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HARVARD HISTORICAL STUDIES. Published under the direction of the Department of History and Government from the

income of the Henry Warreu Torrey Fund. This series will comprise works of original research selected from the recent writings of teachers and graduate students in the Department of History and Government in Harvard University. The series will also include collections of documents, biographies, reprint of rare tracts, etc. The monographs will appear at irregular intervals, but it is boped that at least three volumes will be pub fished annually. Vol. I. THE SUPPRESSION OF THE AFRICAN SLAVE TRADE


By W. E. B. Du Bois, Ph.D., Professor in Wilberforce University. 8vo, 335 pages, $1.50 net.

By S. B. HARDING, A. M., Assistant Professor of History in Indiana University. 8vo, 194 pages,


By D. F. HOUSTON, A. M., Professor of Political Economy in the University of Texas. 8vo, 169
pages, $1.25 net.

A BOYAR OF THE TERRIBLE: Diplomatic and Other Correspondence of a Romance of the Court of Ivan the Cruel, The Right Hon. Sir Arthur Paget, G.O.B., First Tsar of Russia. Ry FRED. WHISHAW. 1794-1807, with two Appendices, 1808, and with 12 Illustrations by H. G. MASSEY, A. R. E. 1821-1829. Arranged and Edited by his son,

Crown 8vo, cloth, ornamental, $1.25. The Right Hon. Sir AUGUSTUS B. PAGET, G.C. B. (Late Her Majesty's Ambassador in Vienna). THE LIFE AND LETTERS OF GEORGE With Notes by Mrs. J. R. GREEN. In two vols., demy 8vo, with numerous Portraits, 328. net.

JOHN ROMANES, M.A., LL.D., F.R.S. “Will be regarded by historians as a mine of Written and Edited by his Wife. With Portrait valuable material, and will also afford entertain and Illustrations, New Edition. Large crown ment to the general reader."-The Spectator.


THE WIZARD. Edited by ANDREW LANG. With 66 Plates and By H. RIDER HAGGARD, Author of "She,” “King

other Islustrations by H. J. FORD. Crown 8vo. Solomon's Mines," Joan Haste," etc., etc. cloth, ornamental, gilt edges, $2.00.

With 19 full-page Illustrations by CHARLES SHAKSPERE'S HOLINSHED.

KERR. Crown 8vo, cloth ornamental, $1.25. The Chronicles and the Historical Plays Mr. Rider Haggard's new story has a motive Compared.

which is believed to be new to recent fiction. Tbe By W. G. BOSWELL-STONE. Crown 4to, pp. xxiv- tale is African, and deals with the conversion of a 532, buckram, gilt top, $5.00.

savage tribe by a missionary and martyr, who

does not trust to the ordinary resources of proseIn "Sbakspere's Holingbed the bistorical plays lytism, but takes nis stand upon a literal interpreare compared, sceneby scene, with passages tation of the New Testament promises. The story chiefly derived from Holinshed's Chronicles; supplemented by illustrations taken from other strangely supported and justjñed by a superior

tells how his faith triumphed, and how it was sources-Foxe's “Acts and Monuments," for ex: Power working through the forces of nature, and ample--which even Holinshed's massive tomes did granting a direct aid which so many deny in these not embrace.

latter days to be vouchsafed to man. The keynote *** A prospectus of the work, with specimen of the book is that Faith can, and still does, work pages, will be sent to any address upon request, miracles.

FRIDTIOF NANSEN, 1861-1893 By W.C. BRÖGGER and NORDAHL ROLFSEN. Translated by WILLIAM ARCHER. With numerous Illustrations, Portraits and Maps. 8vo.

Though Fridtiof Nansen is still a young man, his life from the first has been full of activity and adventure. His countrymen, Nordahl Rohlfsen and Professor W. Brögger, have written and edited a popular account of his family (which is noted in Scandinavian history), his training, his domestic life, and his scientific and sporting enterprises. They have applied to specialists for chap: ters on his work as a biologist, on the scientific significance of his famous crossing of Greenland, and on the history and conditions of Arctic exploration. A full account is given of ihe. Fram," and of the preparations for the recent expedition.

NELSON AND HIS COMPANIONS IN ARMS. By John Knox LAUGHTON, M.A., R. N., Honorary Fellow of Gonville and Caius College, Cambridge: Professor of Modern History

in King's College, London: Lecturer on Naval History at the Royal Naval College, Greenwich. With 14 Portraits, 10 being in Photogravure, and about 13 other fullpage Illustrations. besides 4 Plans of Battles, and numerous Fac-similes of Letters and Autographs from MSS. in the Record Office and British Musuem, and a Reproduction in Color of Nelson's Last Orders. Large Imperial, 16mo, 367 pages, $4.00. ONGMANS, GREEN & CO., Publishers, 91-93 Fifth Ave., N. Y.

