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Micajah & Co. offer the following suggestions : “Leucorrhea should be checkt at its first appearance and not allowed to run on until the whole uterin tract is involved.

Every second or third day use a copious hot water douche (100°, 110°F.) thoroly cleansing the vagina, followed by one Uterin Wafer (Micajaħ) inserted in the vagina close to the os uteri.

"The action of this wafer is especially noteworthy in cases arising from infection, for as the wafer dissolves and spreads over the parts involved within that area, gonococci cannot exist." See adv. on page 33.


Doctor, have you a good air compressor? If not satisfactorily equipt in this direction turn to page 21 and read Mr. Comstock's advertisement of electric air compressors.

Nasal cleanliness should be more attended to than it is. On page 14 Mr. H. L. Harris presents a new form of nasal dish adapted to ordinary daily use. See adv.

If you have any medical books to sell, communicate with L. S. Matthews & Co., of St. Louis. See adv. on page 22. Or if you wish to buy some of the standard works, get their list of second-hand bargains.

The Chloride of Silver Dry Cell Battery has been before the profession for a long time; it is no untried experiment. If your electrical equipment is not complete, get their catalog. See adv. on page 14.

Dr. Leopold Neufeld writes briefly on Veronal, corroborating previous reports of the positiv hypnotic effects of the drug. He illustrates its effects with four cases, and reaches the following conclusions :

Veronal is a harmless hypnotic. Dissolved in warm liquids it induces sleep rapidly-namely, in half to one and a half hours, depending upon the patient's condition.

“Pruni-Heroin is a preparation composed of heroin, terpin hydrate, ammonia muriate and adjuvants so combined as to make it a remedy possessing superior merits in the treatment of coughs, acute or chronic bronchitis, asthma, la grippe, laryngitis and pneumonia."

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The Standard by Which All Others

are Measured

The Hawthorne Drug Co. give the following brief history of the Bixby remedy: Discovered by the late Dr. M. J. Bixby-a consumption specialist-while in search of an effectiv inhalant. It was used by him for several years in lung disorders, with results never before obtained in these diseases.” See adv. on page 24.

Messrs. I. O. Woodruff & Co., of New York, advertise in THE MEDICAL WORLD every month, just three remedies. These remedies are prepared from formu. las of old Dr. Freligh, and they have stood the test of years. They are only three in number, but what an important field they cover! They are a heart tonic, a liver tonic, and a nerve tonic. The ingredients of each are given in the advertisement on page 32, of this issue. See the advertisement and send for samples; for such is Messrs. Woodruff & Co.'s confidence in them that they offer samples sufficient for ten days' trial, free upon request.

Now comes the season for diseases of the respiratory tract; bronchitis, laryngitis, coryza, etc., are sufficiently bad in themselves, but unless properly treated they may easily lead to worse. Messrs. Wm. R. Warner & Co. present their Expectorozone as a remedy meeting these conditions. All our readers know the firm of Warner & Co., and will be interested in this timely remedy. See adv. on page 29, and send for samples and literature.

(Continued on page 26.)

This is the only table which does not sacrifice valuable positions, as the Genito-Urinary and Trendelenburg, to the feature of automatic adjustment. The mechanism is so perfected that the automatic connection of back and leg-rest can be released at will, ensuring the widest possible range of conveniences for both operator and patient.

Catalog A, sent free on request, contains full information.

The BIHLMAIER, the best Vibrator ever made, is described in a booklet which will be mailed if you are interested. W. D. ALLISON COMPANY DEPT. M, 1004 NORTH ALABAMA ST.

INDIANAPOLIS New York, No. I Madison Ave. Chicago, 35 E. Randolih Se

Boston, Colonial Building. Philadelphia, 206 S. 11th St.

