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3756. FRIENDSHIP-false. Whar viļer upon Earth'than those false Friends Who can bring noblest Minds to basest Ends. 119757: Kindness pretended. ft There is a subtle and a covetous Kindness: A Kindness of Pretence and Selbisbuess.

3758. suspicion.
*$ Spend-thrifts, should fear false Friends-when

they do feast:
Suspect still comes when an Estate is least,

1.91759. FROMISES.
Promising is most,courtly and fashionable.

Promising opens the eyes of Expectation. i.

, .
' but the Satirist whips his own

Faults in other Men.
o When The Day servésa before black; gloomy,
376, be wasted.

(Night, g

Dáy , , , Find what thou want'st by free and proffer'd Light,

3763. DECEIT-SELF. © Few are deceiv'd so much by any as by them

3764. CHANGE=HEALTH. IT! selves. 2. Men are not still the same; whom Misery Eaşe ften mau restore,

[chang'd, 3765. PUBLIC BODIES seldom acknowledge

$ A Public Body seldom [ERROR Plays the Recanter.

3766. WAR.
Mad-brain'd is War; brutal, and contumeliouse i

He that rejoices in the common Wreck.

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severeke of War.

Which Noi Toathoungers for food


TITELI 3768. RETRIBUTIONS national, [Time g States which have long gone one

and fill d the With all licentious Measure, making their Will The scope of Justice, conte to evil Ende, 3. 3769. WAR-should discriminate. Not all deserye

.'it is The common Stroke 3770. RÉVENGE-unnatural.


. 3771,

Crimes, like to Lands, Are not inherited.


} Papp 3772

VAR-it's Límits. © Use War at most as the R

Redress of Wrong; Not as Destruction to the Enemy

3773. *1 A generous Conqueror suffers not ': Man

a Of regular Justice, or offend the Stream

in a captur’da City i kis OYOO! OM

TITUS ANDRONICUS.!! it's * 3774. 'STATION-high should be irreproachable. 137

Suffer not Dishonor to approach The' Imperial Seat to Virtue consecrated, ToʻJustice, Continence, and Nobility.,

3775. PATRIOTISM. 27. They sleep in Peace who in their country's Fall, for her just Defence

. On their

Wars 3776. Think, if to fight for King and Common-weal Is Piety in thine,"tis in thy Foes.

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.'19 --YTINI').His


3777. DEATH--the SEAL of VIRTUE.

The safest Triumph is the funeral Poinp That hath attain'd to Solon's Happiness, And triumphs over Chance in Honor's Bed.

' 3778. POPULARITY - the true. Ever, with Justice, be the People's Friend,

3779. 'JUSTICE. Suum cuique.

37 80. FRIENDSHIP. 39. Lose not a'noble Friend on vain suppose; Nor with sour looks afflict a gentle Heart,

3781. COURT. 41. A Court is full of Tongues and Ears and Eyes, Vigilant as the fabled House of Fame.

3782, IMAGINATION. 5. The Heart suspects more than the Eye can see. 3783. TREACHERY.

a dread Wonder that Man's face can fold In pleasing Smiles such murtherous Tyranny.

3784. SORROW. Sorrow conceal'd does burn the Heart to cinder,

3785. MISCHIEF-rapid. An hour's Storm will drown the fragrant Meads. 3786. CALAMITY" irascible.

Losers will have leave To ease their Stomach with their bitter Tongues. 3787: LIFE without it's moral, intellectual, and

social Energies. That ever Death should let Life bear it's Name, When Life hath no more interest but to breathe ..

interest but to breathe Πανή' εχάσα δυστυχή.»του ν. και Τους πραγμασινλεθνηκά, λοισδ' εργοισινε.





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3788. CRUELTY. @ Tiş

'Tis savage and unnatyral to make sport
Of Deeds of Death done on the innocent,
How low, soever in the scale of Nature ;
Be it a Worm, a Fly,
3789; GRECO

Grief so distracts the Migd,
It takes false Shadows for truė Substances,

. 3790. BLUSHES.

Blushes, will betray The close enacts and Counsels of the Heart,

ni 3791. EDUCATION-hardy. x1 An hardy Education best prepares To be a Warrior and command 2 Camp. 3792. DISTRACTION.

3. By Day and Night attend it carefully, And soothe it's 'humor kindly as you may, Till Time beget some long-sought Remedy,

3793. GREATNESS;-true, above little Annoyances. Is the Sun dimm'd because Gnats fly before it.

3794, The Eagle suffers little Birds to sing, And is not careful what they mean by it,

.. Knowing, that by the shadow. of his wing He can at pleasure shut their Melody.

3795 KINGS. Kings should in Thoughts be royal aş ip Name. 3796. QĄTH,

He who believes no God reveres no Qathe." 3797: CHASTITYTO 2. Dearer than Life is spotless Chastity. * Rusticorum mascula Militum

Prolęsa sabellis docta ligonibus
Versare Glebas.





TROFLUS AND CRESSIDA. 3798. WAR. Now good, now bad!-Such is the chance of War*,

3799. FOLLY and șENSE.

*+ We sometimes find Folly sauc'd with Disa cretion, enough of it to make the Folly more potic'd. 3890, TALENTST?without $¥STEM.

41 Some have abundant Faculties, but want the commanding and combining Intellect to reduce them to Use and Order: many hands and do action; all eyes and no sight.,


2. Those who are melancholy with slight cause will be mersy with as little.

3802. EXPECTATION. Men prize the thing upgain'd more than it is.

3803. GRIEF-JAUNDICE, Grief sets a Jaundice on the Cheek,

3804. HOPE magnifies. $ The ample proposition that Hope makes In our Designs begun on Earth below, Fails in the promis'd largeness.

3805. REMEDY, * The Nature of the Sickness found suggests The Remedy.

3806. BYFFOONBRY. 28. ”Tis wretched when the faint Defects of Age Are made the Theme of Mirth,

it's 3307. MALIGNITYSLAN DER ! Malignity is the Mint of Slander.

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Αρής--αλλοπρόσαλλος. Ηολά



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