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eighth, fifty-two were killed in Morelos, while Zapata, the scourge, was busy in the state of Puebla, and there is no detailed account from any source either of his atrocities or of his assassinations.

While all these battles

had occurred at some little distance from the City of Mexico, starting in the south, working to the west, then gaining the north, and wherever they had once been fought leaving the localities in a state of siege and reprisal, the territory immediately contiguous to the capital had been spared.

But on the eighth of December, the cap

ital itself was threatened. There were “There are more

fresh uprisings in the three states nearest men under arms

it. From the tower of the cathedral in the in Mexico to-day

City of Mexico could be seen the flames than there were during the Rev.

of burning villages. At the same time, olution"

throughout the Republic there were such evidences of disaffection as had not been

seen even during the worst moments of the and the following day,

Diaz régime sixty were killed at Cor

This résumé, and the diary accompanytazar, in the state of Gua

ing it, reveals the situation only in part. It najuato. The day after, 122 bandits and records, however, a loss of life of about no American knows how many federals 2,800, with innumerable wounded. With were killed at Santa Ana. On the twenty- the unknown dead and the encounters not

recorded, it is safe to state that since Diaz Compare this with the fact that during the resigned, fully 5,000 people in Mexico have war with Spain the United States lost, killed lost their lives

by violence in action, only 350 men! and that two

thirds of them have

been killed Why is so little of this printed in the since Madero

was elected United States? For two reasons: president, al

though, (1) The capitalists, who have been hopduring the in

terreg - ing from day to day that the turbulent num, he vir

tually held forces of the revolution would calm themthe reins

of power. selves as soon as Diaz left, do not encourage

the telling of the truth about this situation. Publishing it will hurt trade, they say. The capital already in Mexico needs more capital, and at the present time all work of an organized nature, which means all work engineered by foreigners, for the Mexicans do little by themselves, is at a standstill.

(2) The newspapers of the United States do not keep correspondents in the interior of Mexico, for they say that their readers are not interested in the petty local troubles of an alien race, which is but partly civilized, despite the fact that these people are our next-door neighbors.

We must, however, consider those seventy-seven Americans killed during the past year. Not all of them were adventurers. I quote from El Imparcial of Mexico City, under date of November 15, a despatch from Hermosillo, capital of Sonora. The rebels are committing depredations all over

the state. The Zapata is a young fellow of most noted thirty, ignorant, bloodthirsty, among them reckless, inspired with the lust to

is the assassinkill and to loot, with no understanding of the idea

ation, two of patriotism, and days ago, of without any desire

three North better his Americans, people" Frank Lesser,

a high employee of the Richard


President Diaz resigned May 25th, 1911. Riots Diary of Events from May 25, in city May 25th and 26th.

May 27th. Ten thousand rebels attack Diaz's signed to December 12, 1911, train at Tepeyahualco. Rebel dead 22. Many

bellion against federal officials killed. Stores looted and burned. Entire state of Durango and southern Chihuahua at the mercy of insurrectionists and bandits. Min- Chiapas, principally at Tuxtla Gutierrez. Newsing camp of Guanacevi, Durango, in chaos.

paper accounts say the Grijalva River was choked June 30th. Socialist revolt in the North.

with dead. July 3d. Battle at Los Reyes, Michoacan Sept.28th. General Bernardo Reyes left Mexico, between federals and Maderists. 38 killed, 20 via Vera Cruz. wounded.

Oct. ist. Battle at San Juan del Rio, Morelos, July 12th. Fighting at Santa Julia, suburb of between Zapatists and federals. 40 dead. JonacaMexico City. 35 killed.

tepec, Morelos, sacked. July 13th. Bloody battle at Puebla. 377 rebels Oct. 2d. Battle in Tehuantepec, Oaxaca. Rebkilled. No statement of el killed 21. 25 wounded. Charles P. Woolrich

killed. son Company, and two

federal dead or wounded. miners of the mine

Red Cross soldiers Oct. 5th. General fighting in states of Morelos, called La Sultana near

killed. 4 Germans killed, Guerrero, Oaxaca, Puebla. the station of Carbo.