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UNGUENTINE. Extensive Burns are the severest tests of a surgical dressing. The supremacy of UNGUENTINE in the treatment of such cases is acknowledged by all who have used it. It is best, not only for burns, but for all inflammatory conditions and surgical cases where an ointment is applicable. Its range of

usefulness is remarkably wide.
For Samples and Clinical Notes on Ungucntinc or Its Adjuncts, Address,

Dept. ""

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The Marvel Co. have sent us a leaflet containing many strong testimonials from users of the Marvel Whirling Spray Syringe. Seems like a good thing; don't you think so? See adv. on page 9, the cut will give you a good idea of its effect.

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Is the hemoglobin test your bugaboo? Why? Be. cause it needs a costly instrument and much time and care? Then you are wrong ; since the Tallquist scale was invented it is as easy as feeling the pulse. See adv. on page 20.

"It is a powerful germicide, but is harmless to healthy tissues; destroys pus and septic materials; has a 'mechanical' action which dislodges dirt from accidental wounds." Quoted from the Dioxogen adv. on page 23. Do you use it in your practise ? See adv. and send for literature.




A. H. Connett, M.D., Great Bend, Kansas, says, “I have used Satyria in cystitis and prostatic troubles and find it very efficient.”

August 2, 1903.

If you are thinking of joining the ever increasing army of progressiv physicians who use automobiles, by no means make your purchase until you have investigated the Duryea Three-Wheeler. See adv. on page 10 and write for information.

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How do you keep your accounts with your patients ? In arbitrary signs that will not be recognized in a court of law in case of necessity ? Or in plain words and figures that any court will recognize? You can have the latter method, and at the same time have several other advantages, if you use The Physician's Pocket Account Book. See adv. on page 2.


DRUGGISTS 154 and 156 Main Street, LOUISVILLE, KY.

Have you a storm shield for your buggy, for bad weather See Mr. Walter's adv. on page 21.


Why buy antiseptic solutions when you can buy Tyree's powder so much cheaper? Water is cheap, why buy it when you have plenty of it at home without extra cost ? Tyree's Powder is highly recommended by those who use it. See adv. on page 15.

In a paper read before the Chatauqua Co. Branch of the A. M. A., May 31, 1904, Dr. W. M. Bemus said, “The best spinal support for these cases, and also for all forms of spinal curvature, that I know of, is made by the Philo Burt Mfg. Co., of Jamestown, N. Y.” See adv. on page 25 and send for further information.

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are Bopaide World Beaters." 18 years' experience. Extra Powerful High-grade Instruments. Guaranteed to

RING 25 TO 40 PHONES On one line loud and clear. Space too small bere to same many valuable features of "Elliott" phones. BE WISK-write for elegant 1905 Catalog, now ready. Ask for OUR SPECIAL OPPER on Arst order from your section. You'll not regret it. Book, "Party Lines, Troubles and Remedy," PREE.

LUOTT The Elliott Telephone & Electric Co.

518-520 Mags, Arende


The advent of the season in which


WHOOPING COUGH, Etc. Impose a tax upon the resources of every physician renders it opportune to re-invite attention to the fact that the remedy which invariably effects the immediate relief of these disturbances, the remedy which unbiased observers assert affords the most rational means of treatment, the remedy which bears with distinction the most exacting comparisons, the remedy which occupies the most exalted position in the esteem of discriminating therapeutists is

GLYCO-HEROIN (Smith) GLYCO-HEROIN (Smith) is conspicuously valuable in the treatment of Pneumonia, Phthisis, and Chronic Affections of the Lungs, for the reason that it is more prompt and decided in effect than either codeine or morphine, and its prolonged use neither leaves undesirable after-effects nor begets the drug habit.' It acts as a reparative in an unsurpassable manner.

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If your patient is suffering with Insomnia,
Hysteria, Irritability or other malady that
indicates irregularity of the nervous system,
you should prescribe DANIEL'S CONCT. TINCT.
power to induce nerve tranquility, refreshing
sleep and natural convalescence. PASSIFLORA
is being generally employed in Typhoid fever.


Six ounce sample of both
Daniel's Conct. Tinct. Passiflora and
Daniel's Pineapple Phosphates
will be forwarded to Physicians and
Nursos willing to pay express charges,
which average 30 cents on both.

Laboratory of JNO. B. DANIEL


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