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Athens.] 3706. EXAMPUFO, zona

☺ A bad Example is not mended by calling it the Example of our Betters.

3707. PRIP Band VANITY omad Like Madness is the Glory of this Life, i

3708. FOLLY. We make ourselves, Fools to disport ourselves,

3709. TRUTH. 2. Who locks up Truth from Man locks his Heaven 3710. FLATTERY)

v [froin him, O that Men's Ears should be To Counsel deaf, but not to Flattery!

3711. NECESSITY-takes not words in Payment, To need which is immediate, the Relief Must not be tosst and turu'd in flattering Words r Supply must be immediate. 3712, FRIEND

to be considered as well as SELP, + Break pot a Friend's back to ease but thy 3713. JUSTICE

(fingers 'Mid other noble parts Justice should be, And doing Right to all,

3714. FUTURITY. The Future cames. apaçe.

3715. FLATTER Y disappegrs, with P.ROSPERITY. When Means are gone which purchase flattering

Praise, The breath is gone wherewith that Praise is made.

3716. Feast won, Fast lost.

37 17. ADVERSITY. in Wants try Friends. 3718. DISPOSITION-may be warpt.

A noble Nature May catch a Wrench.

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1. Athens.] 3719. GENEROSITY too often terlihes us AGE


as 3.!! Too oft'tis found "Vre

fadtances. With lack of kindly warmth Kindness

dechipies; And Natare, as she grows again toward Earth,

LOT Is fashion’d for the journey: Commandment: si

dult heavy 3720. 'Dis THISTORI = ♡ Distrust of hátrian-Kind is Bounty's Foe

8721: EKERO${r' cónfiding. For The liberap, free, thefrselves, believeall others •19722: 'RETUSAZ: 16. pirry 014 01.01anter

Iso, When Check's begin, successively they presso

40 He that is once debied will Hardig speed.***22

19512 3723: FLATT ÉRER.

core Of the same piece is every Flatterer's Spirit, 3724. Polict--false' and setfish.

PUJ 1 i 04 A "selfisk Policy sits above'Conscience Infsterni ana haughty, coldness.

VENE 15 ili 3725: BIGOTRY!


qui There ate who under hoť And ardent Zeal, would set whole Realms on fire

3726. INGRATITUDE: Ingratitude is baser e'en than, Třeft! !!!... Tip 3727. Low-fathomless,

29:110 016! to on; The Law is as an Ocean beyond Depth,

od .bui? To those that without' heed do plunge into it. 372817 PARADOX"morat; often pèrniciously "Pis an ill Paradox 1150

maintain d. Tő strive to make an ugly Deed look fair..." 09729: QUARRELPIKG.

Overi Quarrelling is Valout'misbegot. 1511. odci

' 3730. DUEELING: 19:15.6, 19:!:4, If Wrongs be Evils, and enforce'as kiti, What Folly is't to bazard Life for Ill!

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[ 3731. HOMICIDE -- maliciouso site: Tlaliciously to kill is Sin's extremest gust.

3732. fzaout defensivers w vibaix 70 lod till/ To kill in pecessary Defence, most just..

207 3733. MURTHER EVO4 ott He forfeits his own blood that spills

, another's.. 37347 FRIENDSHIPStrufalse, are unsteady;a ;

The Swallow follows, pot, Summer more wil. lingly or more willingly leaves Winter, than false, Iriends follow Prosperity, and fly from Adversity. ená STUPE DUELTY. 900 90W


Te As Men do turn their backs

90), 10 From their Companion thrown into his Grave, So do his false siends from his buried Fortune o

) Slink áll away, leaving their false yows with him Like empty Purses, pickt: And his poor self, A dedicated Beggar to the Air, With his Disease and all shund, Poverty eith

! t Walks, like Contempt, alones ITAD)

:) Riches oft lead to Misery and Condeninius voul


Tete Who'd be so mockt with Glory:-or to live 1 bdt But in a Dream of Friendship isda se oilfo

wiwirdi ! To have his Pomp and all what Ştate compounds But only pajnted like bis varnisht Friends. --3738. HAROINESST not 17,8

in & IRCUMSTANCESC *+ Trust not to circumsfances ; some are rich But to be wretched : blest in others thought, su And in their own accurst: thus their great Fortunes Are made their shief Afflictions.23 mm :i.! 10 is. 6.

od oss'ci vlloi'i

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great Fortáne *-!egoitia

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2118 AIS. Athens.)

3739. PROSPERITY-tires. @ 'Tis hard great Fortúne*

CHAT15 3740, COM toll.!!! Every grizet of Fortune

1 16 STORIT Is-smooth'd by that below.


should maintain INDEPEN$ & Shame, when the learned pate si o bloT 1 Ducks to the golden Fool.

2 TOT 8,10 o wsIli 7 viu al 3742. GOLD-a greät CORRUPTER. A little Gold , foul.fair in Wrong right; young; cowards

valiant; Will knit and break Religions ; bless the accurst;

. . Make the hotel rost, ait,

: place Thieyes, And give theit tiefe, ktee, and approbation 2 With Senators of the Bench.

POLO Oooh ne vidi boil.. * Strange that to him

of Hate bei Who is, himself, a. Man.

ai viure

[object, A discerning Eye may see many a Man's Misery

odnji i 470o 3745.

cente 2$. Any thing the corrupt will do for Gold.

. +3746. PROFLIGACY. More Whore, more Nischier.

Pond! ficui't

Ciness 3747. PRAISE 0 Men daily finų the 'Karm of too much Praise.

* Bene ferre magnam Disce Fortunam.

HOR. + Step, degrees

2011 5b. I

03743. MIS ANTHROPpan should of

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What's done enforced

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Athens.] U-7 TITI 120.!! 3748. SENSUALITY, {"Licótish Draughts bwinit u

202 SILIKO, ODIO And Morsels unctious pamper thë pure Mind Till from it all Consideration slips, 3749. Folly or WICKÉ DNESS, to distress the

a Salistest

UNHAPPY. + To add to the Distress of the Unhappy

Deborada sila? Is or a Villain's Office

a Fool's.

Loud 3750, conSTRAINT.

enforcedly will cease to be When"


wisu 3751, SUFFERING- unaccustomeduse si ' 1919. 972 For those to suffer tasted Suffering. 1.9 Byrthensvig bra.

BY OT99 ord on: 11

is a 3752. PRODIG Á LITY,

od odsto 2010 je 2. Prodigality seldom knows more than the two extremespf which Humanity is the Mean ti 10 bluote Tiet71 0996.08 ge! 16


iloamini rarely is a Prodigal lova, longer tliku his

. means,last! 3757. DOG. horsil 1919927511 971 zrnoeih A

.vjinscoil isiri He has a sure Friend who keep 4 Pogo. 3755. W

PONUTbile artificial. Itt Nature

teeds the Eart), baš Exuberant break forth a, The Oaks bear AcornsHip; And the Beech Mast = guntegus on every buisha She spreads her

life-supporting stores. But Nlan For Luxury, Pride, and Disease, devours.

. * Haud diuturnus Magister Officii Metusa: LIVU 4 We have here the Depth, Precision, and Åcuteness of ARISTOTLE.


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