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Cleopatra.] 3663.

16 LOVE. Who comes a Messenger from those we love, Is by the Lustre of that Image gilded.

3664. ?. Benevolence, though sad, will shine on those Who borrow light from her. 7 3665. DISSENSIONS private, to be sacrificed to Forget

{the PUBLIC. Private Dissensions when the Public Need Speaks to atone them *!

3666. WRANGLING--Abuse of TÍME.

ỹ Then is the Time to wrangle when there is nothing else to be done.

3667. RUMOR. * Read not Men's Blemishes by the World's 3668. ADVERSITY.

[Report, Adversity may mark a brave Man's Face; But in his Bosom she shall never come, To make his Heart her Vassal. 3669. WOMEN.

& Women rarely are In their best Fortúnes strong:

3670. FORCE. 23. Constrained Blemishes obtain our Pity, As not desery'd. 3671. IGNORANCE Or DESPAIR rash.

None are more bold than those whose clouded Sees not a Cause of Fear.

[Judgment 3672. PERTURBATION excessive---Symptom of

Jalling fortunes. * When the high plac'd begin to rage they are Even to falling.

[hunted * Privatas inimicitias Reipublicæ condong,

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Cleopatra.] 3673. ADVERSITY multiplies Enemies and their

Attacks, indovi 27. A quick and vehement Adversary seeing His Foe at point to fall, gives him no breath; Makes boot of his Distraction.'

3674. OPINION multiplies Strength, 3. Who are deem'd twenty times of better Fortune Have twenty Men in one. 3675, FORCE without REASON.

'1 $ When Reason fails, our very Horce entangles Itself with it's own Strength*är!

, 3676. DESPAIR.

To Despair,
All strange and terrible Events are welcome;
But Comfort it despises.

Genuine Benevoleuce will overflow
On all that need,

Nature wants stuff To vye strange Forms with Fancy,

3679. CALAMITY-FORBEARANCE. Against the fall’n a high and generous Mind Knows rather to extenuate than enforce. 3680. CALUMNY attends on GREATNESS.

The greatest are misthought For things that others dot:And sometimes



Vis Consili expers Mole rut sua. HOR. Can this well be otherwise than a Translation?

+ 'l'his is in a considerable degree applicable to the great Lord BACON.

: 24,41.


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Lid 1602 368li , PRAISE when prostituted discredits that! which is true.

119,79e riiul When we far Recompense bave prais'ch the vilegi. It stains the Glory of that happy/Verse ::': Which aptly sings the Good.

3682. POETRX-it's free and unforte d Spirit,

True Poesy, is as al Gum which issues ! Whence it is nourisht, freel-The fire in the Flint Shews not till it be struck this gentle Flame 7 Itself elicits; and, like the Current, flies All bounds it chafes, 3683. EYE.

si $ What a mental Power The Eye shoots forth.,,

3684. Poet--above personal Malice. " 4++ In a true Poet's verse no leveli'd malice Infęcıs one comma of the course he holds : He flies an Eagle's flight; bold and forth ong Leaving no tract behind. 3685. FORTUNE, BENIGNITY, BENEVOLENCE

58. A large Fortune [united. Upon a good and gracious Nature hanging, Subdues and properties to his Love and Tendance All sorts of Hearts. 3686. FORTUNE.

69. The Base of Fortune's Mount Is throng'd with all Deserts, all kinds of Natures, Who kaboor on the bosom of that sphere To propagate their States. · 3687,670,1..,

Fortune! + See bow Men's homage shifts with Place and This Man is rais’d to Power and sudden Wealtà.


Athens.) And those who yere his Fellows but of late, Some better than his station, on the moment, Follow his stridés, his lobbies all with tendance; Rain sacrificial whisperings in his ear; Make sacred even his stirrup, and through him Drink the free Air! And thus it is a while. When Fortune, in her shift and change of mood, Spurns down herlate belov'd, those his Dependants Which labour'd after him to the Mountain's 'Top, Even on their knees and hands, let him slip down,, Not one accompanying his descending foot*.

3688. FRIENDSHIPPESERTION of it. 'Tis an ungenerous Nature that shakes off A Friend when he most needs us.

3689. BENEVOLENCE"persevering, effectual,

'Tiş pot enough to help the feeble up ; But to support him after, till his strength Can 'serve itself,

3690. HONESTY is firm and persevering. He who is honest will be honest firmly..

3691. rewards itself. Honesty in itself rewards itself.

3692. never out of Seasor. 'Tis always time to be honest.

3693. Youth eager and imitable. Our own preceding Passions do instruct us Wbat levity is in Youtht. 3694. FRIENDSHIP--talous and not 'selfish.

69. 'Tis fit that Men To benefit a Friend should strain their Means ;

1!), * Though the last five lines have been before inserted, it seemed best to take che whole in it's connection and contrast. + Cerens in vitium flecti, Monitoribus asper,

Sublimis cupidusque, & wnrata relinquere pesnis. HOR.

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اند و به او ر :

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(Honor and Honesty always presérvd)
'tis a Bond of Men."

ti 3695. VALUE internal. ♡ Whene'er Dishonor traffics with Man's Nature, , At best he is buto

outside, 3696.

derivative. $ Things of like value, differing in their Owners, Are prov'd as their Mļ așters. 1

. Small Love and much Courtesy,

3698. FEASTING. .

At mạny a pompous Feast Meat fills Knaves, and Wine heats Pools.

3699. RICHES. The foulest Faults with Riches are call’à fair.

3700. POMP and SPLENDOR-perilous. Great Men''should drink with harness on their v 3701. TEMPERANCE. Honest Water ne'er left Man in the Mire.

3702: Beast Feasts are too proud to give Thanks to the Gods. 3703. Tears false.

YT: Trust not a Harlot for her weeping. 11:T

L!: 3704. PROFESSION's large!

' Professions of Friendship which fail'in time of need are like sweet Instruments hung up in a Case, to keep their Sounds to themselves when most wanted.

3705. Beneficence-MAX born for it. We are born to do Benefits.


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Nulla aconita bibuntur Fictilibus: tunc illa time quum pocula sumes Gemmata, & lato Setinun ardebit in Auro.

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