3 men and a woman; Oct. 6th. Bloody battle between federals and also several Spaniards. rebels in city of Chicuazan, Chiapas. 65 rebels


Sept. 3d. Also, from the

killed; scores wounded. riots in Mexico City.. Oct. 7th. Battle between federals and Chamula Mexican Herald (in Scores killed.

Indians near Tuxtla Gutierrez, Chiapas. 200 killed English) under date

Sept. 5th. Fighting and wounded. of July 23, from in Chinameca, state of Oct. 1oth. Fight at Chiapa de Corzo, Chiapas. Torreon, state of Morelos, between Za- 30 dead, 40 wounded. Prisoners in jails liberated Coahuila, the fol

pata's forces and fed- by rebels.

erals. Zapata's dead, Oct. 11th. City of Jonacatepec, Morelos, belowing:

60. Federals' unknown. sieged by 1500 bandits.

Sept. 24th, 25th, 26th, Oct. 12th. Town of Ozumba, 45 miles distant E. Delafond, a French

27th. Battles between from Mexico, captured and looted by rebels. capitalist of Mexico

federals and rebels in Oct. 21st. Railroad bridge blown up at Ozumba, City, had a narrow es

in the state of Mexico. cape from violence recently when a revolutionary happened in Colom- Military train wrecked band insulted both the French and American

bia, Porto Rico, etc.,

and rolled into cañon. flags. A demand was made on him for $6,000, which he could not meet in cash. Being French

and more expecially

At Huajuapan de Leon, born and an American citizen, he raised the French

Oaxaca, a train was in Nicaragua, where

fired into and wrecked. flag over his residence and the Stars and Stripes our neighbors in- Oct. 24th. Bridges over his factory. Both were torn down with in

sisted on setting up blown up and trains sulting epithets and either burned by revoltosos or

wrecked a few miles wrapped around the legs of their horses for ornaments!

a government to

out of Mexico City. their own liking."

Oct. 25th. Three This spectacle of the American flag The Madero gov- thousand rebels entered wrapped around the legs of Mexican rebels' ernment professes

the Federal District, horses is the natural and inevitable out- friendship for the

sacked and burned the come of the words of various rebel leaders. United States; it

towns of Milpa Alta,

San Mateo, Nativitas, Said Abraham Gonzalez, Governor of enlists and obtains Tulyahualco, Tenango, the state of Chihuahua, before a public support in driving and Tuchitepec. meeting in July, two months after Diaz had Reyes away from sailed for Europe: “You Americans may the border, so that he may not foment well be sad, for it will be different for you there another revolution such as Madero now.”

carried on to an unexpected success; and Again, another jefe (chief), this time Don even demands that the life of one of its citiManuel Cuesta Gallardo, Governor-elect of zens, Leon Martinez, tried, convicted, and the state of Jalisco, speaking before a work- sentenced to be hanged in Texas for the muringmen's society in Guadalajara, said, as der of Miss Emma Brown, a school-teacher, reported in the Mexican Herald:

shall be spared. The friendship is accepted,

as professed; Reyes is driven away; and “The citizens of the United States are Martinez, though his sentence - was to be enemies of the internal welfare of this carried out on September 1, is still unRepublic."

hanged. The report of his speech continues in the Meanwhile, on November 25, El Diario third person, saying: “Mr. Cuesta, with Español, one of the most powerful organs facile speech, went on to show what had of publicity in Mexico, published the fol

100 reb

1911, the day on which Diaz re

Sonora. Uprising of the Yaqui Indians. Panic

in Torreon. 8,000 workmen on strike. showing the growth of the re- Nov. 18th. Ten thousand strikers in Laguna disMadero's authority

trict. 5,000 more near Puebla.

Nov. 19th. City of Coyuca, Guerrero, captured

by rebels under Jesus Salgado. Oct. 26th. The town of Caajomulco, Morelos, Nov. 22d Battle at Canada de Caracheo, sacked and burned.

Guanajuato, 40 killed. Oct. 29th. Fighting between rebels and federals Nov. 23d. Battle at Cortazar, Guanajuato, in state of Sonora. 16 dead and many wounded. 60 killed. Two Spaniards murdered by rebels. At Xochutlan, Morelos, 32 rebels were killed and Nov. 24th. At Santa Ana, Morelos, General many wounded. City of Choula near Puebla at- Garcia Aragon defeated the rebels under Zapata. tacked. 90 killed.

