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This Constitution may be altered or amended, at a regular meeting of the Council, by a two-thirds vote of the members present, and any provision may be waived at any regular meeting, by unanimous consent.

By-laws, not in violation of this Constitution, may be adopted by a two-thirds vote of the Council.


1. Each active member of the Council shall pay annually two dollars, to defray the expenses of the Council.

2. The Secretary shall act as Treasurer of the Council.


President-SELIM H. PEABODY, Champaign, Ill.
Vice-President-ANDREW J. RICKOFF, New York, N. Y.
Secretary and Treasurer—DAVID L. KIEHLE, St. Paul, Minn.

Executive Committee-The President, Vice-President, Secretary; and Chas. C. Rounds,
Plymouth, N. H.; Joseph Baldwin, Huntsville, Tex.; Lillie J. Martin, San Francisco,
Cal.; Henry M. James, Omaha, Neb.



NOTE.-The letter "A" following a name denotes that the member is of the class elected by the
Association; the letter “C)" by the Council.
Term expires.

Term espires.
Wm. T. Harris, Washington, D.C.... A 1891 N. C. Dougherty, Peoria, Ill. ......C 1892
S. S. Parr, St. Cloud, Minn.... A 1891
J. E. Bradley, Minneapolis, Minn... A 1891 W.H. Bartholomew, Louisville, Ky., A 1893
Geo. T. Fairchild, Manhattan, Kan.. A 1891 Frank A. Fitzpatrick, Leavenworth,
Robert Allyn, Carbondale, Ill.. A 1891 Kan.

A 1893
J. L. Pickard, Iowa City, Ia.... C 1891 Henry Sabin, Des Moines, Ia. A 1893
L. H. Jones, Indianapolis, Ind. C 1891 E. O. Lyte, Millersville, Pa... A 1893
C. M. Woodward, St. Louis, Mo.. .C 1891 J. M. Greenwood, Kansas City, Mo.. A 1893
N. R. H. Dawson, Selma, Ala.. C 1891 Wm. A. Mowry, Boston, Mass.. .C 1893
W. N. Hailmann, La Porte, Ind....C 1891 Selim H. Peabody, Champaign, Ill..C 1893

Nathan C. Schaeffer, Kutztown, Pa..C 1893
John Hancock, Columbus, O... ....A 1892 David L. Kiehle, St. Paul, Minn...C 1893
F. Louis Soldan, St. Louis, Mo.... A 1892 Mary E. Nicholson, Indianapolis, Ind.C 1893
N. A. Calkins, New York, N. Y.... A 1892
Joseph Baldwin, Huntsville, Tex... A 1892 C. C. Rounds, Plymouth, N. H... A 1894
Jas. H. Canfield, Lawrence, Kan. A 1892 H. S. Jones, Lincoln, Neb..

A 1894
A. S. Draper, Albany, N. Y... C 1892 Z. Richards, Washington, D. Co., A 1894
Ira G. Hoitt, Sacramento, Cal.. C 1892 James H. Baker, Denver, Col.. A 1894
Emerson E. White, Cincinnati, O...C 1892 Thos. J. Morgan, Washington, D.C.. A 1894
B. A. Hinsdale, Ann Arbor, Mich...C 1892 Aaron Gove, Denver, Col.. .C 1894

Wm. E. Sheldon, Boston, Mass... C 1894 Delia L. Williams, Delaware, O....C 1895
James H. Hoose, Cortland, N. Y.. .C 1894 Wm. F. King, Mt. Vernon, Iowa...C 1895
Clara Conway, Memphis, Tenn.....C 1894
H. B. Sprague, Grand Forks, N. D..C 1894 Edwin C. Hewett, Normal, Ill. .... A 1896

Andrew J. Rickoff, New York, N.Y. A 1896 R.W. Stevenson, Wichita, Kan.... A 1895 W. R. Thigpen, Savannah, Ga... A 1896 John Eaton, Marietta, Ohio. .A 1895 George Howland, Chicago, II. A 1896 Lillie J. Martin, San Francisco, Cal. A 1895 John S. Irwin, Fort Wayne, Ind. A 1896 W. R. Garrett, Nashville, Tenn....A 1895 Daniel B. Hagar, Salem, Mass.. C 1896 L. S. Thompson, Jersey City, N.J..A 1895 H. S. Tarbell, Providence, R. I.. C 1896 Geo. P. Brown, Bloomington, Ill...C 1895 E. W. Coy, Cincinnati, Ohio. .C 1896 Wm. H. Payne, Nashville, Tenn...C 1895 Ella C. Sabin, Portland, Oregon ....C 1896 Henry M. James, Omaha, Neb. .C 1895 Warren D. Parker, Madison, Wis...C 1896


