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Barnes' Obstetric Medicine and Surgery.

A SYSTEM OF OBSTETRIC MEDICINE AND SURgery, Theoretical and Clinical. For the Student and the Practitioner. By ROBERT BARNES, M. D., Physician to the General Lying-in Hospital, London, and FANCOURT BARNES, M. D., Obstetric Physician to St. Thomas Hospital, London. The Section on Embryology by Professor Milnes Marshall. In one 8vo. volume of 872 pp., with 231 illus. Cloth, $5.00; leather, $6.00.

The immediate purpose of the work is to practitioner who desires to bave the best furnish a handbook of obstetric medicine obstetrical opinions of the time in a readily and surgery for the use of the student and accessible and condensed form, ought to own practitioner. It is not an exaggeration to a copy of the book.-Journal of the American say of the book that it is the best treatise in | Medical Association, June 12, 1886. the English language yet published. Every

Tait on Diseases of Women and Abdominal Surgery.

DISEASES OF WOMEN AND ABDOMINAL SURGERY. · By LAWSON TAIT, F. R. C. S., Professor of Gynecology in Queen's College, Birmingham; late President of the British Gynecological Society; Fellow American Gynecological Society. In two octavo volumes. Volume I., 554 pages, 62 engravings and 3 plates. Cloth, $3.00. Volume II., preparing.

Mr. Tait never writes anything that does technique of surgical operations, ingenious not command attention by reason of the theories on pathology, daring innovations originality of his ideas and the clear and on long-established rules-these succeed one forcible manner in which they are expressed. another with bewildering rapidity. His This is eminently true of the present work. position has long been assured; it is hardly Germs of truth are thickly scattered through- possible for him to add to his great reputaout; single, happily-worded sentences ex- tion as a daring and original surgeon.-Amerpress what another author would have ican Journal of the Medical Sciences, June, expanded into pages. Useful hints on the 1890.

Landis on Labor and the Lying-in Period.

THE MANAGEMENT OF LABOR, AND OF THE Lying-in Period. By HENRY G. LANDIS, A. M., M. D., Professor of Obstetrics and the Diseases of Women in Starling Medical College, Columbus, O. In one handsome 12mo. vol. of 334 pp., with 28 illus. Cloth, $1.75.

It is terse in its style, complete in its in- / so busy, will find when it is in his library formation, and clearin its text. The advanced that it is a book that will frequently be taken student will find it a desirable companion to from its place for consultation.- The Physician, his larger text-books on obstetrics; and the and Surgeon, May, 1886. "busy practitioner,” as well as he who is not

Herman's First Lines in Midwifery.

FIRST LINES IN MIDWIFERY: A GUIDE TO ATtendance on Natural Labor for Medical Students and Midwives. By G. ERNEST HERMAN, M. B., F. R. C. P., Obstetric Physician to the London Hospital. In one 12mo. volume of 198 pages with 80 illustrations. Cloth, $1.25. Just ready. See Student's Series of Manuals, at end,

LEA BROTHERS & CO., 706, 708 & 710 Sansom Street, Philadelphia.

Smith on Children-Seventh Edition.

A TREATISE ON THE DISEASES OF INFANCY AND Childhood. By J. LEWIS SMITH, M. D., Clinical Professor of Diseases of Children in Bellevue Hosp. Med. Col., N. Y. Seventh edition, thoroughly revised and rewritten. Octavo, 881 pages, 51 illus. Cloth, $4.50; leather, $5.50.

We have always considered Dr. Smith's edition we note a variety of changes in acbook as one of the very best on the subject. cordance with the progress of the times. It It has always been practical-a field book, still stands foremost as the American texttheoretical where theory has been deduced book. Its advice is always conservative and from practical experience. The very prac- thorough, and the evidence of research has tical character of this book has always ap- long since placed its author in the front rank pealed to us. One seldom fails to find here a of medical teachers.- American Journal of practical suggestion after search in other the Medical Sciences, Dec. 1891. works has been in vain. In the seventh Taylor's Medical Jurisprudence_NEW_q2th) EDITION.

JUST A MANUAL OF MEDICAL JURISPRUDENCE. By ALFRED S. TAYLOR, M. D., Lecturer on Medical Jurisprudence and Chemistry in Guy's Hospital, London. New American from the twelfth English edition. Thoroughly revised by CLARK BELL, Esq., of the New York Bar. In one octavo vol. of 787 pages, with 56 illus. Cloth, $4.50; leather, $5.50.

