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Entered according to Act of Congress, in the year 1896, by

· CENTRAL LAW JOURNAL COMPANY, In the Office of the Librarian of Congress at Washington.



This list includes only those cases commented upon editorially or in our Notes of Recent Decis-
ions, or in full annotated. The abbreviation Ed., indicates editorially-R. D., cases commented upon
in our Notes of Recent Decisions, and ann. case, annotated case.

Ackenbausen v. People's Sav. Bank (Mich.) Bankg- 1 @hism y, First Nat. Bank (Tenn.) Negotiable Instru

Savings Bank Deposits-Lost or Stolen Pass-books, ment-Indorsement of Draft to Fictitious Person,

R. D. 297.

R. D. 192.

American Accident Co. v. Carson (Ky.) Accident In. City of Healdsburg v. Mulligan (Cal.) Extent of the

surance-External, Violent and Accidental Means Liability of a Public Treasurer, Ed. 189.

-Voluntary Exposure to Danger, R. D. 280.

Cline v. State (Tex.) Criminal Law-Evidence-Depo.

Atlanta Consolidated Street Railway Co. v. Keeny sition in Criminal Cases-Constitutional Law, R.

(Ga.) Tender of Rare Coin, Ed. 417.

D. 398.

American Nat. Bank v. Louisville Warehouse & Ele. Commissioners, etc. V. Cartman (Eng.) Illegal Sale

vator Co. (Tenn.) Corporations - Transfer of of Intoxicating Liquor by Agent, Ed. 149.

Stock-Dividends-Set-off-Partnership Debts, R.

Commonwealth v. Mnrray (Mass.) Constitutional

D. 20.

Law-Right to Bear Arms-Parade with Firearms,

Barrus v. Phaneuf (Mass.) Expert Witness - Fees-

R. D. 298.

Contract, ann. case, 177.

Cone v. Citizens' Bank (Kan.) Misconduct of Trial
Barnitz v. Beverly (U. S. S. C.) Constitutionality of

Judge in Remarks to Jury, Ed. 475.
Retroactive Grant of Mortgage Redemption, Ed. 1.
Beach v. Beach (Okla.) Residence as a Requirement

Conner v. Canter (Ind.) Validity of Contract by Candi.
for Divorce in Oklahoma, Ed. 493.

date to Appoint Certain Deputies, Ed. 397.

Bell v. Bell (N. Y.) Validity of Foreign Divorces, Ed.

Consolidated Traction Co. v. Scott (N. J.) Railroad


Company-Street Railway - Negligence-Crossing,

Bennett v. Davis (Cal.) Mechanic's Lien – Material.

R. D. 238.

man, R. D. 278.

Cooper v. Hamilton Perpetual Building & Loan Assoc.

Blake v. Smith (R. I.) Slander-Misjoinder of Parties

(Tenn.) Deed-Acknowledgment - Interested Off-
Defendant-Husband and Wife, R. D. 149.

cer-Validity, R. D. 380.
Blanck v. Sadlin (N. Y.) Mortgage Payable in Gold

Cornish v. Wiessman (N. J.) Deed-Building Restric-

Coin, Ed. 69.

tion-Enforcement, ann. case, 328.

Board of Trade v. Nelson (111.) Board of Trade-Sus.

Culmer v. Wilson (Utah) Joint Tort-feasorg-Contri.

pension of Member-Review-Res Judicata, R. D.

bution-Liability of Husband for the Torts of Wife,


R. D. 50.

Bonga v. Weare Township (Mich.) Forgetting the Ex-

Davis v. United States (U. S. $. C.) Burden of Proof
istence of Defect in Highway as Contributory Neg.

where Defense of Insanity is Interposed, Ed. 49.
ligence, Ed. 189.

Dawson v. Peterson (Mich.) Evidence-Proof of For
Bradley v. Sandlands (Minn.) Process-Summons-

eign Laws, R. D. 398.

Error in Name, R. D. 358.

Defiance Water Co. v. Olinger (Ohio) Dangerous Sub.

Briggs v. Town of Russellville (Ky.) Municipal Cor.

stance on Premises-Escape-Liability to Guest of
poration-Taxation-Agricultural Lands, R. D. 240.

Tepant, R. D. 32.
Brooke y. Struthers (Mich.) Negotiability of Mort-

Delaware, L. & W. R. Co. v. Hardy (N. J.) Master and
gage Promissory Notes Containing Extraordinary

Servant-Servant of One Master as the Special
Stipulations, Ed. 337.

