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p. 558.)

Attee reports a case where the fætus was extracted, ous injections of morphine and atropia to quiet nerplacenia lett. What becomes of the placenta is not yousness, but all in vain. The family insisted upon discu-sed.

having abortion produced, but upon consulting with Attention is called to the treatment of acute paren- other physicians, it was not deemed practicable. In chymatous nephritis of pregnancy.

due time natural abortion ensued, and a dead fætus of Out of one hundred and fifty-six patients admitted three and a half months was expelled. Contrary to to the Boston Hospital, albumen was found expectations, the nausea continued for fourteen days in sixty-four, or nearly forty one per cent.

after the delivery; rectal alimentation was kept up for The etiology is still sub judice; The treatment still that time, and for a much longer period. a vexed question. Recognized authorities can throw The patient gained rapidly in Hesh and color. His but little light up on the subjeci.

method of adminis'ering nutriment was ten ounces of Professor Playfair advises induction of labor where beef tea twice a day to each injection-one teaspoonful the amount of albumen is large and increasing. (Sys- of Borden's or Leibig's, or sometimes Valentine's contem of Midwifery, 1878, p. 195.)

densed preparation of meat. Professor Barker considers this procedure only During the interval of the morning and evening jnstifiable when treatment has been thoroughly tried injection, a full goblet of water, not quite cold, was given without (Am. Jour. Obst., July, 1878, several hours apart.

Another interesting case of gravid nausea successSchrorder, Manual of Midwifery, 1873, p. 319, says fully treated for five weeks by rectal aliments, is reall obstetrical manipulations are contra-indicated so ported by Dr. Garnett of Washington. far as maternal interests are concerned, although the We expressed the opinion that true gastritis will life of the child may be saved by verson or applications result from a protracted period of uterine irritation, of forceps The cause of acute parenchymatous ne and my constitute one of the conditions imperatively phritis during the course of pregnancy is very ably demanding rest. Thouh many deny that there is any treated by Professor Bartels, found in Ziemssen's organic change in the mucous membrane of the stomEncyclopedia of the Practice of Medicine, vol, XV. ach, yet to my mind it is not probable that in extreme

The quality and quantity of the daily secretion of cases a hyperæmia is evoked, and such a condition urine by chemical and microscopical examination was would aggravate gastric ingestion of aliments. pointed out as a valuable diagnostic sign.

Rectal alimentation has been termed by different When complications are found to exist, the urine of writers, reversed peristaltic action;" “ inverted perthe patient should be daily measured, to ascertain istal-is;" and Copeland and Pavy, “anti-peristaltic whether the kidneys were performing their functions, action" of the muscular cats of the intestines. and secreting the normal amount of urine.

Dr. Campbell defines this well-known action as If the quantity of urine daily secreted was tound “ retro stalsis.” The manner in which he accounts below the amount, we should endeavor to re-establish for the digestion, absorption, and assimulation of the impaired function of the kidneys.

food when placed in the rectum is, that nutrient maIf this effort failed, supplement this loss by increas terials injected into the bowels are carried up out of ed action of other excretory organs, as recently the rectum, and made to reach that portion of the recommended by Professor Barker.

dige-tive canal where all the conditions of normal If the amonnt of urine is lessening, then induce pre-intestinal digestion may be fully met with, and rectal mature labor and avoid eclampsia; if the child is viable, ingestion takes place as well as if it had arrived from then it is our imperative duty to induce labor. As a the buccal cavity. diaphoretic, Philcurpine was mentioned by Thomas. This process or vital action of co-ordinated and con. He says there is a class of cases in which the urine is tinuous retro stalsis is to the rectum and small intesfreely secreted, but when, upon boiling with nitric acid, tines what deglutition is to the esophagus and stomach, only a small portion solidifies; and in those cases there and for a more appropriate designation he terms it, is no tendency to amaurosis or stertorous respiration at “ Intestinal inhaustion." night, both of which he regards as valuable diay nostic Chadwick propo es in desperate cases to inject with signs. In patients where the opposite conditions were the aspirator through the abdominal walls nutrient found, he believe nothing but premature delivery fluids and -timulants into the small intestines, “that would prevent convulsions.

part of the alimentary canal from which they will be Aitee employed venesection as a prophylactic. most readily absorbed.” (Am. Jour, Obst., vol. VIII,