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. Under the title of The Engineer in Naval Warfare,” THE NORTH AMERICAN REVIEW for December presents an effective and well-considered symposium in reply to the articles published under the same title in its issue for May last. The contributors to this reply are Rear-Admiral John G. Walker, U. S. N. ; Captain A. T. Mahan, U. S. N. ; Captain R. D. Evans, U. S. N., and Lieutenant S. A. Staunton, U. S. N.

Rear-Admiral Walker entered the Navy from the State of Iowa in 1850. He graduated with honors at Annapolis, served with brilliancy throughout the War of the Rebellion—the greater part of the time on the Mississippi under Farragut and Porter—and at its close was rewarded with special promotion. In 1869 and 1870 he commanded the “ Sabine” on a special cruise. He served as Secretary of the Light House Board, commanded the “ Powhatan,” was Chief of the Bureau of Navigation, and while still a commodore, was appointed to the command of the Squadron of Evolution, the first squadron of our modern vessels, with the rank of Rear-Admiral. He commanded during four years' service afloat as flag officer every station except the Asiatic.

Captain Mahan entered the navy from New York in 1856, and served with credit during the war. He became a captain in 1885. He became President of the Naval War College in 1886. He is the author of “ The Influence of Sea Power Upon History," and “ The Influence of Sea Power upon the French Revolution and Empire," hooks which are standard authorities throughout the world upon naval history and strategy. He commanded the flagship “ Chicago” during a recent cruise in Europe, and received while in England the degree of D.C.L. from Oxford and that of LL. D. from Cambridge. Within the past month, at his own request, he has been placed on the retired list.

Captain Evans entered the navy in 1860 and saw active service during the last two years of the war. He was severely wounded at the naval assault on Fort Fisher, and was promoted for gallantry. He commanded the training ship “Saratoga” in 1877 and 1878, and since then has been in command of the cruiser “ Yorktown,” the armored cruiser “New York,” and he now commands the first-class battle ship“ Indiana."

Lieutenant Staunton entered the navy in 1867, took honors at Annapolis, and has been in continuous service since 1871.

In “Some Memories of Lincoln," Ex-Senator James F. Wilson, of lowa, narrates several facts illustrative of dominant traits in


President Lincoln's character, particularly his solicitude for the welfare of the private soldiers of the Union Army.

Major Arthur Griffiths, Her Majesty':3 Inspector of Prisons, whose paper on “ Female Criminals” in a recent issue of The Review was so extensively quoted, contributes one on “ Penal Colonies-Agricultural and Industrial.” Those who are interested in the humane and economical administration of our penitentiaries will do well to read carefully what Major Griffiths has to say on this subject.

A most interesting account, from a commercial point of view, of the relations between the bicycle industries of Great Britain and America is given by George F. Parker, U. S. Consul at Birmingham, under the title of “American Bicycles in England," and the Hon. James H. Eckels, Comptroller of the Currency, discusses “The Duty of the Republican Administration."

“Has the Election Settled the Money Question ? " is the query addressed to the people of the country by the Hon. William Jennings Bryan, the late Democratic candidate for the Presidency. Mr. Bryan insists that the battle between bimetallism and the gold standard is on and that the advocates of free coinage can face the future with undiminished confidence.

Attention is called to the discussion of “A Problem of Aridity,” by C. M. Harger, which discloses a serious state of affairs which menaces the prosperity of thousands of the dwellers in the semi-arid region of the West. Mr. Harger is a resident of Kansas, and is the editor of The Daily Reflector of Abilene in that State.

Theodore C. Search, President of the National Association of Manufacturers, and a member of the commission representing that association in its tour of investigation of the conditions of trade as existing in Brazil, Uruguay, and the Argentine Republic, writes very practically upon “Our Trade With South America.” Mr. Search is one of the best known business men in Philadelphia, and a constant and consistent champion of the principle of protection to American industries. The success which has attended the efforts in several of the large towns and cities of the country to establish the “Curfew" for city children, is aptly described by Mrs. John D. Townsend, who forcibly states the grounds on which she favors the adoption of the plan in New York and all the cities throughout the land.

The President of the Indianapolis Board of Trade, and the Presidents of the Chambers of Commerce of New Orleans and San Francisco unite in the discussion of the steps which should be taken with a view to the reform of our currency ; while Mr. Mayo W. Hazeltine contributes a forcible and eloquent plea for the recognition by the United States of the belligerent rights of the Cuban insurgents.



THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION. By JOHN FISKE. Illustrated Edition. Containing 22 superb photogravures of portraits and paint

inge, 15 colored maps and plates, and 280 text cuts and maps. 2 vols., 8vo, $8.00.