122 bandits killed. No account of federal dead. Nov. ist. Battle in the streets of Torreon, last- Nov. 25th. The hacienda of Tres Marias, Moing 5 hours. Fighting in the states of Mexico and relos, near Guernavaca, looted and burned. Puebla. Many haciendas attacked and looted. The Armed · rebellion in plant of the Puebla Light & Power Company at- Tepic; state of Oaxaca

As it is impossitacked and robbed.

secedes. 62 killed near Nov. 2d. Mazatlan at the mercy of the rebels. Cuautla, Morelos.

ble for an anti-MaZapatists threatening Pachuca. Many haciendas in Nov. 28th. Battle at dero paper to exist the state of Hidalgo sacked and owners murdered. Axochiapam, Morelos,

long in Mexico, this Nov. 3d. Battle at Juchitan, Oaxaca.

52 dead. Uprisings reels killed. Acatlan, Puebla, attacked and sacked. ported everywhere.

may be taken as an Nov. 4th. Cuautla, Morelos, besieged by Za- Dec. 8th. Uprisings

expression from one patists. Another battle in Juchitan. 300 dead. in three states contigu- who is not, at least

Nov. 5th. Another hundred killed in Juchitan. New ous to the City of Mex- officially, out of symrevolution launched in favor of Emilio Vasquez Gomez. ico. Flames of burning

pathy with the adNov. 6th. Atrocities by the hordes of Zapata. villages seen from catheA station on the Interoceania Railroad attacked. dral towers in the city.

ministration. Ernest Station agent and brother tortured and mur- Dec. 12th. In a fierce T. Simondetti, pubdered. Their sisters attacked.

battle between the reb- lisher and editor of Nov. 7th. One thousand corpses in streets of els and federals in Juchi- El Diario, which opJuchitan. Rebels stacked up the dead and tan, Dr. Gomez is killed. formed barriers, behind

posed the election which they fought the lowing editorial, for of Madero, was forced to flee the country, federals.

which it received no but the editor of El Diario Español reNov. 9th. Juchitan, official disapproval, mains in favor, though he writes and pubOaxaca, reduced to ruins. Battle at Te- for it is professedly lishes the above. a Madero paper:

While the Madero government extends Nov. 13th. Buildings From the north will its constitutional guaranties to American in the hacienda of

come these
new bar-

citizens, it is powerless to enforce them. It Santa Catalina, state of barians with the eleDurango, looted and

can hardly be expected to protect American ments which civilizadynamited. Employees tion and the art of

citizens when it cannot protect its own killed. Many Span

war have placed in their citizens. iards killed near Juch- hands. They are fair, This Madero impotency is a curious itan. 3500 workmen on like the men who destrike in Torreon.

thing; it would be farcical were it not scended on the southNov. 15th. Three

ern regions of old tragic. The man seems toying with forces Americans murdered in Europe.

of which he has no comprehension. The They are not dressed

whole revolt-its blind fury, its lack of any in the skins of beasts, nor do they dance round the bonfires in their forests, but, in their pride

coherent political direction, its seething of race, they will, like vampires, suck the blood

forces which may only be defined as anarchof our traditions; they will merge in the seat of ical-may be understood if I describe their conquests the crystal lymph of our na- Madero's visit to Puebla in the middle of tional independence; a new constellation will be

July. In little, it illustrates the entire displayed to heaven where once floated the green, red, and white, symbolizing the valor of the Indian

national condition at the present time. and the energy of the Creole, the epic poem of our Diaz had then been gone two months. freedom.

Peace had long been declared. Madero was It is for patriotism to assert itself at these mo

being hailed throughout the country as its ments. It now conjures, but later it may accuse. It speaks now as does one brother to another, but

liberator. He was passing from town to if its voice is not heard, it will speak the language of town to receive the plaudits of the people menace.

and to harmonize conditions. When he And on those who refuse to hear, the curse of the fatherland will descend and will haunt them as the

arrived in a city, a holiday was declared and shade of the murdered Abel dogged the footsteps of

the inhabitants participated in a fiesta. Cain-revengeful and implacable.

July 13, he was to arrive in Puebla, a


30 dead.


- Incidents of this. sort, which are of frequent occurrence, are among the milder forms of the lawlessness that prevails

throughout the country

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