Divination of God: The Obscure Ancient Tool of Prophecy Revealed

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We Publish Books, 2005 M09 1 - 152 pages
The author discloses the history and uses of an obscure ancient divination tool - the only AUTHORIZED form of divination in the Bible. Dr. Shelley Kaehr explores the origins of this method and teaches the reader how they can search for these materials and work with them.Kaehr guides readers through Biblical passages discussing theories on the Urim and Thummim and all other forms of divination mentioned in the Bible. She points out the difference between Urim and Thummim and other oracles used in Biblical times, which were eventually banned or deemed evil by the time of the New Testament.After pointing out the vague description of Urim and Thummim in both the Bible and ancient Hebrew texts, Kaehr concludes something is missing and takes readers on a journey around the globe to find the source of this ancient information, looking in some very surprising places.A historical account of some of the worlds most beloved oracles is explored so the reader can easily understand the origins of mans attempts at divine communication while learning fascinating and little known trivia along the way.

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