The subject of excessive vomiting in pregnancy, p. 399, November, 1875.) involving the life of the mother, has receutly attracted Dr. Bennett says, since his attention has been atmuch attention.

tracted to this subject, “he is persuaded” that those A case of gravid nausea where nutrition was main- gastric disorders and obstinate vomitings are almost all tained for fiity-two days by rectal alimentation alone, caused by inflammatory ulcerations of the cervix. is reported by Dr. Campbell, of Augusta, Georgia. The Sudden narcotism from opium suppositories, where subject and discussion occupies Thirty pages. That consciousness was almost wholly suspended for fourthe stomach rejected food was supposed to result from teen hours after the removal of ovarian tumors. (Amer. ulceration of the cervix.

ican Gynæ. (Trans., vol. III.) The case is reported In the discussion that took place in the French Acad- simply on account of the sudden and almost overemy of Medicine, this question arose : Is it ever justifi- whelming action of the opium employed. For two able to induce abortion in cases of excessive vomiting ? days the patient had used the suppositories which so The ultimate decision of the discussion was of a mixed suddenly, in the afternoon of the third day, induced character. Some striking instances are recorded where such a profound narcotic effect. They were given at pregnant women died from the effects of vomiting: regular intervals, and had been carefully prepared by Principles and Practice of Obstetrics, by Bedford. a skillful druggist. Flint on rectal alimentation (see American Practitioner, The explanation of this unexpected effect is not January, 1878) does not once refer to nausea and inani- perfectly apparent, but the case forms an excellent tion of pregnancy.

commentary on Dr, Campbell's paper on rectal alimenBut he states that life may be sustained indefinitely, tation. Was the absorption from the rectum abolsolely by rectal introduction of aliments, from three ished for a time and suddenly renewed ? Is opium weeks to five years.

administered in this manner liable to have a cumulaCazeaux and Hodge make no reference whatever to tive effect ? Or, as is probably the case, were the rectal alimentation, but in such cases employ abortion. suppositories crowded into a mass of feces, so as only In this case, soda water, champagne, · Potion de to reach the absorbing surface of the rectum in a comRivere," and oxalate of cerium were given; subcutane-'bined mass?




Of Medicine, Surgery, and the Collateral Sciences.



No. 10.


school know too little of what they call the physiolog

ical action of drugs, to practice polypharmacy: By ELDRIDGE C. PRICE, M. D.

But still we see cases reported, giving credit to one

drug for the result when several have been used. To We intend, under this title, to give a brief review of illustrate: In the Brief for August, 1879, a case of the advance of medical science in the last year. By hæmoptysis is reported cured by Gallic acid and powadvance of medical science we mean the progress of dered Opium, when, at the same time, fluid ext. Acon. homeopathy, and the concessions made by allopathy and tinct. Ipecac were given. The cure was probably to homeopathy; also, the present relation of allopathy caused by either the Acon. or Ipecac, and it is supposato our system. It is an impossibility to make a com- ble that Gallic acid and Opium had but little effect. parison of two such inimical subjects. Therefore, do This combination of drugs is carried so far that even not, by any means, consider a statement of facts a some of their own number is becoming disgusted. comparison of systems.

As an example of this fact, I quote the following from The dogma of the old school and the lar of our an old-school journal: “ In the December number of system are antipodal in their relation to each other. the Medical Brief, there appears an article from the The practice of the

old school has been from the time pen of P. H. Thornton, M.D., of Lakeport, Cal., in of Æsculapius, is to-day, and will be in the dim dis- which he highly extols the effect of Hypo-sulphate of tance of future ages, a practice of heterodoxy. soda in the treaiment of diphtheria. Now, while we

The law, so called by them, Contraria contrariis do not care to take issue with him regardiog the happy curantur," is not found out of mechanical forces; it is results of his treatment, nor detract from the merits of but the principle of brute force, the strong subduing Hyposulph. in this disease, we are somewhat perplexed the weak. Exclude mechanics, antizymotics, and to divine by what he determines his good results, homeopathy from the materia medica of allopathy, when he has combined with the Hyposulph. some four and “ Contraria contrariis curantur" will prove itself medicines which, heretofore, have held a position to be but a fable. In other words, sum up the cures among the very best in the treatment of diphtheria. made under this,

their dogma, unassisted by any other “ Now, we must ascribe to the doctor a highly devellaw, and we have a blank page. In a great many oped power of discrimination, if he can decide from cases they do as one of their representatives so hon. the above treatment that the good results are entirely estly expressed himself—“ blunder" on to some good due to Sodæ hyposulphas.things. A ship without a compass will sometimes This could not have expressed more disgust and "blunder" into harbor, or, perchance, blunder on to a condemnation if it had been written by an homerock. As an example of this blundering into a good opath. thing, I find in Braithwaite for July, 1879, an article