The merits of this work are well recog- other work on medical jurisprudence in the pized, and its value as a standard text-book English language. If the medical practifor medical instruction and as a trustworthy tioner is obliged to limit his literature upon guide in medico-legal emergencies is fully legal medicine to a single volume, he will appreciated. It is enough to assert with con- not make a mistake if he gives his preference fidence that as a manual upon the subject to this eleventh American edition.-Boston of which it treats it is not excelled by any Medical and Surgical Journal, Jan. 5, 1893.

Students' Series of Manuals.

A Series of Fifteen Manuals, for the Use of Students and Practitioners of Medicine and Surgery, written by eminent Teachers or Examiners, and issued in pocket-size 12mio. volumes of 800-540 pages, richly illustrated and at a low price. The following volumes are now ready: LUFF's Manual of Chemistry, $2.00; HERMAN's First Lines in Midwifery. $1.25; TREVES' Manual of Surgery, by various writers, in three volumes, per set, $6.00; BELL'S Comparative Anatomy and Physiology, $2.00; GOULD's Surgical Diagnosis, $2.00; ROBERTSON's Physiological Physics, $2.00; BRUCE's Materia Medica and Therapeutics (4th edition), $1.50; Power's Human Physiology (2d edition). $1.50; CLARKE and LOCKWOOD's Dissectors' Manual, $1.50; RALFE's Clinical Chemistry, $1.50;' TREVES' Surgical Applied Anatomy, $2.00; PEPPER'S Surgical Pathology, $2.00; and KLEIN's Elements of Histology (4th edition), $1.75. For detailed Catalogue, address the Publishers.

Series of Clinical Manuals.

A collection of authoritative monographs on important clinical subjects in a cheap and portable form. The volumes contain about 550 pages and are freely illustrated by chromolithographs and woodcuts. The following volumes are now ready : Yeo on Food in Health and Disease, $2.00; BROADBENT on the Pulse, $1.75; CARTER & Frost's Ophthalmic Surgery, $2.25; HUTCHINSON on Syphilis, $2.25; Marsh on the Joints, $2.00; OWEN on Surgical Diseases of Children, $2.00; MORRIS on Surgical Diseases of the Kidneys, $2.25; Pick on Fractures and Dislocations. $2.00; Butlin on the Tongue, $3.50; TREVES on Intestinal Obstruction, $2.00; and SAVAGE on Insanity and Allied Neuroses, $2.00. For detailed Catalogue, address the Publishers. The Students' Quiz Series—Diseases of Children, 81. See P.1. LEA BROTHERS & CO., 706, 708 & 710 Sansom Street, Philadelphia.

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HE student cannot begin too early in his course a habit of reading

current medical literature. In this way he will best acquire au intelligent interest in the vital questions of his profession, secure a vast fund of information which will constantly supplement the

knowledge gained from text-books, and become familiar with the approved methods of calling public attention such additions as he may make to medical science during his professional life. For these purposes the following periodicals are most admirably adapted:

THE MEDICAL NEWS (Weekly, $4.00 per Annum). THE NEWS contains each week twenty-eight quarto pages, comprising original articles, clinical lectures and notes on practical advances, latest hospital methods, summaries of progress condensed from the best medical journals of the world, full abstracts of important articles, able editorials on current topics, book reviews, medical correspondence from important centres, and news items of interest. Published for fifty years, The News is familiar with the needs of medical men and the best methods of meeting them.


(Monthly, $4.00 per Annum). THE AMERICAN JOURNAL is a medical magazine affording, in the 112 pages of each issue, ample space for elaborate original articles on important medical discoveries, discriminating reviews on valuable medical literature, and classified summaries of progress. According to the highest literary authority of the profession, from this file alone, were all other publications of the press for the last fifty years destroyed, it would be possible to reproduce the great majority of the real contributions of the world to medical science during that period.”

COMMUTATION RATE. Taken together, THE JOURNAL and News form a peculiarly useful combination, and afford their readers the assurance that nothing of value in the progress of medical matters shall escape attention. To lead every reader to prove this personally the commutation rate has been placed at the exceedingly low figure of $7.50.

SPECIAL COMBINATION OFFERS. The MEDICAL NEWS VISITING LIST (regular price, $1.25), or The Year-Book of Treatment (regular price, $1.50), will be furnished to advance-paying subscribers to either or both of these periodicals for 75 cents apiece; or Journal, News, Visiting List and Year-Book, $8.50. Circulars free on application.

LEA BROTHERS & CO., 706, 708 & 710 Sansom Street, Philadelphia.

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