engages in it, and not that it remains safely potable. Failure to take upon his neighbor. It is useless to bring the such action may result in epidemics elsewhere alleged deleterious effect upon the laity into of equal virulence and extent. The people of the discussion, for upon the class of people Butler gladly cooperated with health officials, where this plan is in operation no ethical quesonce they were told what they should do ; tion would be germane, since their single idea doubtless had they been instructed earlier, their regarding medicin and doctors is to secure response would have been no less prompt. medical service without paying for it.

One Phase of Contract Practise.

Early Involution of the Uterus and After

pains. It has become common among the profession to condemn without qualification any

Many practicians allow their obstetric papractician who accepts contract practise.

tients to suffer severely, and doubtless in many This is, in many instances, wrong. Where

cases to lay the foundation for aggravation of the practician accepts or endeavors to secure

slight indispositions which may occur in the contract practise solely for the sake of getting

course of the puerperium, by failing to relieve the work or of excluding competition, we ad

the annoying after-pains from which so many mit that the plan is hardly ethical, nor is it

women suffer so acutely. There is no logical for the best good of the profession, the laity,

reason which can be adduced in support of nor the practician. Yet all thru our country

such a course, and the reason given by such there are remote locations about industrial practicians (that such pains are caused by uterin works where competition is unknown ; there is

contractions which are expelling clots and are only one doctor within reach, and he accepts

a part of normal involution which ought not to

be interfered with) merely reveals ignorance of contract practise for the following reasons : His patrons are often unable to pay fees com

the true conditions confronting them. There mensurate with the services rendered, and

is no more reason why a woman should suffer hence make no effort to remunerate the prac

with painful post-partum contractions of the tician, trusting to his compassion if misfortune

uterus than reason why she should be allowed overtake him. Hence, if he trusted to their

to be rackt with any other kind of relievable voluntary payments, he could not exist. Con

pain. The uterus will contract just as well if sequently he accepts from them a certain

the pain is relieved, as if it is allowed to torture stipend, paid monthly from the office of the

the patient. company. This fee is often ridiculously small, Hirst, in his Text-book of Obstetrics, that we

The matter is so well treated by Professor sometimes being but $1.00 per month per family, yet in the aggregate it often amounts

quote him verbatim : to several hundred dollars per month of cer- The involution of the uterus has been described as a tain and steady funds. We know many end. But as it depends primarily

upon the contraction

continual process, moving on evenly from beginning to instances where such an arrangement is in of the uterin muscle fibers, it is indicated graphically operation, and the doctor has a fairly lucrativ by a series of waves, representing contractions of the

uterus of more or less force and frequency and interpractise, where if he trusted to his clientele to

missions of less firm contraction; the retraction of the pay him after they got their wages in their uterin muscle, however, maintaining fairly well what own hands, he would be compelled to move

is gained by contraction. Each case has a certain

degree of individuality ; in one the contractions are immediately. There is, moreover, a certain firm and the intervals between them are short; in amount of charity connected with the plan,

another it is the reverse, and all gradations may be

found between the extremes; but while there are in because the practician can thus afford attention

every case individual peculiarities, the action of the to those whom he could not possibly relieve in uterus after labor is governed by a few general laws. the ordinary course of hit and miss payments.

Thus in primipara, the uterus being more powerful,

better supplied with muscular tissue than it will ever The practician who never makes a visit for

be again in a subsequent confinement, contracts so

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