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(O. M.

testinal canal as soap, another as free fatty Vivisection. (H. W., vol. XI., p. 273.) acids, and perhaps a portion as unchanged

Walking, the Art of. (H. W.,

(H. W., vol., XI. p. fat. 4. In the first few week's of infant life biliary coloring matter is constantly

159.) and distinctly to be found. In mild intes- Deformities Affected by Locality. (L. Tait, tinal troubles the biliverdin is increased, M. I., vol. IV., p. 555, 1876.) probably owing to the increased acidity of

“Turning Points in Life.” (I. D. Bruns, H. the intestinal contents. 5. The relative

W., vol. XI., p. 177.) proportion of cholesterine is the same as in the adult. 6. Of the ferments of the intes.

Ruminating, Case of in a Human Being. (H. tinal canal the diastase is present in small

W., vol. XI., p. 271.) quantity; pancreatin only in traces; pepsine

Micro-photographs in Histology. (M. I., vol. is entirely absent. (O. M. and S. R., July, IV., p. 442. 1876.) 1876, p. 224.)

Feeding by Sub-cutaneous Injections. Dr. J. The Vaso-Motor Apparatus. (J. S. P. Lord,

Krueg has found it possible to nourish paN. A. J., Nov., 1876.)

tients by subcutaneous injections of sugar, On the Eternal Question of the Origin of the milk, yolk of egg, and oil. Abscesses were

Lymphatics. At present there is far from not found to generally follow the injections. agreement upon the question whether the (Quoted from Lancet in O. M. and S. R., lymphatics open at their origin in the se.

p. 367.) rous cavities by orifices or stomata; those

Hypodermic Injections of Pure Water. Dr. in Germany admitting the thing as demon

Lafitte has employed subcutaneous injecstrated; others in France resolutely deny

tions of pure water in a great variety of ing it; some remain in doubt. Mr. Klein,

diseases attended with pain. He has thus in the London Med. Record, Jan. 15, 1876, obtained as much success in the relief of assures us that he has observed the lym- this latter element as when he employed pbatics of the lung open by two kinds of

injections of Morphia, and attributes it to mouths—the stomata and pseudo-stomata;

the compression of the terminal nervous the stomata communicating directly with filament by the injected water. the pleural cavity, and the pseudo-stomata and S. R, May, 1876, p. 170.) opening in the alveolar cavities of the lung, with the bronchial mucous membrane inter- Fruit for Food. It is claimed that the theory

mediate. (Bib. Hom., vol. VIII., p. 271.) that fresh ripe fruits, of which children are Experiments on a male rabbit with Baryta

very fond, are the most speedy and effectacet. (Dr. Hausmann, A. H. Z. 92, pp. 129

ual poisons for worms has been proved corand 137.)

rect in practice. (A. O., 1876, p. 542.) The Passions in their Relations to Health and

Extract of Beef. Large doses are quite inDisease. Translated from the French of

jurious, increase of dose not being followed Dr. H. Bourgeois. Review of. (A. 0.,

by increase of benefit. Cannot be compared 1876, p. 8.)

to meat juice as a strength giver. (A. O.,

1876, p. 579.) Dangers of Breathing by the Mouth. (O. M. and S. R., Nov., 1876, p. 365 )

Food vs. a Drug Diet. A paper saying all tea, Eating and Sleeping. (C. M. A., pp. 88, 425,

coffee, spices, and alcoholic beverages and 455.)

should be banished from our tables, and

salt only used. (T. M. Triplett, M. I., vol. On the Different Modes of Dying. (H. Smith, IV., p. 141, 1876.) H. W., vol. XI., p. 163.)

Is Rare Beef Dangerous ? (By the Editor of Prof. Hausemann's experiments at Buda- the Scientific American, C. M. A., p. 276.)

Pesth for the artificial production of single disease processes in healthy animals. Ex

Raw Meat, Dangers of. (H. W., vol. XI., p. periment with hydrated hypersulphide of

388.) Strychnia on a full grown male rabbit. (A. To grow fat, drivk a pint of milk on retiring. H. Ž. 92, pp. 81, 89.)

(H. M., October, 1876.) Microscopy. (O. P. Baer, C. M. A., p. 173.) Euthanasia. (H. W., vol. XI., p. 197.) Speech, Defects of. (E. B. Sholham, H. W., Colds, the Danger of Repeated. (H. W., vol.

vol. XI., p. 108.) Human Flesh, Taste of. (H. W., vol. XI., p.

XI., P. 434.) 294.)

