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the newspapers claimed for him. With of treatment he used he is quoted as saying the dazzling American millions before him it was goat serum. After some hesitation he rushed blindly into the comercialized pit he is said to claim having one goat in and to the newspaper crucifixion clandes- Toledo, Ohio. The Denver and Toledo tinely designed for his ending. It reads chiefs of police were delegated to locate the like a novel yet it is a real and remarkable goat, but had to report no goat at the adtragedy in real life, such as only our so. dress given. Duket at one time openly called enlightened and educational press, advertised in the Toledo papers a "combinin its self amusement and in promotion of its ation of vitalized electrified air" as a "Godown selfish interests, could climax around send to the sick-two trial treatments about a humanely weak but a primarily free." In 1910 Duket had a sanitarium at well-meaning men whose undisturbed am- Findlay, Ohio, for the cure of tuberculosis bitions were devotion to human suffering. with antiseptic lymph." His claims is

Recently Prof. Westenhofer has reported said to be a cure of 90 per cent in the first to the Berlin Medical Society necropsy stage of consumption, 75 per cent the sec: findings in a case treated with Friedmann's ond stage, and 50 per cent in the third serum. The young patient treated showed stage. a strong predisposition to tuberculosis, but Duket's lymph” or “serum” was diswas doing well prior to the treatment. covered nine years ago.

The number After the treatment the tubercular process of patients treated and cured, as reported became active and the patient died. The in Duket's booklet for March, 1911, is refindings showed true tuberculosis at the markable, but after these cases were later point of the serum injection. Prof. Westen- definitely investigated and recorded in the hofer says this indicates caution must be office of the A.M.A. Journal, the reading used in estimating the value of tbe remedy. was like this: Friedmann's methods in his American tour

Condition were severely criticised though Prof. Schleick, who formerly assisted Friedmann

1 Miss M.S.C....... Toledo, Ohio..... ..Alive 2 Mr. S.C..........

.Dead in his experiments, claimed favorable re

3 Mr. A.K.

.Dead sults in the treatment of patients, and he 4 Mr. F.K.K.

.Dead earnestly argued that the treatment would 5 Mr. W.L.....

Dead be at the disposal of the profession on

6 Mr. G.C.S......


.Dead Friedmann's return. Therefore it would

7 Miss W.W.
8 Miss B.G...

.Alive still seem an open question whether a sci- 9 Mrs. E.O'H....... Findley,

Dead entific experiment with possibly some merit 10 Mrs. A.M.E... Lucas Co."

Dead had not been blighted by premature

11 Mrs. S.E.U. Toledo,

.Dead ridiculous press exploitation in the perver

12 Mrs. O.B..

.Dead 13 Mr. H.B

.Alive sion of facts and misrepresentations of the 14 Mr. H.B.

Adrian, Mich....

.Alive experimenter's claims, though he may have 15 Mrs. B.McC....... Circleville, Ohio...... Dead honestly erred in judgment in claiming 16 Mrs. «F.McG..... Upper Sandusky, Ohio..... Dead

.Dead more than the facts warranted.

17 Mrs. C.L........... Arlington, Ohio......

18 Mrs. C.F.K........ McComb, Ohio................ Dead But the press was not content in alluring Dr. Friedmann to America with a million Comment on these statistics is unnecesdollar bait, in making him to appear to be sary. In fact the matter would seem a verand possibly to believe himself to be a very itable comedy were it not a repetitition of great man, in holding him up to ridicule evading legal responsibility in the execuand finally kicking him off of the continent tion of cunningly systematized methods, in a vaudeville climax, but it must spring the intent of which is to take the last dolthe old and formerly advertised Duket, goat lar of a dying, helpless consumptive; he lymph consumption cure on the people as wants to live and who would not give all rejuvenated by ex-senator Wm. Lorimer, he had to him who promises to shut out wedging it into the advertising gap left by death? If this is not quackery, tragedy, Friedmann's departure. There might seem inseparably synonymous, what is it? And some excuse for flaunting the Friedmann in the face of this and other Duket history matter before the public, but the Duket cure too voluminous for present space the press history offers no excuse for the press activ. has widely heralded this to the public as a ity other than the cold dollars involved, new "cure" for consumption. "Alleged inthough the trusting newspaper readers got terviews with ex-Senator” Lorimer, Dr. it as scientific news.

Duket, Father Green and others of Chicago In trying for reciprocity registration in have been pubilshed to give it attractive Colorado Dr. Duket got a politician to in- weight. Mr. Lorimer is.credited with sendtercede for him. Replying to what kind 'ing letters to various state governors "urging that representatives be sent to watch the stomach temperature maintained at the cure being worked out by a medical col. about a hundred degrees, reasonable lege laboratory said to have been enlisted amounts of foods are attacked at once by in the cause by Mr. Lorimer.