Again, we find in an allopathic journal an article in on asthma, in which arsenic smoking is recommended, which the cure of a case of apoplexy is said to have and, as proof of its efficacy, a case is mentioned of a been produced by Ergot, but, on reading the article, taxidermist, who used white arsenic largely in his I find that it is combined with Aconite; therefore, we business. I quote literally: “This man was asthmati- are uncertain which caused the cure. cal and a smoker, and, when taken with one of his In the Medical Brief for August, 1879, G. W. breath attacks, he usually added some wbite arsenic Walter, M. D., writes: “I would not have it underto the contents of his pipe, and speedily found relief,” stood that Aconite is a hobby of mine. I am not that Oh! blind! blind! bliod! You have ears, and hear much of a Ringer ; but I do say it has proved by far not; eyes, and see not. Whither will your blindness more valuable in my hands in the treatment of pneu. lead you? Even into the light of day; but, because of monia and other kindred disease, than any of the beforeyour bigoted unbelief. ye know it not. The cause of named drugs,” i. e. Gelseminum, Veratrum vir., and this asthma we recognize at once, because we have a Digitalis. Thus we find the old school trying to generlaw by which we know drug action is governed. alize continually. They want specifics; of course they Further on we find," for old-standing emphysematous never find them, and the consequence is, they lose asthma,” Nur vomica. Also: "In cases of anæmia faith in drugs and discard them as worthless; grasping approaching, in gravity the so-called essential or perni- at each new drug successively, hoping they have found cious anæmia, Arsenic is capable of producing great the ne plus ultra, when again the bubble bursts. This benefit. A fact, I believe, none of us will dispute. is why we find so many of the phlegmatic old-school

Another glaring error allopathy makes—it is the disciples discouraging the use of druys; their refuge is practice of polypharmacy.

in hygiene. Can a man possibly know which drug produced the One of the last original discoveries in the old school cure, when he has used a combination in which each is the action of Gelseminum in inflammations. I, J. of the constituents may be equally powerful? The old M. Goss, M, D., of Marietta, Ga., author of an allo

pathic materia medica, recommends Gels. in "all * Read at the Baltimore Hom. Med. Society. forms of a remittent type.” I quote verbatim, “ Catarrhal” fever, and all intermittent fevers, and irritative sentation in the National Board of Health, 'says, viz. fevers, such as are caused by some foreign substance, “This Board of Health is a National Board of Health' etc. În cerebro-spinal fevers in small doses it is á as its name implies—not an Allopathic, Eclectic, Hy. valuable remedy. It is a valable remedy in measles, dropathic, Thomsonian nor Homeopathic Board of by keeping the eruption to the surface, and controlling Health.” the catarrhal element of the disease. In neuralgia " The spirit which is being manifested in some secand neuralgic headaches, I have found Gelseminum to tions of the country against homeopathy is not the be a very prompt remedy. It is good remedy in amau- spirit of the age, and I am glad to say, for the credit rosis, if given in small doses, say ten drops every three of the medical profession, that that spirit is gradually hours. I have frequently nsed it with happy effect in hiding its head. We cannot help acknowledging that ophthalmia.". " It is one of our best remedies in tardy very many of the homeopathic physicians are educated labor from rigid og uteri."