Light in Hospitals and Rooms (H. W., vol. Anatomy and Physiology, Progress of. (M.

XI., p. 460.) I., vol. IV., p. 465.)

Sea Bathing. (H. W., vol. XI., p. 406.)

Flowers for Food. A notice of Bassia lati

ive dampness. This condition favors the folia and B. longifolia, the flowers of which generation of locusts, caterpillars, flies, and are used by the natives of East India as frogs, which cover the earth; as a sequence food. (A. O., 1876, p. 543.)

of these follow dearth and famine. Other Hydrogenoid(?) A paper. (E. Stevenson, M.

facts : 1. An increased pressure of the atI., vol. III., p. 535, 1876)

mosphere, greatest at the worst period of

the epidemic ; 2. An increased density of Colored Glass, Medical Use of. Dr. Ponga

the atmosphere, not arising from an insays violet rays possess intense electro

crease of the watery vapor; 3. Quantity of chemical power ; the red are very rich in

water in air one twentieth less than the calorific power; blue light is devoid of chemical and electrical power

average, but yet the mean weight of a it calms

cubic foot of air was two grains above the the furious excitement of maniacs. (G. M.

average; 4. Unusual alternation of heat Pease, M. I., vol. III., p. 450, 1876.)

and cold, heat predominating, and may Hygienic Preventive Medicine. How to build rise from two to eight degrees above the a good house ; a word in regard to poor

average. (A. W. Woodward, M. I., vol. houses, hospitals, and schools. (L. Dodge,

III., p. 254, 1876.) M. I., vol. III., p. 411, 1876.)

- In California. (W. N. Griswold, M. I., Hygienic Agents, Therapeutic. A paper on.

vol. III., p. 495, 1876.) (Helen J. Underwood, M. I., vol. III., p. Plague. Treatment by Xanthium spinosum. 406, 1876.)

(Cretin, Bul. Hom. Soc. Med. Franc., A Vegetarian's Bill of Fare. (A. O., 1876,

October, 1876.) p. 68.)

The Piague of Bagdad; character of. E. Ventilation. (M. M. Walker, O. M. and S. R., D. Dickson, M. I., vol. IV., p. 157, 1876.) November, 1876, p. 350.)

Transport of Sick and Wounded by Rail. Unhealthy Trades. Where, in a general pop- way. (H. W., vol. XI., p. 403.)

ulation, 100 males of thirty-five years die, Therapeutical Uses of Hot Baths. (A. O., of potters a proportion dies equal to 154.

1876, p. 175.) The special causes of disease are variations of heat and cold, and constant inhalation of

Pesetete. A new machine to weigh babies. dust. These produce bronchitis, asthma,

(A. O., 1876, p. 120) and pulmonary consumption. Paralytic Report on Climatology of the State of New diseases are often produced by the lead in York by Counties. (A. R. Wright, Trans. the clay. (Quoted from Dr. Richardson in N. Y. S., 1876–7, p. 359.) 0. M. and S. R., September, 1876, p. 302.)

Soil, Surface, and Climate of Warren County, Duration of Life. In ancient Rome, in 200 N. Y. (A, W. Holden, Trans. N. Y. S.,

to 300 A. D., the average was thirty years ; 1876–7, p. 358.)
now it is fifty. In the sixteenth century in
Geneva the average was 21.21. Now as

Climate of California and Its Sanitary Conmany people live to be seventy as 300 years Value of Sanitary Measures. (L. D. Morse,

ditions. (F. Hiller, N. A. J., Nov., 1876.) ago lived to be forty-three. (A. O., 1876, p. 536.)

M. I., vol., Ill., p. 363, '76.) “Most Deathly Hour.” Out of 1000 deaths Weather Provinge. (Dr. B. W. James, H. M., at the Philadelphia Hospital the largest

June, '76.) number took place betwcen 6 and 7 A.M., Health as Affected by Drainage, Sewers, and

the next largest between 7 and 8 A. M. Sewerage. Report of the Commissioners Death, a Premonition of. (A. 0., 1876, p.

on Sewerage, of Boston. (Otis Clapp, N.

E. M. G., vol. XI., pp. 83, 109.) 230.)

Colorado as a Health Resort. Would you adDead, the Treatment of the. (H. W., vol. XI., vise me to go ? If you are an asthmatic, Pp. 448 and 497.)

yes; if you have a tendency to throat and Epidemics. The meteorological conditions pre

lung difficulties, yes; if you have dyspepceding. Dr. Southwood Smith

sia, yes.

