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both ends against the middle, and was getting rich by cultivating the expense a c-. count.

We now realize, however, that next to the real estate deal made by Thomas Jefferson, when he carried through the Louisiana Purchase, Seward's purchase of Alaska stands first.

Alaska produced, in the year just closed, nineteen million dollars in gold.

Several newspapers openly declared that Seward was cer- The illumination of St. Patrick's Cathedral in honor of the Cardinal. tainly working

Every turret and cornice had been wired, so that when the power was

turned on, the whole building flashed out in lines of fire

The copper mines of Alaska have not been worked, but it

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Our Prisoner the Indian

of Alaska to be opened up for the good of the world.

Conserva tion, like every


ONGRESS has passed an

act, which has been duly signed by President Taft, permitting the erection in New York harbor of a memorial to the North American Indians. This on the initiative of Mr. Rodman Wanamaker.

There used to be Indians all over America, and everywhere, even to this day, the plowedup ground gives out bits of tangible testimony of a people dead and turned to dust, living only in legend and in these mute relics in the way of weapons and implements.

Even their descendants do not know where they came from, how they lived, and the extent of their hopes, ambitions, and aspirations.

The North American Indian has been subdued within our own time. We have changed his mode

of life. The fields, the prairies, the woods, the streams are no longer

his. He is a prisoner. He

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The Duke of Connaught, Canada's new Governor-General, and his party, good-naturedly submitting to a hold-up by

camera men

during their recent visit to New York City. The Duke is shown at the bottom of the page, and his daughter, the Princess Patri

cia, at the top

other good thing, can be overdone.

One horseshoe brings you good luck, but a load of horseshoes is junk.

Write it on the walls of Con

cannot leave his reservation without permission. He is a ward, a pensioner, and the heart has gone out of him.

What he was once we can only imagine, but no one familiar with


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the Indians but hazards the guess

Strong' men are never subdued by that he is the remnant of a once

stupidity. Only personality affects pergreat and powerful people. He

sonality. Scott and Keokuk fought reveals rudimentary qualities

that silent duel of the spirit, which which show that he has in

we all daily have to fight, and the him the dying germ of genius.

stronger man won. Keokuk,the Indian, When Keokuk, the Indian Chief, met conquered because he had more soul-gravity General Scott in council, Keokuk sat on the than Scott the Anglo-Saxon. grass and waited for General Scott to begin And the end of the Indian race is this the interview. The presence of General rare memorial in bronze and marble. It Scott, his spangled uniform, and even his is fitting that the Indians should be thus formidable guard, with the instruments of honored. We owe it to ourselves. We can do death at the bidding of a nod, inspired no very little to undo the injustice and the savterror in the heart of Keokuk.

agery that we have heaped upon them. They Keokuk waited, and finally General Scott were the victims of destiny, and our engines became nervous and twitched and his of civilization have been the juggernauts dignity oozed away.

that have crushed them into dust. Soon they Was this because Keokuk had more re- will be but a memory. The monument is serve and latent power than Scott, or was proper and right, and it will be something old Keokuk simply stupid?

of dignity and beauty and worth, telling


mutely of the virtues of the people who once rate of $1.15. is unreasonable, unjust, imlived and died.

proper, and out of place and that hereafter The common idea is that the Indians are the rate shall be $1.00 per hundred and no decreasing in numbers. The real fact is, more; and it orders all common carriers to this is not the case. However, the Indian make the rate effective on February 15. is ceasing to be an Indian.

This clashing of the Inter-state ComThe number of Indians in America in merce Commission and the Commerce 1890 was 248,000. . In 1910, the census Court may lead to new complications, and showed 266,000 Indians.

some say that the Commerce Court will be These were the Indians living on the wiped out of existence if it assumes the reservations, and it is well enough to state right of throwing lemons at its little brother in the interests of truth that a great many that was born first. of these “Indians” would pass for white However that may be, it looks as if the men if they were off the reservation. Visit lower rate on lemons is bound to stand, this any Indian school and you will find that to the satisfaction of the lemon-growers as over one-half of the students show no trace, well as the lemon consumers. to the casual eye, of Indian blood. But as a negro is a negro, although he may be

Charm of Manner nine-tenths white, so is an Indian an Indian, regardless of the fact that he may be three


HARM of Manner is the rarest and fourths engineer.

finest thing in the world. The point is, that the characteristics To have Charm of Manner you do not that have marked the North American have to be rich, highly educated, or handIndian are things of the past. The new

All you

have to do is to be sympagenerations are taking on the white charac- thetic, sensible, honest, gracious, considerate, teristics. The Indian is merging himself and reasonably ambitious. with the mass, and it is believed that in Once in a department store, I wished fifty years he will be absolutely indis- to buy a cake of soap. I asked for a brand tinguishable. The reservations will be di- that I happened to remember, at fifteen vided up into farms—just as the Blackfeet cents a cake. The saleswoman wrapped up reservation is in Montana—the Indians will the cake of soap and handed it to me, and as become farmers and stockmen, and the she did so said, “Here is another kind that public schools and intermarriage with the we sell two cakes for a quarter—you see, it is whites will do the rest.

a little larger cake, and, while I'm not cer

tain, I believe you will like it better-and The Lemon Crop

I am sure that you want the best.”

'Give me four cakes of that last," I THE Interstate Commerce Commission said, and slapped down a half dollar.

I really wanted only one cake of soap, Court by reaffirming its order that the rate because I had forgotten to put a cake in on lemons from California to all points in my valise, and I would be back home in the East should be $1.00 a hundred pounds two days anyway, but that girl's Charm instead of $1.15, as heretofore.

of Manner caught me, and I took her This is a great victory for California. advice. She was so gracious, so kindly, Heretofore, we were in competition with and so interested in pleasing me, and Sicily, the lemons coming from across the worked in such a delicate little complisea by the shipload.

ment that, in some way, I felt as though The Commerce Court upset the order of she had taken her scissors and snipped the Inter-state Commerce Commission for off a big red rose, the dew still on it, and the dollar rate, holding that the Commission handed it to me. had no right to consider the question of Not all salespeople have Charm of Manforeign competition in making rates. To ner—this charm that is born of concentrado this was to take sides with producers. tion, intelligence, and consideration.

It was a sharp criticism from the higher To have Charm of Manner you must have court to the lower one. But now the lower both respect for yourself and for the other court comes back, entirely waiving the person. Had that girl been bold or "fresh,” question of competition, and says that the it would have dissipated her charm. She

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