To supplement Mr. Fiske's admirable descriptions, and give completeness to his masterly account of the causes and course of the American Revolution, these volumes have been profusely illustrated with fine portraits, maps, plans of battles, pictures of historic buildings and scenes, medals. fac-similes of important documents, etc., which form a very important addition to the value and interest of the work. The object has been not to embellish the volumes with pictures, but to reproduce in the various art features whatever would illustrate and emphasize the historic characteristics of the epoch.

CAPE COD. By HENRY D. THOREAU. Holiday Edition. Illustrated in water colors by Miss AMELIA M.

WATSON. 2 vols., crown 8vo, gilt top, $5.00.

Thoreau's unequalled description of Cape Cod is supplemented by a hundred admirable illustrations printed in colors on the margins. The great variety of these, the happy choice of subjects, and their high artistic character make this a notable Holiday book. TALKS ABOUT AUTOGRAPHS.

JAMES RUSSELL LOWELL. By Dr. GEORGE BIRKBECK HILL, Editor of " Bog. Cambridge Edition. Uniform with the Cam.

well's Life of Johnson,” Witb portraits and bridge Editions of Longfellow, Whittier, fac-similes. Square 8vo, handsomely bound, Holmes, and Browning. From new plates $3.50. Buckram, paper label, $3.50, net.

large type, on opaque paper, and attractively Dr. Hill has opened an exceedingly interesting bound. With a portrait and engraved titlefield of literary exploration, and has produced an unusually attractive volume. Fifty famous per

page, with a vignette of Lowell's Home, Elmsons are embraced in his delightful "Talks.

wood. Crown 8vo, gilt top. $2.00; half call, THE MYCENAEAN AGE.

gilt top, $3.50; treo calf or full levant, $5.50. By Dr. CHRESTOS TSOUNTAS, Ephor of Antiquities FRIAR JEROME'S BEAUTIFUL BOOK.

and Director of Excavations at Mycenæ, and By THOMAS BAILEY ALDRICI. Rubricated and J. IRVING MANATT, Ph.D., Professor in Brown bound in antique leather, handsomely University. With an Introduction by Dr. stamped. A very beautiful volume. 16mo, WILHELM DÖRPFELD, & Map, Plans, Tables $1.59. and over 150 Illustrations, including many full

THE STORY OF AARON, SO-NAMED, page plates. 1 vol., 8vo. $6.00. A book of the first order of value and interest,

THE SON OF BEN ALI. like Schliemann's and Lanciani's volumes.

A Sequel to "Little Mr. Thimblefinger and His MARM LISA.

Queer Country," and “Mr. Rabbit at Home." By KATE DOUGLAS WIGgin, author of “The

By JOEL CHANDLER HARRIS, author of the Birds' Christmas Carol,'' etc. 16mo, $1.00.

“Uncle Remus" books. With 25 illustrations This is one of the longest and most absorbing of by OLIVER HERFORD. Square 8vo, in illumi. Mrs. Wiggin's stories.

nated cover, $2.00. THE COUNTRY OF THE POINTED Aaron can talk with animals; he tells the secret FIRS.

to the children, and here are the stories they

heard. By SARAH ORNE JEWETT, author of "The Life of Nancy," "A White Heron," etc. 16mo, $1.25.

WHITMAN: A STUDY. This story of a summer on the coast of Maine an entirely new, original, noteworthy book, by and the adjacent islands forms one of the most de

John BURROUGHS. 16mo, $1.25. Also uniform lightful books Miss Jewett has written.

with the limited Riverside Edition of BurAUTHORS AND FRIENDS.

roughs's writings, with a Portrait, gilt top, By Mrs. JAMES T. FIELDS. 12mo, artistically $1.50, net.

printed, $1.50. son, Holmes, Mrs. Thaxter, Mrs. Stowe, Whittier, By William Bellamy, author of "A Century of

Very interesting papers on Longfellow, Emer-| A SECOND CENTURY OF CHARADES. and Tennyson.

Charades." 18mo, $1.00.

These are of the same unique character as the Eight of JOHN BURROUGHS's delightful papers, previous hundred charades, thoughtful, ingen

with 20 charming pictures from phytographs ious, brilliant, delightfully puzzling and very by Clifton Johnson. 12mo, gilt top, $1.50. satisfactory when guessed.


Her Writings, in a New Riverside Edition. From new plates. Tboroughly edited and rearranged, with a Biographical Sketch and Notes. With

Portraits Views of Mrs. Stowe's Homes, and other illustrations on the engraved title-pages. In 16 vols., 12mo, handsomely bound, cloth, gilt top, $1.50 each.

A handsome, every way desirable edition of the writings of one of the greatest and most famous of American women.

