Homœopathic Journal of Obstetrics, Gynaecology and Pediatrics, Volume 25

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A.L. Chatterton & Company, 1903

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Page 574 - Diseases of Women A Text-Book of Diseases of Women. By BARTON COOKE HIRST, MD, Professor of Obstetrics, University of Pennsylvania ; Gynecologist to the Howard, the Orthopedic, and the Philadelphia Hospitals.
Page 582 - Under the treatment employed she improved rather well; but, though the blennorrhagia was not cured, the syphilitic manifestations of the skin disappeared, and the ulcer at the neck improved somewhat until confinement, which took place at the eighth month, five months after her admission. The confinement was normal. However, the patient was attacked by a great flux and suffered a complete laceration of the right side of the neck; an incomplete laceration of the left side; an incomplete laceration...
Page 574 - The American Illustrated Medical Dictionary. A new and complete dictionary of the terms used in Medicine, Surgery, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Chemistry, and kindred branches ; with over 100 new and elaborate tables and many handsome illustrations. By WA NEWMAN BORLAND, MD, Editor of " The American Pocket Medical Dictionary.
Page 113 - Human characters are by no means constant; men change by change of place, of fortune, of acquaintance ; he who is at one time a lover of pleasure, is at another a lover of money. Those indeed who attain any excellence commonly spend life in one pursuit; for excellence is not often gained upon easier terms. But to the particular species of excellence men are directed, not by an ascendant planet or predominating humour, but by the first book which they read, some early conversation which they heard,...
Page 335 - In dislocation of the head of the femur upon the dorsum of the ilium, when the foot is inverted, the inside rests upon the bed.
Page 95 - MD, Clinical Professor of Diseases of Children in the College of Physicians and Surgeons, Baltimore.
Page 513 - The relative frequency of mitral stricture in women and men is as 7 to 3, and it is the opinion of those who have studied the question that pregnancies and menstrual derangements are responsible for the greater frequency in women. II. The effect of pregnancy on the diseased heart.
Page 168 - ... of bright objects and sometimes by contact. Veratrum Vir. — Spasms from emotional causes. Furious delirium. A full, hard pulse is characteristic of this drug; cold, clammy sweat;, convulsions before, during and after labor, especially where mania remains after the convulsions cease. In cicuta we find strange contortions of the body and limbs during the paroxysm, with blue face and frequent interruptions of breathing for a few moments. Kali brom. — This drug should be given in material doses....
Page 303 - This Journal is published for its subscribers only, and has no free list. Sample copies are never sent. Subscriptions are not discontinued until so ordered. What is not right will always be made right cheerfully and without question.

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