A person with heart disease

says: Among the premonitory indications of their must not go; a rheumatic patient had approach will be found a disturbance of

better stay away. (N. E. M. G., vol. XI., the regular conditions of the atmosphere, inversions of seasons, long continued California. Its mineral waters, climate, etc. drought, followed by protracted rainfall, (E. Kirkup, M. I., vol. IV., p. 544, '76.) causing the rivers to overflow and seed to French Watering Places. (H. W., vol. XI., p. rot, moist clouds and fog forming excess- 404.)

p. 502.)

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London Fog and Its Results. (H. W., vol. XI., The Size of the Ultimate Atoms of Matter. p. 198.)

(Brit. Jour., Apr., '76.) Infectious Diseases, On (E. B. De Geisdorff, Pharmacology and Provings, etc. (E. M. (N. E. M. G., vol. XI., p. 289.)

Hale, Brit. Jour., July, '76.) Concerning the Unknown Causes of Disease. Antidote for Poison-Oak. Fluid extract of (H. G. Schneider, A. H. Z. 92, p. 105.)

Arstolochia serpenturia (Virginia SnakeGerm Theory and Homeopathy. (Dr. Gerstel,

root) applied with large camel's hair brush. A. H. Z. 93, p. 2.)

(J. H. Sherman, A. O., '76, p. 604.) Concerning the Germ Theory. Addressed to Report of the progress in the formation of a Drs. Schüssler, Goullon, Jr., and Kirsch.

homeopathic model pharmacy in Berlin, (Albert Haupt, A. H. Z. 92, p. 39.)

giving the methuds used in preparing cer

tain drugs, and a list of those already Infection. An instance of the vitality of. (H. prepared. (By W. Sorge, A. H. Z. 93, W., vol. XI., p. 241.)

p. 147.) True or Natural Prophylaxis for Avoidance of Calcareous Preparations. A history of. (A.

Disease. A Paper. (G. W. Bowen, M. I., Imbert - Gourbeyre, Brit. Jour., July, vol. III., p. 532, '76.)

1878.) Bacteria, What Are? (C. M. A., p. 517.) Toxicology. A scientific principle for; that a Dr. Satteth waite says: They are vegeta

small dose of a drug will antidote its toxible organisms; they exist in body in health;

cological effect. A paper and discussion. they exist also in putritying fluids and in (Dr. Sharp, M. I., vol. III., p. 255, '76.) various diseased processes. It is doubtful Vinegar is a most useful adjunct to the dietary. whether the virulent principle of infective

It softens muscular fibre and favors the disease is albuminous; this principle does conversion of cellulose into sugar, which not reside in perfectly clear fluid which

is the first stage in the digestion of salads. passes through porous clay; this principle (T. K. Chambers, H. W., vol. XI., p. 193.) is soluble or at least suspended in water ; the liquid thus poisonous may be clear to Licking Gummed Envelopes. Several cases of the eye, but the microscope shows gran

blood poisoning from. (Dr. Crawfort, H. ules; these granules have not produced

W., vol. XI., p. 200.) bacteria in a number ot instances, when Lead Poisoning in Vegetables. (H. W., vol. they were placed in a suitable condition XI., p. 488.) to do so; satisfactory evidence has not smoking. Case of poisoning by, in a young been brought to prove thai minute or

man who smoked twelve cigars in succes. isms are the sole and sufficient causes of

sion. (H. W., vol. XI., p. 539.)
disease in anthrax, or carbuncular diseases
of the French, sheep pox, small pox, ty. Virginia Creeper and Mushrooms. Cases of
phoid and relapsing fevers, etc. (A. 0., poisoning. (H. W., vol. XI., p. 463.)
76, p. 256.)

Eucalyptus Globulus. Effects of the trees upon
Filth as
Source of Preventible Disease.

malaria. (Exchange, H. W., vol. XI., p.

(Scientific American, C. M. A., p. 413.)

Tobacco). Consumption of. (H. W., vol. XI.,
Germs of Pestilence and Death. (Tyndall, C.
M. A., p. 385.)

Opium Smokers. (H. W., vol. XI., p. 343.)
Insusceptibility of Dogs to Narcotics. Prof. The Morphine Mania. (Dr. Mossa, A. H. z.,
Halford gave a dog, in the course of a few

93, p. 75.)
hours, an, ounce of Tr. Bell., half a drachm
of the extract, and injected half a drachm On the Use of Cider in Scrofulous Affections.
of Atropine, without any effect having

(A. H. Z. 93, p. 141.)
been produced. (Extract Aus. Med. Chinchona Cultivated in Burmah.

