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3617. FORTITUDE. Fortitude says." There is a World elsewhere."

3618. FORTUNE. Ø In light'ning Fortune's Wounds when most Is shewn a noble Cunning.

(struck home 3619. PHILOSOPHY, ġ Precepts there are that make invincible The Heart which rightly hears them. 3620. MODERATION.

1019. Men who have shewn their Power Should be seen humbler after all is done Than when it was in doing.

3621. DISSENSIONS domestic.

+ Enemies, public and private, take advantage of domestic Dissensions: like those Libertines who think it the fittest time to corrupt a Man's Wife when she is fallen out with her Husband, 3622. COALITIONS.

The fellest Foes, (sleep, Whose Passions and whose Plots have broke their To take the one the other, by some chance, Some trick not worth an egg, shall turn dear And interjoin their issues t.

[Friends, 3623. NECESSITY-reconciles.

o Common Hatreds are silenced when Men have need one of another. 3624. PUNISHMENTS-should not be hasty.

*i. Reason before you punish, Lest you should chance to whip your information, iod beat who well and wisely bids beware Of what is to be dreaded.


* The word was antiently often used in a good sense : as in Ps. cxxxvii. 5. Now always in a bad.

of Unite in the same Projecta.


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3625. DISTR£$$.1.) ZULIJ 2. Do not upbraid Distressv T122an. .SED &

3626. GRATITUDE. WAN 39. Good-will exerted at request, deserves, zod! IT Though unsuccessful. Thanks after the measure, That it ¡ntended. Nell, live: »Je') 611.49 13627. GOOD-NATURE-- the mechanical kind of it, The veins, unfli'd, the blood is cold, and then We pout upon the Morning, are unapy To give or to fargine : When we are fill'd With Wine and Feastings we have suppler Souls Than in our Faşts to mota). Biolo

3628. IMPLACABILITY is dishonorable. :: $ It is not honorable for a poble Mind, 't IT Still to semember Wrong. 415. })boon) IT

3629. CHANGE-progressive.HR

There is difference between a Grub and a Butterfly yet a Butterfly was a Grub.


Unwise to think, those who respect not Heaven That Heaven will them respect*: 210 19:23.

3631, HONOR. 2. No sickness; stops an honorable Mind vii From an exploit of Honor. { Bolls



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* On the contrary, “Ος Με ΘΕΟΙΣ επιπειθήναι μαλά: εκλυου "Aluo..

Him who respects the GODS they gladly hear.



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JULIUS CÆSAR: Tata su 3632. NECESSITY29112i(I bisid 70 tonr.9

| What can be madded 600 Whose Ehd is Helseinna by Onliipetence: noi).

3698WU Pd!, public du Beyond the ITEREST *+ By Men invested with dipubbie Catej 1: jeill What touchés bar themselves should be Past

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3634, Justitiepiroll ti 110; "H In aid of Justikde Pity drives trit Pity: u sry.

al 3635.'Ity etrih grittsht sy bad Tobabiegi'll dis. Pity is choakt by Custom of felt bildeo ni T 3636: Wuki ENSV til post ke thone...08

: The Evil that Men'dd lives after them oft eist? The Good is oft interred with their Bones.ot lli:2

3637. AMBITIONI1y01qm-10VW') .0208 * + Unjust Ambition Holes norefter den dT With Pity :-it'is made of sterner816797 .vi. 3638. IMITATION,

VIVA.DII 0808 A barrel Spirit is contënt to feedids of 90') On abject Orts and kfrità fioul. lliw (19 Javil serT 3639. PRETENSION.

.Ovou 1800 Hollow Alen, WO Horses botatharia, ok .. Make gallant shew and-pronikse of eheir méitte, 1 1 But fail of the Performance. 3640. JUSTICE.

"Tengono 'The just'asid. brave wrongtipot bis Enemiesco And, if not so, how should he wrong a Brother?

MOH *+ III fits it Leaders of the Public-Cause Before those Persons fiercely to contend, Who should perceive nothing but Love in them.

3642. TEMPER--conciliates. o Speak your Griefs softly if you seek Redress.


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3643. CAPTIOUSNESS-alienates. * In deeply perilous Times it is not fit ... That every nice Offence should beanit's Cogunent.

3644. FRIENDSHIPinVali') O Friendship in those it loves Loves not thei

3645. Solois Paint (Faudts. A friendly Eye is[slow to see small, FaultsA

3646. DUTY- not to be ouenttasktalento Duty should not be urg'd beyond it's Strength.

3647, COWARDIGE makes a $hew of COURAQL) * Cowards upon necessity assumeros, c06 A fearful bravery thinking, by this face 10 * To fasten in Men's Minds that they have Courage)

3648. WORPIstangryo sbaod ann.1008 Words before Blows stid: st 911 97 911!3 MI 3649. RESIGNATION hoas more. FØR TITUDE

than sy AGIDə,010 ] 25. The highest Courage is not to presenta ilgai! The term of Life for fear of what pay: fall still But arm ourselves with patience, and await 10 Constant the Providence of that high Power Which governs us below, otoi vicio

3650. PATRIOTISMTTTYRANNY: ! ) 2000, 39. His Coupury's Friend must be a FoeidTyrants. 3651.

1 ); } } } } }); }); } } : ( To Patriots there is Glory in Defeat, 2000 When bravely they have struggled to the lastyt I Greater than Tyrants, bowsoe'er sudcessful, l' By their vile Conquest'ever can attainbing's. In a

3652. PATRIOTISM-gentle." in Uit SU Mildness and Constancy, dwell in those breasts Which cherish; the beniya and generous thought Of common Good to all.

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Cleopatra.) ----221177140 ANTHONY AND CLEOPATRA. 1103653: 'CRÞÖULITY,ne casa

Credulity still hopes Or better things to-morrow *.

3654, FRIENDSHIPS political. O A temporary Policy makes Friends But ill to last,- of bitter Enemies,

3655. MEVIORATIÓN Cur worser Thoughts Heaven mind!

3656. LOVE misplaced. 31 04.11 XI Or break the fetters of a misplac'd Love, Or lose thyself in Dotage...ll.

3657. FEAR borders On HATRED:
In time we hate that which we often fear.
5 3658. PASSION-credulous... Tesi

Riotous Madness
Itself entangles in those mouth-made vows
Which break themselves in swearing.
3659. POWER-courted,

'The hated grown to Strength, Grow into seeming Lone....

3660. GREATNESS-Freal; unervious. 2. Of real Greatness it is not the Vice To hate a great Competitor.

3661, .DEATH and DISTANCE -- their Effect, It hath been taught us from the primal Times That he which is is wisht until he were, And the ebb?ů Man endear'd by being lackt: 3662. HUNGER.

Hunger will deign
The roughest Berry on the rudest Hedge,

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* This it is that makes Lotteries.

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