Merrick Lyon,* 1888.
James MacAlister, Philadelphia, Pa.
James McCosh, Princeton, N. J.
Albert P. Marble, Worcester, Mass.
Francis A. March, Easton, Pa.
Lemuel Moss, Minneapolis, Minn.
M. A. Newell, Baltimore, Md.
Birdseye G. Northrop, Clinton, Ct.
Edward Olney, * 1886.
John M. Ordway, New Orleans, La.
Gustavus J. Orr,* 1888.
Francis W. Parker, Normalville, Ill.
John B. Peaslee, Cincinnati, Ohio.
William F. Phelps, St. Paul, Minn.
John D. Philbrick,* 1885.
William H. Ruffner, Lexington, Va.
H. E. Shepard, Charleston, S. C.
Edgar A. Singer, Philadelphia, Pa.
James H. Smart, Lafayette, Ind.
J. W. Stearns, Madison, Wis.
Thomas B. Stockwell, Providence, R. I.
Grace C. Sudborough, Omaha, Neb.
John Sweti, San Francisco, Cal.
Eli T. Tappan,* 1888.
Charles (). Thompson,* 1885.
H. S. Thompson, Columbia, S. C.
S. R. Thompson, New Wilmington, Pa.
Julia S. Tutweiler, Livingston, Ala.
James P. Wickersham, Lancaster, Pa.
J. Ormond Wilson, Washington, D. C.

Israel W. Andrews,* 1888.
Henry Barnard, Hartford, Ct.
William N. Barringer, Newark, N.J.
Newton Bateman, Galesburg, III.
Thomas W. Bicknell, Boston, Mass.
Albert G. Boyden, Bridgewater, Mass.
Anna C. Brackett, New York, N. Y.
Edward Brooks, Philadelphia, Pa.
Matthew H. Buckham, Burlington, Vt.
David M. Camp, New Britain, Conn.
Aaron L. Chapin, Beloit, Wis.
Matilda S. Cooper, Nyack, N. Y.
William J. Cort hell, Gorham, Maine.
J. L. M. Curry, Richmond, Va.
V. C. Dibble, Charleston, S. C.
John W. Dickinson, Boston, Mass.
Larkin Dunton, Boston, Mass.
William W. Folwell, Minneapolis, Minn.
Daniel C. Gilman, Baltimore, Md.
Samuel S. Greene,* 1883.
James C. Greenough, Westfield, Mass.
John M. Gregory, Washington, D. C.
G. Stanley Hall, Worcester, Mass.
William D. Henkel.* 1882.
Elnathan E. Iligbee.* 1889.
George W. Howison, San Francisco, Cal.
Thomas Hunter, New York, N. Y.
Ellen Hyde, Framingham, Mass.
E. J. James, Philadelphia, Pa.
E. S. Joynes, Knoxville, Tenn.

* Deceased.


The Committees from which reports are due in 1891 are Nos. I, IV, VI, VIII, X, XII. The topics already reported on will be found in italics, with the year of the report in parentheses.

The Chairman of each of the above-named Committees should organize his Committee at once, select a subject, and notify the President, S. H. Peabody, Champaign, III., as early as February 1st, 1891.

The Council has ordered that “a place be given in the next year's program for volunteer contributions from members of the Council, outside of the regular committee work, under the following conditions: (a) Papers must not exceed fifteen minutes each in time for reading; (b) no paper will be placed on the volunteer program which has not been presented to the Executive Committee three months previous to the time of the meeting of the Council, and which has not received the approval of said committee.”