Sold by Booksellers. Sent, postpaid, by

HOUGHTON, MIFFLIN & CO., BOSTON ; 11 East 17th Street, NEW YORK.


SPECIAL OFFER R. H. Russell & Son's Teachers and Glergumen. PICTURES OF PEOPLE, 1920



PICTURES OF PEOPLE By CA SELES Dara GIBSON. White vellum and Imperial Japan, Large folio, 12x18 inches,

Price, $5.00 To any Teacher or Clergyman, not

EDITION-DE-LUXE of above, numbered and stuned by Mr. Gibson.

Price, $10.00 previously on our subscription list, who IN VANITY FAIR. Drawings by A, B. WENZELL.

Large folio, 12x18 inches, on heavy coated paper. sends us one dollar before 31 December, 1896, we will send THE OXFORD CHARACTERS.

Stone by WILL ROTHENSTEIN. 50 signed copies only

for America. Large folio, 12x18 inches. CRITIC for one year. (The regular POSTERS IN MINIATURE. Cover and Iatro

Price. $16.00 price is three dollars.)

duction by EDWARD PENFIELD. Yellow backram cover. stamped in colors, 12mo, 260 pp.

Price, $1.50

THE MANTEL-PIECE MINSTRELS. By I am glad of tbis opportunity to express to yon JOHN KENDRICK BANGS. Mustrated by F. Berkeley my keen sense of indebtedness for THE CRITIC. I

Bmith. Illuminated cover.

Price, $2.75 never read it--and, no matter how much driven, / THE DELFT CAT, By ROBERT Howard Rus

SELL, I never allow

Illustrated by F. Berkeley Smith. Coper in to go unread-without a fresh Delft colors.

Price, $2.75 conviction of its rare worth.

KEMBLE'S COONS. Drawings by E. W. KEM27 October, 1885. (BISHOP) H. C. POTTER. BLE, Large 4to, 9jx12 inches, Cover of burkram and

Japan vellum.

Price, $2.00 You may certainly publish any words which I FABLES FOR THE TIMES. By H.. have heretofore written in commendation of TAE PurlLIPS. Illustrated by T. 8. Bullivant. 91112 CRITIC, and add to them, if you wish, that my

inches, illuminated cover.

Price, $1.25 reading of it since they were written has only POSTER CALENDAR FOR 1897.

Deheightened my esteem of its attractiveness and

signed by EDWARD PENFIELD, Five designs, 10x14 inches, printed in colors,

Price, $250 value.

IMPERIAL JAPAN EDITION, numbered and signed March, 1893. RICHARD S. STORRS. by Mr. Penfeld,

Price, $2.00 The above publications are for sale by all book

sellers, or will be sent. postpaid. to any ad

dress on receipt of price by the publishers. 287 Fourth Ave., New York. R. H. RUSSELL & SON, New York



By Deans Farrar, Milman, Stanley, and Others.

Superbly Illustrated With Over 100 Direct Reproductions of Recent Photographs. ROYAL OCTAVO. SIZE OF PAGES, 9X12 "NCHES. EXTRA CLOTH, ORNAMENTAL, IN A BOX, PRICE, $3.50

This elegant volume combines the most graphic descriptions and the best historical accounts of these most interesting buildings, with almost perfectly reproduced photographs of both exterior and interior views.

Forty of the illustrations are full-page, and 60 appear in the text. None of the many books hitherto published on this subject have attempted to us, to any extent, the present high art of photograpby, and cannot, therefore, compare with this in the beanty and faith'ulness of its pictorial representations of those monumental buildings. It is befi sved the work will especially interest travellers, architects, and all students of English History, and will give to the cisual reader the quickest and best general idea of the great English Cathedrals, and the interesting monuments in them.

A UNIQUE FEATURE is the fine collection of portraits of the great Church dignitaries of the past and present, with short sketches of their lives. This collection includes DEANA FArrae, M LMAN. CHURCB, STANLEY; CANOS LIDDON: ARCHBISHOPS Tait and Benson; BISHOPS LIGHTFOOr, WESTCOTT, WILBERFORCE, etc.

The book is carefully printed on heavy coated paper, and is one of the handsomest publications of the year. Nlustrated sample pages sent on application. If your bookseller does not have these books, they will be sent to your address post-paid.

JOHN C. WINSTON & CO.. Publishers, Philadelphia. THE





CONSTANTINOPLE : The Queen of Cities. Illustrated

in Colors.
SILVER “NEF3" (personally revised by H. R. H. tbe


25 Cents.

of the famous quaint collection of Silver Sbips of the
* 161b and 17th Centuries, preserved at Clarence House,

St. James's.
MATHURIN: A Sinner of Pontiac. By GILBERT



$3.00 a Year.


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