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J'Perlcles is one of the most famous of the Grecian Orators, and lived about 450 B. C. In this picture we , [see the orator addressing a vast assembly within sight of the great citadel or Acropolis at Athens. His oratory possessed the intellectual grandeur and artistlc finish so characteristic of the highest E|OquenCe .Q

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The Livee of the Greatest Oratore and their
Beet Oratione from Earliest Times to Present
Day with an Account of Place and Time of
Delivery of Each Oration and Explanatory
Notes on Obecure Peeeagei.

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BY Charles Morris,

2:120: “Mm”! °f Cllllinl Llkreture" " Halt-Hours with Best Alerkel
' mm" ‘M TIN-Ill er the Nineteenth Century," Um. In. he.

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