Servant of Another, R. D. 152.
Brotherton v. Manhattan Beach Imp. Co. (Neb.) Neg-

Dodge v. Bremen Fire Ins. Co. (Kan.) Insurance-

ligence-Proprietor of Bathing Resort-Failure to

Subrogation Clause-Change of Title, R. D. 359.

Use Proper Precautions, R. D. 190.

Dolan v. Rogers (N. Y.) Contract--Performance, R.

(abot v. Kingsman (Mass.) Municipal Corporation -

D. 50.

Sewers-Easement-Injuries to Abutting Land, R.

Doyle y. Fitchburg R. Co. (Mass.) Railroad Company
D. 130.

-Carriers of Passengers-Injury to Employee Rid.
Cahill v. Chicago, M. & St. P. Ry. Co. (U.S. 0. C. III.)

ing as Passenger-Exemption from Liability, R. D.

Directing Verdict by the Court, Ed. 49.


Cabill v. Chicago, M. & St. P. Ry, Co. (U.S. C. C. of

Eingartner v. Illinois Steel Co. (Wis.) Constitutional

Law-Privilege of Citizen of Another State-Right

App. 7th Cir.) Railroad Company - Accident at

to Maintain Action, R. D. 494.

Crossing-Trespasser, R. D. 190.

Callan v. Bull (Cal.) Master and Servant - Personal

Elliott v. Kitchens (Ala.) Animals Running at Large,

Injury-Negligence-Fellow-servant, R. D. 438.

R. D. 281.

Central Trust Co. V. Milwaukee St. Ry. Co. (U. S. C. Fairchild v. Hedges (Wash.) Extent of the Liability

0. Wis.) Attorney-Privilege-Service of Subpæna of a Public Treasurer, Ed. 149.

while Attending Court, R. D. 154.

Fidelity & Casualty Co. v. Chambers (Va.) Accident

Chase y. Henry (Mass.) Insolvency-Discharge-Non. Ingurance-External, Violent and Accidental Means
resident Partles, R. D. 458.

-Voluntary Exposure to Danger, R. D. 280.

iu 539703


Fidelity & Casualty Co. v. Gate City Nat. Bank (Ga.)

Fidelity Insurance-Construction of Policy-Change

of Employment, R. D. 338.

Fisher v. Fielding (Conn.) Foreign Judgment-De.

fense-Service of Process – Jurisdiction of Foreign

Court, R. D. 30.

Fitzpatrick v. Daily State Pub. Co. (La.) Libel-Lla.

bility of Newspapers-Presumption of Malice, R.

D. 150.

Flora v. Anderson (U. 8. $. C. Ohio) An American

Tichborne Oase, Ed. 417.

Frame v. Sliter (Oreg.) Vendor and Purchaser-Im-

plied Lien for Purchase Money, R. D. 172.

Fruchey v. Eagleston (Ind.) Oral Instructions to

Juries, Ed. 493.
Fuller v. Roberts County (S. D.) Office and Officers-

Payment of Salary to De Facto Officer, R. D. 301.
Gaar, Scott & Co. v. Green (N. Dak.) Contract-Con.

sideration, R. D. 319.

Gaar, Scott & Co. v. Hughes (Tenn.) Attorney and

Client-Collection of Money - Deposit-Failure of

Bank, R. D. 131.

Gildersleeve v. Hammond (Mich.) Lateral Support-

Contributory Negligence-Evidence, ann. case, 97.
Gleason v. Boehm (N. J.) Landlord and Tenant-Dan.

gerous Premises – Liability of Landlord for In.

juries, ann. case, 138.
Gray v. Holmes (Kan.) Adoption-Descent and Dis.

tribution-Rights of Adopted Child, R. D. 278.
Great Western Railway Co. v. Edwards (Eng.) Bicy.

cles as Baggage, Ed. 457.
Green v. Blackwell (N. J.) Bequest-Charity-Trust-

Oy Pres Doctrine, R. D. 476.
Green v. Coast Line Railroad Co. (Ga.) Insolvent

Corporation - Priority of Judgment for Damages

over Mortgage, Ed. 257.
Greer v. Payne (Kan.) Trusts and Monopolies-Rights

of Members- Equity Jurisdiction, R. D. 399.
Havemeyer v. Dahn (Neb.) Conveyance of Homestead

-Validity – Acknowledgment-Notary-Disqualifi.

cation, ann. case, 12.
Hawes v. Tavor (Ill.) Deed — Covenant-Building Re-

strictions, R. D. 170.
Henneger V. Lomas (Ind.) Right of Woman to Recover

in Her Own Name Damages for Seduction, Ed. 169.

Hennington v. State of Georgia (U. S. S. C.) State En-

actments Prohibiting Running of Railroad Trains

on Sunday, Ed. 129.