men, having been educated side by side with us, some This, gentlemen, is from an allopathic journal, the of them taking prizes at our colleges; and yet, because expression of an allopathic authority, and ac- they may choose to administer their remedies accordcepted as allopathic by the allopathic fraternity; ing to the law of similars,' instead of the law.contherefore, make no mistake in supposing it to be in any traria,' we immediately ostracize them from all social way homøopathic. Again, we find reported by a and professional privileges, as far as lies in our power,” co-worker with the above, a case of cerebro-spinal Their practice is no more based upon an exclusive meningitis as cured by Gels., two or three drops every dogma than ours; their educated men do not reject half or one hour, diminishing the frequency, and in the accumulated experience of the profession' any three days the patient was well.” The following are a more than we do; their anatomy: physiology, pafew more recommendations by this school of illustrious thology, and organic chemistry are the same as ours; scientists, yiz.: In gout, swollen, bulbous and contract- they use the same palliatives that we do, the only ed joint, Phosphorus is highly efficacious, and is used point upon which we differ is in the administration of also in psoriasis.

remedies. If the triath was known, many of our own Ilyoscyamus is a remedy found satisfactory in senile school carry/their small pocket-cases of tinctures, and insomnia,

administer their remedies according to the homeFor night sweats in phthisis pulmonum, Belladonna opathic law, but are not honest enough to acknow.. and Quinine have found favor,

edge it.” Dr, Planat, of Nice, claims that Arnica, used locally, This is admitting more than allopaths, as a rule, has the power of absorbing an eruption of boils with will dare admit. Such a spirit of progress deserves extraordinary rapidity.”

encouragement, and I venture to predict that, in a, Here is a literal quotation from the Medical Brief for few years, the writer will join our Janks. January, 1879: · Honey antidotes reptile poisons by We have no objection to the old school using our reason of the insect poison which it contains. It is for remedies just as many as they wish—and applying this' reason that honey when eaten is poisonous to some our law whenever they see occasion; but we do object persons. Bee poison (4 pis millificus) will be found to their carrying small pocket cases and administering equaly efficacious with honey, and much more conven- remedies according to our law, and then concealing ient in consequence of the smaller quantity required.” the truth; we object to being defrauded of our rights.

Is it possible our foe sees nothing more significant Why, do you suppose for one instant that a great in this than merely the antidotal effect of Apis?. I many of their falsely called “ discoveries” are not transcribe the following relative to Aconite : "An ex- intentionally purloined from our materia medica, and tensive use of this agent for the last fifteen years palmed off upon their unsuspecting brethren as facts, clearly convinces us of its superior merits in a Targe the result of scientific investigation? majority of febrile and inflammatory diseases, when

Does not our friend, in the article just quoted, say given in small and oft-repeated doses.” Mark you, as much? When they use a remedy according to our “small and oft-repeated," not one or two large and law, let them publish it as homøopathic-give us credit overwhelming doses, as advised by declining heroic ---or abandon the remedy. allopathy.

A short time ago I saw in an allopathic journal, as Cantharis is recommended for ennuresis accompanied an original discovery, Silphium recommended in the with strangury, also for gonorrhæa with intense burn- cough of phthisis pulmonum. I immediately wrote ing pains.

to the editor, and told him that any further informa.. For colic accompanied with flatulence Colocynth has tion concerning the drug could be found in “Hale's, been largely used.

New Remedies," Did he do as an honest seeker after Extract of coffee is of late used for nervous head-truth should do? Of course not; neither would any ache, The HOMEOPATHIC TIMES says : “Another won.

other orthodox " regular;" he simply ignored the derful discovery on Therapeutics reaches us through communication, and Silphium is labeled for cough the Medical Record. The 1-36 of a grain of Todide of in consumption,” and handed down to posterity, to be potash repeated every half hour is found to control again aired when some other groper after specifics severe forms of vomiting in pregnancy."

happens to relieve a patient of cough with Silphium. The medical profession make constant use of Car- Recently an article appeared in the Brief, entitled bolic acid as an antiseptic and disinfectant. But until

• Peculiar Effect of Opium,” referring to cramp in lately we have been in ignorance of its homeopathicity the abdomen. Another progressive investigator boldin all such conditions, where pus is formed. It is a ly announces Spiritus nucis juglandis as a cure for fact recently discovered by one of the old-school. Dr. obstinate vomiting, Referring to Jabr's “Materia L. Brieger, in July, 1878, wrote an article showing from Medica,” we find both these symptoms mentioned observation that Carbolic acid was produced in certain under their respective drugs, more than 30 years ago. diseased conditions in which pus was present. “He “Wood's Library of Standard Medical Authors," is finds it remarkable that the same substance so exten- the title of a series of twelve volumes now being issued. sively used to eradicate putrifaction exists in large among them is a volume by Charles D. F. Phillips, quantities in septic states. This is but another proof M.D., F.R.C.S.E., on “Materia Medica and Theraof the existence of the law of similars in nature. peutics.” The work, it must be said, is in advance

That homeopathy is claiming not only the attention, of previous old school productions upon this subject. but also the recognition of individuals in the old school, But it is by no means an exhaustive work. The sec. is a fact.

ondary symptoms produced by drugs are dwelt upon, As an example, one of their number, in the Medical in some instances almost to the complete exclusion of Recoi,in justifying the right of homæopathy to repre- their primary effects.

