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FIRST SESSION. FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH, St. Paul, Minx., July 9, 1890. The Department of Higher Education met at 3 P. M., and was called to order by the acting President, George R. Cutting, of Lake Forest, Illinois.

Prayer was offered by Rev. Robert Carnaham, of St. Paul.

Three more sessions of the Department were decided upon: one each on the afternoons of July 10 and 11, at half-past two o'clock, and one social session to be held on the evening of July 10 at “The Portland,” when a dinner should be served.

Charles A. Blanchard, of Wheaton, Illinois, read the first paper, his subject being, “What Have the People a Right to Ask from the Colleges ?”

M. D. Hornbeck, of Quincy, Illinois, discussed Mr. Blanchard's paper.

H. L. Stetson, of Des Moines, Iowa, read a paper on “Shorter College Courses to meet a Popular Demand.”

H. A. Fischer, of Wheaton, Illinois, opened the discussion of this paper, which was continued by Chas. Scott, of Holland, Michigan; H. W'. Everest, of Wachita, Michigan; R. G. Boone, of Bloomington, Indiana ; Mr. Blanchard, of Illinois; W. G. Williams, of Delaware, Ohio; and W. F. King, of Mt. Vernon, Iowa.

After a paper by R. G. Boone, of Indiana, on "A Chair of Pedagogy," the Department adjourned.

SECOND SESSION.- JULY 10. The second session of the Department was called to order at 2:30 P. M., by the acting President.

Rev. Arthur J. Benedict, of St. Paul, opened the meeting with prayer.

Levi Seeley, of Lake Forest, Illinois, read a paper on “ Pedagogical Training in Colleges where there is no Chair of Pedagogy."

Mr. Seeley's paper was discussed by C. M. Grumbling, of Mt. Pleasant, Iowa, and J. J. Mills, of Indiana. The symposium on “College Administration" was next entered upon.

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The first paper was presented by Rufus C. Burleson, of Waco, Texas, on the subject, “Defects in College Discipline."

The discussion on this paper was carried on by J. M. Ellis, of Ohio; M. D. Hornbeck, of Quincy, Illinois; and Mr. Blanchard, of Illinois.

The President appointed the following Committee on Nomination of Officers: R. G. Boone, Bloomington, Indiana; W.F. King, Mt. Vernon, Iowa; S.C. Mitchell, Clinton, Mississippi; Levi Seeley, Lake Forest, Illinois; J. A. Weller, Lecompton, Kansas.

The Department then adjourned.

THIRD SESSION-JULY 10. The third session of the Department was a symposium at dinner at “The Portland,” Thursday evening, July 10, at 7 o'clock; President G. R. Cutting in the chair. Over tifty delegates were present.

The divine blessing was invoked by Rev. John Wright, of St. Paul's church, St. Paul.

The theme of after-dinner discussion was: “The Fraternity of College Interests.” Responses were made from the following States :

Georgin --Professor Henry A. Scomp, Emory College.
Illinois-President Charles A. Blanchard, Wheaton College.
Indiana - Professor R. G. Boone, Indiana University.
Iowa - President J. T. McFarland, Iowa Wesleyan University.
Kansas — J. A. Weller, Lane University.
Michigan-Prof. B. A. Hinsdale, Ann Arbor.
Minnesota -H. Goodhue, jr., Carlton College.
Mississippi -S. C. Mitchell, Mississippi College.
North Dakotu-S. Estes, University of North Dakota.

hio— President Chas. W. Super, Ohio University.
South Dakota Professor L. A. Stout, Dakota University.
Te.cus-President Rufus C. Burleson, Baylor University.
Wisconsin ---President G, W. Gallagher, Lawrence University,

The Rev. John Wright responded for St. Paul, expressing the deep interest of its citizens in the meeting of college-men.

President R. C. Burleson, of Texas, introduced the usual resolution of thanks to the President, which was adopted.

After some informal remarks by the members, commending the social features of the Department meetings, the section adjourned, to meet Friday, at 2:30.

FOURTH SESSION.–JULY 11. On Friday, July 11, the final session of the Higher Department was held. Prayer was offered by the Rev. Professor J. M. Ellis, of Oberlin College. The symposium upon College Administration was continued. The first paper was by President M. C. Fernald, of the Maine State College of Agriculture and Mechanic Arts. Theme: “Coöperative Government."

The second paper under the same subject was by President M. D. Hornbeck, of Chaddock College, Illinois. Theme: “The Relation of the College to the Morals of the Students.”

At the close of the paper a committee was appointed to prepare for presentation at the meeting next year a tabulated report upon the requirements for admission of all the colleges of the country. This committee consists of Prof. H. d. Fischer, of Wheaton College, Illinois; Prof. Henry Garst, of Otterbein College, Ohio; and President H. L. Stetson, of Des Moines College, Iowa.

During the afternoon, a deferred paper in the symposium upon College Instruction was heard. The theme was, "The Spiritual Element in Education," by Professor E. F. Bartholomew, of Augustana College, Illinois.

The Committee on Nominations made its report, which was adopted, and the following persons were elected by ballot as officers of the Department:

President J. J. Mills, of Earlham College, Richmond, Ind. l'ice-President - President E. B. Andrews, of Brown University, Providence, R. I. Secretary -- President C. A. Blanchard, of Wheaton College, Wheaton, Ill.

Erecutive ('ommittee -- The three officers named, and in addition Prof. Julius H. Drayer. Roanoke College, Virginia; Prof. Duncan Brown, Highland College, High


land, Kansas.

The President-elect was introduced to the Department by the retiring President.

A resolution was adopted asking the Executive Committee to take steps toward promoting the social feature of the meeting next year. Jdjourned.

G. R. CUTTING, Secretary, and acting President.


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