I. On State School Systems.-SUB- | Academies (1885); (3) Preparatory Schools TOPICS: (1) Organization (1883); (2) Su- (1884, 1887); (4) The Opportunities of the pervision (1885); (3) Licensure of Teachers Rural Population for Secondary Education (1889); (4) School Revenues; (5) Compul- (1889); (5) Schools by Correspondence; sory Education; (6) Tenure of Office of Teach- (6) Rational Selection and Order of Studies ers (1887).

with Reference to Admission to College. D. L. Kiehle, St. Paul, Minn., Chair'n. J. H. Baker, Denver, Col., Chairman. J. L. Pickard, Iowa City, Iowa.

W. A. Mowry, Boston, Mass. J. H. Canfield, Lawrence, Kan.

Lillie J. Martin, San Francisco, Cal. Ira G. Hoitt, Sacramento, Cal.

H. S. Tarbell, Providence, R. I. W. D. Parker, Madison, Wis.

E. W. Coy, Cincinnati, Ohio. II. On City School Systems.-SUB- V. On Elementary Education.TOPICS: (1) Organization; (2) Supervision Sub-Topics: (1) Courses of Study (1882); (1884, 1890); (3) Superintendency; (4) (2) Oral Teaching (1884); (3) Texl-Books Qualification of Teachers; (5) Classification (1886); (4) Waste in Elementary Education of Pupils (1886); (6) Ungraded Schools; (1888); (5) Length of Sessions; (6) Man(7) Business Side of City School Systems ual Training; (7) Kindergarten; (8) Essen (1888, 1889, 1890).

tials in Elementary Education (1890). Aaron Gove, Denver, Col., Chairman. C. C. Rounds, Plymouth, N. H., Chair'n. George Howland, Chicago, Ill.

R. W. Stevenson, Wichita, Kan. N. C. Dougherty, Peoria, Ill.

A. J. Rickoff, New York, N. Y. B. A. Hinsdale, Ann Arbor, Mich. Z. Richards, Washington, D. C. E. E. White, Cincinnati, Ohio.

N. A. Calkins, New York, N. Y. III. On Higher Education. Sub- VI. On Normal Education.-SUBTOPICS: (1) Higher Institutions Required TOPICS: (1) Kind of Normal Schools Re(1885); (2) Harmonizing of Higher, Second- quired; (2) Academical and Professional ary, and Elementary Schools (1882); (3) Ad- Training (1883, 1889); (3) Practice Departmission to College (1884); (4) Elective System ments (1885); (4) City Normal Schools; (5) (1888); (5) College Government; (6) What Teachers' Institutes (1887); (6) Chairs of PedShould Precede the University?

agogics in Colleges. Wm. H. King, Mt. Vernon, Ia., Chairn. A. S. Draper, Albany, N. Y., Chairman. C. M. Woodward, St. Louis, Mo.

D. B. Hagar, Salem, Mass. N. C. Schaeffer, Kutstown, Pa.

S. S. Parr, St. Cloud, Minn. J. E. Bradley, Minneapolis, Minn.

Ella C. Sabin, Portland, Oregon. H. B. Sprague, Grand Forks, Dak. L. H. Jones, Indianapolis, Ind. IV. On Secondary Education.- VII. On Technological EducaSUB-TOPICS: (1) High Schools (1882); (2) | tion.-SUB-TOPICS: (1) Technical Training

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in Public Schools (1881); (2) Preparation for I X. On Hygiene in Education.Institutes of Technology; (3) Pedagogical SUB-TOPICS: (1) Sanitary Exercises and ApValue of the School Workshop (1886); (4) Pro- ' pliances in Public Schools (1883); (2) Recesses fessional Function of Polytechnic Schools; ' (1884, 1885); (3) Indoor Exercises; (4) (5) Agricultural Colleges (1888); (6) Summer Heating and Ventilation; (5) Lighting ; (6) Schools of Science.

Relation of Mental Labor to Physical Health L. S. Thompson, Jersey City, N.J., Ch'n. (1887); (7) Harmonious Development (1889). Geo. T. Fairchild, Manhattan, Kan.

Clara Conway, Memphis, Tenn., Ch'n. John Eaton, Marietta, Ohio.

