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Frye's Pancreobismuth is presented to the profession with no half-hearted claims. Mr. Frye invites comparativ tests-chemical or physiological, and says, “If you test it yourself, we shall prove all we claim.” See adv. on page 8 and send for free sample.

Dr. W. C. Abbott, the champion of alkaloidal medication, quotes an American Professor of Chemistry as saying, Late investigations show such variations in the activ principle content of the barks, berries, herbs, and roots from which our usually used preparations are made, that 95 percent of the socalled galenical medicins can but be so unreliable that definit therapeutic results by their exhibition cannot be produced.” See adv. on page 13 and send for literature on the subject.

Have you a perfectly satisfactory stimulating food for use in your very weak patients convalescing from Typhoid or similar conditions? If not, the merits of clam juice should receive your careful attention ; and the advertisement on page 30 headed “Convalescence from Typhoid ” will interest you.


All State Board Medical Examinations Instruction Personally or by Correspondence

For anything in the line of elastic stockings, bandages, or supporters of any kind made to measure, you will be satisfied with the workmanship given you by Messrs. G. W. Flavell & Bro. See adv. on page 21.

(Continued on page 22.)

As time is an important factor, I give as much attention to showing what NOT to read as what should be carefully studied.

Physicians removing from one State to another can obtain valuable assistance, and save much time, trouble and money.

Address DR. R. J. E. SOOTT, Domilt Disponsary 230 Street and Second Avonuo Now York City

, now yielding $2,500 annually, town of 1,500 or over, in Kansas or Tennessee. Give full particulars. Dr. M., 305 South Vine St., Nashville, Tennessee.

Flavell's Superior Appliances

Are offered to Physicians at Net Prices


ference of
K. L. M.


office supplies. A bargain. If you mean business address Dr. Fansler, Box 4, Rowlesburg, W. Va.

, . One other physician. Thickly settled; rich farming community. Collections 95 percent. Dr. Crouch, Chesterfield, III.

Practise and property in northwestern Ohio, at

a bargain. "E. F., care of MEDICAL WORLD. FO FOR SALE-An unopposed practise, either with or without

property, in a northern New Jersey town; population 3,000. Rich surrounding country. Two physicians formerly occupying, and leaving, on account of practising a specialty in city: Purchaser will be introduced to the people. Address P. O. Box 41, North Paterson, N. J. TRONG-OVINGTON High Frequency Coil. Also Kinraide

. Swett, 30 Middlesex Ave., Reading, Mass.

. Nothing to buy. Good opening. For particulars, address with stamp, Dr. Roth, Red Hill, Pa.

ANTED-Location, Illinois or Michigan preferred. H. C.

...K Silk Elastic, 83.25 Thread Elastic, $2.50 FLAVELL'S UTERINE SUPPORTER

We Solicit the Physician's Patronage Direct.
Net Price for Physicians $2.00




Give measuro 2 inches below

State if for Prolapsus, Retroversion, or Anteversion. Navel.

a plete book of from one number to a full volume of THE MEDICAL WORLD. Price only 350. each, or Three for $1.00. Address


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Goods sent by mail upon receipt of price. Safe Delivery Guaran

teed. Reliable Goods Only.

G. W. FLAVELL & BRO, 1005 Spring Garden St.

Philadelphia, Pa.


Detroit Fur Co., 253 Woodward Avo., Detroit, Mich.
DOCTOR! Write me for my Circular. I want to

tell you more about my Gas Lamp. It will give you “more light.” It is a "Good thing."

Physicians' and Dentists'

Electric Air Compressors

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It can be Carried Horseback or in Overcoat Pocket.

They start and stop automatically by variation of air pressure.

Average cost for current $1.00 per month. We can furnish machines to run on 110 volt direct current or 108 volt 60 cycle alternating current.

Send for Circulars and Prices to







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over old and elow accounts, make your own Storm Hood
collections with our wonderfully effective,
quick and simple system. Debtors settle

Doctor, here is something

that will prove indispensadirect with you. No contracts or notes to

A protection from sign, no possibility of your being swindled. rain, snow and cold winds. Can be used in all lines of Credit Business any.

Keeps buggy warm and

dry, and makes closed carwhere in the U. S. or Canada with astonishing riage of any top buggy. Is results. Complete outfit mailed on 30 days free

adjustable to the top and trial. Costs but $2.00 if it collects less than $500.00.

dash; easy to take off or

Made of good Nothing if not satisfactory. May we send you full rubber cloth. Price $3.50 description ?-FREE.

cash with order. When or

dering send measure of top AMERICAN M, COLLECTING AGENCY

inside of bows.


Sandwich, Illinois.