(H. W., Journal, H. W., vol. XI., p. 487.)

vol. XI., p. 484.)

Darwin's Experiments on the Drosera rotundiOpium Eating in New York.

(A. O., 1876,

folia with Phosphate of Ammonia. Showp. 231.)

ing the effect on the plant of the minutest Slumbering Plants. Interesting experiment

divisions of the salt. (Quoted in A. H. by a French chemist in exposing the plant

Z. 93, p. 14.) to a bright light at night and putting it Iron. Rusting of, due to carbonic acid, and in a dark room by day. After a struggle not so much to oxygen as has been usually the plant submitted and turned day into supposed, according to the experiments of night. (A. O., '76, p. 540.)

Dr. Calvert. (H. W., vol. XI., p. 538.)


p. 149.)

Pioneers in Chemistry. (0. Cheverton, H. W., Deodorization. (T. Skinner, H. W., p. 21, vol. vol. XI., p. 205.)


a health resort. Pure water, Hypodermic injection of. (Ext. in Hot Springs, Arkansas, as N. E. M. G., vol. XI., p. 432.)

(Brooks and Ordway, M, I., vol. IV., p.

546, 76.) Pharmacy. The molecular theory as applied The Mineral Waters of the Caucasus. A Bal

to. (C. W. Spalding, M. I., vol. III., p. neological study, hy Carl Lange. (Re402, '76.)

viewed by Dr. Lorbacher, A. H. Z. 92, p. Globules an Injury to Homeopathy. A Paper The Rational Indications for the Use of Min

70.) showing that patients want something more physical and baven't faith in sugar

eral Springs. (By E. H. Kisch, reviewed pills. (D. Pittman, M. I., vol. IV., p. 109,

by T. Kafka, A. H. Z. 93, p. 86.) 576.)

Two New Springs at Karlsbad. (T. Kafka, A.

H. Z. 92, p. 207.)
Centric vs. Eccentric Drugs. A Paper. (J. B. Mineral Springs of California.

(H. W., vol. Braun, M. I., vol. IV., p. 271, '76.)

XI., p. 75.) Medicines. Preparation of. (Lewis Sherman, Mineral Waters. Hermann Welsch. (H. W H. W., vol. XI., p 70.)

vol. XI., p. 15.)

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47 Cardiac hypertrophy...

PAGE Asthma..

84 Caries, cases and treatment of..... 178
Abdomen, Aneurism of ; rheuma- Aural polypi, treatment of; tin. Carya sulph...
tism of; multiple tumors of... 95 nitus, treatment of; fungus, Catalpha cordifolia ..

Abies nigra....

1 treatment of; suppuratio, Cataract, Oleum phosphoratum in... 46
Abortion, recurrent, case of; an-

treatment of..

48 Causticum...
asarca after...

138 Aurum, 4; muriaticum in heart dis- Cautery, actual, bow rendered pain.
Abscess, 170; painless opening of

eases, 97 ; muriaticum natron.. 4


an, 177; psoas, 177 ; of breast.. 180

Cephalalgia, case of....

Acne, metastasis of; rosacea, bro.


Cephalanthus oc. in ear-ache... 48
mide potass. in, 168; produced Bacteria

189 Cerebral diseases and remedies, 33;
by bromide of potassium... 19 Bandages


clinical record of, 33; disease,
Aconitum nap. ; and Arsenicum.. 1 Baptisia ; and Gelseminum, com. case of...
Actea racemosa.

parison of..
4 Cerebritis, encephalitis..

Actium iappa...
1 Barber's itch..

168 Cerebro-spinal congestion, 41; men-
Æsculus hippocastanum in hæm- Baryla acet., experiments with on ingitis, 36, 148; sclerosis.. 147

a rabbit...
187 Cervix uteri

Affective sensibility and the func- Belladonna, 4; clinical observa-

Chaulmugra in leprosy.

tions of the ganglionic nervous

Chilblains, treatment of....
tions on..
4, 5


Benzoin oderiferum...

Children, effect of different regions
Agalactia, ricinus comm. in.. 23
Berberis vulg.

upon development and diseases

Agaricus muscarius...

of, 145 ; respiratory affections
Ailanthus glandulosa .

Bile pigment, new mode of detect-


of, 145 ; hygienic treatment of,

ing ..
Air passages, case of sleeve-link in 86


145; indigestion of, 145; ente-
Biliary calculi.
Albuminuria, therapeutics of, 102-

ritis of, 146; diarrhea of, 145;
Bismuth, sub.nitrate oi.