J. M. Greenwood, Kansas City, Mo. H. M. James, Omaha, Neb.

H. S. Jones, Lincoln, Neb. T. J. Morgan, Washington, D.C.

J. S. Irwin, Fort Wayne, Ind.

Henry Sabin, Des Moines, Iowa. VIII. On Pedagogics.-SUB-TOPICS: (1) Chairs of Pedagogy in Colleges (1882); (2) XI. On Educational Literature. Pedagogy us a Science (1884); (3) Pedagog- SUB-TOPICS: (1) School Reports (1885); (2) ical Inquiry; (4) Function of Public Schools | Books on Pedagogy (1888); (3) Periodical (1886, 1887); (5) Educational Value of Man- ! Literature; (4) Use of Reference Libraries; ual Training (1889); (6) Moral Education; (5) Use of General Libraries (1887); (6) Ed(7) Pedagogical Terminology.

ucational Literature (1890); (7) Study of Geo. P. Brown, Bloomington, Ill., Ch'n. Literature in Schools. Edwin C. Hewett, Normal, III.

W. H. Payne, Nashville, Tenn., Ch'n. James H. Hoose, Cortland, N. Y.

Delia L. Williams, Delaware, Ohio. W. N. Hailmann, La Porte, Ind.

W. R. Garrett, Nashville, Tenn. E. O. Lyte, Millersville, Pa.

F. Louis Soldan, St. Louis, Mo.

W. E. Sheldon, Boston, Mass. IX. On the Education of Girls.SU B-TOPICS: (1) Co-education (1883, 1890); XII. On Educational Statistics.(2) Mixed Elementary and Secondary | SUB-TOPICS: (1) Reforms in Statistics (1885, Schools; (3) Colleges for Women; (4) Tech- 1887); (2) What Statistics Should be Collected nical Training for Girls (1886); (5) Profes- (1889); (3) Uniformity in Nomenclature; sional Life for Women; (6) Training for (4) International Comparisons; (5) School Domestic Life; (7) What Education is Best | Age-Can Uniformity be Secured; (6) U.S. (1888).

Census of Educational Statistics. Mary S. Nicholson, Indianapolis, Ind., Ch'n. W. T. Harris, Washington, D.C., Ch'n. Robert Allyn, Carbondale, II.

N. R. H. Dawson, Selma, Ala. Joseph Baldwin, Huntsville, Tex.

F. A. Fitzpatrick, Leavenworth, Kan. W. H. Bartholomew, Louisville, Ky.

W. R. Thigpen, Savannah, Ga. John Hancock, Columbus, Ohio.

S. H. Peabody, Champaign, Ill.


ST. PAUL, Minx., July 4, 1890.

OPENING SESSION. At 9:30 o'clock, Pres. Peabody in the chair, the Council was called to order. Prayer was offered by Dr. Pickard.

Roll was called, and the following persons were found present: Messrs. Allyn, Baker, Brown, Canfield, Dougherty, Fitzpatrick, Garrett, Gove, Greenwood, Harris, Hewett, Hinsdale, James, Kiehle, Peabody, Pickard, Rounds, Sheldon, Soldan, Stevenson, Thigpen, White, and Misses Conway, Martin, and Nicholson.

A welcome was extended to the Council by the city of St. Paul through Mr. D. D. Merrill, chairman of the Executive Committee, which was appropriately responded to by the President of the Council.

Voted, that the President be requested to appoint the usual committees.

Voted, that by-law No. 1, which provides for raising money to defray the expenses of the Council, be amended by substituting two dollars for three dollars.

The report of the Committee on City School Systems was presented by E. E White, chairman.

Mr. G. P. Brown was appointed to report the discussion of this report.

The report was considered in discussion by the following: Messrs. Gove, Hinsdale, Harris, Fitzpatrick, Soldan, Greenwood, Sheldon, Garrett, and Miss Martin.

Voted, that the report be received and ordered printed.

The Council received an invitation from the Great Northern Railroad, through Mr. ('urry, chairman of Committee on Excursions, to visit Lake Minnetonka, and hold its Saturday afternoon session at Hotel Lafayette.

Voted, to accept the invitation with thanks; and that the afternoon session of Saturday be held at that place.

The following committees were appointed and announced :
Committee on Vomination of Members - Messrs. White, Pickard, Rounds.
Committee on Nomination of Officers —Mr. Allyn, Miss Conway, Mr. Baker.
Committee on Auditing Accounts - Messrs. Hinsdale, Stevenson, James.
Recess taken until 3 P. M.

Council met at 3 o'clock P. M.
The minutes of the morning session were read and approved.

The report of the Committee on Educational Literature was presented by W. E. Sheldon, chairman.

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