the gastric secretions and digestion begins. And how does it all come about? Good, Here Shakespere's axiom is reversed, for in simple-minded, plodding, scientific men led digestion, all's well that begins well." With astray by the heralding of their magnified most of us "there is the rub." Food rapidgreatness, and by the glimmer of gold ly eaten, or, rationally eaten in excessive falsely promised. Smooth, polished, un- amounts, or the use of large quantities of learned and unscientific men exploiting un- iced drinks, disturb gastric functions. truths as facts that they be enriched at the Food will not remain passive within the expense of human suffering and escaping stomach with heat, moisture and bacteria, penalty. Death by guardians of the law is any longer than it will out it, either digeswhat happens to those caught robbing the tion or decomposition begins rather promptdead. Penalty for highway robbery is ly. Digestion properly started progresses fixed by law, but there is no penalty for normally, in the absence of pathologic lethe unbridled, vicious and lustful craving sions; on the other hand, food decomposiof the press for notoriety, the intent of tion in the stomach disturbs the entire which is to enrich itself regardless of the alimentary canal. The acute forms of cost in human depravity. Its impossible to disturbance are fortunately short lived, and find descriptive language to treat this sub- are quickly disposed of by vomiting and ject fully. Even Webster seems to have diarrhea. The severe, farreaching andomitted the essential words. Barbarism re- body wrecking disturbances are those slow, fined, dignified and damnable could not insidious ones of slight, persistent, proyield more pitiable end results than does gressive accumulation of toxic and bacterithe wholesale sowing of printers' ink

of printers' ink al increase, in which the defences of the promises, imbuing thousands with hopeful- body, liver, thyroid, suprarenals are overness, giving up their all to obtain that as- worked. They slowly poison the portal sured them-the impossible new lease on circulation and develop gastric ulcer, anelife.

mias and gall bladder diseases in this counWhen the press is forbidden to advise and try, and hepatic abscess in hot climates. publish uncensored things in medicine These terminal conditions which perplex quackery will cease. Forbid the press to

both the surgeon and internist are, as well publish any scientific medical experiment

as the acute gastroenteric attacks, the retill the experiment is proven and the thing sult of irrational feeding.

J.M.B. given its proper place in medicine, then there will not be blasted hopes for thousands of unfortunates and scientists will not

SEX HYGIENE INSTRUCTION IN THE be made and unmade in a day and cast to

SCHOOLS. the medical junk discredited for no other Chicago, as usual, is taking the lead in reason than a grafting success or failure of progressive education, and its school board an enterprising but vicious and soulless recently recommended an appropriation of press in its faithful (?) endeavor to teach $100,000 for the purpose of teaching sex the dear people. Then we will not need to hygiene in the high schools. As was to be repeat: "Friedmann, Duket, the Press- expected, however, a protest has been filed These Three."

S.G.B. by certain ignorant persons, with the result

that action in the matter may possibly be

deferred. A writer in the Chicago News DANGERS OF IRRATIONAL FEEDING.

says that protests against any action by

any public body are easily procured. The At this season of the year when foodstuffs question for the education board to deterso easily undergo decomposition unless pro. mine is whether the teaching of sex hytected by ice, we can learn a far-reaching giene in the high schools is for the moral lesson. The essential conditions for de- benefit of the children and the community composition are the presence of heat, mois- and would be approved by the majority of ture, and bacteria, and unless some oppos- the community. ing factor exerts its influence within reason- There can be little doubt that such inable time, putrefaction, of animal foods struction, under properly qualified instrucspecially, begins. This rule hold within, tors, is desirable. The mystery attaching as well as outside, the alimentary canal for to sex relations and the general ignorance the same factors exist in the digestive tract. upon the subject among boys and girls have Within the body, with proper mastication, much to do with the prevalence of sex vice.

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Boys and girls learn the things that are influence he commanded in medical circles, sought to be taught, but instead of learning in the church, at our local Y.M.C.A. and them from qualified instructors, under in regard to the education of the young. If proper influences and in the right surround- the medical, social, industrial and the ecoings, they obtain their education in the nomic value of a man is determined by what streets and the alleys. Natural things are he does and by the verdict of those who made mysterious, and the love for the solu- pass judgment upon what has been done we tion of mysteries, innate in the young, has

can say to our departed friend well done, resulted in the blighting of millions of thou good and faithful servant." promising young lives.

No physician has set for himself a higher Investigators into social conditions,

social conditions, mark, and no one has lived closer to his prominent educators and the most enlight- ideal. He was one of those rare individuals ened members of the medical profession are agreed as on the desirability of teaching sex hygiene in the schools.

It is objected by some of those honestly opposed to sex hygiene teaching in the schools that the proper place for such instruction is the home. That may be granted without weakening in the least degree the argument for this instruction in the high schools.

If all parents were qualified to give this instruction and would give it, it would not be necessary in the schools. But we must deal with facts, and the fact is that parents are generally neglectful of this duty.

C. W.F.



Death, that unwelcome visitor who is almost always unlooked for, has robbed us of another of our colleagues in the height of his usefulness.