The toxic effect of some drugs is alone mentioned and announce such itruths as these? The 1-460,000, But few of the remedies mentioned in this volume and 1-128,600 of a grain are both beyond our fifth escape the test for our law of similars.' I will give a decimal potency, and you acknowledge that even the few examples from this progressive allopathic materia whole of this is not absorbed; but even then its effect medica, now found upon the shelves of the majority is produced. of physicians, viz. :

Oh! blind! blind! blind! Ephraim is joined to his

idols; let him alone." PULSẢTILLA. Physiological Action - Inflammation of mucous

CINCHONA. membranes. It is an irritant. “The local irritant action of Pulsatilla can be produced either by direct relative to the physiological standard of this most im

Now heur the verdict of Trousseau and Pidoux, application to the skin, or by breathing the dust in portant of all drugs to the allopathic praetitioner: pulverization." Therapeutic Action.--" Pulsatilla may be employed Cinchona, given in large doses, produces in many

“Daily observation, says Bretonneau, proves that iņ most of those acute and sub-acute inflammations of the mucous membranes generally, in which the acter of this fever, and the period at which it mani

persons a well marked febrile movement. The chardischarge is of a muco-purulent character, etc.”

fests itself, vary in different cases. Most frequently Physiological Action.-" The inhalation of the dust tinnitus aurium, deafness, and a sort of intoxication, has produced itching of the eyes, colie, vomiting, diar with a slight chill, first occur. Succeeding this there rhea, etc."

is dry heat, with headache, which gradually subside, Therapeutic Action. It is given to cure

cases of inflammation of the conjunctiva, and of the auditory

with slight perspiration.

Under additional or larg doses the fever is in-, and nasal passages." It is also given to cure “ nausea creased. with an inclination or wish to vomit."

These physiological effects of Cinchona, Physiological Action.-- It produces profound depres of physicians in this country; since then, many observ

have been misunderstood and denied by the majority sion of the nervous system. herapeutic Action.—In dyspepsia it is recommend- and though the authors claimed the honor of a discov.

ers, abroad and at home, have testified to the same, ed where there is “ depression of the nervous system, with “ occasional pain and flatulent colic in the epi- no less valuable; and to-day any physician may, with

ery which belonged to Bretonneau, their testimony is gastrium.'

a little attention, verify the facts on which 'we Here BELLADONNA.

insist." Physiological Action.-It produces convulsions. Though the author attempts to disprove the resemTherapeutic Action.-It cures convulsions.

blance of Cinchona symptoms to intermittent fever, he Physiological Action. It produces an eruption anal. makes the following acknowledgment: “The occa. ogous to scarlet fever. The author says: "For my sional occurrence of symptoms after the use of large own part, I am convinced that the scarlatina-like rash doses of Cinchona (less frequently after pure quinine), of Belladonna poisoning is far from being an accidental which resemble those which accompany a malarial or rare occurrence. He ackpowledges it is a charac- paroxysm, is undoubted.” teristic symptom of Belladonna, and then, under There is no more homeopathic remedy to chills and

Therapeutic Action,” he recommends it as a “pro- fevers in the materia medica ihan Cinchona. But the phylactic against scarlet fever.'

evil is in its abiise; therefore we often neglect prePhysiological Action.--"Delirium, which is often scribing it when it really is indicated. of a noisy character, but, at any rate, always busy, We now come to another agent largely used by the and usually attended by spectral'hallucinations.'

old school: Therapeutic Action.-Belladonna is given for delir

ERGOT—SECALE CORNUTUM, ium tremens. Physiological Action.-Belladonna produces inflam- and causes persistent bearing down pains.