Herrimann v. Menzies (Cal.) Contract-Res riction of

Trade-Monopoly - Public Policy-Validity, ann.

case, 502

Hilbigh v. Hattle (Ind.) Divorce-Decree of Another

State-Collateral Attack-Contract for Separation,

R. D. 153.

Hoover v. State (Neb.) Undue Expedition in Bringing

Accused Murderer to Trial, Ed. 29.

Hosley v. Beard (Ohio) Negotiable Instrument-Note

of Incompetent-Validity-Burden of Proof, R. D.


Houlten v. Nichols (Wis.) Lobbying Contracts-Valid.

ity-Public Policy, R. D. 111.
Hurlburt's Estate, In re (Vt.) Evidence-Death-Proof

of-General Reputation in the Family, R. D. 238.
Hursen v. Gavin (III.) Contract in Restraint of Trade

- Validity, R. D. 479.
Illinois Cent. R. Co. v. Ihlenberg (U. S. C. C. of App.

6th Cir.) Whether Constitutional Provisions are

Selt-executing, Ed. 475.
Illinois Cent. Railroad Co. v. State of Illinois (U. S.S.

C.) Obstruction of Interstate Commerce and United

States Mails, Ed. 129.
Irvine, Ex parte (U. S. S. C.) Refusal of Witness to

Answer Incriminating Questions, Ed. 277.

| Jeffris v. Fitchburg R. Co. (Wis.) Sale-Rescission ly

Seller-Stoppage in Transitu-Insolvency of Pur.

chaser-Election of Remedies, R. D. 171.

Jones v. State (Ga.) What Constitutes a Common Cheat

or Swindler, Ed. 277.

Kearney Milling and Elevator Co. v. Union Pac. Ry.

Co. (Iowa) Sale-Rescission by Seller-Election of

Remedies-Stoppage in Transitu, R. D. 70, 171.
Kellogg Newspaper Co. v. Peterson (III.) Sales-De.

livery, R. D. 258.

Kijek v. Goldman (N. Y.) Liability for Deceit Inducing

One to Marry au Impure Woman, Ed. 357.

Kilbride v. Moss (Cal.) Guaranty-Contract-Statute of

Frauds, R. D. 379.

Kiser v. Holladay (Oreg.) Master and Servant-Con-

tract to pay for Service-When Implied, R. D. 259.
Lenzen v. City of New Braunfels (Tex.) Municipal Cor-

poration - Defective Water-works – Liability for

Loss by Fire, R. D. 90.
Light v. Killinger (Ind.) Negotiable Instruments-A:-

teration, ann. case, 405.

Little v. Chicago, St. P., M. &0. Ry. Co. (Min.)'Action

for Injuries to Land-Vepue, ann. case, 198.

Lommen v. Minneapolis Gas Light Co. (Min.) Consti-

tutionality of Statute Providing for "special" Ju-

ries, Ed. 209.
Love v. People (III.) Criminal Law-Burglary-Crime

Induced by Detective, R. D. 110.
Loventbal v. Home Ins. Co. (Ala.) Insurance-Title of

Insured-Executory Contract of Purchase, R. D.

Lowev, Kansas (U. S. S. C.) Criminal Law and Pro.

cedure-Imposition of Costs on Prosecutor-Consti.

tutionallty of Statute, R. D. 2.
McKenzie, Ex parte (III.) Judgment-Fictitious Cause

-Collosive Petition to Vacate, R. D. 190.
Manning v. West End St. Ry. Co. (Mass.) Electric

Street Railway-Negligence of Conductor-Injury

to Bystander, R. D. 92.
Medinah Temple Co. v. Currey (III.) Landlord and

Tenant - Assignment for Bereit of Creditorg-

Forfeiture of Lease, R. D. 494.
Mexican Nat. R. CO. V. Jackson (Tex.) Action-Transi.

tory-Conflict of Laws, R. D. 170.
Miller's Estate, In Re (Penn.) Mechanic's Lien-Mort-

gageg-Priority, ann. case, 482.
Miller v. Donovan (N. Y.) Inducing the Publication of

a Libel, Ed. 49.

Morris v. Mix (Kan.) Mortgage – Assumption by

Grantee, R. D. 418.

Murray v. Tolman (Ill.) Deceit-False Representations

-Sale of Stock, ann. case, 367.

Nicely v. Commercial Bank (Ind.) Negotiable Instru.

ment-Promissory Note-Exchange-Negotiability.

R. D. 210.

North Dallas Circuit Ry. Co. v. McCue (Tex.) Trial-

Remarks of Judge to Jury on Failure to Agree, R.

