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yield readily to organic, or true animal iron treatment.

A resort to inorganic iron preparations or tonics, serves only to stimulate corpuscular proliferation without supplying sufficient nutrition to mature the blood cells.

A preparation of TRUE ANIMAL IRON that will supply every deficiency in the blood, and assure the proliferation of all the corpuscles to a full and sturdy maturity, is found in



It contains 10% ANIMAL IRON, 20% coagulable albumen, and every element of nutrition of the animal, mineral, and vegetable kingdoms.

It is readily absorbed by the tissues, requires little or no digestion, is prompt and reliable in stimulation and support, and is a nutrient of the very highest value.

BOVININE administration causes quick increase of the leucocytes, and a consequent arrest of all pathological processes.

BOVININE is advertised to the Profession only, and is a strictly ethical physician's preparation. Its formula is open to all.

A postal request brings you our Hand-book on Haematherapy, giving valuable information to both the general practitioner and the specialist. THE BOVININE, COMPANY, 75 W. HOUSTON ST., NEW YORK.

140 Cures: No Deaths


Stearns' Antitoxin did it

Our diphtheritic antitoxin must be better than that of other makers-must have been so from the first-else it would never have become so popular in its five years' use.

True, we have always had the advantage of having the best package—for three years had the only syringe package and still have admittedly the best one—but that alone would never have introduced a serum of ordinary quality.

We started out to make the best antitoxin ever made in this country or any other, we have spent $100,000 on a plant for that purpose, we have employed the most scientific methods, and our product is one we are proud of.

So when such a physician as Dr. W. F. Mills, of South Bend, Ind., tells us that he has used Stearns' Antitoxin in 140 cases of diphtheria without a single death, we are gratified but not surprised; we expect just such reports.

Dr. A. W. Shea, too (Nashua, N. H.), writes us that our serum has always given him better results than that of other houses, and as for our “Simplex" syringe it is the best thing on the market; and this being one of thousands of similar expressions we know that our serum is what we intend it to be—the very best.

Best serum—best syringe—best results.
Writing "Must be Stearns" on your order brings the right kind.

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