Physiological Action.-It excites uterine contraction mation and acceleration of the pulse, "redness and chemosis of the conjunctiva, erysipelatoid swelling of

Therapeutic Action.--It is administered, in certain

cases, to cure the lids, lachrymation, etc."

distressing pains of a bearing-down Therapeutic Action.—"Many forms of inflammation tion.

description,” accompanied with a spasmodic condi-, are amenable to its powers,” among which is erysipelas.

Physiological Action.—Ergot will cause a cessation

of hemorrhage. In speaking of Atropia, Dr. Phillips mentions some points of very decided interest to us, which I here to produce a return of the menses.

Therapeutic Action. It is also given in amenorrhea, transcribe: " The quantity of Atropia required to dilate the pupil has been estimated by several observers.

** Dr. H. C. Wood states that a drop or two of a Physiological Action.--"Water distilled from the solution, containing one-twentieth of a grain to an root has a highly nauseous taste and odor. ounce of water, is sufficient in many cases. One drop It produces violent vomiting and purgation." "Preof such a solution would contain one ten-thousandth parations from the dried plant” - produce headache of a grain, but, as the entire drop is not absorbed, the and cerebral disturbance.” actual amount of effective Atropia is indefinitely less. Therapeutic Action.—“In one otber distressing con.

"Dr. D. B. St. J. Roosa (manuscript communication dition we have found Iris of the utmost service, nameto editor) states that he has seen dilatation result from ly: a blinding headache, the pain occupying the region one twenty thousandth of a grain, and Dr. Ely from of the right supra orbital, and accompanied with nauone forty-thousandth. Trousseau and Pidoux refer to sea and vomiting.” an instance in which a dog's pupil was dilated for eighteen hours by the 1-128,600 of a grain. Lastly, Dr. E. G. Loring, of this city, states (manuscript com- Physiological Action.—Rhus also induces pains, munication) that he has dilated his own pupil for apparently of a rheumatic kind, and which are felt, twelve hours with 1-460,000 of a grain.

not only in the limbs, but in the body, though most This is an authoritative allopathic announcement, especially about the joints. ex cathedra. What have our orthodox friends, who * Pain and stiffness in the lumbar regions are often dare to ridicule the idea of infinitesimal dose, to say induced, and to these affections is often added a sense to this? Speak, I challenge ye! Dare you longer of numbness in the lower extremities. The structures pronounce anathemas against us, when you discover most powerfully affected appear to be the fibrous ones,





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The pains in question are accompanied by a very slight amount of swelling, and, singular to say, they become Physiological action. -.“ It is a local irritant both to intensified by rest and warmth.”

the skin and the mucous membrane. In large doses it Therapeutic Action,—" Rhus is a very powerful s a special irritant”

“to the gastric and intherapeutic agent in various sub-acute and chronic testinal mucous membrane." affections of the fibrous tissues generally.” And the Therapeutic action.—“In catarrh which mainly afvery symptom, aggravation from rest,” is cured con- fects the stomach, Ipecacuanha can also prove very tinually with Rhus, by homeopathic physicians. useful, but it needs to be applied with more precau

Physiological Action.--Rhus produces an inflamma- tion." Anything like the emetic, or even the nause tion studded with little vesicles, accompanied by pain ating doses would be almost sure to aggravate the inand itching:

flammatory tendency and produce gastritis of an unThis condition somewhat resembles eczema.

manageable kind." Therapeuticp Action -Chronic eczema of six Iyears' Physiological action.-" There is a well-known standing is mentioned as cured by Rhus.

phenomenon produced bythe inhalation of ipecacuanha SANGUINARIA CANADENSIS-BLOOD ROOT.

dust: in ordinary persons this produces merely cough Physiological Action.—" When introduced into the local irritant action; but in certain subjects—and they

and sneezing, and might be attributed merely to the circulation, it diminishes muscular contractility.” " Applied locally Sanguinaria soon causes complete posed—the sneezing, coughing, and running at the eyes

are probably more numerons than is generally supparalysis of striped muscular fibre.” Therapeutic action.- In phthisis, Sauguinaria “ ben. and feeling of anxiety which is comparable to that

and pose are supplemented by an amount of dyspnea efits' the disease by reviving the enfeebled powers of caused by an attack of spasmodic asthma or of the the stomach." Physiological action.—“It causes marked adynamia

more spasmodic form of hay fever.” and prostration.