104; caused and cured by Fuch.
Bladder, inflammation of, 105

dysentery of, 146 ; atrophy of,

146 ; vaccination of, 147; effects
Alcohol, anæsthesia by ; topical

atony and paralysis of, 100

of climate on, 147; tæpia in,
use of...

spasms of, 106 ; catarrh of, 112;

tenesmus of.

from raw meat..

Alcoholic medication

Chimaphila (pyrola) mac.; umb....
'Blindness, cases of.

Allium cepa; sativa.

Blood, action of mercury on the,

China, 8; in diseases of the eye,
Aloes ..

41; in gall-stone and colic.... 97

15; stains, micro-spectroscopic

test for, 155; minute worms in

Ambra grisea.


Amenorrhea, 132 ; Graphite in....

the, 155 ; upon the causes of


Ammonium caust. liquor in hy.

spontaneous coagulation of the 157

Chloroform as an apæsthetic..
Bone, nutrition of...

drophobia ; mur....

Cholera, 93; infantum..


Bong growth, case of.

Chondroses, v. Grauvogl on.
Boracic acid and its application,


Chorea, .

172; as a dressing..

Amyl nitrite, 2; in tetanus, 154;

Chromic acid..
Borax, characteristic indication for

as antidote to chloroform... 181

Cicuta vir...

Anacardium orientale..

Brain, laceration of, 33; diseases,

Cider in scrofulous affections 189
Anæmia ; perniciosa.

32; paralysis of, 33; a:.d spinal

Cimex lect...
Anesthesia by alcohol.


cord, leutic diseases of, 36 ;
and spine, concussion of from
Clergyman's sore throat..


railroad accident, 39 ; fag.

Climatology, weather, etc., reports
Anal fistula, case of.


and essays on......
Brandy and salt, death from...

......188, 189
Anchylosis, 178; tibrous..


Breast, female, extirpation of
Aneurism of aorta, 88; of abdo-

Cocoanut oil, effect of .

Bright's disease..
loen, 95; of abdominal aorta,

case of...


Bristle-probang for æsophagus...: 176 Coffee, Hahnemann's treatise on.::
Bromide-camphor vs. strychnia....

Colcbicum, characteristics of...

Angina pectoris..

Colic; painters'....

Bronchitis, 81 ; Cactus grand. in...
Anthelmintics, cucurbitaceous


Collipsinia Canadensis

Antimonium crudum ; tart..

Buboes, badly suppurating, Kali

Colored glass, medical use of... 188
Antipraxy, Dr. Bharp on..

chlor, in....

Comocladia dentata....

Antiseptic metliod, Lister's.. 180

Bufo in panaritium.

Congestion, case of...

Anus, tissure of; prolapsus of 96

Conium maculatum..
Burns, Cantharis in


Bursitis, caused and cured by Ruta


Apis mellitus, 2; in abscess, 170;


Constipation; chronic, treatment of 93
in boils and carbuncles..

Contracted pupil in heart disease.. 45
Apium virus, effects of..

Convulsions, treatment of ; arrest
Apocynum cann

of by sinistro-lateral posture.. 154
Aponiorphia in sea-sickness
3 Cactus grand
6 Copaiba.....

32 Cæsareap section

140 Cornea, opacity of; staphyloma of, 43
Aqua marina..
3 Calcarea carbonica; iodata ; phos- Coryza...

Argentum nitricum, 3; clinical ob-


6 Cosmetics, nervous affections
servations upon..
29 Calendula...

7 caused by....

Arnica mont.; action of in wounds. 3 Camphorated ether for erysipelas Cotton-wool for dressing.... 180
Arsenic eaters of Styria....
4 and burns

180 Cough ; Rumer hydrolapathum in.. 23
Arsenicum alb., 4; in the treat- Cancer, nature and treatment of... 172 Coup de soliel; quinia subcuta-
ment of ulcers, 170, 171 ; tinct., Cannabis Indica; sativa..

neously in

pharmaceutical facts on...... 17 Cantharis, 7; in nephritis, 97 ; in Cramps..

Arsenite of soda...
4 burds....

170 Cranial bones, syphilitic hyperos-
Asa fætida...
4 Carbo animalis; vegetabilis.

7 tosis of..

Asarum Europæum
4 Carbolic acid....

7 Crazy people outside insane asy-
Ascites ...
4 Carbolized catgut.
181 lums...

Aspirating the pericardium.... 175 Carbuncle......

41 Crocus eativa..



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