D. 130.

Northern Pacific Railway v. Peterson (U.S. S. C.) Fel.

low.servant Rule in Federal Courts, Ed. 89.

Norton v. Dashwood (Eng.) Devise-Fixtures-Tap.

estry on Walls, R. D. 358.
O'Brien v. Boland (Mass.) Real Estate-Option-Seal,

ann. case, 306.
Ohio & M. Ry. Co. v. Tabor (Ky.) Carriers of Goods-

Contract Limiting Liability-Interstate Shipment,

R. D. 132.
Oliver v. Macon Hardware Co. (Ga.) Lien-Laborer's

Lien-Clerk, R. D. 318.
Pacific Express Co. v. Shearer (III.) Carriers-Misde-

livery, ann. case, 35.
People v. Bennett (Cal.) Criminal Law-Former Jeop.

ardy-Waiver of Plea, R. D. 299.
People v. Chase (III.) Constitutionality of the Illinois

Land Transfer Act, Ed. 437.

People v. Cummings (Cal.) Criminal Law-Obtaining State v. McCabe (Mo.) Criminal Law-Sending Threat
Land Through False Pretenses, R. D. 420.

ening Letters by Collection Agency, R. D. 439.
People v. De Winton (Cal.) Criminal Law-Arson State v. Miller (W. Va.) Criminal Law-Lascivious Co.
What Constitutes-Ownership, ann. case, 286.

habitation, R. D. 151.
Peterson v. Western Union Tel. Co. (Mind.) Tele-

State v. Missouri Pacific Railway Co. (Mo. Cir. Ct.)
graphic Libels, R. D. 93.

Bicycles as Baggage, Ed. 377.
Phelps v. Piper (Neb.) Election and Voters-Rival Con.
ventions of one Political Party-Secretary of State

State v. Tyler (Wash.) Garnishment - Liability of
-Duties as to Candidates Nominated, ann. case,

County to Process, R. D. 113.

State v. Wood (N. J.) Tort-Joinder of Actions-Injury
Plessy v. Ferguson (U.S. S. C.) Validity of ''Separate

to Dogs, R. D. 458.
Coach” Laws, Ed. 129.

Stevenson y. Kyle (w. Va.) Principal and Agent-
Pugh v. London, Brighton & South Coast Ry. Co. Rights of Third Persons-Set off of Debt of Agent-
(Eug.) Accident Insurance-Injuries by Fright-

Assignment, R. D. 262.
Death by Inbaling Gas, R. D. 378.

Stuart v. New Albany Mfg. Co. (Ind.) Master and Serv.
Parviance v. Schultz (Ind.) Liability of Decedent's ant - Personal Injury – Assumption of Risk, R. D.

Estate-Services-Infant's Contracts Creating Fam. 90.
ily Relations, R. D. 439.

Summersell v. State (Fla.) Criminal Law - Verdict-
Ravenswood, S. & G. Ry. Co. v. Town of Ravenswood Absence of Defendant, R. D. 318.

(W.Va.) Railroad Company-Municipal Aid Bonds Swift v. Rounds (R. I.) Fraud -- Deceit - Purchase of
-Change of Route, R. D. 2.

Goods on Credit with the Intention not to Pay
Raycroft v. Tayntor (Vt.) Contract-Malicious Inter. Therefor - Implied False Representations – Plead.

terference-Procuring Discharge of Servant, ann. ing, anp. case, 266.
case, 222.

Talbot Paving Co. v. City of Detroit (Mich.) Municipal
Rickerson Roller-Mill Co. v. Farrell Foundry & Ma. Corporations - Contracts - Rejection of Bid-Lia:

chine Co. (U. 8. C. C. of App. 6th Cir.) Corporation bility to Bidder, R. D. 258.
-Issue of Stock-Sale Below Par-Insolvency Talcott v. Arnold (N. J.) Employment of Husband by
Preference to Directors, R. D. 438.

Wife - Rights of Creditors of Husband, ann, case,
Robert Cluggish v. Cynthia A. Kubns (Ind.) Municipal 444.

Corporation - Prblic Improvement - Estoppel of Talton v. Mayes (U. S. S. C.) Federal Jurisdiction
Property Owner, ann. case, 244.

within the Cherokee Nation, Ed. 29.
Roberts, In re (Kan.) Constitutional Law-Arrest of Tampa Water-works Co. v. Cline (Fla.) Waters-Sur-
Debtor, R. D. 300.

face and Subterranean Streams - Riparian Owners
Roberts v. American Building & Loan Agen. (Ark.) -Interference with Percolation, R. D. 298.

