Major Jones's Courtship: Detailed, with Other Scenes, Incidents, and Adventures, in a Series of Letters

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A. Hart, 1852 - 217 pages

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Page 60 - Oh, say, can you see by the dawn's early light What so proudly we hailed at the twilight's last gleaming; Whose broad stripes and bright stars, through the perilous fight, O'er the ramparts we watched, were so gallantly streaming? And the rockets' red glare, the bombs bursting in air, Gave proof through the night that our flag was still there.
Page 96 - I use to hang up my stockins and git 'em full of presents." The galls kep laughin and blushin. " Never mind," ses Miss Mary, " Majer's got to give me a Crismus gift, — won't you, Majer ? " "Oh, yes," ses I; "you know I promised you one." " But I didn't mean that," ses she. " I've got one for you, what I want you to keep all your life, but it would take a two-bushel bag to hold it,
Page 101 - Don't hurt it for the world," ses Miss Mary. Cato untied the rope that was round the jice, and let the bag down easy on the floor, and I tumbled out all covered with corn meal, from head to foot. "Goodness gracious!" ses Miss Mary, "if it aint the Majer himself!" "Yes," ses I, "and you know you promised to keep my Crismus present as long as you lived.
Page 102 - I'd like to have it all over at once, but young galls always like to be engaged a while, you know, so I spose I must wait a month or so. Mary (she ses I mustn't call her Miss Mary now) has been a good deal of trouble and botheration to me ; but if you could see her you wouldn't think I ought to grudge a little sufferin to git sich a sweet little wife.
Page 98 - I thought how she would be supprised in the mornin, and then it went in a canter. Bimeby the cussed old dog come up on the porch and begun to smell about the bag, and then he barked like he thought he'd treed something. "Bow! wow! wow!" ses he. Then he'd smell agin, and try to git up to the bag. " Git out! " ses I, very low, for fear the galls mought hear me. "Bow! wow!" ses he. "Be gone! you bominable fool...
Page 95 - I'm gwine to keep it as long as I live," ses I, "as a Crismus present from the handsomest gall in Georgia." When I sed that, she blushed worse and worse. "Aint you shamed, Majer?" ses she. "Now you ought to give her a Crismus gift, Joseph, to keep' all her life,
Page 17 - I am devoted to them — I think of them day and night ! " That was too much— it shot me right up, and I sot as still as could be for more'na minute. I never felt so warm behind the ears afore in all my life. Thunder ! how my blood did bile up all over me, and I felt like I could knock Matthew Matix into a greasspot, if he'd only been thar.
Page 114 - Mary looked at me and kind o' winked, and, ses she " you're one of the court you know, Majer, but jest go out till the court is sumonsed before the throne." Well, we all went out, and bimeby Bill Byers called out the names of all the lords and ladys what belonged to the court, and we all went in and tuck chairs on both sides of the throne. Cousin Pete was to be the first one interduced, and Samuwell Rogers was to be the feller what interduced the company.
Page 98 - Come here, good feller," ses I, and whistled a little to him, but it wasn't no use. Thar he stood and kep up his everlastin whinin and barkin all night. I couldn't tell when daylight was breakin^ only by the chickens crowin, and I was monstrous glad to hear 'em, for if I'd had to stay thar one hour more, I don't believe I'd ever got out of that bag alive.
Page 98 - I'd ever got. out of that bag alive. Old Miss Stallins come out fust, and as soon as she saw the bag, ses she : " What upon yeath has Joseph went and put in that bag for Mary ? I'll lay it's a yearlin' or some live animal, or Bruin wouldn't bark at it so.

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