On July 20, 1913, at 8:45 a.m. Dr. W. B. Deffenbaugh died suddenly at his office without any previous warning. The doctor had been busy during the entire night with two obstetrical cases; went liome for breakfast, arrived at his office at 8 a.m. to rest a

DR. W. B. DEFFENBAUGH. few minutes preparatory to acting as an expert witness in a damage suit at 9 a.m. In who did not take advantage of things as the presence of his stenographer at 8:40 a.m. they are, for selfish purposes, a tribute he started across the room, and as was his which is noteworthy because it is true. custom, with a joke on his lips, sank to the The writer does not believe that Dr. Deffenfloor, his face turning black, he gasped for baugh ever collected a dollar which he did breath for a few minutes, and the first phy- not consider as honestly earned.

Add to sician who responded pronounced him dead. this professional proficiency and we have A large number of medical men gathered the ideal professional man. in a few moments, but life was extinct.

Because he was magnanimous he has apDr. Deffenbaugh was born in Southern peared as a marvel and held the constant Missouri in 1860, and in 1884 he graduated esteem and admiration of the people. from the Starling Medical College at Col- We know that the professional spirit is umbus, Ohio. He was the son of a physi- the antithesis of avariciousness. Our profescian. He leaves a wife and three children. sion will attain its highest sphere when Practiced medicine in Arkansas, Texas, but every physician displays magnanimity. since 1899 in St. Joseph, Mo.

Men with business propensities may attain In the career of Dr. Deffenbaugh, as is local fame and fortune in professional cawell known here among the physicians, it pacities, but their lives retard altruistic was the personal factor-the character of development, and they exert a downward the man, which caused him to possess the degenerative influence in their community.


Altruistic men like Dr. Deffenbaugh are ing digestion, serious chemical and meta-, still in the small minority, yet their in- bolic changes will in time manifest themfluence will tend slowly to give us a civil selves, which may eventually combine and ization worthy the name.

prevent complete carbohydrate metabolism. He was a man; truth was his element; no "The other causes interfering with a norfraud could thrive in his society, He mal production of secretin are intestinal was as bold to expose as he was quick to putrefaction, ulcer of the duodenum or pysee through false pretense. For this he lorus, and any lesion involving the mucosa, was thought by some to be uncompromis- of the duodenum and upper portion of the ing. He had no enemies. He bore no small intestine. malice. His was not a nature to see faults "The liver, next to the pancreas, furin others which were foreign to itself. His nishes the most important etiological factor. friendships were always warm; his anti. Only a very brief indication of a few carpathies were rarely personal. His faults dinal points will be undertaken. The were all those of a large, generous nature, power of the liver cell to change ammonia such as one may look to find in the broad, into urea is vital. When any abnormal deep-chested, short-statured man, whose cellular change manifests itself the urea large play of vital functions keeps him for content is lessened and the ammonia output ever harshly busy until the whole machine increased. breaks down in one crash.

“This fact is observed in all severe cases A more lovely nature never breathed. of diabetes, in anemias, in some types of inMany an eye moistened as it met the testinal nephritis, in toxemias, in hypermournful notice of his death. Many an one trophic and atrophic cirrhosis of the liver, felt that one of those true friends on wliom in chronic inflammations of the gall duct, absolute, entire reliance might always be and in malignancy. A continued low urea placed, had gone and left a void there is no output is an unfavorable sign in diabetes.

Generally, we find that when the liver is “He is not dead whose glorious mind unable to normally change ammonia into Lifts thine on high

urea the secretion of the bile is affected, To live in hearts we leave behind

the production is lessened, and the bacteriIs not to die."

cidal action diminished." P.I.L.

These are the author's conclusions:

“1. The efficacy of this culture in dia

betes is undoubtedly due to its power to The Bulgarian Bacillus in Diabetes. prevent intestinal putrefaction. Dr. J. Wallace Beveridge in the New

2. The use of this culture in diabetes is York Medical Journal in the last two issues far superior to that of opium, and offers reports 176 cases of diabetes cured by use of the only rational internal therapy really of the Bulgarian bacillus. He argues for its value." efficacy in diabetes except when accompanied with hyperacidity.

"The activity of the pancreatic secretion depends mostly upon the acidity in the duo

Rockefeller's Work Abroad. denum and small intestine, this acidity According to report from Washington, causing a peripheral, local stimulating re- hookworm authorities have successfully flex action on the ganglionic cells scattered cleaned house in this country. The work is throughout the pancreas, while the reflexes to be extended, although no increase in the of central origin remain inert. When fund has been made. Mr. Starr J. Murchronic conditions arise to change the acid- phy, New York, who has charge of the ity of the gastric contents, a corresponding charities of Mr. Rockefeller announces that response will be noted in the production of the Rockefeller Institute was soon to under

take work of an international character in *According as a hyperacidity or hypo- connection with the eradication of tropical acidity of the gastric chyle is apparent diseases, including the hookworm disease, while passing through the duodenum and which affects the people of all countries upper portion of the small intestine the living in the tropical zone. Mr. Murphy amount of secretin manufactured is either announced that Dr. Wickcliffe Rose of increased or diminished, and, reflexly, the Washington, who has conducted the Rockepancreatic secretions will also be increased feller Foundation's campaign against the or diminished. Should this abnormal chem- hookworm in the United States will leave ical reaction continue, whereby the pan. in a short time for India to carry on the creas receives inadequate stimulation dur- work there.


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