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body to remain right on the job and do everything in the wrong way.

For instance, if a man is in the employ of an express company, all packages for Portland, Oregon, shall be sent to Portland, Maine.

Instead of shipping out a package for St. Louis, the tag shall be detached and the tag forwarded.

Cattle shall be unloaded at the wrong place and left there, thus putting one over on the packers.

All clocks shall be turned back two hours in the morning, and pushed ahead three hours in the afternoon.

Steamboats shall be run on the sand and all pilots shall ever be on the quiet lookout for a place where the mud is deep and soft, the endeavor being to get the craft where it cannot be used.

All workers in mills shall be supplied with powdered emery, and this shall be quietly dropped into bearings.

No dynamiting shall be done except for the purpose of bursting water-pipes and water-mains.

Mr. Haywood is a reformer, and has given the subject of the brotherhood of man long and patient study, and it is his belief that, by this method of everybody doing his work in the wrong way, the predatory rich can be brought to book.

From Mr. La Follette's bill advocating ostracism and boycott, it is plainly evident that he has been sitting at the feet of Mr.P.H. McCarthy, studying


these manufacturers used came from trust mills, so called, according to La Follette's ideas of right and wrong, such contracts should be canceled as soon as the facts were ascertained.

La Follette's bill provides for a union label and an unfair list.

Legalizing commercial ostracism is certainly an innovation. A man whose range of vision does not go be

yond getting even with A delegation of strikers somebody, punishing from the Lawrence mills who appeared before the

somebody, holding House Rules Committee in Wash- somebody up to ridiington to tell their side of the

distressful case

cule, bringing about

cancellation, confiscation, and financial disgrace, is certainly to be pitied. This is the economics of the


things have been buried properly, they Port-lays a big part in the selection ought to be left buried. Let 'em rest in of scru, te chers in all of the cities, estheir graves. Don't you think so?”

pecially in the East. And I thought so.

If a scho-teacher wants a job, she


plies to her biggest male relative, who in The Welfare of the Child turn approaches, discreetly, some member

of the Common Council and he, in turn, A BILL is now before the United States signifies to the Board of Education bis de

We have a Bureau of Agriculture, with When a woman gets married, many sub-committees and divisions, that

the assump

tion is that are designed to look after poultry, hogs,

her husband cattle and horses. And recently I was de

is to support lighted to see a pamphlet had been issued

her thereafter. from the Department of Agriculture on the

She has to live subject of guinea hens.

on the bounty The country's most important asset, how

of the man ever, has been left to time and chance and

from that time unkind fate.

on, and her We certainly should have a commissioner whose business it is to look after the welfare of children, and collect information pertaining to child life.

And a woman should be chosen to fill the position.

Mother love should be recognized in our constitutional affairs. Woman's entrance into every department of business, public and private, has been in the line of improvement and betterment, and it is devoutly to be wished that this Children's Bureau Bill will not reach a musty and dusty restingplace in some pigeon hole.


Married Women Not Wanted


HE Board of Education of the City

of New York has unanimously decided that any school-teacher who gets married forfeits her position. That is to say, her marriage is equivalent to a resignation.

The Board does not take up the issue as to whether a married woman is incapacitated from being a good teacher through the fact that she is married. This is not the question.

The idea seems to be that the position of schoolteacher is a sort of a sinecure for per

Confederacy, a sons who other- at Charleston by the wise could not

State of South

Carolina, on earn a living-an April 11 ecclesiasticalbenefice without the care of souls.

To the Women of the

monument to be unveiled

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