Building and Loan Associations-Foreclosure of Taylor v. Chesapeake & O. Ry. Co. (W. Va.) Parent and
Mortgage-Rule for Computing Amount Due-Fines, Child -- Custody of Minor-Action for Loss of Sery.
anp, case, 348.

ice-Dangerous Employment, R. D. 69.
Rosenstein v. Coleman (Mont.) Assignment for Benefit Tebbets v. Mercantile Credit Guarantee Co. (U.S.O.
of Creditorg - When Fraudulent, R. D. 339.

C. of App. 2d Cir.) Credit Insurance - Uncollect.
Sammis v. Sly (Ohio) Attachment_Wrongful Levy-

Ible Debts-Contract, R. D. 170.
Destruction of Property by Fire, R. D. 191.

Territory v. Lucera (N. M.) Criminal Law-Homicide-
Samuel R. Callaway v.Jessie Mellett (Ind.) Carriers of Malice-Presumption R. D. 360.

Passengers-Ticket Holders' Rights, apn. case, 77. Tucker v. Tucker (Miss.) Alienating Conjugal Affec-
Sandwich Manul. Co. v. Krake (Minn.) Execution-

tion-Impeaching a Witness, ann. case, 118.
Supplementary Proceedings-Wages of City Em. Tuttle v. National Bank of the Republic (III.) Whetber
ployee, R. D. 478.

Constitutional Provisions are Sell-executing, Ed.
Schott v. Dosh (Neb.) Quitclaim Deed - Bona Fide 475.
Purchaser-Unrecorded Deed, R. D. 341.

United States v. Fulkerson (U. S. D, O. So. Dist. Cal.)
Scott v. Mercer (Iowa) Bailment-Lien for Labor and Federal Offense- Unlawful Use of Mails – Lottery,
Skill-Training Horse, R. D. 94.

R. D. 318.
Sharp T. McIntire (Colo.) Elections - Voters - Resl. Urban v. Helmick (Wash.) Libel - Question of Law,
dence-Declarations-Res Gestæ - Witness --Com-

Construction, R. D. 279.
petency, ann. case, 387.

Vegelahn v. Gunter (Mass.) Injunction-Conspiracy to
Shearing v. Trumbull (U. S. C. C. Colo.) Removal of Injure Business, Ed. 457; aun. case, 464.
Causes--Receiver of Federal Court, R. D. 339.

Vining v. Miller (Mich.) Chattel Mortgage – Animals-
Simonds v. City of Baraboo (Wis.) Municipal Corpora.

Priority of Lien, R. D. 110.
tlon--Detective Street-Knowledge - Forgetfulness Wade v. Pittsburgh, C., C. & St. L. R. Co. (III.) Car.
-Contributory Negligence - Evidence of Custom, riers-Act of God - Johnstown Flood, ann. case,
ann, case, 57.

Skinner v. Caughey (Minn.) Liveryman's Lien - Who

| Warner v. Southern Pac. Co. (Cal.) Master and Servant
Entitled to-Grooms, R. D. 31.

-Liability for Malicious Act of Servant -- Vindic-
Solicitor's Loan & Trust Co. v. Robing (Wash.) Per-

tive Damages, R. D. 112.
sonal Liability of Grantee of Mortgaged Premises Wilhelm v. Wilkins (N. Y.) Quitclaim Deed -Record-
to Pay a Mortgage, Ed. 169.

ing-Bona Fide Purchaser, R. D. 31.
State v. Arnold (8. Car.) Criminal Law - Homicide Williams v. Hays (N. Y.) Insanity as a Defense to Torts
Declarations of Deceased, R. D. 239.

of Negligence, Ed. 109.
State v. Copeland (Tenn.) Extent of the Liability of a

Wilson v. Campbell (Mich.) Negotiability of Mortgage
Public Treasurer, Ed. 149.

Promissory Notes containing Extraordinary Stipu.
State v. Fry (Tenn.) Criminal Law - Evidence of Good

lations, Ed. 337.
Character-Remoteness in Time, R. D. 93.

Wilson v. Lewiston Mill Co. (N. Y.) Conflict of Lawg-
State . Griswold (Conn.) Criminal Law-Seizure of

Contracts-Statute of Frauds-Memorandum, R. D.
Paperg-Compelling Defendant to Criminate Him-

Belt, R. D. 171,

Wilson v. Mayor, etc. (Md.) Municipal Corporations-
State v. Hatch (Kan.) Criminal Law - Homicide-Self Supplies - Deposit Accompanying Sealed Bid-
defense-Duty to Retreat, R. D. 494.

Penalty, R. D. 3.

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