Therapeutic action.—“As an anti-catarrhal remedy, Therapeutic action.-Sanguinaria is used in gastric is perhaps no part of the mucous tracts the catarrhal

Ipecacuanha has extensive avd various uses; for there debility and in general debility.

affections of which may not be beneficially treated with this drug. “ In children even acute catarrh is

“In various spasPhysiological action.—This drug produces “stran much benefited by Ipecacuanha." gury with passage of small quantities of bloody urine.” modic diseases of the respiratory organs, Ipecacuanha is Therapeutic action.-Chronic cystitis.

of great value—in simple inflammatory croup and in For hemorrhage of various kinds there can be no

pneumonia.' doubt that Turpentine often proves very efficacious.”

It is hardly necessary to mention the ability of Ipecac. to produce vomiting, so well known in this

quality. Its power also to cure this symptom is menPhysiological action.—“The skin, the bronchial tioned as follows: “In vomiting of several kinds, Ipetubes, the digestive organs and the whole of the mu cacuanha is demonstrated to be an excellent medicine ; cous surfaces are affected by it,'

" and the but it here 'requires to be taken in very small doses. urinary apparatus most markedly and uniform. One minim of the wine (equal to 1-32 grain) is taken in ly." Micturition becomes too frequent and is pre water and repeated at short intervals until a decided ceded and followed by itching, smarting and burning effect is produced.” Dr. Phillips mentions the followin the urethral passage, and during its progress is ac- ing significant fact: “As an arrester of hemorrhage companied by heat and tenesmus, and even by hæma- Ipecacuanha possesses considerable energy,a fact which turia and ischuria.

is the more curious because in poisonous doses it has Therapeutic action.

" The great and special use of frequently produced hæmoptysis and other forms of Copaiva is in the chronic stages of gonorrhea.'

Copa- bleeding.' iva has, likewise, been employed with success in

These examples are sufficient to show how full of chronic inflammation of the bladder."

our law is this allopathic materia medica, even though Physiological action.— “ The effects of Copaiva upon the author denies and disguises the fact throughout the respiratory tract are shown in its producing irrita. the whole work. Does any allopath conceive where tion in the larynx and bronchi; dryness also in the many of the peculiar symptoms and original ideas in larynx, huskiness in the chest, and dry and painful this materia medica were obtained? cough, in connection with which there is expectora Possibly not. But what if I should suggest an idea tion of a semi-purulent, greenish and nauseously smell. relative to this point? ing mucous.

Phillips may probably have had access to the homeoTherapeutic action.—"Favorable mention is also pathic materia medica some time previous to his writmade of Copaiva in cases of chronic pulmonary ing the present work. May not some of the information catarrh.

he probably gained prior to his becoming lecturer in In chronic inflammation of the mucous membrane Westminster Hospital, London, have still clung to his of the bowels, especially of the colon and of the rec- memory, and in writing, become so thoroughly con tum, Copaiva has again proved a valuable agent.

fused with ideas more recently conceived that they were all evolved simultaneously; hence the heterogen

ious result. The "grape cure” is mentioned by Phillips, and the Did we not possess correct information, we might article deserves notice : “With less constancy," he suppose this new materia medica had been written by says, ." but still with much frequency, grapes act in a some crafty Ishmaelite, whose object was to instill laxative, or even decidedly purgative manner; and if homeopathy almost imperceptibly, but surely, into the this irritant effect be carried to excess, particularly in therapeia of allopathy. children and delicate persons, there may be excoria- We can dwell no longer upon this part of our subtion of the tongue, chronic diarrhæa, and an apthous ject, but will pass on to a more congenial and less vexcondition of the whole alimentary canal.”

atious subject, viz,: the progress of homeopathy. Under the curative effects of grapes the following What advance do we find in the last year? First, in fact is stated: “The mucous catarrhs of the intes, relation to the much discussed topic, yellow fever. tines, and even true dysentery, appears to be greatly After the Woodworth Commission had returned and benefited by the use of grapes. The authoritative reported, a Congressional committee of yellow fever names of Pringle, Sydenham, and many others, may be experts was appointed, and among them we find as quoted in support of this statement.

the representative of homeopathy, Dr. L. A. Falligant

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