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20.1 Where the Gratification of Pride is the Motive, it destroys the Merit of otherwise Good Actions.

SOTSIT.020 3572, CENSOR TO USNESE: Speak not maliciously. 3573.' D'ESPAIR.

i'w b), irit ?. Notbing they fear who ate undone already 35743 SLANDER-political.

$ Beware you slander not The helms s of the State = "nor curse as Eine

curse as Enemies Who care for 3575. them.

It is a bad symptoin in a State when severe Statutes are multiplied to chain up and restrajn the Poor.

3576. CORRUPTION---popălar."" ?? *$ In a corrupted State e who deserves Greatness Deserves their Hate: "And their Affections are A sick Man's appetite, who desires mošt that Which would increase bis Evil. He that depends Upon their conduct świms with fins of lead, And hews down oaks with fushes. With every minute do they change their mind; And call him

was now their hate'; Him vile that was their

19 3577. HUNGER: Hunger breaks Stone Walls.

1901911. sz.; L:11 * Political Slanders are very

rare. * They can never be frequent but in the last stage of Corruption. The Good are not slander'd till Discrimination and Sense of Honor have been lost by habitual Flattery, of, the Bade

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3579. RICH: not Corn for


و زی!

MATO! 3578. DOGS. Dogs must eat.

Bicocitt: $ Ileaven sends not for the Rich óuly. 3580. PRIDE.

ni A proud Nature, Tickled with good success, disdaing the shadow Which be treads on at noon, 3581. DEATH. on at noon

[Country, Better that eleven Sons die, nobly for their Than one yoluptuously surfeit out of Action.

3582. VALOUR. True Valour is not foolish in it's Stand, Nor cowardly in Retreat. 3583., WILLINGNESS.

Those aid an Action best who are most willing 3584. COUNTRY, + He has deserv’d the Name of Citizen To whom his country's dearer than himself, 3585. FLATTERY.

6 When Drums and Trumpets In the field proye Flatterers, Courts and civil

!10 Must be all false-fac'd soothing.



. 18 Men must know much to know others, of themselves, or any thing, rightly. 3587. VIRTUI.

Tie * Virtue rewards Her Deeds with doing of them*.

3588. INGRATITU-DE.19V 916 27 Ingratitude is monstrous...???

via wito da se oniri
Ipsa quidem Virtus albimée pulcherrima Merces,


C Be it what it will the greater part carries it. 3590. POPULARITY.

1 The Crowd, great part of it however, prefers the Hat to the Heart. 3591. AMBITION.

1/ Selfish Ambition with a proud Heart wears, While young,

it's humble weeds. 3592. ELECTION ----popular. 2. Who have the People's Voice ought to be such As do deserve their Love.

3593. 3. In an Election to high Public Trusts, Voices ill-given are Curses to the Givers.)

3594. LEARNING_IGNORANCE, 48. The learned should not be as common Fools: Nor should the unlearned boast their Ignorance. 8.3595. REASONS-VOTES. 5. Reasons are worthier than mere Votes. :;!

3596. POPULARITY-false. Ś Who baits for Popularity must omit - Real Necessities, and give way the while To unstable Slightness.'

3597. Life-it's true Measures!. . * Prefer a noble Life before a long...qui 3598.,

., "REMEDIES desperate-where proper.

In. i 2. Fis: wiseri i 9 VI To vamp the Body with a dangerous Physics an That's sure of Death without it.1.3 or oë doidi 3599. REFORM.

"AICO 3. Be firmé and not more fearful than discreet, I And love the fundamental part of tbe Stuteri More than you doubt the change of it.

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3600. 1:13 4. Beware : and lick pot The Sweet that is your Poison,

3601. DISSENSIONS+civil :- MODERATION, © In civil Discords more Respect on both sides Were wise and just, generous and all-preserving,

3602. ANARCHY+it's EVIL. * $ Lawless Confusion lays a City waste: It brings the Roof to the Foundation, And buries what till then distinctly rang'd In heaps and piles of Ruin.

3603. AUTHORITY. 28. We must ôr stand by our Authority, Or be content to lose it.

i 3604. MODERATION. 34. Those who would truely be their country's

Friends Should temperately proceed to heal what others Would violently redress.

3605. COMPENSATION. ! + One Time will pay another.

3606. RASHN ESS. That Manhood is call'd. Foolery which stands Against a falling Fabric. 3607. LAW


49. Who resists Law, Law against him scorns any farther Trial Than the severity of the Public Power 114157 Which so he sets at noughts 3608. MODERATION.

Ć Do not cry haváck when you should but huat With modest warrant. Cutshot

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3609. PRIVILEGE. † Proceed by Process rather than by Power *.

3610. VIOLENCE-it's Evils incalculable. # The End of violent Courses is unknown To the Beginning, and beyond Conjecture.

3611. SERVILITY--avoid the Appearance of it. + Abstain from Semblance of Servility; Lest thou surcease to honor thine own Truth, And by thy Body's Action teach the Mind A most inherent Baseness #.

3612. CALUMNY-the ANSWER to it. 55. What by invention base Men charge, the Will answer in their Honor.

[brave 3613. ANGER.'

6g. Anger being once chaf'd, cannot Be rein'd again to Temperance: And then speaks What's in the heart; though it be that which looks. To break the Neck.

Titan $614. CONTRADICTION. '

79. Men accustom'd Ever to conquer, ill endure Reproof Or Contradiction. 3615. PATRIOTISM.

89. A Patriot loves His Country's Good with a respect more tender, More holy and profound than his own Life.

3616. IGNORANCE. 99. Dell Ignorance finds nothing till it feels.

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* It had been well had this been observed in the Cases of Mr. GALE JONES and Sir FRANCIS BURDETT.

7. A Maxim from the depths of human Nature and moral Philosophy: And expresst with the same Sublimity as it was conceiy'd.

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