The Upjohn Co.-the originators of the Friable Pill - are making a special offer on two of their preparations-Caripeptic Liquid, and Pill Methylene Blue. The Upjohn Co. is well and favorably known to the profession thruout the United States, thru their friable pills. All who have used their friable pills will be interested in this special offer which they are now making. See page 5.

Have you tried the Dewey Traceless Harness yet ? Look at the picture on page 34 and notice how free the horse is. Every physician will be interested in getting the most convenient harness possible ; for it is hard to get enuf work out of a horse anyway.

An oleo-balsamic antiseptic, indicated in

diseases of the

Nose, Throat and Lungs

is now in general and successful use in the

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Have you ever used

Micajah & Co. offer the following suggestions :

Leucorrhea should be checkt at its first appearance and not allowed to run on until the whole uterin tract is involved.

Every second or third day use a copious hot water douche (100°, 110°F.) thoroly cleansing the vagina, followed by one Uterin Wafer (Micajah) inserted in the vagina close to the os uteri.

The action of this wafer is especially noteworthy in cases arising from infection, for as the wafer dissolves and spreads over the parts involved within that area, gonococci cannot exist." See adv. on page 33.

Dr. Bixby's lodo-Guaiacos Comp.?

Doctor, have you a good air compressor? If not satisfactorily equipt in this direction turn to page 21 and read Mr. Comstock's advertisement of electric air compressors.

Nasal cleanliness should be more attended to than it is. On page 14 Mr. H. L. Harris presents a new form of nasal dish adapted to ordinary daily use. See adv.

If you have any medical books to sell, communicate with L. S. Matthews & Co., of St. Louis. See adv. on page 22. Or if you wish to buy some of the standard works, get their list of second-hand bargains.

If not, and you will mention this journal we will mail you a Dollar bottle for trial. Experience has proved that in certain lung troubles, notably consumption and pneumonia, the inhalation of the vapor of this remedy lessons the number and the virulence of the characteristic bacteria.

The Chloride of Silver Dry Cell Battery has been before the profession for a long time; it is no untried experiment. If your electrical equipment is not complete, get their catalog. See adv. on page 14.

Our analytical department makes complete urinary or sputum examinations for Two Dollars each.

The Hawthorne Drug Company 2370-2372 Washington Street


Dr. Leopold Neufeld writes briefly on Veronal, corroborating previous reports of the positiv hypnotic effects of the drug. He illustrates its effects with four cases, and reaches the following conclusions :

Veronal is a harmless hypnotic. Dissolved in warm liquids it induces sleep rapidly-namely, in half to one and a half hours, depending upon the patient's condition.

“Pruni-Heroin is a preparation composed of heroin, terpin hydrate, ammonia muriate and adjuvants so combined as to make it a remedy possessing superior merits in the treatment of coughs, acute or chronic bronchitis, asthma, la grippe, laryngitis and pneumonia."

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The Hawthorne Drug Co. give the following brief history of the Bixby remedy : Discovered by the late Dr. M. J. Bixby-a consumption specialist- while in search of an effectiv inhalant. It was used by him for several years in lung disorders, with results never before obtained in these diseases.” See adv. on page 24.

Messrs. I. O. Woodruff & Co., of New York, advertise in THE MEDICAL WORLD every month, just three remedies. These remedies are prepared from formulas of old Dr. Freligh, and they have stood the test of years. They are only three in number, but what an important field they cover! They are a heart tonic, a liver tonic, and a nerve tonic.' The ingredients of each are given in the advertisement on page 32, of this issue. See the advertisement and send for samples ; for such is Messrs. Woodruff & Co.'s confidence in them that they offer samples sufficient for ten days' trial, free upon request.

Now comes the season for diseases of the respiratory tract; bronchitis, laryngitis, coryza, etc., are sufficiently bad in themselves, but unless properly treated they may easily lead to worse. Messrs. Wm. R. Warner & Co. present their Expectorozone as a remedy meeting these conditions. All our readers know the firm of Warner & Co., and will be interested in this timely remedy. See adv. on page 29, and send for samples and literature.

(Continued on page 26.)

The Standard by which All Others

are Measured This is the only table which does not sacrifice valuable positions, as the Genito-Urinary and Trendelenburg, to the feature of automatic adjustment. The mechanism is so perfected that the automatic connection of back and leg-rest can be released at will, ensuring the widest possible range of conveniences for both operator and patient.

Catalog A, sent free on request, contains full information.

The BIHLMAIER, the best Vibrator ever made, is described in a booklet which will be mailed if you are interested. W. D. ALLISON COMPANY DEPT. M, 1004 NORTH ALABAMA ST.

INDIANAPOLIS New York, No. I Madison Ave. Chicago, 35 E. Randolph St.

Boston, Colonial Building. Philadelphia, 206 S. 11th St.

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